Where can I get realtime ticker data for robots?

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Just a quick post in the light of a very recent event. Scripts and programs based on historical price data suddenly didn’t work anymore. No, they won’t be right back. Their engineers went fishing and, from what I hear, won’t be working on the issue anytime soon.

The Yahoo Finance API is dead. Without prior announcement, Yahoo has abandoned their only remaining service that was clearly ahead of the competition. Many scripts that I’ve posted on this blog use Yahoo for downloading price data. Why haven’t I used the Google API already in the first place?

So the results will be a bit different than results with Yahoo data. Like the Yahoo message, this one is also wrong, but in a more positive sense. The Google Finance API is still available and was so for years, but nobody knows how long it will remain. For the moment, the above script will do, but it’s only a temporary solution. I hope they didn’t bribe Yahoo and Google into abandoning their APIs! I’ve added the above script to the 2017 repository, in order to make all the Yahoo accessing scripts work again, although with slightly different results. You’ll need the current Zorro version 1.

And if you know a free and reliable API for ETF EOD history, please post a comment! And indeed, they provide also dividend and split adjusted data. From what I’ve seen, their data has better quality than Google’s. I didn’t know this one, but indeed they also support ETFs, at least some that I tried. I’ll have to check in which way the data is adjusted.

P500 at this web page under the Free Data tab. Note, only 500 symbols are available unlike Yahoo which provides all listed symbols. The newest quantmod has this issue fixed. The cookie field is not for preventing robots, but for disabling all API access by software. You can indeed step around the cookie method with some tricks, even automated, but that’s not really a professional solution. If they don’t want us to use their API, they can effectively prevent it.

However they told me they’re considering this. How can I get only historical weekly data. What parameter has to be added ? I don’t know if the Google API has a parameter for weekly data, but you can trivially convert it from daily. We have just beta-launched the adjusted close price feature for our daily prices API. So Alphavantage does offer and will offer dividend adjusted data. Hello, Can you contact me at support at professionaltradingsystems.

I think they just moved it to download. I have shifted my scripts from pandas datareader to Intrinio data web API. There are download limits for the free data, but I don’t exceed them for my needs. Also Intrinio’s EOD stock data is split and dividend adjusted. I think it’s mostly from the same vendor as Quandl’s EOD data but it also has ETF prices. Notably, it does not have mutual fund price history like Yahoo. Finance API and instructions how to migrate from Yahoo to EOD.

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Quandl and Intrinio are good, but a little bit expensive for personal usage. Mutual Funds, ETFs, splits and dividends and the closes splits and dividends adjusted. I work at Alpha Vantage Inc. How can Alpha Vantage give access for free? Indeed the are not as big as Google or Yahoo. How can they sustain service costs? This is indeed an important question, since the long-term availability of their data depends on it.

I hope they have a solid business model by advertising or selling premium data once they’ve built up a large user base. I’d love to use it, but it’s hard to trust it at the moment. I am in the same worry as turtlein, After 2 months of building the system with Alphavantage, will we meet with unbearable costs? Do you have a gain model? Also, how can i get yours supported instrument list? I have moved to MarketXLS after this change, much more reliable data. I generated that from clicking the download data from the historical data page on Yahoo.

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I am guessing the periods are epochs but would need to do some research to determine. Other than that it seems straightforward to me. I’m afraid it’s not so easy. URL is a code connected to a cookie on your PC. This explains how to get around the cookie issue.

Problem is that it does not help to get around it. You could connect to the Yahoo main page for generating the cookie, then analyze the cookie for getting the download link. Yahoo will change the cookie code next month or add a captcha. Just stopped by since I wanted to confirm with people that Google Finance API stopped working starting today.

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I’ve reprogrammed my code using alphavantage. Best substitute for real-time quotes out there I believe. Although, they could use some enabling multiple stock quote searches, everything else does a decent job for me. Wonder what alphavantage will do now that Google api is dead? Highly unlikely for it to remain free for any amount of time. I too have concern about it being a reliable long term solution since no clearly stated business model. No doubt all those Google api calls now being replaced with alphavantage so perhaps we will soon find out.

You can still pull accurate and current 5 minute, 60 minute etc. This is probably related to them pulling historic data. On a Google finance page for a given stock, there used to be a link to a table of historic data you can download. I am aware of the same issue. There are some other alternative services online such as alphavantage or quandl. I feel frustrated about being unable to subscribe multiple stocks at the same time and just to get the market snapshot. I was able to download Google Historical Data for Australia just a few days ago but now all 36 countries I download have stopped.

No, but Google seems to have stopped the D1 data service. So, the remaining free alternatives are STOOQ or Alphavantage. Anyone using perl, wget or similar to access the api and getting this failure ? I believe you must connect via SSL to alphavantage, a normal http get won’t work. I checked Yahoo finance and the historical data I need is in there but unfortunately I don’t know how to gather those data.

The csv is available for download but it does not return the data for 1 year. As of 10 Oct 2017 the Yahoo! I’ve been using Alpha Vantage and it is really good. As others have mentioned above, there is a new provider of historical data since last August called Alpha Vantage. My little contribution is that I have managed to create an Excel Addin called Deriscope that retrieves data from Alpha Vantage into Excel.

I have also exploited their intraday series, which are updated every minute, to get live stock prices into Excel with only one minute delay! Compare that to the 20 minute delay of Yahoo Finance! 2 hours ago he updated his message to say that the use of downloads. ToS and would not be restored. I’m writing a python routine to get data from other sources. If anyone wants what I’ve got, feel free to let me know.

