Trattoria del Ponte

Our restaurant, just few steps away from the gate San Giovanni, offers you the typical Toscan food. Open every day, from 11 am to 11 pm! 39 0577 trattoria del Ponte – Web: www.

Available in 4 different languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Person working here, each in their own way, participates in this act. I think of natural wines, whether a certification is right or not? I don’t know the answer, and do you know why?

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I make Wine, and my Wine does not comply with any product specifications or trends! And in making my Wine I do my best to respect my Land, respecting the whole ecosystem. I wanted to document what we have lost, their beauty and their role among us. We do not have wi-fi, and we accept the use of cellphones only if strictly necessary. PLEASE BE AWARE : this means that you may have to talk with your friend, partner, or fellow diners. We really apologize for this inconvenience, but that is the only solution against the rudeness of few fellows.

45pm the credit card deposit will be not required, but to give you a table we need to wait for one becoming free: may be you’ll wait few minutes. 00pm and from 7PM to 10. What Are Some Tips for Visiting Venice? Venice, or Venezia, is a distinguished 1,700-year-old city that was at the nexus of major European art, music and political developments. It was an instigator of the Renaissance and is thought to have been the world’s first financial center. Today, it is one of Italy’s most important cities and a supremely romantic travel destination, where you can stroll alongside miles of winding canals.

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There are, in fact, 150 canals with more than 400 bridges that connect Venice’s 118 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon, some large enough for magnificent churches and palaces, squares and museums, amazing restaurants and beautiful shops. The best way to arrive in Venice is by train from the Santa Lucia Train Station on the northwestern edge of the city. The bus terminal and parking garages are nearby in Piazzale Roma, but you have to cross the Grand Canal to get there. They are the main public transport in this canal-filled city and pay the principal waterways. If you want something more up close and personal, take a taxi and a gondola, though they tend to be more expensive. Gondolas, a symbol of life in Venice, are a romantic way to get from point A to point B, but today these costly diversions are used mainly by tourists.

Guided Tours You’ll find guided tours for just about every place worth visiting, from well-known palaces to lesser-known destinations. Plus, there are food tours and classes in rowing, cooking or making those beautiful theatrical masks Venice is famous for. The Cannaregio district, the most populated, is near the station. The Castello district, the largest, and the famous San Marco district, home to its namesake square and basilica, are on the same side of the Grand Canal.

When to Go Since it’s near the sea, Venice has moderate weather, although there can be rain nearly all year round. Summers are humid and winters can be foggy and wet. To avoid large crowds, spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Venice experiences high-water flooding or aqua alta about 60 days a year, from October through early January.

Trattoria del Ponte

The Venetians go all out, donning festive masks and costumes for a 10-day street party. In July, there’s the Redentore Regatta, an important festival held right on the Grand Canal. Gorgeous handmade carnival masks make great gifts or souvenirs. You might also find some Venetian marbled paper you love or some pretty Venetian lace.

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And as you walk along the canals, you might see a watercolor of Venice that you want to take back as well. Saint Mark’s Square: Piazza San Marco is the main square of Venice surrounded by chic sidewalk cafés and fancy shops. While it’s a great place to take in the scenery and people, you will definitely pay top euro to sit at an outdoor table. In the evening, you can listen to live music, too. Saint Mark’s Basilica: Basilica di San Marco, consecrated in 832 AD, is a beautiful church blending the architecture of East and West. Doge’s Palace: Palazzo Ducale, also on St. Mark’s Square, is the most impressive building in Venice and well worth a tour.

Trattoria del Ponte

It was the political and judicial hub of Venetian government until the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797. This is the main thoroughfare of Venice. It is full of many types of boats and lined with beautiful buildings. This is the main bridge crossing the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice and it’s more than 400 years old. Nearby is the Rialto Market, an interesting and lively food market with lots of little shops. Galleria del Accademia: This impressive institution is one of Italy’s most important art museums, with 24 rooms in three historic buildings. Get there early to avoid the crowds.

