The NVIDIA Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tweak Guide Is Now Live

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GPU Info What we’re going to do is retrieve the graphics card info from your Mac and then search a giant list of compatible GPU’s to see if and where it appears on a giant list below, this will let you know if your Mac can handle running Skyrim. Congrats, you can probably run Skyrim, scroll up to see where the assumed graphics settings will be. If you’re barely on the edge, you may want to reconsider. If you’re in doubt, don’t risk wasting the money and just play the console version that is guaranteed to work well. Remember, this list is intended for PC users and not Mac users, and sometimes the GPU is listed or named slightly different. It probably won’t run, this includes most of the Intel chipsets, sorry! Go for the Xbox or PS3 versions instead.

Super Huge Skryim Video Card List Below is the humungous list from the Bethesda Software forums of compatible video cards grouped by their expected performance. EXTREME: These cards SHOULD max the game at full 1080p, without any problems. HIGH: These cards should run Skyrim at high setings, give or take a little depending on the resolution. They will definitely play Skyrim well.

Some of these cards are showing their age but should still be more then sufficient for Skyrim. MEDIUM: These cards should be around solid medium settings give or take a little depending on the resolution. These cards should be on par with the console version graphically or even a bit higher. LOW: These cards should run Skyrim, with the right tweaks you could probably get them to look as good as the console version. The farther you get down the list the closer you are to low end. LOW END: These cards will have trouble running the game if they even run it.

The game probably won’t be very enjoyable on any of these. The cards on the top of this of this list may be sufficient, but its more of a judgement call. The cards on the bottom probably won’t run Skyrim at all. If and how well a Mac can run Skryim is a question that myself and many others have had over the last few days.

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After answering this question for a few friends and again on Twitter, and then not finding any particularly easy answer online, I decided to write this up with the information I did find. If you’re looking for some more specific performance information and FPS tests, check out Toms hardware, although they are not Mac specific tests or GPU’s. I meet the requirements on everything but the VRAM. What are the chances I’ll still be able to run this game? I would say it will run.

I can play it on my macbook late 2008. Mac in the next month because i think it will be even more fun when it looks like it is supposed to be. That I want to play skyrim on, it has a 9400m with 256 vram. Is skyrim playable on my computer? Hey grant, did you ever get the game to play on boot camp? I have a macbook pro 13in late 2010 2. 4ghz nvidia geforce 320m vram256 can I run it?

I didn’t see this clearly marked above even though it was in the example above. I do have a Macbook Pro 2011, with core i7, 8GB RAM and SSD. But, my graphic card is just a Intel HD 3000, with 512 MB. OF course it willl work, i have a macbook pro with 324 vram intel core i5 and the intel hd 3000 and in medium 1175 x 720 looks almost hd, prolly holding about 20-30 mods and i have 50-60 fps, mods included are W. We’ve been waiting to see reports on how the HD 3000 handles the game, we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything. You checked while it was running on battery power right?

The onboard Intel HD 3000 takes over whenever the macbook is unplugged. Win7, and in the OS somehow detect my graphic card with size 1900 MB, i run the game using medium setting but the texture i set to high resolution, the FPS are around 28. Fyi i use many mods from nexus forum, i can say i satisfied. Everything but the card seems to be o. I can download to test, so: Will it run? If you’re posting a comment about if your video card can run the game you obviously didn’t read any of the bloody article which answers your questions!

So I have a 24 widescreen mac probably 1 year old. I can run it on windows 7. Will it run skyrim even on low? Bootcamp Windows XP Processor speed 2.

MB Pro Mid 2009 running Windows 7 in Bootcamp. You know, there is that thing, they call it a driver. Hey, so, I have this same exact MBP, and I’m wondering if you’re still running the game and if it’s given you any issues. My graphics card is an ATI Raedon 4670 HD 256 MB.

Do you think I would be able to run this game at an enjoyable level? Much ado about nothing, all that 512mb stuff. I guess that means I’m out of luck. But thanks for running this article, I doubt I would have found this info on my own! If so, how does it run for you? 7 32 bit, totally playable on medium settings.

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Framerate drops a bit during intense action, but it doesn’t make it unplayable. 2010 come with nvidia geforce 320M graphics cards. My GPU is supposedly supported and I meet all the necessary requirements. The only thing is that I have a 512mb ATI Radeon HD 6750M vs the 1gb version.

The NVIDIA Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tweak Guide Is Now Live

Can I run sky rim on medium to high settings? I recommend bumping the Geforce 330M up a category or two. I’m running Windows 7 32-bit through Boot Camp. 11 drivers that were released this week, and my game defaults to Medium. Whenever I bump it up to High or Ultra, the game starts lagging, and according to what I read, I sholuld be able to run it on Ultra. Any ideas on how to tackle this issue?

