Each design is tested to the extreme: drop, shock, humidity, you name it. You can display the meter measurement, plus readings from up to 3 wireless modules, TESTING DC VOLTAGE WITH OSCILLOSCOPES AND DIGITAL MULTIMETERS reducing the risk of arc flash by separating yourself from hazardous measurement situations.

Improve safety and efficiency with this tester. Learn more about how its versatility can help you. Now compatible with the Fluke Connect mobile app. Check out the best non-contact multimeter for efficiency in demanding settings today! Fluke 80PR-60 RTD Temperature Probe for Fluke 66 and 68The 80PR 60 probe expands the utility of your RTD non-contact infrared thermometer by allowing you to take contact temperature readings. Configure the diced foam interior to store and protect what you need to carry with you.

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The CAMO-37 camouflage carrying case is a zippered carrying case with durable high quality polyester exterior. It has a belt loop and an inner pocket to store test leads or small accessories. The CAMO-C25 camouflage carrying case is a durable, zippered carrying case with padding and inside pocket, and high quality polyester exterior. It includes a convenient hand strap and carries most of Fluke’s popular digital multimeters. Fluke FOS-850 Fiber Optic Light SourceFOS-850 Fiber Optic Light Source allows you to test different cable lengths.


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It can be used to measure currents up to 2000 A when used in conjunction with multimeters, recorders or data loggers. Get a single range 400 A AC clamp in a compact shape. DC Current Clamp expands the functionality of digital multimeters and measures up to 400 amps for both AC and DC current. Comes with Limited Edition Fluke Collector’s Cap. The set consists of two adapters. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

Enter the terms you wish to search for. Engineers rely on an oscilloscope throughout their design cycle, from prototype turn-on to production testing. DPO70000 Series oscilloscopes’ unique capabilities combined with exceptional signal acquisition performance and analysis accelerate your measurement tasks. 33, 25, 23, 20, 16, and 12. P6780, P6750, and P6717A high-performance 17-channel logic probes with bandwidths up to 2. DPO70000 Series provide the features you need. DPO70000 Series ensures that signal integrity checks and timing analysis can be done without worrying about noise and jitter in the scope distorting the measurements.

Single-shot bandwidths up to 23 GHz on all four channels ensure that you’ll capture your signals of interest without worrying about undersampling when using more than 1 or 2 channels. DPO70000 Series ensures confidence in your measurement results. Bandwidth enhancement eliminates imperfections in frequency response all the way to the probe tip. User-selectable filters for each channel provide magnitude and phase correction for more accurate representation of extremely fast signals.

In addition, only Tektronix allows the user to disable the bandwidth enhancement for applications needing the highest measurement throughput. 1 GS on two channels for 23, 25, and 33 GHz models. DPO70000 Series enable you to perform precise characterization measurements. When debugging a DUT, a low noise floor and maximum signal fidelity of the measurement instrument allows you to find the smallest anomalies affecting the DUT’s performance. DPO70000 Series to a wider range of applications. Tektronix offers a vast array of probing solutions, including active single-ended, differential, logic, high voltage, current, optical, and a wide range of probe and oscilloscope accessories.

P6780 Differential Logic probes provide high-bandwidth connections for up to 16 digital signals. When you have many interfaces to verify, the MSO70000 Series with 4 analog and 16 logic channels enables efficient channel-to-channel timing checks. With timing resolution of 80 ps, the MSO70000 Series’ digital acquisition system enables you to make precise timing measurements on as many as 20 channels simultaneously. The number of signals that must be verified can often make the checkout of a design long and involved. 16 signals connected to the MSO70000 Series’ digital channels without changing probes or connections. DPO70000 Series includes parallel and serial bus decoding that provides deeper insight into the system’s behavior. Symbolic bus formats simplify identifying system states and setting up bus triggers.

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Power supplies can be a critical failure point in any system. Careful testing of the power delivery system’s power on sequence can be time consuming. The MSO70000 Series provides independent logic thresholds for each logic channel enabling multiple logic voltages to be set up and observed simultaneously for quick verification of the system’s power rails. DPO70000 Series allows correlating events across physical and link layers. The instruments can recover the clock signal, identify transitions, and allow you to set the desired encoded words for the serial pattern trigger to capture.

