What was the first official BTC miner software?

You can then use the Configure Coins dialog to setup each coin that you would like to mine along with their pools, including support for load balancing. The installer runs without needing admin rights and what was the first official BTC miner software? not install to Program Files so as not to be intrusive. For OS X, you can find packages and for doing so here and instructions for using them here.

Under OS X you should install Xquartz available here. Install the latest version of Mono. Xgminer is an assembly for controlling the bfgminer executable – e. Afterwards the bfgminer RPC API is used to output the miner hashrate for a minute before the mining process is stopped. Hardware Donations To those who may be considering making donations: instead of BTC or LTC I’d very much welcome any sort of mining hardware. I’m not talking nasty rigs and I absolutely do not expect this. However, several bugs submitted by users have been due to hardware setups that I could not reproduce myself, such as FPGAs or having 10 devices in a single rig.

So if you are thinking of donating but also have some old FPGA that isn’t doing much for you with the current Bitcoin difficulty, or some Erupters, or really anything at all that would help me test different hardware setups that would rock. It’s way easier to fix issues when I can actually reproduce them myself so this is a very good way to give back. Again this is not expected at all. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

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This guide summarizes what I found that works and consolidates, step by step, the details you need to get there too. In many cases this info does not originate with me. However, I found no one reference available with all the links that worked for me. Here are all the details in one place.

If you do need to reach me directly, you can shoot me a direct message in the Slack. The setup self monitors and resolves any Vega “hash drop” problems so you can focus on other things. Note: The graphic above is from my original post but it no longer fully defines my mining rig. 1 old GTX-750, and 3x Rx 550’s. Equipment and Software The Equipment used in my rig is listed below. You do not need to use the same equipment in order to use this guide. The listing below includes details to help you find what you do need.

Note: Each Vega’s take TWO, 8pin PCIe connections. 1000w EVGA Gold is highly rated and often has a better price. Some people recommend 2x 750W PSU’s. If you go this route you will need to plan ahead with some 6 pin to 8 pin adapters. Here is a more aggressive version.

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If you are shopping for a MB, understand that the AMD driver will not support more than 8 Vega’s in one rig. Any motherboard PCIe slots beyond 8 will need to be used for Nvidia cards. I got a 3 pack and had to go back for another. I use an HDMI style in my Vega, if you use an iGPU then check your motherboard as you may need this DVI style. Power Button – You need a button to tell your computer to turn on. I have one Sapphire and one XFX. All Vegas AMD reference cards are the same so brand does not affect performance.

There are now after market Vegas making it to market and I can not yet speak for all of those. I do have confirmation that the after market ASUS AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 ROG Strix OC works with this guide. Note: I have not personally used an Frontier Edition but they are an option. Heavy’ algorithm used in the profitable Sumokoin and Haven protocol  for standard cryptonightV7 they hash like a Vega 64 and can be a bit finicky.

Vega’s have been out of stock for a while. If you want to get started, the RX 550 can be an effective way to fill your bays while you learn the craft and wait for Vegas. This is helpful because, as you will see, every time you start the computer each Vega will be “disabled” and then “re-enabled”. PCI slot is saves some heartburn. You do not need plugs for the other cards.

What was the first official BTC miner software?

Your computer is smart enough to know when a monitor is off or is not attached and yet we are going to be changing setting to ensure Windows never puts the monitor to sleep. The Vega install order doesn’t matter. I was able to use that slot directly without a riser as there is nothing to the right of it for my card to obstruct. I found this foundation drives many of peoples troubleshooting issues later so I have added detail. Boot-up the computer with the installation media and perform clean install. I will leave it as “or higher” until such time that I encounter an update that requires a guide change. Repeat that step after every Windows reboot until it tells you it is “up to date”.

Open command prompt and type: “winver”. Confirm it says, “Build 16299” or higher. If you have an iGPU then it will not be moving so you do not need to uninstall it. If you have an Nvidia that will remain in the current location then you do not need to uninstall it’s driver.

OK, the computer is powered down and you have a clean slate to configure as needed. Into the non-Vega GPU located in the first long PCI slot. Don’t forget this step several have! LARGE PAGE SIZE: Let’s your miner access the memory it needs. Follow instructions to download and run bat file.

Restart your computer per the instructions. It will put an underline under your name when you know it worked. Hit “OK” and then close the main local security policy screen. You need to restart computer before running the miner but don’t do it now a restart will come naturally later. The graphic below shows you the screens you will have just seen.

HDMI dummy plug and then remote login for all the remaining steps. This step is obviously up you. The process to do it is clearly defined in this Forbes article. Go to the link and scroll down to the section that says, “Option 3: Group Policy Editor”.

Windows Home users remember that you now have “gpedit. Also, while there, enable the feature that tells windows not to include drivers with windows updates for those times when you DO decide to update. If AMD puts out a new driver that might be OK, but it would be nice to try it out on our own terms vs. Vega’s then I suggest you point an external fan at your Vega’s during this step.

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Driver install is slow and the cards can get hot because the driver is not present to tell them to speed up their fans. I think AMD simply did not design the process to expect more then 2 Vegas at a time. Run the Executable, let it extract itself. If you do choose to installed the full AMD application, NEVER EVER open the AMD application. In other guides you will hear references to Wattman. You will hear references to HBCC sliders. Note: After driver install it will invite you to restart the computer again DON’T.

