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55 mpge with an 80 percent reduction in GHG per gallon compared to gasoline. The 6200 lb Lincoln originally got under 10 miles per gallon. There is a Shakey Pictures Series in the works right now in Canada telling the life story of Lincvolt and her conversion to electric power. This scene was so beautiful that we decided to stop and take a picture of it. Thanks from Neil Young and the Lincvolt team. Lincvolt is alive and well folks. Check out the video and enjoy the ride in the Lincvolt Electro-Cruiser.

Neil and the Lincvolt team thank you for your support. The Alberta oilsands debate is a major part of the world environmental stage, with its excessive CO2 and the politically charged nature of Canada’s broken treaties. Most of the Lincvolt project revolves around a solution to replacing fossil fuel as the primary transportation fuel. Fleet adaption for proof of concept Standardized battery sizes for vehicles. A leasing model for batteries to dramatically lower the cost of electric vehicles. Utility Companies storing renewable Energy with leased batteries at end of life for vehicles, yet still very powerful for storage of renewable energy. Exhausted batteries recycled into the leasing model.

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The Bio-Electric Transportation Model is based on established studies revealing that majority of cars travel approximately 35 miles per day. Cars that do exceed that distance are a very small part of the total and can have their range extended by biomass based second-generation Bio fuels with a super low CO2 footprint in onboard generators. Web against in reaction to fallout over a video showing a Model S that caught on fire. Musk’s reaction comes as Tesla shares fell during the week after the video started receiving thousands of page views.

Musk’s bottom line is the accident outside Seattle that caused the Model S sedan and its battery pack to go up in smoke would have been far worse had it been a conventional gasoline-powered car. Had a conventional gasoline car encountered the same object on the highway, the result could have been far worse,” Musk, who is also CEO of rocket maker SpaceX, writes on Tesla blog. With the following information from Alberta it seems expansion of the tar sands operations would be ill-conceived, but that’s not stopping the Big Oil companies and the Canadian government, as they continue raping Alberta’s Boreal Forests, killing everything in their way. Canada seems to have lost its conscience. EDMONTON – Alberta’s energy industry has found that cleaning up tar sands tailings is much harder than it thought. The province’s energy regulator says all tar sands companies affected by tailings reduction rules missed what were supposed to be legally binding targets — some by wide margins.

All were given extra years to meet reductions that should have been done by now. It’s tougher than they thought,” Terry Abel of the Energy Resources Conservation Board said Tuesday. It’s tougher than we thought, too. On my recent trip to Fort Mac in Alberta, I drove Lincvolt about 1800 miles from San Francisco running on Cellulosic Ethanol fuel. I have chosen to use Ethanol, a much cleaner fuel created from plants nourished by the sun and rain and grown by farmers rather than run on gasoline, which has a carbon footprint of 19. Although E 85 is hard to find in some parts of the USA, it is much cleaner than gasoline and since I am a believer in Climate Chaos as a result of Global Warming, I have chosen this greener fuel.

On the trip back from Fort Mac, I ran out of fuel in Red Deer Alberta after searching in vain for an E 85 or pure ethanol fuel source in CANADA. Lincvolt does not run on gasoline by design. As a proud Canadian, I cannot let this go by without a fight. Canadians deserve Freedom to Choose the Fuel they use. Canadians should have a fuel choice at the pump that considers Future Generations. Canadians should have the freedom to express themselves through the choices they make, not have those choices made for them by a government that is too close to industry and over concerned with money and petro dollar value. We do not have to be spoon fed by the Big Oil Companies.

As time passes, you will see what we are up to. If you believe in Freedom of Choice for Canadians, you will have a voice in this with us. It will be your chance to stand up. The big car has a lot to say.

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Greenhouse Gases per gallon of fossil fuel if you burn next-generation bio fuel instead of gasoline. Canada should be ashamed of the Alberta Tar Pits. The tar sands have impacted First Nations so badly. I am 85 years old and us old people are having such a hard time today because this is not what we knew growing up. We used to drink the water straight from the streams and creeks, and now no one can do that.

We don’t know what is in the water now. I eat very little of the food I grew up on, moose, caribou, fish it is all sick. We don’t even eat the berries and medicines anymore because there is too much pollution in the air and the land. Don’t believe the oil company propaganda you are subsidizing?

Because we want to show that big cars can be clean cars, because in fact there are many viable alternatives to fossil fueled carbon pollution destroying our planet’s climate balance, we want to show what a big clean car can do and why you should actively oppose the forces of Climate Chaos that are attacking the world we live in. You can make a difference by not giving up. Pilot plant with the goal of commercial application by POET Ethanol. GHG emissions per gallon compared to gasoline, according to figures from the US Department of Energy and will soon enable us to save enough carbon emissions to equal the weight of Lincvolt, a 6000 LB or 3 TON 1959 Lincoln Continental converted to a series hybrid electric drive, recharged on the go by a biomass powered generator. We are now closing in on our target of saving planet Earth from 3 tons of CO2 emissions.