Pattern lock triggering adds an extra dimension to NRZ serial pattern triggering by enabling the oscilloscope to take synchronized acquisitions of a long serial test pattern with outstanding time base accuracy. Pattern lock triggering can be used to remove random jitter from long serial data patterns. Effects of specific bit transitions can be investigated, and averaging can be used with mask testing. Pattern lock triggering supports up to 6. Defining a trigger that isolates the desired event speeds up debug and analysis efforts.

Visual Trigger extends the Tektronix oscilloscope’s triggering capabilities for a wide variety of complex signals as illustrated by the examples shown here. Visual Trigger set to find a serial data pattern of 1101 0101. Visual Trigger areas can be associated with events spanning multiple channels such as packets transmitted on two USB2. By triggering only on the most important signal events, Visual Trigger can save hours of capturing and manually searching through acquisitions. In seconds or minutes, you can find the critical events and complete your debug and analysis efforts. Using the Mark All Trigger Events feature, once your Visual Trigger is set, your oscilloscope can automatically search the entire acquired waveform for all events with the same characteristics and mark them for you – a great time-saving feature.

DDR memory bus events involve clocks, strobes and data channels as well as multiple amplitudes and bursts of data. Visual Trigger used to isolate a rare occurrence of a write burst on a specific bit pattern in DDR3. The trigger event is a Write DQ burst of 11000000, when the DQ launch starts from a non-tri-state voltage value. Boolean logic using logical OR allows the user to simultaneously monitor each bit and capture the occurrence of an anomaly at any point in the acquisition. Trigger on the width of a burst of 10 pulses. By drawing a “Must be outside” area before the first clock pulse and a second “Must be outside” area after the tenth pulse, as shown, you can define a Visual Trigger setup that captures the desired burst width.

Tools for automation reduce the tedium, increase reliability, and speed up the process of making hundreds of characterization measurements. DPO70000 Series offer a wide range of built-in advanced waveform analysis tools. Waveform cursors make it easy to measure trace-to-trace timing characteristics, while cursors that link between YT and XY display modes make it easy to investigate phase relationships and Safe Operating Area violations. Select from 53 automatic measurements using a graphical palette that logically organizes measurements into Amplitude, Time, Histogram, and Communications categories. Define and apply math expressions to waveform data for on-screen results in terms that you can use.

Access common waveform math functions with the touch of a button. Or, for advanced applications, create algebraic expressions consisting of live waveforms, reference waveforms, math functions, measurement values, scalars, and user-adjustable variables with an easy-to-use calculator-style editor. With deep acquisition memory, margin testing can be done over many cycles and long duration trends in the data can be observed. MSO70000 Series come standard with the DPOJET Advanced Jitter and Eye Diagram measurement application, providing the tools you need to quickly perform a high volume of measurements and collect statistics.

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Simplify identifying signal integrity concerns, jitter, and their related sources with DPOJET software. DPOJET provides the highest sensitivity and accuracy available for real-time oscilloscopes. Optical High value, and Optical Low value. Easily verify wide-bandwidth designs such as wideband radar, high data-rate satellite links, WLAN 802. 11, or frequency-hopping radios and characterize wideband spectral events. Characterization measurements depend upon accuracy and repeatability.

0 provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test USB 3. 3 defined test suites for transmitters and receivers. 3 transmitter compliance testing as well as debug and validation of PCI Express devices against the PCI-SIG specifications. Provides the most comprehensive solution for MHL 1. 1 compliance testing as well as debug and validation of MHL devices against the latest MHL specifications.

The application automates Transmitter, Sink and Dongle Electrical tests. These customizable FIR filters can be used to implement signal-processing techniques, such as removing signal pre-emphasis or minimizing the effects of fixtures and cables connected to the device under test. Offers the capability to emulate the serial data channel, de-embed fixtures, cables, or probes, and add or remove equalization. DPOJET provides advanced measurement and jitter analysis of the resulting waveforms. DDRA provides capabilities for measurements of clock, address, and control signals.

