The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sigal Zarmi will become the bank’s “head of transformation. New CEO Hans Vestberg the Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here’s What You Need to Know “massive confidence” in digital ad play.

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More than 30 years of marketing experience. Lightened up his life, and everyone else too. He was unwilling to be ordinary that makes him dare to face any new challenges and set up MBI International Group in 2009. I was unable to put together an MLM history on Teow. 3 million USD of MBI International funds was seized in Thailand.

Authorities seized foreign currencies worth more than 83 million baht from a leading foreign company in Songkhla’s Sadao district during a crackdown on foreign mafia gangs yesterday. A combined team of authorities yesterday raided MBI Group, in tambon Samnaktham of Sadao district, said the Special Task Force’s chief Col Paisan Nusung who led the crackdown yesterday. An initial investigation also found the MBI Group has many subsidiary companies and was suspected of carrying out money laundering activities, police said. The company has run six hotels, nine apartments, two resorts and several tourist spots including animal farms in Sadao district, with an investment value of 2 billion baht, according to police. An article in Thai from MRG Online has some additional information and photos.

Read on for a full review of the MBI International MLM opportunity. The MBI International Product Line MBI International has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market MBI International affiliate membership itself. The MBI International Compensation Plan The MBI International compensation plan sees affiliate purchase packages, with commissions paid when they recruit others who do the same. MBI International also pay ROIs through a points-based investment scheme.

Recruitment Commissions MBI International affiliates are directly paid to recruit new affiliates. Direct recruitment commissions are paid out as a percentage of funds new MBI International affiliates spend on their affiliate package. The first type of residual recruitment commissions MBI International pay out are binary commissions. These initial two positions form the start of both sides, with the second level of the binary team generated by splitting each of the two positions into another two positions each. In this manner each subsequent level of the binary team houses double the number of positions in the previous level. Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates.

Commissions are paid out as positions in the binary are filled, using a 1:1 pairing ratio. The BV is equal to the amount of money spent on an affiliate package. At the end of each day, MBI International tally up BV generated on both sides of the binary, with affiliates paid a percentage of volume matched on either side. The second type of residual recruitment commission MBI International pay out are unilevel commissions. If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. Commissions are paid out as a percentage of membership fees paid by affiliates recruited into the unilevel team.

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A split mechanic exists where affiliates are able to double their GRC point-balance before they convert them into units. Once converted, MBI International adjust the price of units over time. Affiliates are purportedly able to sell the units back to the company at the current price. The primary difference between the above packages is income potential through the MBI International compensation plan.

Conclusion There’s a lot of pizazz on the MBI International website but not much substance. The ruse appears to be feigned success through a bunch of possibly unrelated companies, whereas as an MLM opportunity all MBI International offer is chain-recruitment and Ponzi investment. How much an MBI International affiliate spends on their membership dictates their earning potential. After they’ve signed up, MBI International affiliates earn commissions by recruiting new affiliates. This is chain-recruitment and most definitely a pyramid scheme. The second income stream is GRC Ponzi points. The mention of subsidiary companies on the MBI International website is intended to create the illusion of a link between the companies and the GRC unit price.

There’s no substance to this subtext however, with there being no supporting evidence provided on the MBI International website linking the two metrics. Logically if MBI International’s subsidiaries were successful companies in their own right, there’d be no need to solicit affiliate investment. As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment of new MBI International affiliates dies off, so too will commissions paid out. Issued units will probably continue to increase in value, however affiliates will likely discover issues upon trying to convert the units into real money. Any difficult would signal an imminent collapse, with mathematics dictating that the majority of MBI International affiliates stand to lose money.

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I’m adding this as supplemental information for now. 39,000 over the Red Island Cafe scam. Syarikat Island Red Cafe Franchise Sdn Bhd executive director Teow Wooi Huat, 45, and his son Chee Chow, 22, who is also a director at the company, were charged at the Ampang Sessions Court on Feb 9 last year with fraudulently inducing 93 people to invest RM1,040,400. I’ve also seen Teow’s name translated differently on a number of news reports, so I wasn’t sure. They are not only look for Malaysia market but according to the newspaper said they are now aim for one hundred oversea country market. Teddy Teow, who is also the founder of the cafe scam-island red cafe previously and charge in court before.

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Jun 13th, 2016 at 2:23 pm  K. They also floated a M-Coin, among other stuff. JAL has a long file on them. So much has been mentioned about MFace running an illegal investment scheme which is a scam.

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Somehow this scam has been going on for 8 years. I just don’t understand how they could have operated for 8 years running an illegal investment without having the license to do so. Bank Negara M’sia and PDRM and SSM are not even lifting thier fingers to investigate this company. Thai anti money laudering dept has raided MBI’s hotel in Songkhla earlier this year.

But what happened after the raid? No further news was heard about it. I was told that there was an article published in Sin Chew saying that the siezed money does not belongs to MBI but to someone a guest who resided in the hotel. No more news on this issue even I tried searchin on the web for latest news.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know

This is totally dirty in my opinion. I also know that the recruitment is very strong reasons for them being sustainable for 8 years now. They have so many properties in Thailand and also in M’sia. How can a illegal business being made so legal. BTW, Mizan and ex inspector general of royal Msia police Tan Sri Hj Musa is somehow linked to MBI. I hope if anyone has any new updates regards to the money laundering case in Songkhla kindly share with us. They have expanded to many countries including Australia and some people seem to be making quite a lot of money.

