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Gary Lynn Dillard started as an intern at KDAY and worked his way up to dj. During the daily cacophony that surrounds us as we drive throughout the Southland, no matter the radio station we listen to, we hear a constant hum of traffic reports, traffic jams and the Magic Bus Headshop occasional freeway closures. We hear about traffic accidents and Sigalerts and always think these wrecks involve strangers.

On May 10, 1999, at 4 a. Kimberlea worked middays at Classical KUSC until late summer 2012. From the KUSC website: “Her love of Classical music shines throughout her eclectic weekday program weekday afternoons and Saturday afternoons following The Opera Show. She created the highly popular choral music program, Soul Music, which she hosts Sunday mornings from 6-9. Along with her colleague Duff Murphy, Kimberlea hosted live broadcasts of Los Angeles Opera on Classical KUSC.


She plays piano and frequently sings with the choir at the Parish of St. Matthew in Pacific Palisades, where her husband, Roger, is organist. Kimberlea and Roger have passed their love of music to their children, Max and Celia, who both sing, and Celia also plays violin. Most Los Angeles disc jockeys achieve their greatest fame in L. Steve is almost an asterisk in the history of Southern California radio compared to his very successful run in Chicago radio.

The Magic Bus Headshop

And it started at a baseball game. The catalyst for the death of Disco radio, Steve’s “disco sucks” event attracted national attention when it was staged between a double header at the Chicago White Sox’ Comiskey Park in July 1979. WLUP where he teamed with Garry Meier. With so much creative radio around like ‘Firesign Theatre’ and the ‘Credibility Gap,’ I realized that radio could be more than time, temp, and playing the music. KKDJ jingles at the Buck Owens Studios and heard Steve on KAFY.

Rick asked Steve to do weekends at KKDJ and did for a very short time. He froze and sounded like crap. Rick wanted to axe him, but we all got the ax first and Steve went off to do big and wonderful things. I was fired from WLUP and never started on KROQ. 20,000 per appearance for his satirical live concerts. In 1989, he was given the Father of the Year Award following an on-air vasectomy. Sometimes Steve’s routines flirted with bad taste.

He was elected to the Radio Hall of Fame in 2013. The former manager of KPFK and host of “Thinking Allowed,” died in 1984. Browsing your site today I noticed the following entry for Paul Dallas — Dallas, Paul: KPFK, 1966-68. Bobby died January 17, 2001, following a long bout with liver cancer. Bobby was born Robert Dale Bastiansen on July 27, 1931, in Minneapolis.

After a series of “weird jobs,” he started in radio at age 25 in Glendive, Montana. From the very beginning, Bobby knew he had an uncanny knack to pick hit records and he loved music. Bobby went on to KOIL-Omaha, where he replaced Gary Owens and then to KDWB-Minneapolis. In 1961, the disc jockeys at KFWB went out on strike in sympathy for the newsmen. Management and Crowell-Collier sister station jocks were called. Minneapolis, got on an airplane to Los Angeles and was on the air in B.

Mitch Reed’s shift the next night. He also worked at the legendary MOR station, KSFO-San Francisco, in the late 1960s and for four years beginning in 1971. During his years in San Francisco, he hung out with Tom Donahue in North Beach. He gave up radio as a full-time profession in 1985. From time to time he would appear on the University of San Francisco campus station, KUSF. In 1992 he lost his voice and an operation on his nodules was required. In preparation for the operation, it was discovered that he had diabetes, a heart problem and cirrhosis of the liver.

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The doctor told me that if I had one more drink or one more cigarette, I would die. For much of the last half of the 1990s, he went on to work with youngsters at a pre-school in San Rafael. He loved breaking away from Top 40 and into the freedom he found at KSFO on the all-night shift and at the FM stations KSAN and KOFY. Dale Show” on LA Talk Radio, Wednesdays at 4 p.

He passed away in early November 2012. Bruce Wayne’s plane went down on June 4, 1986. Radio Rich” works middays at Emmis’ KIHT-St. Carson hosts a late-night network tv show and in early 2010 started doing mornings at AMP Radio until the summer of 2017. He also hosts the enormously popular The Voice and reports from the Orange Room every morning on The Today Show. During his time with AMP, Carson appeard on the yearly listing of Best LARP of the year.

In 2010, Carson reteamed with pd Kevin Weatherly, his boss at KROQ in the 1990s before Carson went on to a successful tv career. Carson has served as host of MTV’s Total Request Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, the annual New Year’s Eve Times Square broadcast on NBC, and the host of the surprise NBC blockbuster, The Voice. Carson joined evenings at KROQ in the summer of 1996 from afternoons at KOME-San Jose. 1997 for MTV Live, the precursor to TRL. Growing up the youngest of two children in Santa Monica, Carson loved music, but he had thoughts about becoming a professional golfer.

The Magic Bus Headshop

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He also flirted with the idea of becoming a priest. In 1992, he received a partial golf scholarship to Loyola Marymount University and studied theology for a semester. His mother hosted a tv talk show in Palm Springs, and Carson landed a local morning internship at KCMJ. We can clean you up a little bit.

The Magic Bus Headshop

You take off the baggy pants, take off that stupid T-shirt, take the nose ring out, dye your hair from blue back to black. Carson has been parodied on Saturday Night Live. I’m Carson Daly, and I’m average in every way. Abdul Mohammend, The REVOLT personality, joined Real 92.

