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Services Through the Portal Users are offered the access to Services and the possibility to use them in accordance with the Regulations and potential additional terms and conditions published by the Service Provider. Users may use the Services of the Social Networking Portal such as in particular running a profile, adding comments, events, likes, participation in trainings use Websit Trrafic For Bitcoin Mining Ethereum Wallet Not Downloading Blocks other typical for this kind of Portals. What we are concerned with is that each User was conscious of the meanings of all notions in the Regulations, that’s why we present the definitions of the most important ones. In case anything is unclear or if you think something should be included there – please let us know!

Service Provider runs the Portal, which is internet platform being his property, which is composed of a series of elements appropriate for internet Portals and services rendered electronically for the benefit of Users, specified in these Regulations. It is important for us that you make a conscious decision about joining our community. User The Agreement may be concluded by natural persons, legal entities and organizational units, to whom the act grants the ability to perform acts in law. The age of majority is specified by the law of a country from which the User comes from. Every person can create any number of Accounts in Portal. Registration is free of charge, thus the User gains the access to the Portal functions.

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Agreement is concluded for unlimited period of time. You can delete you account and terminate using the services at any time. No investment character of the Portal. Registration Fields Registration is only online, in accordance with the necessity of giving the required information, i. Registration Procedure The User is obliged to fill in the required registration fields in the registration form completely and correctly and then confirm the activation of link sent by the Service Provider.

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In case the sent registration link is not confirmed within 30 days, it will be deactivated by the Service Provider. User should have such status unless the law provides otherwise, and in the case of purchasing products and services as a consumer, the User accepts that in connection with the acquired digital content and performance, the right to withdraw from the contract is excluded. Completion of Registration After a completed registration the User gets the option to personalize the account by uploading a picture or an avatar. The above mentioned action must not contradict the Regulations, law in force and good practices. As a result of the breach of the provisions of the Regulations, law in force or social norms, Service Provider reserves the full right to remove the uploaded picture or avatar. Agreement is concluded for an unlimited period of time. You can delete you account and terminate the use the services at any time.

Use Websit Trrafic For Bitcoin Mining Ethereum Wallet Not Downloading Blocks

Duration of the Agreement Agreement is concluded for an unlimited period of time. The User may terminate the Agreement using the available function of Deleting Account in the User Profile. Termination of the Agreement may occur by email. Account Activity Each account registered in the Portal should be used actively and at least once in 6 months a User should log in. Service Provider reserves the right to deleted the account.

Using platforms in accordance with theirs intended purpose Each User shall use platforms in accordance with theirs intended purpose, applicable legal provisions, social and moral standards as well as the provisions of these Regulations. All and any violations may result in deleting the account. If you create a business, you must stick to the provisions of the Regulations as well as legal regulations. Undertaking illegal activities, such as e. The User by creating business becomes distribution partner. User should acquire the status of an entrepreneur. By creating business, you also assume responsibility.

Distribution Partner Status The User, by creating business, acts as a Distribution Partner. Services in order to make profit. Rights to the Account The User may not share the account with other persons, transfer the rights to the account or execute any other forms of sharing a part or the whole account. You can function in the Portal as a User or become the Distribution Partner.

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In both cases it does not require to make any payments. The pace of Your development depends on You, Your activity and potential, additional – free – financial engagement. General Provisions The User shall use the Portal in a manner consistent with its intended purpose and not interfering its functioning, also by using specific software of equipment and in a manner consistent with these Regulations, applicable legal provisions and general principles of using the Internet. Unsolicited commercial communications and any other types of spam. The increase of the account level is possible by means of purchasing a higher product package. Files Hosting As part of the Portal Service Provider renders service based on the possibility for Users of storing files at their accounts, that other persons may also use. Regulations, connected with potential distribution, storage of a particular file and the breach of copyrights.

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Naming Each User uploading any content shall name the hosted files and provide their description consistent with the content of the files. Downloaded file will be available and visible only for this user who downloaded it. Breach of the File Sharing System Any attempts of unauthorized bypassing of file sharing system by the user or re-uploading a file covered by this system may result in liability for a breach of these Regulations as well as penal or civil liability regarding illegal distribution of files. In particular, Service Provider may delete User account in such case.

Interfering with the Content Service Provider does not interfere with the content of comments and materials placed on user accounts unless their content is declared by other users as the content which violates the provisions of these Regulations. The user accepts and is aware that cryptocurrency may lose the value or new advertisers may not be acquired. By joining the Profit Model, the User accepts the risk associated with such actions, in particular the issues described in the above provision. Read it before you start to act. Indicated document contains main principles of earning in relation to the business being created and a detailed description of Premium accounts as well as the types of services and products. We do care about the activity, however the development of business depends on the engagement of each person.

