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Other aspects of channel operation have been greatly improved as well. Shared user data, such as links, text, and forum messages, are now automatically segmented with a much more intelligent algorithm, which minimizes the bandwidth used to propagate changes when a small amount of content is added to a large shared collection. There have also been numerous improvements throughout the core framework that underpins the entire program. We have made several fixes and improvements to our cross-platform native GUI toolkit, and have also made performance-critical optimizations in some of the core string-processing and encoding routines that are relied upon throughout the app. More improvements are on the way.

We will begin alpha-testing some new features within days. Please keep an eye on the forum if you want to participate. We will be ready to test an important new addition to the Channels within weeks. Please keep an eye on the forum for upcoming announcements if you want to help alpha-test the latest updates. This is a quick update to the 2. 46 release from earlier today that fixes several minor issues with tooltip display in Windows build treeviews, listviews, and text controls.

This minor update fixes a few last-minute problems with the recent 2. GTK build now supports drag-dropping . 3u playlist files along with the usual . We are working on several new features and will resume testing soon.

Files for alternate polling method of watching folders for . We are still working on another major improvement to the Channels system and hope to start testing soon. This is a minor update to yesterday’s 2. This is a major release that includes a new sound-notification feature, a major overhaul of the channels system, and many refinements and optimizations to the recently upgraded local file-handling core. We are working on more new features for the channels and expect to have something very interesting ready soon.

This is a last-minute update to the 2. This is a major update with massive performance improvements over the previous version, a completely re-engineered local file system interface, and several other new features and improvements. This is a minor update that addresses a few last-minute problems with the recent 2. Since the last release, several new features have been added, and there have been many important internal changes to core components that have greatly improved overall reliability and performance. A new bandwidth quota management system has been added. This is accessible from the Bandwidth view under the Advanced button menu. Quotas can be managed with an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cycle.

Quota reset times, hours of effectiveness, and actions to take upon reaching limit are all fully configurable. The system that manages transfer local file locations, moving, and renaming has been completely re-engineered. Managing naming conflicts and merging of local files is much simpler, and confirmation prompts are used in a few key places. The Individual Tracker Settings system has had major upgrades and fixes. It is now much simpler for common uses, such as adding or removing trackers in newly loaded transfers. Files within a transfer can be prioritized in a numbered order.

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Select multiple files, right-click, and then select “Ordered” from the Priority sub-menu to use this new feature. Several other fixes and improvements have been made since the v2. DHT and HTTP from RSS, trackers, etc. There are many more improvements and upgrades on the way. This is a minor update that addresses a few last-minute problems with yesterday’s 2. For upcoming versions, we are currently working on several major improvements to the channel system, a bandwidth quota manager, and several usability improvements and performance optimizations for the transfer system. We are now working toward major upgrades to the channel system, a new bandwidth quota manager, and several other minor improvements.

This is a last-minute update to yesterday’s release, and includes a few important fixes to prevent a crash under heavy file-checking activity, as well as a few minor tweaks to the peer connection management algorithms. The next release should be a ready in a few weeks with some new features and several other minor improvements. We are working on more new features and another release should be ready within a few weeks. Encode parser to handle strings up to 67MB long, allowing extremely large . More improvements and fixes are on the way. This update fixes a few small problems with 2.

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This is a minor update to version 2. This is a minor last-minute update to version 2. 14-based cross-platform framework that gives Tixati increased reliability and performance. Even more importantly, this new framework allows us to write more concise and straightforward code, which makes maintaining existing code and developing new features much much easier and faster.

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HTTP framework and core logic for trackers, RSS, IPFilter downloader, . We are working as quickly as possible toward these goals. This is a last-minute update to yesterday’s v2. 15 release that fixes some compatibility problems with older Windows XP pre-SP2 systems and IPv6. This is a major update that includes new features and several major and minor bug-fixes. This update adds support for web-seeding and contains several dozen major and minor bug-fixes.

We are still working as fast as possible on a better system for transfer standby queue management, and we are working toward a solution to the problems with last-modified time mismatches causing excessive data-checking on files downloaded to some NAS units. This new version features a complete makeover of the channels system and it’s UI. There is now a common Share view that has a default profile for all channels. There is also a new search view that works on all channels, and a contacts list for easy access to friends. Streaming options have been improved, and the channels themselves have been carefully refined and tested for smoother operation. There have also been several UI refinements made, including several new top toolbar options in the main view. Right-click the toolbar and look in the Layout submenu to select the different styles.