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3 in the spring of 2015. Dave is the West Coast Regional Promotion Manager for BNA Records, a Country Music division of RCA. Dave started in afternoon drive at KSPN in late 2007. In the summer of 2008, he left his on-air shift and began exclusive podcasts for ESPN.

He is currently a football analyst and writer for NFL. NFL Fantasy Live and hosting the Dave Dameshek Football Podcast. Patrick is a singer and produces shows in Las Vegas. KLOS in 1971 at the “home of rock ‘n’ roll radio.

April 1973, and conducting four Led Zeppelin interviews and concerts. He was pd at KLOS in the late ’70s and gave up those duties in 1980 to join KMET. When his contract came due in the summer of 1994, it was not renewed – a major surprise to Damion. Roll network for the overnight shift. He returned from Hawaii in 2001 and Jeff Gonzer hired him for swing shifts at Westwood One, later to become Dial-Global.

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Rock and Roll Cowboy,’ where I mix Modern Country and Classic Rock that airs Friday nights 11p-12a on KTHO-Lake Tahoe,” said Damion in early 2013. I remain in remission from 2011’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and quite honestly I feel healthier than when I was in my 30’s. Daniel Oshe was the engineer for the morning show at KABC. At one time or another we probably all had one.

Floyd Thackrey worked at KGFJ in 1965. He died February 1, 2009, of cancer, at the age of 69. We knew him at KGFJ as Jack Daniels. I was hired by Jim Brand, who was program director and morning jock at the time. Jason worked swing at “COOL 94. 3fm” until an ownership change in late 2002. Jim worked mornings at KOLA-Inland Empire until late 2005.

The Magic Bus Headshop

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San Diego in early summer 2007. Since 2011, he has been program director, music director and on-air at KATY-Riverside-Temecula. Beginning in 2013 he works weekends at NBC Sports Network. Joe worked morning drive at KLAC, the Pop Standards station until a format change to Talk in 2001. Since 1994, Mike has been working at the Oldies format at Westwood One and has been with “K-Earth” since 1992. He left KRTH in February 2008 following a downsizing by parent company, CBS Radio.

When he left KLON, Roy joined KJAZ-Alameda. Sky is the general manager at KCSN and works afternoon drive. Vince hosted a talk show at Inland Empire’s KCAA until the summer of 2012. He also worked on the air doing love song dedications on KQLH-Inland Empire from 1987-88 after his internship at KWIZ. Chris was one of the prosecutors in the OJ Simpson murder trial. He is currently of Counsel to THE FOXX FIRM, a private criminal defense and civil litigation firm in Culver City.

Dave is director of Development at KCSN. Born John Christian Miller in Rapid City, South Dakota, he grew up in Ventura. I grow up, I want to be a disc jockey. John arrived at KRLA in December of 1968 from KGB-San Diego via earlier stops at KACY-Oxnard and KMEN-San Bernardino, serving as music director at the latter. At KRLA, he started as a production man. He would then become the character Filbert E.

Within a few months, Johnnie had his own show in late 1968 then a year later became program director. In 1972 he started a decade of programs for Armed Forces Radio. John went to San Francisco to be gm of KSOL and orchestrated a Disco format. In 1975, he returned to the Southland and spent a summer month at KNAC before becoming pd of KGOE in Thousand Oaks for six months.

John began to make a transition into the world of business reporting on Channel 22 while doing business reports on KNX and playing music on KGIL. Channel 9 and did reports for cable news. He reported business news on American Airlines’ audio channel for years. Jim is married to Kathy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters. Danny was a very successful voiceover announcer.

He died June 13, 2004, of liver failure at the age of 65. T, K-Mart, Texaco, Armorall, Whitman’s Chocolates and hundreds more. Born Danny Croskery in Oklahoma City, Danny was brought up in Tulsa. He started at KICK-Springfield, Missouri while working his way through Drury College. Before arriving in Southern California, Danny jocked at KAKC-Tulsa, WERE-Cleveland, WFUN-Miami, WTIX-New Orleans and WIL and KXOK-St. He hosted evenings at KLAC from 1963-66.

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I have had a wonderful career. Bob is a partner in a group that owns seven radio stations in California. The former pd at KSRF is now a writer. Dangerous Darren Silva is at Sirius Radio Network. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Johnny Williams, Marv Howard and Lyle Kilgore. In 1977, Hal joined Cerrell Associates as a Public Relations rep.

The Magic Bus Headshop

Willie Davis, died of cancer in late 1997. Bill is operations manager and on-air at KROC-Rochester, Minnesota. Cindy works at KOLA in the Inland Empire. Eric, a 13-year NFL player, joined KSPN in afternoon drive with Marcellus Wiley and Kelvin Washington in the fall of 2017. By the end of the year Eric was gone following inappropriate sexual behavior charges.

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Born Theresa, Gina was killed while base jumping when her parachute failed to open. She died in December 20, 1995. Gordon left radio for a corporate job dealing with the Pacific Rim. He owns a hair salon in Thousand Oaks. The long-time WLS-Chicago dj has an active voiceover career. Jeff is news director at KFRG-San Bernardino.

The Magic Bus Headshop