Zeta Iota Tau + Join Group

This article needs additional citations for verification. These are fictional fraternities and sororities from media such as film, novels and role playing games. If the fictional organization name is derived from another zeta Iota Tau + Join Group, it is included.

It has several chapters located on small college campuses throughout the South and on a handful of Historical Black Colleges and Universities campuses. Delta Iota Kappa, presumably in place of Delta Kappa Epsilon of which George W. Beta Delta Sigma, fraternity at fictional Middlesex College near Washington D. The sorority house was the site of Ford Decker’s death. Kappa Gopher Shane, fraternity started by characters Gopher and Shane in response to not rushing.

Eddie is interested in and is wanted in, but turns down the offer to join to stay friends with Urkel. We’re Lambda Kappa Nu, our blood is very blue, our money’s old, our cards are gold, and who the heck are you? Will to respond with “So that makes you what, a, Pi man? Alpha Epsilon Mu sorority at fictional Brighton University. Phi Beta Tau, the fraternity of billionaire software magnate Sidney Teal, who is killed before the opening credits in “Mr.

Zeta Iota Tau + Join Group

Phi Alpha is the motto of the real fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, of which the creator and producer of My Name is Earl, Gregory Thomas Garcia is an alumnus. Scene of the murder of a Navy SEAL in season 1 episode 4 – “The Recruits. Gamma Zeta Chi – Gamma Zeta Die! Kappa Omega Kappa which is used as a genital euphemism. Gamma Gamma Psi, a fraternity at the fictional UNU, where Rosewood is a member of their Alpha chapter, where he was also formerly president.

Epsilon Theta Xi, a fraternity that is the rival of Gamma Gamma Psi. Omega Beta Gamma – The sorority Eliott was in during her undergraduate studies. Possibly a play on the OB-GYN doctors trying a recruit Elliot, which J. Theta Omega – The fraternity Turk was in during his undergraduate studies.

In the episode My Chopped Liver, J. Turk visit the Theta Omega fraternity house with their faces painted as the other friend’s skin colour. Upon ringing the doorbell, Turk notices another friend and leaves, leaving J. Sigma Chi Sigma, fraternity that rented Ned Flanders’ house.

Greek letter Rho, a sideways Omega and Delta trigrammaton. A group of hyper politically correct college students and graduates in the episode “Stunning and Brave”. Pi Beta Alpha, an all girl sorority at Sweet Valley High. Based on Pi Beta Phi, colors, national reputation, and “inside” secrets. Theta Alpha Theta, Sweet Valley University’s sorority. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that they are an “all-ghoul” sorority who eat cruel fraternity leaders. Also probably a play on the Dead On Arrival acronym used by police.

Zeta Theta Beta, the sorority at Hearst College that Veronica pretends to rush to get inside information for the school newspaper. Pi Sigma Sigma, the fraternity at Hearst College that was accused of a series of rapes, but later cleared by Veronica. Reference is also made to a rival “ATF. Fraternity colonized and was established in 2012. Chapter house is located in St.

Zeta Iota Tau + Join Group

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Phi Sigma Gamma, the sorority Christine joined after going back to school. Beta Chi Nu, “Bitchen Bitches” sorority devoted to “victims” of monsters, etc. GDI or “God damn independent,” a term used to collectively describe non-Greeks. In recent years, college students have adopted the name more frequently, spawning T-shirts and numerous Facebook groups.

The Greeks Shall Inherit the Earth” Archived 2006-10-20 at the Wayback Machine. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, episode “House of Pi”. MIT Museum Extends Hack Display Due to Doubled Weekend Attendance” by Jennifer Chung, The Tech, January 20, 1999. 1st place in the MTF category of the Social Media Art Contest! Foundation and are mobilized to deal with specific threats or situations that sometimes exceed the operational capacity or expertise of regular field personnel and — as their name suggests — may be relocated between facilities or locations as they are needed. Mobile Task Force personnel represent the “best of the best” of the Foundation.

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Mobile Task Forces vary greatly in size, composition, and purpose. A battalion-strength combat-oriented task force trained to deal with highly aggressive anomalous entities may consist of hundreds of troops plus support personnel, vehicles, and equipment and can be deployed in whole or in part to deal with threats across the globe. While in the field, task force members often pose as emergency responders, local or federal law enforcement, or military personnel appropriate to the region in which they are operating. Mobile Task Force Commanders can also request the assistance of local field units or personnel stationed at nearby Foundation facilities in order to accomplish their missions. Each unit is fundamentally structured in a way that best suits their intended purpose. While combat-oriented task forces may closely follow military hierarchy and organization, smaller units may have an informal or otherwise esoteric chain of command.