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We have an additional step to do before the restart. If you have many Vega’s in your system then this process will be very slow and the screen will go black for several minutes at a time. Be patient and keep the cards cool. Do NOT restart the computer when it gives you the option at the end of installation. Whenever Windows starts the AMD driver tries to detect other Vega cards to establish “crossfire”. We don’t want crossfire and even searching for it is not good for driver stability. We also don’t want it polling to see about power states when your mining.

What was the first official BTC miner software?

Be careful to only change entries that this guide says to change, you can mess up your computer with this program. Note the Device Description: “Raedon RX Vega”. Note the registry number ID for the card. If you have only one Vega you are done. If more then one, you need to select the remaining ID’s you see on the left and find your other Vegas.

In my case 0000 is my Nvidia and 0001, 0002, 0003, and 0004 are all Vega’s. If you have a mixture of Vega64’s and Vega56’s, you need to know which device ID goes to which kind of card. Note: We will later be adding something called a “soft power play table”. The AMD blockchain driver is flaky and this trick we learned from Mythic solves the problems. People will tell you to resolve flakiness via Wattman HCBB sliders. This little section will tell you how to do manually what you will ultimately do automatically with a script. GPU or a Nvidia then the screen may go black during the disable and enable functions.

This is easy so don’t overthink it. This needs to be done EVERY TIME WINDOWS STARTS which is why we will use a script to automate this later. Now you know what that script will be doing. The file comes compressed as a . Select your first Vega in the upper left-hand drop down menu. If you have all Vega 56’s or all Vega 64’s, you can skip to the next step. Look at the value in GPU P7.

What was the first official BTC miner software?

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Note: If you already altered the baseline GPU P7 values through previous attempts at configuration then you can use this brute force method to determine card order. Force OverdriveNTool to create an . Under Profile select “save” and give it name “scratch”. Use a text editor to open the “OverdriveNTool. 3 weeks of testing and I have seen better stability and know of no bad effects.

What was the first official BTC miner software?

I am making them the guide standard. While OverdriveNTool cannot adjust the GPU_P0 to P5 and Mem_P0 to Mem_P2, it can disable them and that is what this new file does. Note: These profiles are a starting point that should get you stable at the expense of power optimization. Once you are up and running you will want to tweak the GPU_P6, P7 and Mem_P3 values to get lower power consumption for the same hash rate.

Hold off for now to ensure you have a safe base to tweak from. Create a new file on the desktop called, “Run_OverdriveNTool. Set the desired settings for each Vega per the . Save as type:” and select “all files”. Give your file the name ‘Run_OverdriveNTool. Note: The FILE MUST BE CONFIGURED FOR YOUR SETUP. The provided text is for my specific configuration of cards.

Vega 56 or Vega 64 parameter as required by your setup. Your computer will be unhappy if you start mining on a Vega 56 that has the Vega 64 OverdriveNTool profile applied to it. See the FAQ if you are still unsure of your OverdriveNTool card order. Note also: “-r0” in my case is my GTX-750 so I have no command with “-r0” or “-p0”. GUI you will see a menu that lists each of your cards in order. You will see a black screen flash up and disappear. Ignore most of the numbers for now as they will not yet take you know the .

Fan_Min” is set to 3000rpm for each card. In this section we will tweak the Windows registry to optimize power consumption performance of the Vega’s. Note: This can be a valuable step to optimize the power consumption of your RX Radeon Vega mining rig. However, some find this section complex. I suggest you skip this section your first pass through the guide.

Once you are up and mining, perform this section an an optimization. Soft Power Play Tables, don’t panic. Hellea established himself as the community expert in soft power play tables via this Sept 21st post on overclock. Note: I have not flashed my Vega 56 BIOS to Vega 64 BIOS and do not plan to as I am aware of no benefit. OverdrivNTool does not control P states below GPU_P6, and MEM_P3 even though they show up as editable in the GUI. Soft Power Play tables are required to actually change those values. I have had no issues but every Vega is a little different and it won’t work for everyone.

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I have tested that it works but it did increase my power usage by about 10 watts vs. Hellea now links to on his post but I have no reason to doubt it is safe. Come back to this guide, we are done with that one for now. Perform the steps in “Reset Vega drivers with Device Manager” listed above.

Congratulations  If you had a miner you would be ready to get mining. Select the plus sign by, “Add an exclusion”, “Folder” and select folder, “XMR-Stak”. Chrome will call any miner malware and prevent the download. Click the link and let Chrome prevent the download. NOT use a random internet download of . The needed files will install as part of VC_redist.

You can skip this section if you are familiar with mining and already have a coin address and target pool. This section will set you up mining Monero with a stable pool as a stable baseline. Get a Monero address if you don’t have one. Enter a value of your choice into the “Custom entropy” field. Print or in some way save this very valuable and unique information. Never share the Mnemonic seed or spend key. They have an active Chatango chat group that is very helpful.

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They have always paid me out the amount that they should exactly when they should. 5m400, are accessible via chat if you ever need any assistance. Of course as always, YMMV and you are free to do as you please. This guide will assume you select supportXMR and will use pool. 7777 as the assumed pool address when setting up the miner. You can fill in whichever you picked. Assuming you have already reset your Vega’s via device manager since your last windows restart Double click and run, xmr-stak.

Windows will block execution to “Protect your PC”. It will ask if you want to use the HTTP interface. It will ask you to enter the currency you want to mine. It will ask for your pool address. It will ask for your password.