Which crypto libraries/programs do we have the most confidence in? [closed]

Want to earn in the Market? Read the application overview and reviews from other customers, download it right to your terminal and test a which crypto libraries/programs do we have the most confidence in? [closed] robot before you buy.

The Synchronized Charts script allows comparing bars of different symbols or different periods of the same symbol. Attach the script to a chart and move bars or change the scale, all opened chart will move synchronously with the current one. The bars on different charts aligned to the border according to their open time. Usage: Run the script on a chart. The script creates account summary report in a separate window. The report can be created for all deals and on deals for selected financial instruments.


It is possible to specify a time interval of calculation and save report to htm-file. The report can be created for all deals and for deals of the selected financial instruments. Hamster Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. The RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter are used for entries. 100, use an ECN account with the minimum spread. Input parameters The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes.

The indicator is intended for determining the spread and swap size, the distance for setting stop orders and stop losses from the current price allowed and the risk per 1 point in the deposit currency. The indicator informs a trader about possible additional expenses and profits connected with transferring a position to the next trade session of the financial instrument. This is visualization tool based on the Depth of Market. It works with the symbols that have the Depth of Market available. Note: check if your broker supports DOM before purchasing. Randomly place pending orders just for do some testing.

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Bober Real MT5 is a fully automatic Forex trading Expert Advisor. The robot can run on any instrument, but the results are better with EURGBP, GBPUSD, on the M5 timeframe. The system can run with the brokers providing floating spread. Expert Advisor Advantages The EA does not use such systems as Martin, hedging, etc. No need to close the robot during news releases. Easy Order is an Expert Advisor allowing you to enter any type of trade with one click based on your RISK preferences. You can choose to enter a trade and automatically calculate your lot size based on how much of your account you want to risk.

Risk is calculated based on your Stop Loss placement. You can use a fixed lot size if you don’t want to use risk based calculation of lot size. Percent Crosshair is a powerful and easy percentage measure tool. Measure the chart percentage very quick! F” and start using the crosshair as you always do!

The percent measure will be next to the indicative price. Customize your indicator the way you want! Using this program, a user can create fully-fledged Watch lists, create and delete trading instruments and move through the list. A selected symbol shows charts in linked windows. This is an utility for automatic scaling of a chart and making at least 140 bars visible in it.

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This is necessary for a correct wave analysis according to the Bill Williams’ strategy “Trading Chaos”. It draws a vertical line through the first bar the calculation starts from. So that in combination with a chart representing currency price it is easy to determine whether the current situation is good for trading. And when you open a position it will clearly show you the current data such as SL, TP, RR.

You are not limited to currency. Breakthrough Solution For Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool! Trend Pro’s smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels. The new features with enhanced rules for statistical calculation improved the overall performance of this indicator. Important Information Revealed Maximize the potential of Trend Pro, please visit www. True Scalper EA MT5 is a fully automated Expert Advisor, that does not use standard indicators. It applies an original scalping algorithm based on the price movement for analyzing the market conditions.

Depending on the mode selected in the Dynamic_Lot input parameter, the EA can trade using either the fixed lot specified in Fix_Lot or using a dynamic lot with the value calculated based on the free margin and the Balance and Risk parameters. This Expert Advisor is based on Spectral Analysis and Neural Network technology. The EA is fully optimized and prepared for work on a real account. Stop loss and take profit are set to 30 points for 4-digit quotes.

But is also takes data from the 30 minutes timeframe. Therefore, the EA automatically refreshes the 30-minute chart. Virtual take profit and stop loss can also be applied. This indicator provides the analysis of tick volume deltas. It monitors up and down ticks and sums them up as separate volumes for buys and sells, as well as their delta volumes.

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The most simple and easy to use Partial Close Expert. The main idea of this Expert is to apply partial close to your positions. Expert will automatically find your open market positions and apply partial close according to your settings. Attach Partial Close Expert, Press “p” on your keyboard, change the settings and you are ready to go. This version of the Traders Dynamic Index has the redrawing of the historical data eliminated, the algorithm calculation speed optimized, more external parameters for a more precise adjustments, and its functionalities extended: added the selection of the initial oscillator and the smoothing methods of the averages. Just pick up a chart from bitcoin to exotic coins, choose your desired time frame and attach all your favorites indicators from thousands ones available at MQL5.

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Make better analysis, make better tradings! Features Work with it as if it’s a standard chart. Backtest your favorites indicators and EAs with Strategy Tester. Renko charts and provide real-time updates. This is an MT4 “offline” chart equivalent which is very simple to use.

You can attach any MT5 compatible indicator or template to the renko chart and perform your technical analysis. The trading system operates on seven pairs and one timeframe. The Expert Advisor applies a trend-following system. The EA has the built-in smart adaptive profit fixing filter.

