Testing new 9’2″ and 9’6″ Black Hole Cape Cod Striper surf rods

Hard to believe testing new 9’2″ and 9’6″ Black Hole Cape Cod Striper surf rods grunt of January ends this weekend with the Edison New Jersey Fly Fishing Show. The heavy show month went by faster than I can ever remember.

And despite by Sunday afternoon I’ll have delivered 23 presentations this month, it’s seemed fairly easy and fun. I’ll have my Sharpies on hand and some Cliff Fly Boxes. Request any fish you want on one of my boxes. Or bring your own box, backpack, fanny pack, hat or you name it. I look forward to busting out the artwork on the spot! Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Edison Fly Fishing Show.

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Click on the presentation titles for full details. I’m back east to do the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show this weekend and the Edison New Jersey Show next weekend. Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show. Although Boise, Idaho is a 6 hour drive from my house in Victor, it’s always a blast when I get to speak in my home state of Idaho. I’ll also have my sharpies and some Cliff Fly Boxes and will be ready to decorate them with any fish you want. Feel free to bring your own fly boxes, packs or you name it. Don’t be afraid to challenge me with a weird fish!

Testing new 9'2

Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this busy weekend at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Show. I got home from the Denver Fly Fishing Show at 2:45 AM this morning following a hectic wind and snow ridden 10 hour drive through the night. But the show was superb and if it’s any indication how the rest of the show season will be than 2019 should be one of the best. Thursday was the long drive down to Denver. The most memorable project however was drawing a Napoleon wrasse on a Cliff Fly Box. The best part of show season is getting to see friends that don’t see often enough.

Seems like yesterday I was packing for the 2018 Denver Fly Fishing Show. But then I think about all the fishing I did since that show and I realize it was actually a long fulfilled incredible year. Which is why you don’t want to miss me this weekend at the Denver Fly Fishing Show 2019. Between my presentations you’ll find me at my booth.

Requests any fish you want on one of my boxes. Also, feel free to Contact Me in advance to have a box ready for you with any fish at any of my winter shows. Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Denver Fly Fishing Show. I’d like to take this first day of the New Year and thank everyone for reading the blog. I relish recapping my fishing and love knowing folks enjoy reading it. I’d also like that thank the many of you who Christmas shopped on my Web Store!

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Though the store has been up a few years, sales finally took off. This in turn has encouraged me to paint up some new fish species and perhaps add a few new products during 2019. When I was young, my eyes saw people in their 50’s as old and slowing down. Times must have changed because this has not been the case for me. I’m happy to say that 2018 will go down as one of my best years for fishing, travel and work. My years always begin with few fishing days.

But like all of us I must make a living. In 2018 I gave 47 presentations throughout the US and Canada. The most amazing stat for 2018 was the wide range of species I caught. This includes 27 new ones which puts my life list over 400. My 2019 schedule is filling up.

I have two other very exciting trips as well. On February 27th I leave for Cameroon to fish Nile perch, tigerfish and yellowfish. Cameroon will be the 63rd country I’ll have fished in. The other 2019 monster trip is in December. Oh, and then meet Granny in the driveway to welcome in the New Year with a chocolate beer for me and a bloody Mary for her!

Testing new 9'2

After an absolutely insane fishing travel schedule came to an end on December 16th I had my work cut out for me. Snake River Cutthroat on a Cliff Bugger Beast. Sheepshead sketched out and ready to paint. First few coats of paint are on. Be sure to keep track of my upcoming speaking travels around the US this winter. Feel free to bring your fly box or bag!

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These trips go so fast its ridiculous. The better they are the faster the go. And this has been a dandy here at Anaa Atoll with some of my best friends. Today was the last day and I fished with Scott Smith.

Scott and I get fishing a few times each year. He was my partner on my first ever trip to St. Though the reef has been exceptional the last few days Scott’s been enjoying a couple hours on the flats each morning to start the day. I’ve only walked the flats once and it was for an hour with Tim on Day 3 so I was all about a morning flats tour.

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Unfortunately, it looks like no bonefish at Anaa Atoll for me. There was a little excitement however. As always, I dragged along my 12-weight just incase a GT came through. Next for us was to the reef. We anchored our boat in the atoll then made the usual cut through the palm forest to the reef.

I was eager to get there hoping for a shot at an even bigger Napoleon today. Scott jumped up to the plate and hooked up first. While I was hoping to watch him tangle with a mighty bohar this fish took off out to sea. I knew then it was a trevally.

Testing new 9'2

With all the sharks around and coral to break a leader I yelled for Scotty to tighten up and get him in before a shark showed up. He laid the heat and a few minutes later it was Scotts turn to hold a nice bluefin trevally. We worked the reef hard but it wasn’t like yesterday morning. Again, when snappers are on they’re on but when they’re not they’re not. Scott managed this handsome little bohar but the bohars were few and far between.

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Often when you’re stripping your big fly through the corals you see all kinds of smaller fish that try to eat it but they can’t fit it in their small mouths. Scott and I both put on small flies to catch a few. Here’s what we came up with. Scott caught this gorgeous little thing. This is may be the one-spot snapper. Scott caught several of these while I could never close the deal.

Testing new 9'2

Scott and I also caught a number of the wrasses I showed on the blog the other day. I had three excellent shots at small Napoleons and hooked and lost two. I also saw a giant but he was 80 feet out and by the time I got my fly there he was out of sight. I thought he might find my fly but he didn’t.

My best fish this afternoon was this one last hefty bohar. We reeled it in late today. The guides never told us it was time to go and I was so focused I didn’t realize it was already 5 PM. Scott and I were last back in and when we got there a few of the locals showed up and played some music and drank beers with us all night.

The food here this week has been spectacular. Every night has been some sort of fresh seafood. It’s a tradition to crush a heap of lobsters on the last night and they did not disappoint. I devoured three tails all for myself! Its been a great week here at Anaa Atoll. While the bonefishing on the flats was slow this place has a healthy reef fishery. It’s a long trip home followed by a week of editing pics and writing.

Testing new 9'2

Sowing and Saving Sweet Pea Seed

It will be nice to be home for almost three weeks after this epic two months of travel. I will follow up in a few days with a more highlights, mainly as to how many new species I was able to add to my list this fall. Be sure to keep track of my upcoming 2019 speaking schedule and catch me along the way! I stood motionless waiting for Matt to cast. I still wasn’t sure Matt wasn’t going cast so I hesitated to let my loops go.

But when he said drop it I put my fly right next to the Napoleon. The fish swam right on by. The Napoleon didn’t seem spooked or aware of our presence but he was slowly approaching deeper water and I was losing sight. I dropped my fly at him again just as I lost complete sight of him. It’s a wonder my momentum didn’t snap my line. That says a lot for the Big Water Taper. But it did stop me long enough for the Napoleon to wake up and there he went, right down into a coral hole.

Testing new 9'2

Every saltwater trip you hope for one incredible day. Yes, the Napoleon was my icing on the cake. But what Matt and I experienced by catching numerous big bohars and hooking them constantly this morning was a dream. The Anaa Atoll reef is no less than incredible!

Be sure to keep track of my upcoming 2019 speaking schedule and catch me along the way. Welcome to the Blog of Jeff Currier! From there I headed west to work a few years in the Yellowstone region to simply work as much as most people fish and fish as much as most people work. I did just that, only it lasted over 20 years working at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in Jackson, WY where I departed in 2009. Now it’s time to work for “The Man”, working for myself that is.

Testing new 9'2