The NFL’s most important players: These 160 will decide season

Use the NFL’s most important players: These 160 will decide season rumours form to send us manchester united transfer rumours. Hi ed do you know if we have had a bid for willian accepted? Ed002’s Note – There has been no accepted offer at this time.

Thank you ed if I read between the lines there it seems that we have made an offer? Ed002’s Note – How can you read between only one line? I gave you the Sharkopod to tell you where the interest is. Any truth in Rojo to Wolves Ed? Ed002’s Note – Jonathan Barnett has been told to find him another club and may well have a deal with Wolves. He certainly has spoken with two clubs in Italy who thought him overpriced.

Ed002’s Note – It is unimportant. Now, it may be because i’m tired and have misread but i think Alderweireld will be done, don’t kill me for posting a rumour, on a rumours page lol. I hope so, rather have him than Maguire. Fred, return of Andreas and a fully fit Sanchez, i think we’ll have a very good team. Wonder what’s happening with Bale though?

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Not worth that much, around 30-40Mill mark sounds about right. Everton paying 50m for Richarlison and you say Willian for 30? Got to take age into account. Willian turns 30 before the start of the season. Pace is a big part of his game and he has 3 year max left at the top. Richarlison on the other hand has another 10 years of top level football a head of him. He is growing and developing and has the potential to improve.

Also William’s wages would be far higher than Richarlison’s. When will you stop with this “he is young, he has potential”? Are we a selling club that develops players for other clubs. We have good youth teams, we develop our young playes. And we have to buy good, proven players.

William turns 30, it’s not like he turns 35. Plus Richarlison has potential but you rather have him over Willian? Football is not a game of age is a game where you’ve got it or you don’t. Listen ziko if jose says white there are a few who will say black at every opportunity.

The NFL's most important players: These 160 will decide season

Even if they are making sense or not best to laugh it off. Reports surfacing today that we’ve made a 75 Million bid for Willian. 75m for an inconsistent winger Chelsea fans wouldn’t mind seeing the back off? I think he is a fantastic player, I don’t really think he is inconsistent at all. When Jose was there he was brilliant. The shape that Conte played meant he got less game time.

As long as there is still money available the cost is of limited concern to me. Plus blind Damian and rojo will bring in 40 mil which pays for half of the fee and frees up a ton of money in wages. 75m from utd, others suggesting Chelsea are willing to drop the price after Barcelona opted against the deal. There is no suggestion we have made the bid. Ed 002 always says talking about money complicates things so ill stick with that. If we want him and he turns out well then great for the side. If we keep buying older players we will need a complete rebuild of the midfield in 2 years.

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Willian 29 herra 29 Sanchez 30 fellani 30 matic 30. Ed002’s Note – Maybe Neville has some younger players in mind that he could use? Thanks to the Eds as always. When I think of a JM player, he is the first one that springs to mind. Driven both in terms of his defensive duties and intelligent attacking ability. Given today’s market I would pay that for him. Hazard is the inconsistent player currently on Chelsea’s books IMO.

He’s unlikely to stay longer than this year I think. Ed002, are you hinting the idea of Gary Neville taking over one day? As a Chelsea fan I can tell you players don’t get more inconsistent than Willian. 16 and other than that he’s been either poor or had patches of brilliance. We’ve got form for it tho. 30m for Kante, one of the best in the world. Knowing us ed002 it will be Phil!

Sorry Stand, they paid 45m for Bakoyoko. Kante was the season prior to that. You are just trying to knock us down. Well I wouldn’t have minded actually had we replaced him suitably but Bakayoko was truly awful for us last year although I think many still have faith he can improve!

As I said though Willian wouldn’t really be missed at Chelsea and you can do better. His replacement Bakayoko has been dreadful. Signing Willian would be nonsensical given we have Sanchez and Rashford who can play there just as inconsistently. Signing Willian would be great at the right price maybe 35-40 million . I have to diagram with the negative comments about him, for me he us one of the most exciting players in the league and he can make something out of nothing. But i dpnt get why one of martial, rashford or lingard can’t play on the right.

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Rashford and martial as the wingers would scare the he’ll out if the best fullbacks and midfielders. Eds as always ssn saying u ited have contacted Leicester re Maguire, personally I hope we stay far away from him, is there any truth in the news or are we still trying for Toby alderweireld? Ed002’s Note – Alderweireld remains the first choice but right now id priced out of a move. I understand that the club will now be enquiring about the availability of alternatives, and that may mean a formal approach about Maguire.

