What are achievements of Achievement Unlocked?

What are achievements of Achievement Unlocked? you work in IT for any period of time, I’m sure you can relate. Notify me of new posts by email. Here is the entire list of achievements. 15: Hang time – 1 sec.

16: Hang time – 2 sec. 17: Hang time – 3 sec. This walkthrough is created by Armor Games Inc. This walkthrough is made by Armor Games Inc. 179: Did you wash your hands? 181: Can you hear me now?

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Continue playing to unlock this achievement. Be equipped with only Legendary equipment. Witness raining bugs in the desert. Complete all arena events in the Krokodilopolis Arena. Finish an arena boss with an Overpower Attack. Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race. Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow. Feed a predator with a corpse. Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected. I Can See My House From Here! Reach the “Top of the World” in the Black Desert territory.

Bring a tamed lion to a crocodile. Take 1 photo in 5 different territories. Headshot kill an enemy with the bow while in the air. Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars.

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Use all types of vehicle at least once. Re: Is the Season Pass worth it? Re: Sting in the Tail not unlocking. Assassin’s Creed Origins sees the series triumphantly return with a sequel-come-prequel that cures the rot which had begun to take hold.

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Poll: If the Walmart Leak is Real, Which Game Are You Most Excited About? Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. GW2 Daybreak Living World Season 4 Episode 1 Achievements Guide. There is a meta achievement to complete 30 achievements.

This will reward you with 21 AP and Corsair Turban Box. Repel the Branded from Free City of Amnoon without being struck by lightning. There are two stages to this achievement. First you have to avoid the lighting outside the outskirts of Amnoon, this is fairly easy. For the second part, you need to avoid the lightning inside the city of Amnoon. This second part can get a bit heretic. The lightning are marked with reddish circles and you have a bit of time to dodge out of them.

Rescue 40 civilians in the story instance. This achievement has a bit of a DPS check as you need to kill the Branded Crystals before their timer expires and the civilians turn into branded. Other than the crystals, there are also dead civilians that need to be rezzed and alive civilians that you need to press F to direct them to safety. It is not recommend to do this achievement with Electric City since rezzing civilians can take time away from that achievement.

First cluster of three crystals here, each having 3 civilians each. This should bring your count to 31. Then right after is a civilian you need to rez at the same spot, for a count of 30. Inside the big pyramid are 5 civilians that need to be rezzed to bring your count down to 25.

To the left of the pyramid are 5 branded crystals. It is okay if you don’t get one of them, but you need to get at least 4 branded crystals. There is a big batch of civilians at the top left. However keep in mind that if you defeat the Branded Wyvern, all the civilians will disappear.

Repeal the Branded storm from the Free City of Amnoon in under 12 minutes. This is a pretty tight DPS check if doing it solo. The timer only starts once you enter the city. Talk to Captain Rahim at end of the instance about Deputy Qais. Keep going through the dialogues until you get the achievement. Check in with allies in the Sunspear base.

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If you need to reenter the Sunspear base, talk to the heart vendor near Astralarium and select the option to enter the base again. There are 10 NPCs you need to talk to in the base and they are marked on the map below. Defeat the Awakened Sunspear Champion without allowing him to heal. During the fight with Awakened Koss Dejarin, he will gain a break bar.

If you don’t break his break bar quick enough, he will heal up and you will lose the achievement. If you are quick enough on DPS there should be only one instance of breakbar. You can use nearby rocks to break his breakbar as well. Talk to Awakened Koss after the fight and mention about a descendant. Once you get the key from the jailer, jump down and open one of the lower cells with a chair inside it. Interact with the chair and finish reading the conversation to get the achievement.

This a hidden achievement to kill the walking Awakened Soldier right outside your jail cell before he reaches the top of the stairs. You have plenty of time so rescue Zaeim, grab your weapons and then kill the guard. Escape the dungeons without being spotted by drunken Awakened. They are pretty easy to avoid and have telegraphs in front of them. As long you avoid these telegraphs you should be undetected. If you are stuck in the part of the instance where you need to advance past the fire, there is a boulder you can pick up near the fire wall.

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Place that and one Branded Crystal on the big plate to advance. Make it to the other side of the Vestibule of Faith and pull the levers unscathed. Pretty easy achievement, just time your raptor canyon jump and avoid the bells dropping down. Pull the levers in between each bell. There are 3 bells and 3 levers in between. Not too far from the entrance is a pair of diving goggles. If you don’t see them you may need to clear the instance first and come back.

The dive is a bit tricky due to the rocks blocking your way down so you need to jump a bit outward and then fall through the cracks between the rocks to the water below. Pick up Taimi’s Hair Bow and then hand it to her at the end of the instance. Talk to Taimi once you rescued her and pick the option I found your ribbon. Throw a static conduit and destroy a static storm orbiting Scruffy from very far away.

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All you need to do is to throw the static conduit from the platform where you got it from and it should count. Make sure to throw it in front of the moving static storm. Survive the rapid ammunition discharge protocol without being downed or leaving the platform. 0 he will start spamming attacks all over. Avoid the AoE circles and don’t get too close to the Static Storm orbs floating around as they are magnetic and will pull you with them. You don’t need to damage Scruffy in this phase, just survive long enough for the phase to be over. It is recommended that you do this achievement at end of the instance as the whole instance opens up and most of the mobs disappear.