What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

Why has this discipline of radio – at one time the very heart of electronic technology – come to the point where people consider it an what services does the HF Radio Club offer? science ? I have been forced to consider what first attracted me to radio during my formative years. I liked radio because it was aesthetically appealing. I was not nearly as impressed by the capabilities of radio as by the very nature of radio.

Radio is great, not because of what it does, but because of what it is. Somewhere on a lonely mountaintop on a starry night, or maybe in an apartment on a bustling city block, someone is channeling the whole world onto a mobile device. Now that the Internet is a fixture in many homes in the United States and Canada, there are few practical reasons to buy a shortwave radio. It’s easy and cheap — and fun. You can hear and learn things that you would never find even if you work your search engine like a mule. Shortwave radio enthusiasts acknowledge the thrill — the romance, in a way — of going out at night and snaring news, music, odd bleeps, religious zealots and other broadcasts from the wild sea of frequencies in the sky.

In aural terms, the Internet wins. Shortwave by nature sounds dirty: Its signals whoosh from clouds of static and are subject to the whims of sunspots and atmospheric disturbances. But when you hear voices over the noise and squeal, and realize you are hearing Mongolia, live, there is a warmth and a human connection that are hard to find on the Web. Gateway to the Black Forest, Germany, Central Europe – 25 Km from the University of Karlsruhe, where in 1886 Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of electromagnetic waves as predicted by Maxwell. SGC SG-230, operable countinously from 3. 3: Inverted-V dipole for the 80m-band.

Vibroplex “Original” Bug, left-handed model, Ser. Vibroplex “Lightning” Bug, left-handed model, Ser. In memory of my late uncle Fritz Hauff, W3NZ. Fritz was a true cousin of my grandmother and a passionate and exceptional radio amateur.

PA when he held his first callsign W3GHS. At 2200z on 9 October 2001 I checked 20 meters. CQ from DJ5IL was outstanding and snappy. I gave my call once and he bounced back to me with flawless CW. TNX OM for call, you are 599 and my name is Karl, the QTH is Pforzheim, at the north end of the Black Forest. I said, “Many TNX Karl, you are also solid 599, my name is Fritz. I know the Black Forest well, my mother came from Haiterbach and years ago I had some relatives in Pforzheim.

I am not sure of their name, but believe it was Karl Fischer, he was married to my cousin Kaethe Klenk and he had a store selling watches and clocks. Would you know them or of them? My name is Karl Fischer and the store is still in the family. We are related, I am 45 years old and I never knew my grandfather Karl Fischer, he had died before I was born. By that time my mind went almost blank. A good CW operator in the relationship was too much for me to contemplate. We exchanged e-mail addresses and signed.

What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

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After I told my wife Jean this story, her eyes opened wide and she said, “It’s hard to believe, it is a small world! I was ten years old – back in 1921 when I saw and heard my first radio. It was a home built 3 tube breadbord set. It was an adventure for me to build a little crystal set. The big expense was a pair of Siemens earfones and the cotton covered wire for the coil and the aerial. It took a few days before the miracle happened – I heard Stuttgart. She arrived, I put the earfones over her head.

Her cheeks turned white and after a few seconds she hollered: “Get this thing out of this house, it is the work of the devil! It was the beginning of my life long passion! Listen to the magic sounds of shortwave radio ! Here you find audio clips of worldwide Amateur Radio, Broadcasting, Utility and Spy Number Stations recorded from my station transceivers and vintage receivers RFT EKD-300, DRAKE MSR-2 and DRAKE 2B. VU2DK   a well-known voice on the bands: op.

ZL2JBR – qrp test   John asks his QSO partner DL1DH in Germany to reduce power and copies his 1 Watt Signal still perfectly well with S3 in New Zealand, a distance of nearly 20. 000 Km – really incredible ! Radio Kitaia”   the Russian program of “China Radio International” CRI. German programme, 01-06-2004 15:00 UTC 7330 KHz. AIR India   with a typical music program. Radio Tashkent   interval signal and announcement, exotic sounds from the capital of Uzbekistan on the Great Silk Road in Central Asia.

BBC World Service   time signal and announcement. After the automatic transmission of number groups, the operator seems to wait for confirmation by the target station and uses the straight key to ask “QRV ? Israel and their embassies and consulates. E10 is characterized by a female voice repeating a three letter phonetic phrase.