Thanks ed, I hope we buy quality or play tuanzebe and Tim fosu-mensah rather than buying other players for that sake of it. Are the alternatives still as mentioned or are there new names? They are not buying for the sake of it. Maguire is obviously on a list. If they were to buy for the sake of it they would buy any tom dick or harry from any division.

Being on a list doesn’t make someone not bought for the sake of it, sometimes it’s better to get the best option or nothing and in my opinion if the options are buying aldewierd buying Maguire or playing the youngsters than I’d stay well clear of buying Maguire. Ed you’ve mentioned above that Aldeweireld is being priced out of a move just now. Is it correct to assume that we have turned to Maguire because we have been quoted far higher than the above for Alderweireld? 60m I’d rather see it go on Alderweireld than Maguire. Ed002’s Note – Clubs will resist over paying for players. I don’t think that message is fair at all and Maguire would prove a lot wrong on here, it doesn’t show how far we have fallen it just shows how mad the market is these days.

The NFL's most important players: These 160 will decide season

Gds, if he signs I would be delighted to be wrong. If Maguire comes here and significantly improves us, I’d be surprised but very happy to be proved wrong on my opinion. 10m but signing someone who doesn’t seem to be an improvement on what we have for any price seems counts intuitive. Also when comparing Maguire to the other CB’s we’ve looked at, he is nowhere near as good as the likes of Varane, Alderweireld or Bonucci.

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Harry M is a similar level in terms of pure defending to Smelling and better on the ball. It’s a no brainer for me. He can bring the ball out from the back, he is brilliant in both boxes and wins every header and would mean we finally cause a few problems from set pieces, he is certainly on a different level to an aging Jonny Evans and gives us attributes we don’t have in some of our other defenders. I agree he is very good in the air. Set piece wise that can only help us both defensively and in an attacking sense. However, I disagree that he is good at bringing the ball out from the back. He may do it, but I’ve not seen him do much that is useful when he does.

For me, he tends to run into the space in front of him and if there is no blatantly obvious pass on, then he gives the ball away. In my opinion Southgate selected Young ahead of Rose as he had to have someone capable of tucking in to support Maguire as he is suspect positionally. Anyone else seen the apparent quote from maguire Saying he’s confident of joining united. Paper quotes tho so highly doubtful but still a rumour. Let’s hope not, imagine seeing a team sheet and we’ve got smalling Jones and Maguire in a back 3. I’d stay well clear of Maguire, I’m hoping were still pushing to get an alderweireld deal sorted with spurs as ed002 has said.

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Ed004’s Note – I really hope we do not sign Maguire. Agreed ed, everyone talks about how good he is moving forward but what’s the point in that if he can’t defend. We’ve already got a left winger who is constantly tracking towards the ball rather than excerting any energy making runs behind that everyone seems to want to keep, we don’t need anymore players who are tactically unaware of the position they play in! Varane and Giminez aren’t available, Alderweireld is. For me them three are the only three we should be looking at. Varane I even have concerns about due to his injury record.

If we can’t get any of them three then stick with what we have and give Tuanzebe a shot. As to be honest everyone else is much of a muchness and none a significant step up when you consider the cost. Bailly has been very good for us, Lindelof showed during the world cup and in the last ten games of last season that he can be very good. Jones when fit has been solid.

Rojo and Smalling have their faults but do a job. So we if we sign one they have to be one of the absolute best or none at all. We’ve got a left winger who keeps tracking back towards the ball because our play is so ponderous he hardly ever gets balls played in behind at pace that he can run onto . Smallimg especially for the money quoted. Cookyman, I would sign Alderweireld if any.

The NFL's most important players: These 160 will decide season

The vast majority of players we sign over the age of 28 them to struggle with adapting. Sure there have been a few successes, Sheringham and Matic spring to mind. However, the majority of our successful transfers have been younger players who could grow into the club and they have tended to adapt easier. Centre back is one area though I would be fine with signing a 29 year old who already had many years of EPL experience under their belt. As I have said many time I have high hopes for Tuanzebe, so signing someone who won’t block his path for more than a couple of years would be fine as long as he has a good loan to an EPL team this season.

Ed, does this mean that Lindelof has been written off, completely? Ed004’s Note – I wouldn’t say written off. It remains to be seen if he’s a viable target but I think he’d be a solid addition to our team. From what I’ve seen he’s big, strong, very good in the air and good with the ball.