New cars could use this fuel easily, as well as gasoline, if the car companies made it possible. It was originally made for the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Lincvolt series hybrid long-range electric car is limited only by the amount of fuel it can carry onboard, just like a conventional car. Bio Fuels need the help of your government. These new fuels need to be regulated and quality characteristics and specifications defined so that engine manufacturers can make engines to run on the fuels correctly, as an alternative to fossil based carbon-polluting fuels. Do not be mis-lead by negative information about bio fuels. They can all be cleaner than gasoline by a substantial amount and can help in the war against carbon abuse.

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Thanks for following us here and on Facebook. We will keep you posted as we get closer and closer to attaining our goal. Try to imagine what you can do to fight fossil fuel abuse and end carbon waste. Join the movement to protect Planet Earth from Climate Chaos by doing something yourself to help any way you can.

Lincvolt has returned to Camilleri Auto Works for final fitting of doors and windows, along with a few touch ups to paint. The interior seats have already been lowered, the heater and air system installed and working nicely. Audio and instrument control panels are installed. Software is being written for the calculations yielding real time greenhouse gas emissions savings compared to a gasoline automobile. Although a common comparison in the weight class might be a Cadillac Escalade, we have not yet directly compared the GHG emissions of Lincvolt to a new Escalade as of this date.

Results of that comparison will be made public shortly. We will do that in an actual Escalade with the Escalade following Lincvolt on a long distance run through all traffic conditions. We will fuel up both cars and stop after 100 miles for refueling. Then we will continue on a trip of 3 to 400 miles. At that point we will compare the results of both the short run and the total run. EPA type testing rates Lincvolt at 55 mpg. POET, LLC, one of the world’s largest ethanol producers, and Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, today announce a joint venture to commercially demonstrate and license cellulosic bio-ethanol, the next step in the development of biofuels, based on their proprietary and complementary technologies.

This is the fuel Lincvolt uses to attain giant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. During our trip across the USA we will be demonstrating the viability of this fuel on American and Canadian highways. Lincvolt, a series hybrid Bio-Electro Cruiser is the first of its kind and plans visits to Washington DC, Detroit and other centers to show that a big car can be very clean, economical and efficient. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we cross the USA. Unplugged and beginning with a full charge, Lincvolt traveled through Orange County streets and onto the Interstate where traffic was moving at a moderate rate of speed.


Auxiliary Power Unit automatically started to maintain the battery pack at that level. We traveled four hundred and ninety miles total on our trip through California from Orange County to the San Francisco Bay area. We experienced the unequaled feeling of electric propulsion, averaging about the speed limit, with one stop in Central California to get out and stretch our legs. After sundown the wind was cold as it rushed by and we had no heater.

We stopped for a moment in Hollister to warm up and have dinner before we disappeared into the night and the last eighty miles into the Santa Cruz Mountains. There’s a hole in the sky. Again, as in the early days, a white feather has appeared. Our native friends from the North have offered the gift. Traveling North on California 101 Friday February 22nd, we will be heading first towards Lincvolt Garage and then to Brizio Street Rods for some final fit and finish items, including windshield wipers, heater, rubber refitting, door setting, and electric window tuning.

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In late March we ready ourselves for our journey towards the nation’s capital. Then, as the debate over allowing the Keystone Pipeline heats up and tests the president’s resolve, we will be proving that large cars many Americans like can be exceptionally clean on domestic fuel and don’t require huge amounts to run. Please join us on our mission to be environmentally responsible. We have been waiting for five years to experience what we felt in the past few days driving Lincvolt to and from various activities in the Los Angeles area. We have had the opportunity to demonstrate the Pono Music player to artists from around the world and America’s largest maker of automobiles. The Pono Music player that is standard equipment in our 1959 Lincoln Continental, now upgraded to a series hybrid, is a full and enveloping audio experience, the best sound ever heard in a car.

An article under this title ran in the New York Times recently. It underscores the problems with electric cars. That is old news to us. Lincvolt has a very simple solution to range-anxiety .

We have a car with lots of battery power and a generator to back it up. I think the point here is, don’t turn against electric cars. These stories and others like them put a bad slant on electric powered transportation. It is the future, providing for solar power instead of fossil fuel by allowing use of electricity and bio based fuel blends together. Lincvolt is back at AVL US in Orange County for final calibrating and some work on the instrument panel to show the state of charge and real time use of power.