This chapter presents articles, essays and features dealing with technical, operational, regulatotory and historical  aspects of radio. W1DTY and published from February 1968 to June 1990. Installing Firefox 19 or later or Chrome 8. 215 or later can result in your Adobe plug-in being silently disabled and replaced. Aufgabe, insbesondere Probleme mit der elektromagnetischen Verträglichkeit einschließlich Funkstörungen aufzuklären und Abhilfemaßnahmen zu veranlassen.

Mit der Verfahrensanweisung VA soll sichergestellt werden, dass dabei “einheitlich, rechtmäßig, wirtschaftlich und technisch zweckmäßig” gehandelt wird. Während mit der weiten Verbreitung billig produzierter Geräte und physikalisch unvernünftiger Technologien – wie z. PLT – der Elektrosmog stetig zunimmt, ignoriert die Bundesnetzagentur BNetzA ganz im Sinne von Industrie-Lobbys immer mehr ihren Gesetzesauftrag zum Schutz der Funkdienste vor elektromagnetischen Störungen. Radio amateurs invented and pioneered electronic Morse code keyers, but today their knowledge of the different twin-lever keying modes is sparse.

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The suffix “-rama” stems from the Ancient Greek word “orama” which means “wide view”. In order to complement “All about Squeeze-Keying” with a useful practical device, I developed the unique PIC-based multi-mode Morse code keyer “Keyrama”. Let me take you on a time journey, back to the old days without mobile phones and internet, when worldwide communication was a real thrill pioneered by radio amateurs with their homebuilt equipment. Wohin geht die Leistung, die von einer fehlangepassten Last am Ausgang einer Übertragungsleitung reflektiert wird ? Jahrelang war ich der Ansicht, daß sie am Generator total re-reflektiert wird, so wie es von Walt Maxwell, W2DU, ursprünglich propagiert wurde, und meine Darstellung dieses Modells war hier zu finden. Early sensor-paddles worked with the skin-resistance, which is a widely varying parameter and made two electrodes necessary – in the form of split or meandering paddles or solid paddles and a conductive hand pad.

What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

Add a new dimension of CW perception to your receiver by incorporating this simple audio device for pseudo-stereo reception of radio telegraphy signals. The sound does not seem to originate from the earphones as usual, but from the inside of your head. I recorded a few moments on the 40m band to demonstrate the effect of the CODEPHASER. Before you listen to the demo, please note that it is absolutely necessary to use stereo headphones – PC loudspeakers definitely don’t work ! Don’t expect astounding but rather subtle effects, since spatial sound sensations are the normal condition for our auditory system.

Close your eyes while listening in order to focus exclusively on the sound. Sweep across the 40m CW band. The clip starts monaural, after 15 sec. A wide filter is used to enhance the spatial effect. Sometimes, at rare occasions in the night during the winter months and predominantly on the 80m-band, very few radio amateurs are lucky enough to observe a strange and most thrilling phenomenon: they can hear the echoes of their own transmitted signals, delayed by much more time than a trip around the globe would take.

Please don’t hesitate to download my simple computer program mde. Being a passionate CW operator, after 35 years of mainly high-speed operation with electronic keyers I felt more and more bored listening to the uniform and impersonal sound of CW signals on the amateur radio bands. That’s why in March 2008 I found myself a new challenge: to build and learn to operate a Cootie key. Please note that this is NOT a paddle to operate an electronic keyer, and it is also NOT a semi-automatic key or “Bug” ! Extremely small and highly efficient – These two properties of a fictious superantenna sound very attractive, not only to us radio amateurs. Unfortunately, they are physically competing since the smaller the antenna copared to the wavelength, the smaller the radiation resistance. And because in real antenna systems the losses increase with decreasing radiation resistance, efficiency drops with reduction in size.

What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

In 1973 the two scientists Friedrich Landstorfer and Hans Heinrich Meinke of the University Munich published a highly interesting article that explains the division of the total antenna capacitance into so-called space capacitance and dead capacitance very clearly both in quality and in quantity on the basis of the time-dependent course of wave detachment in the near field of antennas – a subject which has been intensively addressed by Prof. Where on an antenna does radiation come from ? Guanella balun” or “1:1 Guanella” are different names for the same device which is widely used in electronic engineering to force balanced RF currents. German Felix Gerth for the company “C. High-frequency engineering utilizes energy transmission lines which are comprised of two parallel conductors carrying high frequency in anti-phase so that their external fields compensate and no radiation is present.