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He maybe lacks a yard of pace and I’ve heard people criticise his positioning at times but that’s something that can be worked on and will prove with experience. I think Lindelof was signed for the right reasons but I just think he lacks the physicality for the Prem League. If Jose isn’t going to play him then maybe now is the time to cash in. He’s had a good World Cup and I’m sure we’d get our money back at least. I’d definitely cash in on Rojo. He’s perpetually injured and apart from a 15-20 game spell where he looked half decent playing next to Jones he’s been pretty unspectacular to say the least.

In relation to the Martial saga just let the boy move on. It’s obvious he isn’t going to flourish under Mourinho and I see little point in keeping a player that is unhappy and isn’t going to help the team. He may develop into a very good player but at the moment he’s just not quite there and has shown little interest in fighting for his place. His next move will be crucial and if he’s hankering for a move to the likes of Real or Bayern I’m certain he’ll find himself in exactly the same position.

Maybe some kind of swap deal with Spurs for Son Heung-Min would interest all parties. He works tirelessly, he can play in any position across the top three including striker and scores goals. Utd need to start getting creative if we want to see some transfer activity this summer. Tuanzebe really doesn’t look ready yet for me, lot’s of potential though.

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I would be happy to stick with Bailly and lindloff and the back and go for other positions. DLIB, I have nothing against the less exotic named or seemingly less spectacular signings. In fact in my experience they are often the ones that work out best. However, I don’t rate Maguire all that highly, and certainly not enough to spend 50-65m on him. He is a solid mid to upper half of the table player.

He is strong and he has a big head. However, his positioning and reading of the game is terrible and for someone so big and strong his headed clearances often don’t clear the danger area. Leicester have been a far poorer side defensively with Maguire than they were in their title winning season. Maguire could work in a three man back line, but we would be left wide open if we played him in a traditional back four. Admittedly the reason for those stats are Smalling passes tend to be safer passes while Maguire attempts the more ambitious passes. Yet what is the point if you give the ball away more more often than not when you attempt those passes.

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I don’t see the fuss, if he was French, German, Spanish, Brazilian or Argentine not only would be not get the hype he is currently getting, but he would never get close to an international cap, let alone be the cornerstone of a nation teams world cup bid. Smalling and Jones received the same hype before we signed them, however, I feel they were better players than Maguire is when we signed them. If we have to sign an English centre back this summer I would much rather we signed Alfie Mawson, maybe not as big a lump for the high balls to hit, but ten times the defender Maguire is. Shappy – The exotic name thing wasn’t aimed at you pal. In hindsight I should have omitted that. I just think Maguire is universally underrated on here but by no means am I saying he’s the finished article. I think he’d be a decent signing but I understand your reservations and take your point about him maybe not being a major upgrade on we’ve already got.

Anyway this site would be a boring place if we all had the same opinion. Why would Spurs swap one of their best players in Son for an inconsistent player like Martial. Personally I think maguire looks a decent player. Yh he’s come from nowhere but who had ever heard of vidic or Bailey? Cbs grow with experience a lot like gks. If he’s being rated by some of the top scouts and coaches in the world then surely he’s worth a look? I love how a lot of people are writing him off yet he played almost every game for England and we got to the semi finals.

Is he a flash big name no is he a very good defender yes. Is Tuanzebe or TFM ready nope. I’d get rid of jones to get Maguire. He played almost every game for England at the world cup.

England did badly at the world cup they played tunisia, Panama, Sweden, and a James Rodriguez less columbia. When we came up against any half decent side we were convincingly beaten I don’t get why people think we did well? Do you think with purchase of Malcom, will Barcelona make Dembele available and do you think United asked to loan Dembele has any legs to it? Dembele open to be sold I think I read here somewhere but don’t think we’ve any interest. I think he is a player we should be looking at.

Not many wingers around at the minute that have the X factor. Although, he doesn’t strike me as somebody Jose would want, 10 years too young and a foot too small, oh and he seems to be a bit unpredictable and we can’t be having that in creative positions. 15m fee for season loan, pay his wages and have a buy option. Dont need a winger, Fellaini will do the job. Any ideas what Mr Ibrahimovic could be alluding to in his recent ‘surprise’ comments? Most likely be ibra re-signing on loan at the end of the mls season.

Its a very jose kinda thing to do. So malcom has gone to Barcelona leaves William a bit in limbo . Now which club would spend 70 mil on a 29 year old winger. I think William would be an excellent acquisition.