I’m perfectly fine enjoying the game on Medium, but knowing that I can run it flawlessly on Ultra, and not being able to, is messing with my brain! Do you have any tweaks to help? My Macbook Pro meets everything except graphics. My card is an Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384mb of vram. Will I be able to run the game?

The GPU is one of the most important components, but if you run the game on lower settings you may be able to play it on the Intel HD 3000. I can run skyrim at decent settings. I also got the FXAA Post Process Injector mod, preset 2, but turned on the anti-aliasing with that mod. I get around 45 FPS on average, and it looks great.

66, 4gb ram, 320m gfx card. 4 Intel core 2 duo and a ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro will I be able to run it? It certainly doesn’t make the game unplayable but it certainly halts the experience. I have a dual core 2. I got all the drivers from bootcamp, and as near as I can tell, they are all up to date. I cannot tell if windows recognizes my integrated and discrete GPUs and for some reason under the General tab in System Properties it reads 2. I do not know if any of that effects anything.

Switching to Low Detail setting in Skyrim doesn’t change anything and I it can’t really handle Ultra settings. I have modded it to use 4 GB of RAM and a few other mods that make it look as good as Ultra IMO. Is there anything I can do to tweak my video card? Am I better off just upgrading to W7 because they have better driver support?

Should I upgrade to 8 GB of RAM if I’m going to W7? Is there any mods to help? Thanks so much for making this article! I wouldn’t be able to play without a brand new computer. I’ve got a 2009 macbook pro. It has the 9400M and also, after that, it has a 9600M GT.

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I’ve got a copy of Vista lying around and I assume that if I get it up and running it will recognize the fact that I apparently have both of these cards. One has 256 MB and the other has 512 and I have 6GB of RAM. I’m hoping for at least medium settings. 7 GHz Core i5, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD 6770M with 512 MB. Skyrim runs fine 1080p at medium settings. It will run on high settings, but the fps really drops and I get some stuttering.

I’m a 4RAM but will probably add more. Do you think it would run at least on low settings with the added RAM and the graphics chip I have? Mac configuration with, at least, the hardware I listed. When I try to play it, it lags. Playing on windows 7 x64 ultimate via bootcamp on my early 2011 mbp, i5 2. 3, 8 GB ram, intel hd 3000 512 mb vram.

On medium settings everything runs great and smooth. I meet all the specs, but not my vram, do you think on my ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro, i can be able to run it ? 2Go of ram, and Intel Core 2 Duo 2. I’ve seen videos of people playing with this. I tried it at high, but it was way to laggy for me. Does anyone know the best graphic settings for this graphics card?

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But it can’t run, failed to initialize renderer! Other people with same specs as me can run it on medium but I can’t run it and I don’t know why! Pleeease does anybody know how I can upgrade the driver for AMD Radeon HD 6490m? I’ve searched all over the place and can’t find anything! How well would it handel Skyrim? It would play good for me or worth it to play it via bootcamp? Does anyone know if this will work.

Upgrade your video card and ram to the Recommended Spec? Hello I have a 2011 Macbook pro 13 inch with intel HD 3000 graphics card, 4GB of RAM and an almost empty hardrive. My question is, will I be able to run skyrim with this graphics card? I was wondering if Skyrim would run well. I have played games like Starcraft 2 and Total War on my mac and they work well.

Also, will windows vista be good enough for the game? When i start Skyrim it takes like 10minutes to load, and when he’s done i got much lag, so i cant play it fine. Oh, and i play skyrim on 1280 x 1024. It works quite well with lower settings, but some of the graphics are missing, e. Has anyone encountered similar issues on a similar system and fixed them ? I can confirm that this game runs relatively well on a Mobility Radeon x1600.

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Will this effect my chances of being able to play? How do I get a numerical value? I was looking into buy this computer, and I was curious if this would be Skyrim compatible. I have a Macbook pro from 2009.

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If I buy windows 7 and run the game in bootcamp, will I be able to play Skyrim? I’m hoping to be able to play at like 30fps at medium graphics, but that’s doubtful. I have over 200 GB of free hard drive space. Also, how many GB should I partition to windows in bootcamp if I want to run this game? Thanks for this man, Skyrim looks good for my Mac. Already have it on xbox and I wanted it on the computer for all the awesome mods. Did this list take you a while to compile?

Will Skyrim work on my Mac? I’ll probably put it through Boot Camp. Do you really have to ask that? Of course the latest and greatest macbook can run it, as a matter of fact it will probably be playable on max settings. At the moment I am having problems running it through Bootcamp.