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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Bitcoin was just the beginning: A 7-part series on how blockchain will change the world. Everyone’s talking about bitcoin, but don’t let the cryptocurrency zeitgeist fool you. The real revolution isn’t bitcoin itself, but the technology behind it. This technology, known as blockchain, is more than a passing fad.

To help you wrap your head around why, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of blockchain. In this series, we’ll go beyond cryptocurrency and hone in on blockchain applications that could reshape medical records, voting machines, video games, and more. Blockchain has real problems to solve. If you asked one of the recent investors who jumped on the bandwagon at the end of 2017, they might be unlikely to tell you.

Whether you’re seeking motivation or you’re a fitness buff who wants kickbacks for working out, Sweatcoin is a great way to earn rewards for staying active. Digital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he would short bitcoin. Gates revealed his thoughts about the digital currency to CNBC on Monday, saying that bitcoin is purely speculative. As an asset class, you’re not producing anything and so you shouldn’t expect it to go up.

It’s kind of a pure ‘greater fool theory’ type of investment. Gates admitted that he was once given bitcoin as a birthday present, but chose not to keep it as an investment, selling the cryptocurrency a few years after that. 20,000 in December and then losing half of its value in just a few months. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of Kitco Metals Inc. This article is strictly for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to make any exchange in commodities, securities or other financial instruments. 6 months and during this period, we have got many comments and some personal mails as well asking as to where have we disappeared.

We simply went into the wild, not literally but figuratively. By the way, have you yet seen Into The Wild? No wonder Eddie won a golden globe for Guaranteed! So now coming to the question, where have we been? I wasn’t learning much and there was stagnancy of sorts. But thankfully I developed the financial discipline in 2017 therefore had accumulated enough to survive me for last 5-6 months. September, I got disillusioned seeing that people are taking me as an expert on cryptocurrency after reading this post.

Do you see the number of comments on that post? Everyday I used to get mails about asking me for advice on different cryptocurrencies and after reading each one of them, I used to slip into my slumber even more. The process was going on for around a year and finally I landed up with my PR card in early December 2017. I will write a detailed post later on how I did it under the Express Entry Scheme. And last but not the least, I am in the process of starting my own business. So I would be living the entrepreneurial life once again and I am damn excited about it. So that’s what has been keeping me busy.

I apologize to everyone for such a long gap but I promise to be more regular in 2018. My next post is going to be about yearly financial plan that I create at the start of every year. It helps me manage my finances better and keeps me liquid at all times. Was I out of my Fucking mind to agree to early retirement? I get asked that question a lot! Were you out of your fucking mind that you agreed to Early Retirement?

So you mean to say that you will live poorly for next 12 years in order to not work for the rest of the life? Tell me how is that a wise decision? What will you guys do if you are not working? How would you sit at home when you have worked all through-out your life? Does he interfere in every bit? What if you had decided not to go with this madness? These are some of the questions I get asked often since the time we started our journey of financial independence.

So I thought to address them here once for all so that if any female gets asked these questions anywhere she can confidently answer. But before I jump on to shoot down these questions one by one, a little about me first. I am Prakriti Garg, a young working mother. I live in New Delhi, capital of India. Let’s go back to irritating questions. Why did I agree to Early Retirement?

So before I answer this question, do you know there is a term called FIRE? So before Early Retirement, there is a thing called Financial Independence. According to Wikipedia, financial independence is a state where you have enough personal wealth to live, without having to work for basic necessities. Hence first step to Early Retirement is attaining Financial Independence! Tell me who wouldn’t want it? In case you are wondering how did the number of 12 years come from, then read this. It will tell the tale of our audacious goal.

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So now coming back to the question ladies. Will I live poorly for the next 12 years? Though we are not really those flashy spendthrift types but we are also not big savers. And the testimony to that is that till about 10 months ago, we didn’t use to save much. So what has changed during this time? Have I ever felt that there came a point when I wanted to do an expense but didn’t do it?

Top 10 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone

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Absolutely Nothing has changed in my spending pattern! Then if nothing has changed how come we are saving so much more? As simple and insane as it may sound, this is the trick behind our increased savings rate. We now track where we are spending. We jot down even a single rupee spent, put that under different categories and then at the end of the month, simply analyse it. We figured out that there were so many leakages which were not necessarily adding any happiness to our lives. And if we could plug in those leakages we could save a huge amount.

What if we start going to movies on weekdays rather than weekends? And it has saved us around Rs. We are movie buff and on an average we watch 2 movies a month. Since we live with our parents, there are a total of 4 members in the family.

There are many such small things which we did and saw that we are saving double of what we were saving earlier. And it all happened because we started tracking our expenses. What will we do after 45 when we retire? I will not waste your precious time on it now. So in most probability, Ankit would be running this blog.