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Venice’s Islands: Visit one or more of the 118 islands on a day trip. Two of the most popular are Murano, famous for it exceptionally beautiful handmade glass products, and Burano, famous for its lace and colorful houses. Tourist Information Offices: The train station tourist office is almost always very crowded, but agents there have lots of information and can help with hotel reservations. The main tourist office is near Saint Mark’s Square.

Most staff speak at least some English. What to Eat in Venice Seafood is a big part of the delicious Venetian cuisine, as are polenta and rice. Radicchio trevisano, red chicory, comes from nearby Treviso. Should You Visit Venice with Your Kids?

What Are the Best Bridges in Venice, Italy? What Are the 7 Best Islands to Visit While in Venice? What’s the Best Way to See Venice’s Colorful Island of Burano? How Do I Walk on Venice’s 16th-Century Rialto Bridge? Gruppo25Aprile: come aderire, chi siamo, cosa facciamo.

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Why are we creating this blog, and why now? Our view is that without people living in the lagoon and preserving their houses, their special skills and that very fragile environment, such stones will collapse as an empty shell. It is not an issue of identity card but of lifestyle. For instance, Irish people around the world still celebrate St. In the very same way, venetians are proud of celebrating St. This new blog is the red rose we are offering to the city we love. Because this city can be loved or hated, but when you love it you love it.

Mark’s Day, to you all, wherever you live and wherever you were born. Venice must be saved from officials who are more interested in tourism and commerce than in preserving the history and uniqueness of this great city. I greatly support the petition to stop the digging of the canal. Pingback: To our foreign friends: would you please sign this petition? I have been living in Venice for 20 years now.

I would be interested to hear serious proposals on the way to salvage Venice. My friends, my family, has been obliged to move out of Venice, to live on the mainland. But this has nothing to do with tourism. For instance, in the case of my brother-in-law who has a large apartment in Cannaregio, it is simply because he was fed up to wake up at 6h00 in the morning and to waste more than an hour to go to work. Italian laws, instead of getting 2000 euros from tourists, who could not stay in Venice otherwise. Are you working for hotel owners ? Please tell us the truth !

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Of course, you can cancel my post, although it would be dishonest. You can give me a blabla answer, but, there is no serious alternative. All the crap against the Venetians renting their apartments to the tourists is just a protest from the hotel owners. No we don’t and we have made our proposals to reconcile those who live with tourism and those who would like to live in Venice without getting addicted to or depending on this only source of revenues. Thanks for the work you are doing to save Venice! Thanks to you for your attention and affection! We are here to help promote responsible tourism and to campaign against le grande navi!

Trattoria del Ponte

Trattoria del Ponte

Noi, le donne, anche amiamo così forte come i uomini a noi. Nous avons passé 4 jours merveilleux à Venise. Mais nous avons aussi été témoins d’une arnaque dans le restaurant AI DO FRADEI. Un groupe de jeunes asiatiques n’avaient visiblement pas compris que les prix affichés sont pour 100g!

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Comment pouvons nous contribuer à porter plainte auprès des autorités? Sauf la trattoria Ai di Fradei! Pour porter plainte il faut d’abord apporter les preuves de l’arnaque. Nous n’avons pas été personnellement arnaqués, mais témoins de la table voisine. Pour les deux pizzas que nous avons consommé, j’ai gardé un ticket de caisse qui ne mentionne ni l’adresse de l’établissement, ni aucune taxe.

Trattoria del Ponte

Stai commentando usando il tuo account Twitter. Stai commentando usando il tuo account Facebook. Locazioni turistiche: avviso ai naviganti e ai bagnanti. Tornelli e transenne, la posizione del Gruppo25aprile. In Italy, most people celebrate their name day. If you have the same name as a saint, you will have a name day.

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Just like on your birthday, you receive presents. The word for ‘name day’ is onomastico. On every day of the year at least one saint’s name is celebrated. On special occasions like this, people say Auguri! Italians take their food very seriously. The main meal of the day is at lunch time. The word for ‘the lunch ‘ is il pranzo.