This can be done in a small group, this can be done with a lot of people. Both ways give you a chance to earn. For this purpose you should upload files in “Products” tab, specify the price you want to get and earn each time they are downloaded. This works as a typical affiliate program. User may not sell products and services at a price lower than the recommended resale price, personally or through third parties. Friends Bonus Each User by registering in the system is placed in so called matrix. Portal User additionally gets so called matching bonus.

In spite of the existing service and bonus, Service Provider emphasizes that inviting new Users is the exclusive decision of the Contractors. From Leader Bonus the User, within matrices, may achieve percentage income with no limitations further on, from 1st level into infinity. The amount of income depends on the qualifications held. If a User’s personal Partner also qualifies to a particular level of Leader Bonus then the income constitutes a specific percentage of the difference. You don’t have to be a Premium User or make any payments or any investments. Potential resignation from using the services and products does not impose a duty to return the fee paid. Acquiring Distribution Partners is only one of the options of acting within business structures.

Apart from this, Premium User get the access to registration services, Landing Page as well as other additional advertising tools and other applications. Acquisition of new Users within the created business is not indispensable for obtaining earnings. Users within the created business is not indispensable not necessary to obtain earnings. All potential information on the ways of obtaining earnings recognising the benefits of inviting new persons may not be interpreted as a necessary form of functioning in the system.

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Advertisements For advertising purposes the User receives internet links which lead to one or more personalised main sites – Homepage or to one or many further subpages – Landing page, which guarantees that a website submission is automatically assigned to a user as a recommending or advertising party. We care for ethic and transparent way of action in the earnings model. Users may not mislead new persons. Inform each new person about a non-investment character of the platform. Distribution Partners act on the own behalf an at their own risk – like in any other business.

Use Websit Trrafic For Bitcoin Mining Ethereum Wallet Not Downloading Blocks

Conducting Business Activity Conducting business activity by Partners is subject to the applicable provisions in this scope. Distribution Partners may not freely use this mark – each time it is required to use at least the designation “INDEPENDENT PARTNER OF FUTURENET”. In external relations Partners may not use the title “Leader”, Manager”, “Director”, or “President” or other similar ones unless Service Provider agrees and assigns such a title. Premium Users, who shall determine the status – the rating of the company. The fee is collected for each ordered disposal. The possibility of making payments depends on users activity and resources collected by them as a whole community, within the range of available services which allow to maintain the liquidity of the enterprise.

Distribution Partner and are settled with commission claims. The Moment the Claim Arises and No transfer Information available in the profile of User account, specifically according to the value of collected resources, constitutes indicative values and may be corrected upon Service Provider’s verification. In particular, the collected resources shall be verified upon payment order made. Until the moment of the acceptance of settlement by the Service Provider, the User does not hold a claim for the payment of resources. Until the withdrawal procedure is completed, the next payment order is not available. 15 000 within 10 consecutive calendar days.

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After this period of time, the User may again request payment based on the principles set out above. Typical Scope of Displaying Advertisements Advertisements will be displayed according to the agreements with Advertisers, and in particular their publication occurs through internet sites: adpro. One account per household Each User in adpro. Portal may register only one account per household. Verification will be performed on the basis of IP address. In case of finding that a User has more than one account, these will be permanently and irretrievably deleted. As part of program, account verification is required!

Account Verification Each account registered on the Portal will be subject to additional two-stage verification on the basis of the consistency of personal data of the account owner. Provisions specified in item “Acting as a Community” shall apply respectively to the methods of payments from the system. Program participants function therein on the basis of profit distribution. 10 advertisements daily on the Portal.

Value and Marketing Plan Value of purchase of the advertisement package and the right to display advertisements acquired in this way are specified on the Portal according to the current specifications, however the details regarding the options in the Portal were included in the Marketing Plan, which constitutes an integral part of these Regulations. Payments Fees are charged for uploading and sending advertisements on the Service Provider’s websites. The amount of fee is established with the Service Provider individually. The condition of uploading an advertisement is making a payment. Contents of the Advertisements Advertiser bears full and exclusive responsibility for the contents of advertisements both towards Service Provider and third parties.

It is forbidden to upload or sent advertisements which violate the provisions of the law in force and these Regulations. The wallet can be used from anywhere in the world through electronic devices which enables to run this service in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions regarding technical conditions. Separate registration only for the wallet service is not allowed and Users may limit their use of the services, as well as the entire platform, to the FNWallet only. Transfer of Financial Means between the Users It is possible to transfer cryptocurrency between the Users within the provided Service. If the User transfer financial means outside the Service Provider’s database, i.

Service, then the transaction is carried out within the blockchain. Multiple Transactions It is allowed to transfer financial means to 10 different recipients within one transaction. Transferred financial means shall be stored on maximum 10 User’s accounts. Blockchain The User acknowledges that in case of sending funds within Blockchain, the Service Provider does not approve, cannot cancel and cannot withdraw pending transactions, therefore the User shall not make any claims in this respect. Service Provider may intervene only in justified cases, especially in an attempt of theft, if financial means are transferred within the database.