Yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated

This Excel spreadsheet downloads stock quotes for 6855 companies from Finviz. The stock quotes yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated over 65 pieces of financial data, including PE ratios, market capitalization, EPS, moving averages, earnings dates, average true range, and much more.

The VBA can be viewed or edited, and provides a basis for more sophisticated spreadsheets, including stock screeners and stock comparison spreadsheets. This is the VBA used in the spreadsheet. Activate ‘Name of sheet the data will be downloaded into. Be patient – takes a few seconds. All the data in the spreadsheet can be saved and manipulated to develop your own stock screening spreadsheets. Hi guys, first I want to say that you made excellent work with spreadsheets.

Or is possible to add them there? The multiple stock quotes spreadsheet doesn’t work for my mac, but this give me a master. I’m using Excel 2010 64 bit. Googling’ for them but with no luck.

Yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated

Yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated


You have some great work on your site. Thanks so much for your work putting this together. Is it possible to get this download but only for a specified group of stock symbols? If I wanted to do that, is there an easy tweak to the VBA to make that happen? I am curious what the ?

151 in the vba script refers to? Also, play around with the screener directly on the finviz website and you will get an idea of how to modify the macro to get different fields or specific tickers. I have faster all the data I need. I would like to call the data automatically.

Hello Samir, great work on website! However, the above excel doesnt work! Pls trouble shoot it as I need to download the data. Btw is the beta info included? What is the time period for the beta calculated?

The spreadsheet works fine on Excel 2010 for me. What version of Excel are you using? Samir, just discovered the website and it is a fantastic resource! I built a similar sheet for extract from finance. I’m now certainly switching to yours. My question is: it is possible to use this method to extract stock info in excel versions for Mac? Seems like many of the spreadsheets do not work on Excel for Mac.

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac. And then, if I type in a formula it can calculate the values from the last 5 years ? Current Liabilities, and it will plot this ratio over 5 years. Or is it available somewhere ? I’m happy to donate money for this.

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Do you have a clue how to rejig this ? I have been using code based on your post for some time now. It used it to pull two columns of data for a stock: Col 1 is the ticker, and col 2 is the earnings growth estimate. Suddenly the code is no longer working and instead of returning the growth estimate, Finviz is returning some other basic info for the stock. Consumer Goods Electronic Equipment USA 474675. Just came across this website today and find it quite interesting.

Yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated

Microsoft Excel For Mac 2011, ver 14. I have a Mac Pro with OS X version 10. Is there a place where debt amount can be downloaded for a publicly traded company? Yahoo or finviz does not seem to provide it. Does SEC have an API of sorts for data download? Can some one share with me where I can get data on PE and EPS ? Wow this is a wonderful routine and definitely works on Excel 2011 Mac.

I just added a vlookup in another page and quickly sorted out the stocks I was interested in. Thank you so much for this. I have spent the last two weeks trying to figure out how to do this. For those who are copy and pasting the code above.

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That would mean there is a negative stock price when the stock hit its low. I think Finviz just changed their web address for downloading. First of all, thank you so much for sharing this to the world. I appreciate your hard work and generosity. This worked prior to this day. Is FINVIZ disallowing the download of their data or is their a problem with the code? FINVIZ no longer allows exports for non finviz elite members!

Yes, cryptocurrency pricing has been manipulated

Has anyone been able to get this Macro to work on Excel 2013? The spreadsheet stopped working as of today. Is there a way to fix it? 1004’: No data was selected to parse. I’m assuming this is something new on the finviz side of things? Finviz has changed something in the URL and it no longer works. Looks like Finviz have stopped the party.

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The spreadsheet doesn’t seem to work right now. I suspect Finviz has either blocked it or changed the url of the data? Export is now hidden behind a subscription paywall. Samir, you can see from the number of responses that there are quite a few people who used your workbook for bulk downloads. The bulk export has been shut down and I don’t see where this is possible even for paying subscribers. I’ve sent an email to Finviz inquiring about this but haven’t heard back yet.

I have found a temporary solution by using a Refreshable Web Query. From Web did not work, but copying and pasting the data in a worksheet and then setting up a Refreshable Web Query does work. The downside is that I will have to insert 348 Refreshable Web Queries to get all the available data. But it does include all 68 columns of data. I have tried altering your code to pull in successive queries but so far have been unable to figure out how to limit the call to table 11 which has the data. I’m not very good with VBA but I’m sure this can be done.

Not working anymore, export button leads to Expert page. Does any1 knows any similar site that has export to excel capabilities. Seems like Finviz moved Export function to the payable functionality. It worked perfectly for me when Finviz was free. The spreadsheet works as normal now. My trading system depends on these large exports.

Thank you for letting me know the spreadsheet still works if you subscribe. Since I’m not real proficient with VBA, would you mind sharing the alterations you made to the script in order to get it working. I’m assuming it relates to the URL and personalized login information but don’t understand this well enough to make that happen on my own. Samir, I just want to add my personal thanks for not only your original work, but for kindly sharing this with the world. Thanks again for both of your help! Sorry, I missed the end of a sentence.

92 per month if you are willing to pay for an annual subscription. Is this still working for you? Did you have to change something in the code to make it work after subscribing to Elite? What are other free exportable screener options? Anybody know any other good ones? I confirm, you can still export the file with all the field from Finviz website directly if you subscribe to elite.

But the VBA code doesn’t work anymore for me as the code need to be updated in order to use finviz username and password prior to be allowed to dowload. Does anyone have a the new VBA code that is using finviz elite login info? I just discovered this a few weeks ago and was delighted. I began building a momentum trading system based on this amazing screening tool.

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Glad I didn’t have the system built and in actual use. They use dbf files with Visual Foxpro but you can easily export the entire database to an xls file. I have an solution to export finviz data to excel without be elite member. If you have a solution why don’t you just post it for all to use? Hey Nuno, I’d like to buy your macro for Finviz, please let me know. Anyone here has the amended code? I’ve been looking for and thanks for sharing the VBA code.

IE or Firefox, or do I need to adjust some option settings? I’m new to using Excel macros and VBA so bear with me. Did anyone come up with a solution? I’ve tried numerous browers as well. When attempting to update data, the functionality does not work as finviz. Is there any work around to this issue. This site takes time to develop.

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