Where to find last x hour/minute trading volume for a given coin

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We are looking forward to the cooperation and expect it to be mutually beneficial. The Exenium team is in Frankfurt conducting negotiations with Crypviser, a German project for a decentralized communication network. 2017 has been a bittersweet year for many cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite registering record profits, the huge influx of new users revealed glaring weaknesses for many of them.

This decision comes from the fact that, in the current environment, it is becoming harder to deliver information to the end user. Our project was hugely popular among its participants, and we found many potential partners from Thailand, as well as China and Malaysia. In today’s increasingly more regulated environment, all exchanges require its users to perform verification at some point. Despite the limited amount of participants, we managed to acquire many useful contacts.

What if you wanted to get out on the beach, or travel around the world, without having to bring a laptop wherever you go to control your investment portfolio? The Exenium team has made a successful appearance in Geneva! We set up our stand and for the whole day spoke with many people interested in our project. In 2017 we saw a meteoric rise of the market, reaching heights that nobody could have ever imagined at the start of the year. We are happy to announce that we have entered a partnership with Ties. DB, the world’s first decentralized public database for structured data storage.

The Exenium team has successfully set up a partnership with Deex Exchange. We see tremendous potential in our cooperation. We are proud to announce that we have established a partnership with NEM, a truly innovative platform with a multi-billion valuation. Our common goals, market vision and corporate values will allow us to synergize well and obtain mutual benefits and profits. Even during the process of setting up the stand, we had several people asking many questions about the project, in particular from the guys at Rise Vision who showed a lot of interest!

We are the messenger chatbot exchange project. Our idea is very simple and our technology is unique. EXENIUM is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chatbot for Telegram and other popular messengers. It has all the features of traditional exchanges, such as wallets, fiat and cryptocurrency funding. Exenium has started working towards getting the word out about the project!

As a new startup, it is very important for us to connect with other people and organizations in the blockchain industry, for multiple reasons. Bitcoin Conference Slovenia on Tuesday, Dec 12th 2017 . In the exhibition area anong all others , was featured Exenium, a service that exchanges cryptocurrencies to fiat money using one of the common messengers. Exenium has just started their ITO campaign, offering excellent benefits for the early investors.

“Open Money”

Exenium is delighted to announce that their Initial Token Offering has just gone live. A multiplatform cryptocurrency exchange for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, this platform comes with a comprehensive set of tools for multi-currency investor portfolio management. Exenium was created with the goal of delivering a service that will solve all the complex requirements of today’s volatile cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency industry has undergone a lot of improvements in the past few years. But at the same time, there is a lot to be desired, at least when considering the exchanges.

Most of the centralized exchanges are prone to various threats, both external and internal, putting the user funds and even private information at risk. Bitcoinist sat down with Exenium CEO Mike Zevakin to learn more about the project and find out how they put so much security and functionality into such a tiny package. How to buy XNT in 1 minute? Support for most liquid crypto assets and currencies. XNT is a digital token released for the purpose of attracting a large number of users on the Exenium Exchange. A legal review conducted by our team ensures the full compliance to new regulations on Initial Token Offerings. The legal team of our platform is fully confident in declaring that XNT tokens are not securities, and are not required to be registered as such.

Left/Right Buttons

Amount of tokens directly sold during the pre-sale and ITO campaign. 8 XNTB given to every registered ITO participant and Exenium Exchange user. To be frozen for one year. Tokens reserved for the development of the platform and marketing campains, such as WB and others. Tokens spent during use are burned. Tokens reserved for the team are frozen for one year. Can the tokens be sold before the end of the ITO campaign?

No, the tokens are allowed to be sold only after the end of the campaign. How will Exenium guarantee the liquidity of XNT? XNT digital tokens will be accepted by Exenium Exchange for the payment of token listing, ITO campaigns, internal exchange services, and the payment of various platform user statuses. Each Exenium Token spent by a user will be removed from circulation, i.