Hey Walt, I too have run into the issue of yahoo finance not working but I’m not finding very many others on the web discussing it. I’d like to see what you come up with. I’ve written a python3 program that collects and displays alphavantage. Alphavantage produces much more data than I need and is slower than yahoo was.

Today, I’m going to re-write the data collection module to try the json approach. I have run into one problem tracking mutual funds. It is at least 1 day behind. I don’t know how often they update their funds data, so I’m looking at a few other options. I’ve read yahoo’s entire ToS and cannot see how using the download feature violates any of them. Their decision may be due more to risk management paranoia than anything. Their ToS clause 22 contains some express disclaimers about the accuracy of data, which I hope we were all willing to accept.

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Anybody know of a workaround for this? I too am dismayed at the loss of Yahoo’s API. I’d appreciate any useful comments regarding a simple excel fix. G3 is the cell containing the stock ticker.

Downloading each stock in separate url is too slow. Besides, stock history is not necessary, I only need last quotes. Actually I’m duplicating the above comment, if someone finds the Yahoo substitute, I would appreciate. When writing your next doctoral thesis on how NOT to run a tech company please place asterisks next to Yahoo Inc. It took all of 5 months from the time they bought Yahoo! Where does Alpha Vantage get their data from? They currently offer the least expensive Real-Time and REST API for US stock prices.

If anyone is looking for instruments from exchanges in US only, including forex, I remember that barchart. API for limited request, 1000 requests per instrument per day when I checked with them about 18 months ago. You can get delayed prices of multiple instruments in a single request. They should also offer real time and unlimited request on their paid API service. Please check with them directly to see if they still offer the free API. What I like in particular is its asynchronous fetch of stock prices from Alpha Vantage and the filtering it applies behind the scenes so that any network failures do not corrupt the displayed feeds.

I’m betting someone is scrambling right now to hide the fact that web traffic to yahoo just took a significant hit and the cost justification for closing yahoo finance is so much vapor ware. I send my limit order out. The numbers over a minute at 5 second intervals don’t vary. The 15 minute time delay wasn’t a problem because the demo platforms of most forex brokers are also time delayed. I’ve emailed Alpha twice over the last week and a half with no response ? For those who needs outside US data, there aren’t any affordable choices. Customer service is always over promise but never deliver.

8,000 US stocks and ETFs into Excel. Note that several companies charge a few thousands per month for the same service. In the coming days I will also provide access to the whole IEX Limit Order Book so that Excel users can build custom spreadsheets that provide trading signals based not only on the latest traded prices but also on the actual bids and offers! Apart from US stocks, Deriscope also provides live prices on most global stocks and indices with only one minute delay through Alpha Vantage. Unlike other interfaces to Alpha Vantage, Deriscope uses an internal asynchronous buffer so that the most recent healthy quote is always available!

This resolves the problem that several users have with randomly failing live Alpha Vantage feeds. It also supplies US company quarterly financial data from IEX and FX rates on psysical and digital currencies from Alpha Vantage. They both work, but have pro’s and con’s so far. I suspect they are both seeing expanded traffic since the demise of Yahoo. Fast, can get multi-symbols in 1 call.

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Most all active symbols symbols I tested are available. Price data is only delayed a min. Big Negative is very slow access. Had to setup about a 4 sec. I’ve had it hit my 2 min. Have to make a call for each symbol individually. I really appreciate both of these vendors providing their service, and hope they continue.

Also hope each can improve there stability and expand API abilities. I do not understand why do you bother with Barchart since there is IEX available that brings prices on over 8,000 US stocks and ETFs with no time delay and is extremelly stable? Excel that filters away failed feeds and also stores the 100 rows you mention internally, so that they don’t bother me! Deriscope allows you to extract a portion of any object being held in memory.

I use this facility on my spreadsheet so that I am only seeing the top two rows and completely ignore the remaining 98. Andreas, Hadn’t heard of IEX so checked it out a bit. Thanks for the heads up on that. I’ll probably stick with Barchars for now. Wish they had some of those other fields, but for intraday pricing, seems the best so far.

I’ve emailed them multiple times, but they are not very responsive. No idea where they are headed. Thanks Andreas for the helpful note on IEX. So I thought on my own about different ideas for a couple weeks, got nowhere and decided to come back and read through all the comments again. It would be even better when they returned CSV instead of JSON. Much more efficient on our end. I have managed to bring the whole IEX output to Excel!

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This includes the top and deep part of the real time order book plus all sorts of financial data on over 8,000 US stocks and ETFs. This allowed me to build a spreadsheet that functions as a REAL TIME TRADING SIMULATOR. All this stuff is free, but I would appreciate it if you drop me a note with your thoughts on these products. Gotta love the agility of Alpha Vantage in responding to feedbacks. They just launched a multi-symbol batch quote service as well!

Real time forex rates on most important currency pairs from TrueFX to Excel. Advanced Live Feeds Engine that works with TrueFX, IEX and Alpha Vantage and is capable of retaining the received feeds for custom time series analysis. This feature enables the user to write custom Excel UDFs and VB code that generate trading signals based on the retained price history. New version of Excel-based Stock Trading Simulator.

The Alpha Vantage data is very promising! Great to have them offering a free solution. I have discovered a couple bugs related to splits. This may be limited to TSE stocks. Beware of these bugs until they are resolved. I’ll post a followup if their team doesn’t first. I hope the API documentation can provide the expected exception types.