What to Do? Navigating the Second Jump Across the Chasm

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The beginnings of the first three games and Luna Game 5 use Super Ponybeat songs as their soundtrack, however, it is unknown who made this game. The game starts out as you playing Luna on a simplistic platform level, you are able to jump and move around using the arrow keys. Pinkie Pie with Zalgofied eyes, or an inauspicious-looking Applebloom. The mouse will stay stuck at the bottom right of the screen as well, and the game window stay on top of every other window. Otherwise the game automatically closes after a while on its own.


The game itself does not modify or delete any files on the user’s computer, it only saves screenshots and text documents. Though when the user downloaded the program to their desktop, deleting all the pictures and text documents generated would prove to be quite annoying. On May 30, 2011 another game was submitted to Equestria Gaming. This game starts out similarly to the previous, but with slightly more enhanced graphics and an improved sprite character. As you begin playing, you are told immediately that you can hold Shift to run. After you get going, though, you start to notice cracks forming in the ground.

As you go farther, the cracks get bigger and bigger until they completely cover the ground. At this point, the only thing to do is go forward until you reach a giant chasm in the ground and fall down into it. While plummeting, the background fades to black with Luna eventually fading after it revealing a Game Over screen of Luna falling. The major differences between this game and the first are the considerably improved graphics and that Luna 2 does not create any extra files which the first one was infamous for. The third installment was released June 11, 2011. Presenting the same controls as last time, Luna is able to run to either to the left or right of the screen.

As she does, the screen gets darker and after a while of running the background music begins to slow down and distort . Slowly continuing until finally static sounds, breaking off the music. After this part you will eventually run into a giant gap in the ground. It’s possible to jump over the hole, which will cause a distorted version of Fluttershy yelling “COME OUT! The player is then forced to fall down the hole, which it plays a very distorted “LOVE ME! Fluttershy, flashing one of several randomly chosen Zalgofied pony images. When the screen gets back to normal, Luna is lying on the ground—similar to the ground she’s been running on the whole time—her legs severed with blood everywhere.

A fourth game was introduced to the community on July 9, 2011. Once again, you start out as Princess Luna, standing on a nice grassy cliff with a blue sky, with some kind of cheerful music playing. Though there is only one place you’re able to go: off of the cliff. After you jump down, you hit the ground at a high speed, and hear a splat as the screen turns black. Trying to re-open the game in anyway is pointless, but after a few seconds the game re-opens on its own. The words “It didn’t have to turn out like this” after a few moments, “You didn’t have to die” are presented to the player.

BUT NOW YOU’RE IN MY WORLD” while a roar plays. The world is all red, almost appearing as if you’re in Pony Hell . At this point you have to quickly sprint right and avoid the obstacles in your path before the darkness closing from the left catches up to you. It starts with Zalgofied text that seems to be glitching out, and when it goes away some sort of messed up 8-bit music plays in the background while bugged-up looking blocks appear on the screen. The blocks will randomly change appearance, even if you don’t do anything. If you are able to reach the end, you run right into the same creepy Pinkie and the screen goes black. You hear a heartbeat fade in, and see the same, iconic image of Pinkamena from “Party of One”.

The heartbeat gets louder and the image gets lighter until it suddenly cuts to another gory version of the picture with static. The picture goes back and starts fading out again as you hear Pinkie Pie laughing in the background. Just like the previous installments, you begin the game as Luna, but this time in Princess Celestia’s castle. When you talk to Celestia, she tells you that it would be nice for you to go out and make some friends.

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After you exit on the right, you move to a grassy area with nice music playing. All six of the mane cast can be found on the map, and each one has their own problem that you can help with. Depending on who you return the lost item back to, you can play one of six different levels, each with a different item. After you collect 49 of the items on the map, you are able to collect the 50th, which is black and white. When you touch it, the music stops to a loud thunder.

The screen flashes white, and an image of Nightmare Moon appears. The screen goes back to where you stopped almost immediately, but everything is tinted red. After you continue back to the previous area, another creepy song begins to play, and the ponies you talk to says that Pinkie Pie is looking for you. When you talk to Pinkie Pie, she tells you that she wants to throw you another party, but shortly after the screen turns black, and the dark item you got from before appears while you hear whispering in the background.

After the screen goes back Pinkie Pie is going on about the party, and the screen turns black again with more whispering and the text ‘Kill her’ at the very bottom. This time, nothing else appears, but the music stops and you hear some sound effects and cutting noises. When the screen fades back in, you see yourself standing alone with Pinkie Pie with a red sky behind you. Pinkie Pie has a slash going through her, and the words ‘B But Why?

After a few moments, the top half of her body begins sliding off, and the game shuts off. A few seconds later, the game opens again and the distorted “LOVE ME! If you try to open the game, it says “The past cannot be changed” and closes out. On August 22, 2012, the official Luna Game 5 appeared, and was titled “Luna Game End”.

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It is not so focused on scares like the others, but still has a creepy feeling that will keep you on edge. Here is a link from where you can get the game from. The game starts you off as the well-known Princess Luna, standing on a flat strip of grass at night with happy music playing in the background. After a short amount of walking, you’re greeted with an oh so familiar cliff. Though this time when you jump off it you safely land on the ground.