The robot has been optimized for each currency and timeframe simultaneously. It does not need arrival of every tick and high execution speed. This panel is designed for quick and easy one-click trading. All you need to do is to set up all the necessary parameters and enjoy trading! It supports two languages: English and Russian.

Which crypto libraries/programs do we have the most confidence in? [closed>” style=”max-width:400px”]</p><p>The panel consists of four parts: 1. Trade Window Standard trading operations are conducted from this window: opening buy and sell trades. A trade is opened for he current symbol. Let me present my new revolutionary method of sending orders according to what you see on a chart, which is in full accordance with Risk Management. Indicator for Highlighting Any Time Periods such as Trade Sessions or Week Days We do we need it? Looking through the operation results of my favorite Expert Advisor in the strategy tester I noticed that most deals it opened during the Asian session were unprofitable.</p><p>It would be a great idea to see it on a graph, I thought. And that was the time I bumped into the first problem – viewing only the Asian session on a chart. This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading.</p><p>Due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system. The indicator plots horizontal support and resistance levels using grouping of extrema. The levels are displayed as lines whose color depends on how many times the level was a support or resistance line over the specified interval. You can also display counters for support, resistance and age of the level in text format.</p><h2>Seeking to unleash immunotherapies on solid tumors, biotech homes in on cell receptors</h2><p>It comes with an alert that will sound whenever a new signal appears. Period – period to calculate the index: Can be larger than 0. Multiplier – value of multiplier parameter: Can be larger than 0. The indicator displays market profiles of any duration in any place on the chart. Simply create a rectangle on the chart and this rectangle will be automatically filled by the profile. Change the size of the rectangle or move it – the profile will automatically follow the changes. Operation features You can manage the indicator using the buttons on the chart and the edit boxes for entering parameters.</p><p><iframe width=

Wolf Grid EA is an expert advisor using customized indicators to identify trend reversals. The entries are usually accurate and in case if the trend reverse with a delay the positions will be managed by a smart grid system. This system uses a grid of orders which increases lot size after the stop loss is reached. The grid size is limited for more safety.

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A simple multifunctional trading panel, created to simplify everyday tasks in manual trading. The panel consists of 5 tabs. The indicator shows a line of a relative trend based on an oscillator selected from the list. 5 looks different than the MACD indicator in most other charting software. 5 version of MACD displays the MACD line as a histogram when it is traditionally displayed as a line. 5 version computes the Signal line using an SMA whereas according to MACD definition it’s supposed to be an EMA.

FX Power is the first real time currency strength meter with a real time histogram. Run FX Power to analyze and record the momentum and strength of all major currencies. Use the FX Power histogram to determine efficient currency strength combinations and patterns. GOOD SANTA for MT5 is an automated trading scalping system. You do not need to reflect on the eternal question of how to set up an Expert Advisor.

Run the EA on an account, and it will do the rest. The balance of supply and demand is a simple and effective market analysis method. The supply and demand diagram can show you in advance, even before the trend reversal, where the supply ends and the demand is already emerging, where the demand ends and the supply is emerging, while substantially increasing the probability of making a deal in the right direction and with a high profit factor. The success or failure of forex trading mostly depends on money management. As everyone knows, whenever trade is opening there is a risk of losing money. That is why it is so important to control risk. The Expert Advisor uses the strategy of trading the Fibonacci levels.

First, the EA determines the trend direction. The cluster graph is plotted based on tick data. For the exchange financial instruments these are the volume, type and price of a deal. Harmonic patterns are characteristic series of price movements with respect to Fibonacci levels, which statistically precede price reversals.

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This indicator searches for harmonic patterns. Hello All My Name Is Albert Poulis and i just wanted to say hi. To be HONEST I mean that with respect to all. You can make a great living with Forex and if you make your own Indicators and EA’s even better. I tend to stay away from the EA’s for my own reasons.

Here is my trading strategy that I have been using for a while now and I call it 5 line RSI. FX Trend displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time. You’ll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Each can be applied multiple times on the same chart with different settings. Confirm your BUY entries when most of the timeframes are showing green color. It is designed for quick scalping during news, but can also be used for conventional manual trading.

It is very simple and clear. The utility allows you to visually analyze market data as cluster and second charts. The product is a great assistant for scalpers using volume and delta. The chart is managed as follows: Left mouse button – move the chart, select different modes. Middle mouse button – open the settings menu and return to the initial settings. The L key – plot a line. The D key – remove all lines.

The N key – open the line settings menu. The indicator generates early signals basing on ADX reading data combined with elements of price patterns. Works on all symbols and timeframes. The indicator does not redraw its signals. You see the same things on history and in real time. The present state of Forex market can go through many different possible price paths to reach its future destination.