We have also made several refinements to the bandwidth throttling routines, so that payload packets to a particular endpoint are larger and more sparsely sent out on the wire. This will reduce protocol overhead and improve download and upload performance on high bandwidth connections, and will slightly reduce CPU loading. The DHT has also had some minor work done to the internal logic. This was mostly to further increase the speed of DHT lookups, and mitigate the impact of certain other clients that are abusing the DHT network with excessive requests. The Linux version is now built on an updated toolchain to utilize the newest language features and several standard library improvements.

The next release is coming soon and will contain many new improvements to the transfer queuing system, as well as webseeding support. This release fixes several minor issues in the DHT and other parts of the program, and also offers improved Linux shell integration. We are now working on a major update and will be proceeding to alpha-test Tixati v2. Further details will be posted when it is closer to completion. This version fixes several problems in the RSS reader, and offers improved DHT and file-transfer performance. This is a maintenance release that contains many important fixes and several other minor improvements. More updates are being worked on.

96 is now available for download. This version features several channel streaming improvements as well as several internal improvements to the DHT to provide for better security and robustness. This update features revised peer handling algorithms, new features and protocol improvements for the channels, and several other important fixes. This version includes numerous improvements to the RSS reader, the web interface, and downloaded file handling, in addition to several dozen minor fixes through the program. 93 is now available for download. This release features a new Web UI as well as several important bug-fixes and improvements. Trackers should now handle non-compliant HTTP responses more robustly, further increasing compatibility.

4GB should now be handled correctly. A few bugs writing large files over 4GB have been corrected. This should alleviate problems when networked storage becomes temporarily unavailable. Several other minor GUI bugs have also been fixed.

We are also working on some issues specific to Windows 8 performance. This update features important usability improvements, some new features, and dozens of minor fixes and improvements. There is now a function to undo the last transfer remove operation. This is available in the popup menu that appears after clicking the Remove button in the main transfers view. Transfers can be restored to the exact same state they were in, including peers and file selection, for up to three minutes after they have been removed. After three minutes, memory and other resources are reclaimed by the system.

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Transfer downloading algorithms have been improved to reduce outgoing interest in seeds when downloading from too many sources. If the outgoing bandwidth throttle is being hit, transfers will reduce interest to try to download only from the 10 fastest sources. Standard SSDP-based local peer discovery has been added as an option for transfers. The announcement protocol is the same SSDP over multicast protocol used by other clients, and is fully compatible. Channels now have the option to use the new Secure Local Resource Discovery protocol to gather channels and find channel peers from local sources. Tixati-portable will remember the state of association before it was altered and restore it when the program exits, leaving the system unchanged.

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Tracker handshake format has been tweaked for better compatibility with trackers that monitor bandwidth usage or ratio. The ordering of fields has been changed, and separate byte counters are kept for each individual session. Decentralized Sharing Channels have had numerous minor improvements as well. The settings for channel defaults can now optionally be applied to all existing channels. Tooltips on user names in the chat message window will also contain the message time. There have been several other minor improvements and fixes throughout the program.


The new version features many important optimizations and fixes throughout the program, as well as vastly improved media streaming within channels via a new outgoing playlist interface and . Further improvements are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions. There have been major improvements to the channel streaming feature as well as countless other optimizations and refinements throughout the program. This version features a complete overhaul of Tixati’s local file handling. Individual files within a transfer can now be independently moved to any location on your hard-drive, even while downloading or seeding is in progress.

Files, folders, and entire transfers can also be renamed with ease, without interruption. Delete option to remove them from the local hard-drive. A forced-check can also be initiated on individual files. The operation queue is now device-aware, and will allow allocation or move operations to carry out concurrently if they are not using conflicting devices. There have also been several other minor improvements in other parts of the program.

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Magnet links will now resolve immediately, even if the transfer is locally queued. The RSS reader has a few new feed compatibility work-arounds. Many GUI fixes have been made. Further improvements to several other areas of Tixati are in the works and will appear in upcoming versions. This is a major update to file handling functions and other important parts of the program. This is a minor update that fixes a few display formatting problems in the bandwidth and DHT charts. This version introduces a new fully-decentralized media streaming technology, and several other improvements and fixes throughout the program.

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Our groundbreaking streaming technology is built around mixed-coefficient linear network coding, which provides significantly higher swarm throughput than all other conventional methods. Coded blocks are also secured against tampering by downstream peers via a combination of elliptic-curve and lattice-based homomorphic signatures. A native Windows 64-bit build is now available. For users with 64-bit systems, this new build will deliver noticeably improved performance. The IP Filter feature now supports the use of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes in place of a URL to a blocklist file.

The IP ranges used for country filtering are the same ones that power the flag column in the peers view. This IP-country table is compiled using records from all five regional IP registries, and is fully updated in every new Tixati release. IP Filters are now fully IPv6 operational. This includes checking Teredo and 6to4 addresses properly against both the IPv6 and IPV4 list for a match.