After the music stops, you suddenly appear in a completely white world with only a single black line as the ground below you. Walk to the right some and you’ll spot an 8-bit limbo sprite from Luna Game 4 going nuts in the air. Touching it will cause strange background sounds to start and the ground below you to disappear, but fear not, you don’t fall long before hitting some kind of invisible ground. After you hit the ground again, you’re greeted with ground blocks with a similar line design to that in Luna Game 4’s hell stage. After the darkness takes you to the next room, you find Luna lying back down on the ground from the first scene where she took a nap.

Walking to the right will reveal some shadow ponies, the silhouettes of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack can all be found, as well as an unknown filly. If you died before reaching the end with the darkness, the game will end for you at this point, otherwise you are taken to another place. The background is completely black, but as you move, cracks start appearing in the ground below you, and it disappears after being completely cracked. Your only option is to go right at this point, and when the ground below you is gone, you’re shown another path just below where you were that continues right. From this point on, you just go as far right as you can, but in the end you will always fall. However, if you go through Luna 4 and 0 again to re-experience the journey and survive the darkness, you will be greeted to a happy ending.

It is a similar scene from Luna Game 0 Demo, and everything is alright. The Mane 6 ask Luna what happen, and she says she had a nightmare. She shakes it off as nothing. But in the end, for a fraction of a second, the Pinkamena sprite from Luna Game 4 will flash and the game will close. A fan-made addition to the series was submitted February 29, 2012. The game starts out like any Luna Game, with you in control of Luna and a bit of text telling you to hold shift to run.

After running around for a while, you run into Angel Bunny. At this point, you move to the next room over. It is now nighttime, and the music changes to another fairly cheerful, but slower, song – Luna’s Anthem. Here, you have to jump around the platforms and collect nine rabbits throughout the level. While getting these rabbits, you will come across a pit which is covered from the top so you can’t fall into it. Once down the pit, you run into another rabbit, this time colored red instead of white—here’s where things get creepy.

Once you collect this ninth and final rabbit, the cheerful music halts and a passage to another room is opened, with Pinkie Pie’s silhouette standing in the doorway. As you start to walk, the crying of a witch can be heard. Static will flicker as creepy music plays. You walk further and further into this creepy landscape, past numerous shadows. Pretty soon, the sound will begin to shift from creepy music to sounds which appear animal in nature.

What to Do? Navigating the Second Jump Across the Chasm

They can be best described as rabid eating noises. When this is finished, platforms will appear. Use them to jump up into Pinkie’s mouth. Then you have to go up to a larger space. If you change your system date to Friday the 13th, you will get a special, one-time only scene, in which Pinkamena will face Nightmare Moon.

Hidden keys

You can’t do anything here but watch. Nightmare Moon reveals the reason why she killed Pinkie, saying that “a party doesn’t make up for 1000 years of suffering”. Pinkamena is scared and tries to talk some sense into the princess, but to no avail. Pressing the I, K, and T keys all at the same time will trigger one of two Easter eggs, depending on what part of the game you’re in. F4 or ESC will close the game if you haven’t progressed to the creepy part, which is strange considering that this is the first Luna Game in which you could close out of the game yourself. F4 in the third room or later, the window will still close, but only for a few seconds.

After that, it opens itself back up and you can hear Pinkie Pie laughing at your failure. DEL to close the window at any point in the game, but if you do it in the creepy half of the game, a heavily distorted version of Fluttershy yelling “COME OUT! Regardless, you still won’t be able to move your mouse cursor, so you’ll have to use the arrow keys and ENTER to select and end the program in your Task Manager. The game can be played here. No music is heard during gameplay. You start out as Luna in a grass field at night. Use the arrow keys to move and space to jump.

Once you go down that pit, you cannot get out of it. Though, try moving and jumping around until that wall disappears. Move forward, and then you will get a blue background saying: “And Luna lived happily ever after And nothing scary happened, ever. Unlike other Luna Games, this one has a loading bar when it opens.

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When the game finishes loading, you appear on a grass field in the day. After a few seconds, the game closes out. Luna Game 2: Luna Forced to fall into the hole at a dead-end. Luna Game 3: Luna Again, but slightly different, she is force to fall into a hole in a looping terrain. Luna Game 4: Luna Luna Suicides by jumping off the cliff.

Can die a second time in “Pony Hell”. Luna Game 0: Pinkie Pie Decapitated by Luna, because Luna was cursed by Nightmare Moon. Luna Game 5 : Luna Can die in the “Red Room”. Unknown As shown in the “Bloody Scootaloo” picture.

The website will provide information on current and future updates, as well as links to all of the current games. Even though it does not merge itself with the real world like most other Creepypastas, many regard the Luna Game and its successors as Creepypasta most likely as a result of the series never accrediting its sources plus the fact that the author of the games has—through much effort—remained anonymous. 4-1C17 4 12 4 12 4s-5 0-8. Can’t find a community you love? Create your own and start something epic. Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

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What to Do? Navigating the Second Jump Across the Chasm

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What to Do? Navigating the Second Jump Across the Chasm