Similarly, the cohesion of each unit will vary as well. Some Mobile Task Forces consist of personnel who have trained and worked for many years or even decades together, whereas the personnel of a Mobile Task Force formed on a moment’s notice to deal with a specific incident may know little more than each others’ names and fields of expertise. Mobile Task Forces are typically commissioned as deemed necessary by the Foundation’s Director of Task Forces, often with the direct approval of one or more O5 Council members. A significant number of Mobile Task Forces are created to deal with specific anomalies exhibiting traits that standard containment or response teams are unable to effectively counteract, though many were also created to pre-empt an emerging or theoretical threat.

Mobile Task Forces created for the purpose of containing a particular anomaly are typically deactivated at the end of the recovery operation or when ongoing containment is deemed no longer necessary. Occasionally, such task forces remain operational if the expertise and experiences learned are considered useful for future incidents, but otherwise the task force will likely be disbanded and its personnel returned to their prior posts. WHAT IS A MOBILE TASK FORCE? A Mobile Task Force is a team of personnel that represents the Foundation’s best and most effective field agents and researchers and are sent in when ordinary facility personnel are unable or ill-prepared to deal with incidents or threats of a particular type. They are expensive and there are only a handful of them, but they are the best shot at handling any particular case well.

Foundation deals with can take all shapes and sizes, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination that the Foundation might have task forces consisting of extremely smart field biologists or teams of elite hackers who have very specialized but non-combat roles. HOW BIG IS A MOBILE TASK FORCE? A Mobile Task Force varies greatly in size depending on their area of expertise and operational requirements. A team of hackers may have only a half-dozen members, but combat-oriented units may be much larger. To take an example from the U.

Navy SEALs to be doing traffic stops or hunting down a petty thief, and it doesn’t make sense for a Mobile Task Force to be mobilized for an inert object that doesn’t pose an active or autonomous threat. WHEN IS A MOBILE TASK FORCE USED? Remember, Mobile Task Forces are the elite, the best the Foundation has to offer. The individual field agents, containment teams, and response teams stationed at sites throughout the world are highly competent in and of themselves, but when they encounter something that even veteran personnel can’t figure out, it’s time to call in the experts from out of town. Simply keep in mind that since they are the elite, that means that their services are both high in demand and low in availability. If it’s just a milk-run, then there’s no need to fly in a team from halfway across the world.

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HOW MANY MOBILE TASK FORCES ARE THERE? As mentioned in the Secure Facilities Locations guide, this varies from author to author. Some authors believe in a vast and all-pervasive Foundation with over a hundred specialized task forces, whereas others believe in a smaller Foundation with maybe only a dozen active task forces. DO I HAVE TO USE ONLY THE ONES ON THIS PAGE? The list pages are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all task forces referenced site-wide.

As a general rule, Mobile Task Forces on the main list have been used in at least five articles written by at least three authors. For task forces with fewer articles, these may be added to the “Additional MTFs” section on this page. Please use the discussion thread for this guide to propose new additions. For a full list of MTFs appearing in extant articles, see this page. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 is a task force that reports directly to the O5 Council and is used in situations that require the strictest operational security. The task force consists of the Foundation’s best and most loyal operatives.

Further information regarding MTF Alpha-1 is classified Level 5. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 consists primarily of personnel trained to act as undercover employees and specialize in tracking, intercepting, and securing anomalous objects sent through postal and package delivery services worldwide. Task Force Mission: The reborn Omega-7. A Mobile Task Force explicitly intended to train and utilize humanoid SCP objects in the field. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Beta-7 specializes in the acquisition and containment of anomalies exhibiting extreme biological, chemical, or radiological hazards as well as the rapid containment and cleanup of areas affected by such anomalies.

This includes the planning and deployment of contingencies for wide-area or pandemic spread of anomalous disease agents or other contagious phenomena. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 specializes in preventing the dissemination of knowledge of anomalous events or phenomena in cases where initial suppression efforts have proven ineffective or insufficient, or in cases where such knowledge has already reached critical levels of public exposure. This includes the research and deployment of experimental amnestics as well as memory fabrication procedures. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 specializes in the investigation and tracking of deep-sea or oceanic anomalies.


This includes identification of Anderson customers, location of Anderson products and conduction of raids on Anderson offices. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Delta-5 is comprised of multiple autonomous deep-cover cells specializing in the identification and pre-emptive acquisition of anomalous objects and entities of interest to other Groups of Interest. Task Force mission: Specializes in the investigation, containment, and subsequent cleanup of anomalies in rural and suburban environments. Task Force mission: Epsilon-9 specializes in the use of incendiary weaponry and operations in high-temperature environments. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 handles internal security for the SCP Foundation, under oversight by MTF Alpha-1. They are a special ops force deployed to Foundation Sites when standard protocols fail and multiple breaches are imminent. As such, most of their operations are classified.