Maybe this whole thing is a laundry operation for Asian mafias. How is it possible they are still sustaining this thing otherwise. We should appreciate opportunity to make money while not hurting people. If the cops can’t do perform what make us say they are wrong.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know

Which is the opposite of what scams like MBI International are. Out of sight doesn’t negate the financial losses your victims will ultimately suffer. Im just wondering if anyone here is or was a member of MBI, This company appears to be doing very well. Does anyone who has commented here know someone that has lost money or products dealing with MBI? It appears also that the company is creating a lot of jobs in Thailand with the resort and fun parks. Can anyone give me any facts about the company? You pay a fee and get paid to recruit others who pay a fee.

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MBI International is a pyramid scheme. There seems to be a lot of opinions but no facts. The description of a pyramid scheme is pretty much every companies structure. Greg: The description of a pyramid scheme is pretty much every companies structure. MBI international is a pyramid scheme. Greg: If that is the depth of the expertise here, I think this pretty much ends this discussion, right? Well run ponzis and pyramid scams often don’t have people that actually lose money or know they have lost money until it’s too late.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know

Even if they do, most never step forward. But far different in how they actually work. The only facts most members ever truly get is whether a scheme is still paying or not. As anjali mentioned, the fact that it hasn’t been shut down yet doesn’t make it legal.

All you can do is make your own decisions based on what you read and on your own moral compass. Fact: MBI pays recruitment commissions and is a pyramid scheme. Mate, you want to disagree with the facts, that’s fine. Just don’t expect anyone to take you seriously. I cannot get more details as I cannot read Chinese.

Leave it with me, I’ll have an article up later today. Oct 29th, 2016 at 6:05 am  K. Authorities raided multiple business locations and residences and recovered 2. 4 billion NTD in cash, 10 Rolex watches, 10 million in business gift certs, 7 luxury and exotic cars, and another 2 billion in real estate. Xu, Sansui Company Exec Assistant Mr.

Central Group have received multiple reports since 2013 that Au-Ci-Fan Group had been conducting investment seminars in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, etc. MFC Club, a part of Malaysian MBI Group. Investors just need to put money into the website GRC Gaming platform, and can earn GRC Gaming Coins, and cannot lose money. Cash in the amount of 2. Prosecutors pointed out that this illegal investment scheme calimed that as long as people put in 100 to 5000 USD into GRC gaming platform, investors will be able to keep their coins and coins will multiply. 54 months, 1000 will become 38443 dollars.

M-points, then those can be spent in certain shops or traded for vacations, gift certs, cars, and so on. Prosecutors believe that there were over 1000 victims in Taiwan who lost about 10 billion NTD, and this was the largest financial fraud in Taiwan since the new laws about money seizures had passed. MBI International, Any connection with Monspace Sdn Bhd? Im invest almost half million in it. Most of the msg about MBI international TOTALLY NOT COMPLETE. Before criticize any company do pls get the exact information.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know

I am with company almost 5 years. I dont see ROI, BINARY OR PYRAMID SCHEME. I dont see ROI,BINARY OR PYRAMID SCHEME. Might be time to visit an optometrist then, it’s right there in the MBI compensation plan.

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What, MBI International’s compensation plan isn’t complete? I think this scam is falling apart and soon many people will lose all their money. This scam had been going on for years and people’s start to believe it’ll stay, how pathetic. When it burst it’ll be bigger than Genneva Gold Scam. Its can go on for so long probably because it base in Malaysia, even China is clamping down hard on this. Why the Malaysian police inaction is everyone guesses. I am currently now a victim, because almost half of my family members such as aunts, my parents and younger siblings are interested and now part of this.

From my mother’s point of view as a parent, she thinks she is doing the right thing by asking me to be part of it. I know that she is doing this because she cares, but she should know that I am allowed to make my own decision to not be part of this scheme. Instead she says i’m not being an open minded person, which is very saddening because i expected them to know better and have better knowledge in term of finances as they are successful insurance agents. Recently without my consent, she made me part of the mfc club. Tbh i felt violated, even by my mother because i specifically told her i am not interested and not ready to be part of it but she insisted me to try because they see growth and they see potential. They believed that the founder is a changed man, but i do not because things like this is not easy to change because their intention is and will always be getting filthy rich.

I do hope there will be more updates on this issue, because i think my country where corruption is so common that businesses like this will never be caught easily because they can just buy it off and hire people who have connections to protect them. Companies like this are just taking advantage by milking the citizens because of their lack of knowledge on these schemes. Thank you behindmlm for showing this. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Out of curiosity though, how does your mother have access to your finances?

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She used her own, but put it under my name. Ah, so she didn’t really invest for you. She just wanted to invest more under another account to collect the referral commission. Easier to create a bogus account under her son’s name than to convince someone else to let her use their name. I am amazed how the Mface, clearly a Ponzi scheme could run for 8 years violating all the investment, exchange control laws of the country. Has there been any investigation by authorities such as Bank Negara?

The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s Stock Is Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know

Hope action would be taken quickly to stop them to prevent further hemorrhage of many naive people trapped in it. I had many friends who were swindled by Genneva Gold scam. Now many of my friend are on Mface. These people would not believe that it is a scam and enjoying counting their money inflow joyously everyday. Does anyone know sitations in Japan? Mface told 100,000 pepole in Japan. And there is 5-6 big groups.