He claims that this would be way bigger than what he is doing in job right now. Let’s see if it happens or not but the beginning looks promising indeed. By the time I will turn 45, Aarav would have turned 14. Seeing how he is already troubling me, I would tend to think that majority of my time would go in worrying about him. So I always had a dream of having my own dance academy where I am teaching kids various forms of dances. Since we are not financial independent at the moment, I am trading my time for a monthly salary and believe me it is not a good feeling.

Therefore post 45, I intend to live my dream for next 20 years. I also intend to teach Ankit how to cook so that he can cook all the time and I can just relax. What would happened if I decided against this madness? Actually now I believe if I had gone against this decision, then that would have unleashed true madness.

I have many friends who are earning decently well but their net worth is zilch! They have a straight line system as far as money is concerned. Being on this path, what would I have achieved? More Daily Stand-ups in the office where we are paraded like monkeys to get more business! I wanted a way out and I am glad that sanity prevailed and we took this route.

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In one of the advertisements, Mr. Though one might get an impression that SWP is the new kid on the block but that’s not true. But let’s start with the basics. SWP allows an investor to withdraw a fixed amount of money at pre-determined interval of time be it monthly, quarterly or annually.

It helps the investor to manage cash flows. Most common use of systematic withdrawal plan feature is meeting of monthly expenses by retired people. How Does SWP in mutual funds work? Let’s take an example to understand how SWP in mutual funds works.

20000 units of a mutual fund and present NAV of the fund is say Rs. He has set up a withdrawal of Rs. There are couple of important points to observe in above maths. First is how even after withdrawing Rs. 30,000 in first 3 months, Guptaji is still left with Rs.

Ideally this should have been Rs. This happened because NAV of the fund increased from Rs. Therefore SWP in mutual funds works well when NAV of the fund is growing. This point gets substantiated even more by looking at the numbers of 4th month.

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Second and more important point is if the periodic return from mutual funds is greater than the withdrawal rate, then the corpus wouldn’t reduce and Guptaji would be able to do good with this tactic throughout his life. Let’s look at the above statement in detail by talking numbers. In Fifth month, NAV jumps from Rs. 6 thereby giving monthly return of 8.

That’s why you see that even after withdrawing Rs. Now once basics of SWP in mutual funds are clear, let’s move on to some advanced things. SWP is taxed as per capital gain tax rules. Here are capital gain taxes for equities and debt. SWP redemption works on the principle of FIFO i. This means at the time of redemption of units, those units are assumed to be redeemed which were invested first and then tax liability is calculated. Let’s understand it by going back to Guptaji.

Therefore when he withdraws the money now, he doesn’t have to pay any taxes on it since holding period is 5 years which qualifies it for Long Term Capital Gains Tax and LTCG for equity is ZERO. Now with an understanding of taxation of SWP in mutual funds, it is not difficult to see why it is a much better option than FDs since in FDs, return is taxed as per your tax slab. But remember wealth is created only when you stay invested for a long period of time. We would have heard stories about people multiplying their money many folds in very short span of time. In-fact I also multiplied my money 6 times within a month. Here is the detailed account of how I made Rs. What is the total supply of bitcoin?

How can I invest in bitcoin in India? Is it legal to invest in bitcoin in India? Is it safe to invest in bitcoin? Why does bitcoin prices vary so much?

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How do I transfer bitcoin from one address to other? I can buy stuff with currencies like INR. Can I do the same with bitcoins? Are there any other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins?

What is the view of financial companies on cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin is just like any other currency like INR, USD etc. But it is a digital currency which means there are no printed notes or coins. Think of it as having money in an online wallet. Satoshi Nakamoto and was released in 2009.

It allows for Peer to Peer fast transactions. This is where things start to get interesting. Currencies around the world are generated by central banks for example INR is generated by Reserve Bank of India. Bitcoin is hugely different in this regard. Bitcoin is not controlled by any central bank or government.

It is regulated by the network. There are 2 aspects to it. Let’s have a look at this one. In normal currency transfer, how does a transaction gets recorded? For example I send money to you, how does the transaction gets recorded at the backend? Now this entire mechanism works on consensus which means that there is an agreement between all the parties on how would settlement at each step would happen. And each bank maintains a ledger where they document the transaction.

This ledger is a private ledger where only that particular bank has the access to. Now assume that there are no banks and no private ledgers. And these ledgers are secured by highly complex keys. There are also well defined rules on how would settlement be reached hence consensus mechanism is in place.

Its public nature which means that no single party has a claim to it. Everyone can access it albeit is secured by very strong digital signatures. It is still up and running. Note: Blockchain is a technology which has far reaching usages than just bitcoin.

Bitcoin is just one implementation of this technology. There are many start-ups which are using Blockchain in other sectors. So in earlier answer we saw that it is the network which regulates bitcoin and an important part of this regulation is making sure that transactions are settled. The one who does it first gets the opportunity to settle the transaction. Since these puzzles are very computational heavy and sufficient expenses are borne for it, network rewards the winner.

This reward is nothing else but in the form of bitcoin. And this is how bitcoins are generated. And this process is called Bitcoin Mining. Now you must be wondering why is it called Bitcoin Mining?