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The mains grid is neither intended nor suitable for broadband data transmission. Das Stromnetz ist für breitbandige Datenübertragung weder vorgesehen noch geeignet. CISPR is the Special International Committee on Radio Interference of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC with central office in Geneva, Switzerland. It is concerned with the development of standards regarding electromagnetic interference and most of these are adopted by the European Union and many other countries.

To be continued – stay tuned ! Click on any image and find out what you can do with the mouse – absolutely fantastic ! 25 countries with numbers of first-time visitors, delayed by approx. For detailed real-time info click on the counter.

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What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

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What services does the HF Radio Club offer?

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Watch how these iconic phones are made. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Jump to navigation Jump to search “Shortwave” redirects here. Shortwave radio is radio transmission using shortwave radio frequencies. Radio waves in the shortwave band can be reflected or refracted from a layer of electrically charged atoms in the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

Therefore, short waves directed at an angle into the sky can be reflected back to Earth at great distances, beyond the horizon. This is called skywave or “skip” propagation. 30 MHz, just above the medium wave band, which ends approximately at 1. Guglielmo Marconi, pioneer of radio, commissioned his assistant Charles Samuel Franklin to carry out a large scale study into the transmission characteristics of short wavelength waves and to determine their suitability for long distance transmissions. In September 1924, Marconi transmitted daytime and nighttime on 32 meters from Poldhu to his yacht in Beirut.

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Franklin went on to refine the directional transmission, by inventing the curtain array aerial system. Shortwave communications began to grow rapidly in the 1920s, similar to the internet in the late 20th century. By 1928, more than half of long distance communications had moved from transoceanic cables and longwave wireless services to shortwave and the overall volume of transoceanic shortwave communications had vastly increased. The cable companies began to lose large sums of money in 1927, and a serious financial crisis threatened the viability of cable companies that were vital to strategic British interests.

The British government convened the Imperial Wireless and Cable Conference in 1928 “to examine the situation that had arisen as a result of the competition of Beam Wireless with the Cable Services”. Long-distance cables had a resurgence beginning in 1956 with the laying of TAT-1 across the Atlantic Ocean, the first voice frequency cable on this route. This provided 36 high quality telephone channels and was soon followed by even higher capacity cables all around the world. These sounded the death knell of shortwave radio for commercial communications. Amateur radio operators also discovered that long-distance communication was possible on shortwave bands. On 21 September 1924 several amateurs in California completed two-way contacts with an amateur in New Zealand. On 19 October amateurs in New Zealand and England completed a 90 minute two-way contact nearly halfway around the world.

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As a result of the multi-layer structure of the ionosphere, propagation often simultaneously occurs on different paths, scattered by the E or F region and with different numbers of hops, a phenomenon that may be disturbed for certain techniques. Particularly for lower frequencies of the shortwave band, absorption of radio frequency energy in the lowest ionospheric layer, the D layer, may impose a serious limit. The distance from the transmitter to the target receiver. During the day, frequencies higher than approximately 12 MHz can travel longer distances than lower ones.

At night, this property is reversed. With lower frequencies the dependence on the time of the day is mainly due to the lowest ionospheric layer, the D Layer, forming only during the day when photons from the sun break up atoms into ions and free electrons. MW broadcast band tends to be more favorable because of longer hours of darkness. Solar flares produce a large increase in D region ionization so high, sometimes for periods of several minutes, all skywave propagation is nonexistent. Several different types of modulation are used to incorporate information in a short-wave signal. AM Amplitude modulation is the simplest type and the most commonly used for shortwave broadcasting. SSB Single sideband transmission is a form of amplitude modulation but in effect filters the result of modulation.

An amplitude-modulated signal has frequency components both above and below the carrier frequency. If one set of these components is eliminated as well as the residual carrier, only the remaining set is transmitted. It also reduces signal bandwidth, enabling less than one-half the AM signal bandwidth to be used. The drawback is the receiver is more complicated, since it must re-create the carrier to recover the signal. As a result, single sideband is not used for music or general broadcast.