The use of XNT to pay for the exchange’s services will be more beneficial than any other fiat or crypto currency. Exenium Exchange will focus on increasing the trade volume, price and market capitalization of its own token. For this purpose, we will increase the amount of XNT trading tools. Considering the growth of trading operations, this approach guarantees the increase in demand for the XNT digital token. You are only allowed to purchase XNT tokens if and by buying XNT tokens you covenant, represent, and warrant that you are neither a u.

Republic of Singapore and Republic of China citizen or permanent resident of the United States, Republic of Singapore and Republic of China, nor do you have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U. Your purchase of Tokens from us during the Distribution Period is final, and there are no refunds or cancellations except as may be required by applicable law or regulation. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel Token purchase requests at any time in our sole discretion. There is no monthly or daily fee whatsoever. You pay only from what you make. We do not have access to your funds withdrawals either. You dont need to set up any sort of parameters and constantly control whats going on.

We offer fast and easy client support via Telegram. 25 crypto-exchanges aggregation In the near future we are going to offer trading via 25 crypto exchanges in a single window mode. A single interface for all crypto exchanges. At this moment we have 25 crypto exchanges working with us to provide crypto prices via API interface in real time. For auto-trading and arbitrage, there are 3 most popular exchanges added to the system. We are more than happy to add more exchanges by request, but most of them arent good enough to handle serious clientele.

User income is generated by thousands of instant trades throughout the day using well known algorithms. Market conditions are changing very fast, algorithms that worked yesterday are not necessarily working the same way today. Keeping this in mind we are always working to change and improve trading strategies manually and using machine learning. Crypto currency – to this date it is the safest way to transfer funds with no limits or third parties involved. As you may have already noticed, when you deposit hard earned money to a checking account in the bank, usually a bank starts to treat this money as if it wasn’t yours any more. Transfers using crypto currency are almost instantaneous, very cheap and have no limitations.

Plastic cards are hassle-free if you can get them

Bitcoin is the first and main crypto currency, a de facto standard, recognized throughout the world. Bitcoin is the entry point to the crypto currency market for most new users. Over the past year due to the technology constantly improving, Bitcoin transfers have become fast and almost free. This has a favorable effect on demand for bitcoins.

As for other crypto currencies, many of them have unique features that also increase its popularity. Why do I need your service? In General, the purpose of the service is to increase your income and save your time and effort. This feature will allow you to have significant passive income. You will also get an easy to track and understand crypto-portfolio monitoring service. Auto trading mode and Arbitrage – may be turned on with a single click with no further adjustments required, will be automatically increasing the number of your coins in all of your accounts on the popular exchanges by high-speed trading, making thousands of small low-risk transactions. You benefit from the volatility of the crypto-market, regardless of its growth or decline.

Stay Safe!

Our platform will automatically analyze exchange rates on 25 crypto-exchanges and find the best prices for those currencies you are interested in. If you have this coin at both exchanges, there will be no need to transfer it between exchanges. We understand that the most common issue most beginner crypto investors are faced with is the complexity to purchase coins, outrageous fees charged by exchanges and high risk of fraud. This is why we are working to make your life easier by offering a one-click solution to deposit funds into an exchange of your choice at lowest rates and zero risk. All deposits will be processed instantly.

How easy it is to use the service? Our users don’t have any difficulties when using the service, but some of them have difficulties when registering at each cryptocurrency exchange, buying bitcoins at each exchange, many users also have difficulties with verification process on exchanges. We don’t have any of your account information including logins and passwords as well as we don’t have any fund withdrawal permissions. We pay highest attention to security. Google 2FA, so it will be virtually impossible to log in to your account for anyone except you. Provide access to the API keys from the exchange.

