WoW Ethereum Phase Blade

I believe they are used to activate boss fights, and have some item rewards from these activations. Comment by Siha They are used for various quest hand-ins, too, and to purchase items from the Ogri’la Quartermaster. Comment by Wrexsoul A nice way to gather several if woW Ethereum Phase Blade chance upon the opportunity is to pay attention if you’re near Bash’ir landing and happen to hear a Bash’ir Arcanist yell something like “Realign the crystal forge!

This instantly restores 2000 health, but has other uses which I still haven’t managed to figre out. Comment by Winstons These are also found patrolling to the far East, searching for the apexis shards themselves. The mana-debted-slaves use a health funnel on the arcanist. 5 seconds while you are still damaged. Comment by Patze Where to get these? Mobs at subzones Blades Edge Mountain’s drops these.

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Blade’s Edge Mountains Plateaus and Gruul’s Lair. If I forgot something fell free to fill me in. Comment by moirenn You can also just collect these from “apexis crystal formations” guarded by Apexis flayers. Comment by grimman Rogues can collect them by sapping the flayers guarding the crystal formations and simply looting them. Going only by vendoring, each shard is worth 2. 3 silver, regardless of what you buy with them. Comment by Dimizor I’ve discovered a way to “convert” these into money it ain’t much, but it’s good when you have a whole damn lot of these hanging around.

So a shard is worth 2s 30c. The spam right click a potion of choice, and then sell it back. Comment by valschic From the 2. Elites in Blade’s Edge Plateau Regions: These creatures now have an increased chance to drop rare depleted items.

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Anyone used extra Apexis Shards to summon bosses from the Dragon Eggs, Fel Formations or Monuments? Was thinking it would be a good use for extra Apexis Shards instead of buying potions with them and reselling. Apexis Shards into one Apexis Crystal. Especially because since the Shattered Sun content was released, it’s nigh impossible to get a group in Ogri’La anymore. It would make a lot of sense that a bunch of shards could be joined to form a single larger crystal. That would also be a lot better than converting them into cash by wasting a half hour buying and selling potions.

WoW Ethereum Phase Blade

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Comment by Califer It would make a lot of sense that a bunch of shards could be joined to form a single larger crystal. No matter how much Sand you get, you’ll never be able to make a quartz crystal out of it. If you have a surplus of these shards and wish to get rid of them in a manner that nets you some pocket change, you may find these macros useful. WARNING 2: Do not use any macro twice in a row. I take no responsibility for any lost items. Please heed the above warnings or you may find yourself with lost items. Comment by Janio Addition to Patze execlent list.

WoW Ethereum Phase Blade

Best way is to think about Apexis Shards and Crystal as coins, but you need to get stacks of shards to doing harder stuff to get Apexis Crystal. Please note information on geode rewards is incorrect on wowhead at the moment, but correct on wowwiki. The Apexis Shard s can also be used to buy stuff at Bash’ir landing before and during the battle there. Before each battle you can only buy pots from the circle chest.

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During the battle you can buy higher items, but the lower once will not be buyable when the next escort defending phase starts. I did this escort quest to day with 2 other level 80s and somehow finished it totaly. Wowwiki has an nice list on the rewards per phase. A nice tip is to buy Accelerator Module for 27 Shards and use it to summon 72 elite mob. These mobs will drop 1 Apexis Crystal. This is the most cost effective way of getting Apexis Crystal s.

Please note in a party you roll for the Apexis Crystal so sort out who gets it seeing its Bind on pick Up. S: Also i have pickup up some Apexis Shard between the crystal stuctures. Comment by Robotusch For those doing Ogri’la reputation these days, I’ve found an excellent way to turn Apexis Shards into gold: Summon the mini-bosses and hope for a Jewelcrafting recipe drop. It costs 35 shards to summon a boss and I’ve been selling the JC recipes for 15g each. The mini-bosses themselves aren’t too difficult to handle as a level 80, and they can be stunned, silenced and otherwise CC’d.

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Comment by rzzr I agree with the OP. I kill the dragons from . Dragons also drop greens and recipes. Comment by Rayning An easy way to collect a number of these is if you have the quest “Maintaining the Sunwell Portal” you will Phase to collect ten boxes. These boxes are guarded by Phase Wyrms. In the Phase State, they are the only mobs around, spread out nicely and the drop rate for me was 2-1.

I got one Apexis Shard for two wyrms killed. I also picked up a nice stack of Mote of mana from the wyrms. Comment by Narinae This appears to have been nerfed, although I can’t imagine why they’d bother at this point. But I just killed 20 phase wyrms and got 4 shards. I just killed 20 phase wyrms and got 4 shards.

I know, ridiculous, but it’s good for completionism. Having to kill tons of mobs just to get these shards to complete some quests is so damn boring. I hope Blizzard changes this in the future. Comment by Shaitan051 I really wish they would unbind these.

Ogri’la is the worst rep ever, it makes Nozdormu rep look like fun. An old 2007 comment so I am repeating it here to help new visitors. Beloved titles or something, I’d recommend Bash’ir’s Landing for farming the shards. I’ve also heard that there’s a small group of Ethereals with a very high drop rate for Apexis Shards that wanders through the area, though I have not encountered them myself.

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Still, killing them could net you as much as nine crystals. 8 Apexis Shard, 4 Netherweave Cloth, 44 silver 81 copper. For anyone that wants specifics – I found them at 34 39 coming from the East. I though this would be useful due to a decent amount of shards.

Comment by Falos Does not actually have any relation to the the crystals used as a currency in WoD. After farming Ogri’la rep via the dailies for over a month, I found myself with between 2,000-3,000 of these things in my bags taking up space. If you go there and there’s friendly NPCs around the crystalforge, the assault is ready to begin. If there are hostile NPCs, the assault is over or hasn’t begun yet. Seems like there’s a 30ish minute window that the friendly NPCs hang around.

To begin the assault, just attack the surrounding hostile NPCs. Some dialog from the crystalforge area will happen, and three waves of assault begin. Assistant will fly in on a nether ray. Just keep killing things to progress along. A gear near the one end can be clicked, allowing you to use the Accelerator Module to summon either Bash’ir Harbinger or Bash’ir himself.

Wait for the NPC to emerge from the accelerator before killing. Run back to Aether-tech Master, purchase another Accelerator Module, repeat. So all in all 35 shards to buy the Accelerator Module x 4-5 times per assault, plus 50 shards to infuse about 2-3 Depleted items per assault means using 240-325 shards per assault. There’s very little data currently about drop rates for Bash’ir and Bash’ir Harbinger, because almost no one does this anymore, and even fewer with WoWHead client installed. Most of the items I’ve gotten didn’t appear in the drop table for these guys until after I got an item. Comment by Thaonnor The crystal formations are now dropping a single shard each.

BFA times, and it’s horrible – with the clusters only dropping a single shard. Needing 135 to get the Blade’s Edge Loremaster, ugh. One “quicker” way to speed through this is to do the local Sha’tari dailies for a few days. Ogr’ila quests and get the stupid “Ogres of Ogr’ila” achievement.

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