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 specializes in the investigation, exploration, and containment of underground or enclosed areas exhibiting anomalous phenomena, particularly those with inconsistent topography or unstable spacetime. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Eta-10 specializes in the investigation, acquisition, and initial containment of objects or entities exhibiting visual cognitohazards, visual memetic agents, or otherwise require indirect or alternative observation in order to safely handle. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Eta-11 specializes in the investigation, acquisition, and containment of auditory and musical anomalies, including any auditory cognitohazards or sound-based anomalous threats. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Theta-4 specializes in the acquisition and containment of plant or plant-like anomalous objects and entities, especially fieldwork involving wide-spread infestations of such anomalies. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Theta-90 deals with anomalous topologies, geometries, and similar mathematical problem areas. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Iota-10 maintains undercover operatives in various international, federal, and provincial law enforcement agencies and specializes in facilitating the transfer of anomalous evidence and objects into Foundation control as well as the transfer of jurisdiction over anomalous event locations from local law enforcement to Foundation containment and response teams.

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 is a temporary designation until such time it is either officially dissolved or sanctioned. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 specializes in the identification, tracking, and containment of airborne biological anomalies, especially anomalous avian organisms. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 specializes in traversing unstable, surreal, and controlled reality, and containing potentially dangerous persons and artifacts capable of manipulating space and time. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 specializes in the identification, tracking, retrieval, and containment of electronic devices and transmissions, especially anomalous computers and network-related anomalies.

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This includes the investigation of internet sites suspected of anomalous capabilities or involved in anomalous events. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Mu-13 specializes in the tracking, analysis, and containment of incorporeal or intangible manifestations and entities, particularly those believed to be sentient, sapient, or otherwise intelligent and adaptive. Task Force Mission: The Foundation has discovered the method of becoming Oneiroi, and now with this power are more capable of containing them. For decades they teach their agents the technique that allows one consciousness to join another’s. The few mentally hardened individuals that succeed are organized into a task force. The first of these was Mobile Task Force Omicron Rho. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Pi-1 specializes in the investigation, containment, and subsequent cleanup of anomalies in densely-populated urban environments, particularly in the New York metropolitan area.

Zeta Iota Tau + Join Group

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Rho-1 specializes in the acquisition, containment, and transport of anomalies related to Group of Interest Alpha-388, “Alexylva University”. With the reduction of the threat posed by the specific GoI, the MTF has expanded its focus to any and all containment for anomalous academic endeavors. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Rho-9 handles computer security for the Foundation. When memetic kill agents can lurk throughout the data structure, this is no simple task. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Rho-19 has been sent to Venus, in the hopes to establish a Foundation presence where there may be considerable anomalous activity. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 is charged with exploring, understanding, and eventually containing the vast otherworldly location of the Wanderers’ Library.

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Task Force Mission: Immortal cyborg clones created from the flesh of a dead god, Tau-5 utilizes esoteric and experimental Foundation weaponry to investigate and contain thaumaturgic, magical, and psionic threats. This includes the acquisition or transfer of affected buildings to Foundation control as well as initial observation and documentation of such buildings prior to transfer to local containment teams for long-term or ongoing containment. Task Force Mission: The “saints” of MTF Omega-0 are informational constructs with the memories of deceased Foundation personnel able to manifest through access of the Foundation’s intranet terminals. The existence of MTF ω-0 is unknown to most or all of the living members of the Foundation. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is an experimental task force specializing in the acquisition and containment of anomalies utilizing cooperative anomalous humanoid entities, particularly SCP-076 and SCP-105. Task Force Mission: A task force composed of reality bending Foundation personnel from an alternate universe. Omega-12 is tasked with capturing SCP-3480-2 instances, guarding the many entities imprisoned in Area-13, and hunting down powerful uncontained reality benders elsewhere.

Task Force Mission: —Historically, the Church of the Broken God had always prided itself on its artificiality – that its faith is proven with tangible artifacts and physical devices of miracles. So, when the time came to destabilize the Church, the Foundation put forth a team of forgers, and Stigma-9 was it. All MTFs not meeting the requirements necessary to receive its own entry with art may be placed here. MTFs are formed and disbanded all the time as the Foundation requires. If you’re looking for an MTF to use, this list may be of assistance. MTFs seeing use in multiple articles may be added to this list upon request.

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Task Force Mission: Undercover task force tasked with disrupting the research and development of mnestic drugs. Deploys from, and detains LSAs within Dimensional-Site-172. Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Sigma-66 is formed of captured members from other GoI. Despite the lack of loyalty the Foundation expects from the assembled team, they find the members’ expertise of value. Task Force Mission: Originally formed in order to contain SCP-2559, Mobile Task Force Upsilon-4 is tasked with epidemiological containment, especially with the containment of memetic outbreaks.

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