Make a deposit to your account in Binance for a sum of at least 0. Always use different passwords in each exchange and enable 2FA Auth for security purposes. You can search for “Apitrade” on Youtube and find hundreds of videos made by our users where they show how to get started with Apitrade. How to make sure that the service is working and makes profit, not a loss? Some new users do not believe in the screenshots of incomes, which are published by thousands of our current users in social networks, telegram chats, youtube videos, and they want to check for themselves that the service is working and makes profit.

Food options include wraps, salads, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and other healthy bites.

Make a deposit to your Binance account of at least 0. In this case look at the estimated value of the deposit only in BTC, not in dollars. The “Waves” algorithm buys altcoins when their price decreases. In this case look at the estimated value of the deposit should only in ETH, not in dollars or btc. In this case look at the estimated value of the deposit should only in USDT, not in BTC. The “Waves” algorithm buys coins when their price decreases. In the system, the estimated value of the deposit is calculated more accurately than on the exchange.

It is not worth trying to deposit altcoins for the test, since there are usually only 2 trading pairs on exchanges, the efficiency will be lower. In the system, the estimated value of a deposit is shown at average purchase prices without profit. This is slightly less than the sum you will actually receive after all coins will be sold. The service will finish the old trades with profit, regardless of whether you replenish the balance.

The warning is written in bold text on the page of replenishment. If you are not sure whether you need to replenish the service – ask for a bonus for testing, wait for the completion of old trades without replenishing the account, and replenish the service account from the profit received on the exchange. To stop using the service it’s enough to put the exchanges on a pause and to remove the created Api-keys on exchanges. Platform will automatically identify price differences within many exchanges, that happen almost every second, and trade on your behalf.

The higher the volatility – the more you profit! In 24 hour period your initial deposit may be growing by 0. How does the option “select the main coin” work? The use of this option is free of charges and the system does not charge commission or compensation while using it, regardless of the prices at which you have previously purchased this coins. Coins in your black list will be ignored. Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors.

All we do is accesing your account via API interface in order to conduct trading on your behalf delivering stable profits. In the event of an extreme fall of all crypto currency pairs, our platform will continue to work hard on making you money. As a result of increased volatility profits will only be increasing. We do not transfer  any of the received funds to exchanges. You will need to fund your accounts on exchanges on your own. So can also open a support ticket and ask for a bonus. How many exchanges should I register at and add funds?

In order to diversify risks and increase revenues, we recommend registering at the maximum number of supported exchanges. Any, even the largest exchange, can be hacked, so you should never keep “all eggs in one basket. You should also keep in mind that using a larger number of exchanges increases your income: there are different trading pairs on each exchange, therefore there is a higher probability of profitable trades and arbitrage. At the moment auto-trading mode and arbitrage are supported for the following exchanges: Binance, Huobi and Kucoin.

These are the most popular and fastest growing exchanges tested by millions of users. We make money only when you turn on the auto-trading and arbitration feature. Our platform does tens of thousands of trades per minute that result in tiny profits. We will never place stop-loss orders. We will never execute losing sell orders.

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Our arbitrage algorythms involve instant transactions. Platform will increase the number of initially deposited coins over time. Our “waves” algorithm is using the volatility within a single trading pair and exchange. In case you decide to get rid of the coin, you may go ahead and sell it manually at a loss, but we do not recommend doing so.

Crypto market is very volatile, therefore a price for each coin may go up at any time. 14 days from the first purchase of a coin has passed and the price is still not enough to close the deal with profit. Add more funds to each exchange. It is often that you don’t have enough funds on an exchange to do trading, so you may be missing the chance to profit.

In order to do trading on some of the most profitable algorithms, large deposits are required. However, there is a depreciation risk for the currency in which you hold funds. These discounts may be saving you thousands of dollars in fees. Please make sure you read through all the rules provided by each exchange and use the information at your own advantage. With respect to all users we can not guarantee specific profits because it would not be fair. What we do guarantee is that we will do our best to adapt our software to the changes that occur in a timely matter and to constantly improve our algorithms to achieve the maximum possible result according to the wishes of our users.