French and is here translated into English. Is UMass-Amherst Biased Against Male Students in Title IX Assault Cases? God: opposition to it is opposition to that transcript. Major Hume translates it in full, from Mr.

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We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our race was born. Jump to navigation Jump to search In education, a transcript is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned of a student throughout a course of study. A transcript is sometimes referred to as a marksheet, marklist or report card. This section does not cite any sources.

Schools that are owed money directly from a former student will “hold” the transcript, until completing their collections. This is powerful leverage, ensuring the former student cannot resume his or her education elsewhere until his former school receives whatever collectible they allege is due. The Transcript of Records provides a standard format for recording all study activities carried out by students. Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplements are a fairly recent development in most European countries. Students who obtained academic degrees in Europe prior to the Bologna Process of 1999 typically will not have received transcripts or diploma supplements and they cannot be produced retroactively for these students. The ECTS Transcript of Records, created as part of the Bologna Process, preferably includes, along with the local grades, the ECTS grades of the student.

It is used for mobile students at two separate moments. Transcript fraud is the alteration of a transcript issued by a legitimate school or university or the forgery of completely fake transcripts. Transcript fraud is a growing problem for both educational institutions and employers. This is related to diploma fraud, which is the forgery of school or university diplomas.

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President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos after the president’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday in Singapore. Add North Korea as an interest to stay up to date on the latest North Korea news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Among a host of topics, Trump said he trusts Kim to follow through on his pledge to denuclearize, discusses how long it will take, the “terrible” Iran nuclear deal and explains the now-viral photo of him facing down Angela Merkel at the G-7 summit in Quebec. President Trump: Thank you very much.

G: So we saw you sign the agreement right in this room. You also said you developed a special bond with Kim. T: Well, it’s been a very intense day, and as you know, we discussed things over the last few months. T: Yeah, I have spoken, yes, I have spoken to him, I have spoken to a lot of his people, his, as you know, his, I would say very top person was at the White House last week. And so we’ve developed a pretty good relationship in terms of getting something done.

I think it’s a terrific document. It’s a starter, but it’s a terrific document. T: They’re going to get rid of certain ballistic missile sites and various other things. We’re gonna put that out later. But we have the framework of getting ready to denuclearize North Korea. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un shakes hands with President Donald Trump after taking part in a signing ceremony at the end of their summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

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Does that mean that the nuclear umbrella that we have over South Korea is on the table for negotiation? That means that they’re going to get rid of their nuclear weapons. We never even discussed the other. They’re going to get rid of their nuclear weapons, George, and I think they want to do it relatively quickly. I mean, they’re going to start working on it immediately. We’re going to work with South Korea. We’re going to work with Japan.

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We’re going to work with China. But it really has been an incredible exercise. G: You’ve set the bar for nuclear agreements by criticizing the Iran nuclear deal, said it’s the worst deal ever made. G: Does that mean that any deal with North Korea has to be tougher than the Iran deal?

T: I don’t think a deal could be softer. 150 billion, OK, we’re paying nothing from that standpoint other than, you will see what happens. I think there’s going to be a great partnership with Japan and South Korea. T: President Abe has been terrific. G: But they have to get rid of all their nuclear weapons? T: They have to get rid of, yeah, I think that they will.

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I really believe that he will. I’ve gotten to know him well in a short period of time. G: Did he tell you that? T: Yeah, he’s de-nuking, I mean he’s de-nuking the whole place. It’s going to start very quickly.

I think he’s going to start now. They’ll be announcing things over the next few days talking about other missile sites because they were, as you know, they were sending out a lot of missiles. It was a period of time where I was saying, what are they doing? Every week it seems another missile going up.

I mean, they’re going to be getting rid of sites. G: Is he going to stop testing? T: How many months has it been, George? Where there’s been no missiles going out? G: He’s committed to not starting that up again?

T: He’s committed to not starting again. He means it he really wants to do something I think terrific for their country and it’s the only way it can be it’s the only way it can be terrific. G: How long is it going to take? T: You know, if you look at, if you talk to the experts, you can’t just do it immediately. T: It takes a period of time. Some say 15 years, if you go rapidly.

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But when you’re in the process of doing it, you’re really dismantling, in other words, you can’t do anything during that period of time. But they have a process for getting rid of nukes that does take, it’s not like, oh gee, we’ll get rid of them tomorrow. It just can’t be done scientifically. G: And they’re going to announce that and confirm it as well? G: The north koreans are going to announce these additional steps as well?


T: Yeah they’re going to be announcing them shortly, they might have announced them already but after we signed we agreed to that also, and I’m doing something that I’ve wanted to do from the beginning. We stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune. We’re flying planes in from guam, we’re bombing empty mountains for practice. T: Especially, George, since, we’re getting along. G: Did you talk about pulling troops out?

President Donald Trump holds up a document signed by him and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un following a signing ceremony during their summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. T: We didn’t discuss that, no. But we’re not gonna play the war games. You know, I wanted to stop the war games, I thought they were very provocative.

But I also think they’re very expensive. We’re running the country properly, I think they’re very, very expensive. To do it, we have to fly planes in from Guam — that’s six and a half hours away. I mean, who pays, in order to practice.

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T: So one of the things that I suggested and I wanna do is we’re going to stop the war games, unless for some reason, we’re unable to go further. G: What other kinds of security guarantees did you offer, did you put on the table? T: Well, we’ve given him, I don’t wanna talk about it specifically, but we’ve given him, he’s going to be happy. His people, you see the fervor. They’re gonna put it together, and I think they’re going to end up with a very strong country, and a country which has people — that they’re so hard working, so industrious. I think if you look at South Korea, someday, maybe in the not too distant future, it will be something that. G: You say his people love him.

Just a few months ago you accused him of starving his people. He runs a police state, forced starvation, labor camps. He’s assassinated members of his own family. How do you trust a killer like that?

T: George, I’m given what I’m given, okay? I mean, this is what we have, and this is where we are, and I can only tell you from my experience, and I met him, I’ve spoken with him, and I’ve met him. And this was, as you know, started very early and it’s been very intense. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea.

I think he wants to denuke, it’s very important. Without that, there’s nothing to discuss. President Donald Trump waves after saying goodbye to North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. G: How do you trust him, though?

T: Well, you know, over my lifetime I’ve done a lot of deals with a lot of people, and sometimes the people that you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones, and the people that you do trust they are not the honorable ones, so we are starting from a very high plane, we’re starting from a very good relationship. This has been a very big day in terms of the world. I think it’s been, maybe I — a lot of people have been saying it’s historic. G: We’re all calling it historic. T: Yeah, even my enemies are calling it historic. And you know, the fact is that we’ve done something that’s very unique.

And we’ve done something that we’re very proud of. G: His father made agreements with the United States and then said he was going to freeze the nuclear weapons then backslid. T: Right, and he talks about that. He said that, you know, there are reasons he didn’t because he was let down by the United States, but that’s irrelevant.

What he’s doing, and and he very much said that, he said you know over the years — first of all, they’ve never gone this far, you know, they’ve never been at a level like this, and his father never dealt with a president, and a lot of other things. But he said, it’s very much on his mind. We are going to get this done. G: How are you going to know he’s keeping his word, he’s committed to this? T: Well, we’re going to be following things.

We’re going to be monitoring things. We’re dealing with him very, on a constant basis. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did a very very good job, great energy. And they have a great relationship, his counterpart.