In addition to enabling conformance testing DDRA with DPOJET is the fastest way to debug complex memory signaling issues. Perform verification, characterization, and debug of USB 3. Measurements are implemented in DPOJET and are compliant to the USB 3. For compliance and automation, USB-TX is available. Using DPOJET, Option PCE3 enables tests that conform to PCI-SIG standards.

NRZ and PAM4 measurements-The throughput of Datacom networks continues to increase. Tek’s DPO72504DX and DPO73304DX support up to 10GBASE KRn data rates. The powerful combination of the DPO70000, DPOJET Jitter and Noise Analysis, and the SDLA Serial Data Link Analysis tool performs accurate de-embedding and eye diagram analysis for Datacom standards. For more information on PAM4 testing, please refer to the DPO70000SX datasheet and related PAM4 documents. Analog verification, automated compliance software, and device characterization solutions are all included. C-PHY uses a unique mechanism for clock recovery.

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0 implements a custom clock recovery algorithm referred to astriggered eye. In this model, the first zero crossing of the four differential signals is used as a trigger point for clock recovery and rendering the eye diagram. The eye mask is optimally placed for maximum eye opening where the eye height is measured. Verify to the D-PHY specification by rapidly characterizing and discovering sources of jitter and signal integrity concerns using the fully flexible and customizable test setup. Using DPOJET, Option D-PHY enables transmitter high-speed data-clock timing measurements, along with a full range of electrical characteristics in high-speed or low-power modes. Verify to the M-PHY specification by rapidly characterizing and discovering sources of jitter and signal integrity concerns. Quickly perform 10GBASE-T measurements per the IEEE 802.


Power Level, and Linearity, with a simplified instrument configuration. XGbT provides flexible control over test configurations and analysis parameters, enabling more in-depth device characterization. Automated compliance measurements for IEEE 802. This option includes an automated compliance solution and debugging with DPOJET. The automated test setup measures transmitter equalization levels generating 12 results for each tap and 120 results for 9 different measurements in approximately 15 minutes.

TWDPc – Transmitter Waveform Distortion Penalty for Copper Measurements are available with Option SFP-WDP. A fast, efficient solution for HDMI compliance measurement challenges, no matter if you are working on a Source, Cable, or Sink solution. This application provides all the HDMI compliance test solutions you need to ensure quality and interoperability. DPOPWR, Advanced Power Measurement and Analysis software allows the user to configure multiple measurements with custom defined settings, measure and analyze power dissipation in switching devices, and magnetic parameters in a single acquisition.

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The Trajectory plot computes turn-on loss, turn-off loss and Conduction loss parameters for each cycle. Before a product can go to market, you often need to complete a series of certification tests on the industry-standard high-speed serial buses in your design. These tests can involve many hours of wrestling with test fixtures, reading certification documents, and collecting sufficient data to validate that your system passes the required tests. These standard features on the MSO70000 Series are options on the DPO70000 Series. 10b bit sequences decoded into their words for convenient analysis, and set the desired encoded words for the serial pattern trigger to capture.

Tight timing margins demand stable, low-jitter designs. You can make jitter measurements over contiguous clock cycles on every valid pulse in a single-shot acquisition. 62 MS record length62 MS on all four channels provides a longer time sequence at high resolution. Optional record lengths up to 125 MS for the 4, 6, and 8 GHz models, 250 MS for the 12. 23 to 33GHz models extend the acquisition time sequence. With standard features that extend the functionality of the Tektronix DPO70000 Series to address high-speed serial signal analysis and certification, the MSO70000 Series offers a specialized instrument that efficiently addresses your design challenges. With these capabilities, bit sequences can be decoded into familiar commands and data packets for faster analysis.

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Table View of the Bus Protocol. The results table provides a protocol view of the bus and with a mouse click allows correlation of what is happening in the physical layer to what is happening in the protocol layers. Protocol and Electrical Views of an HSS Bus. 10b serial bus trigger and the advanced search and mark feature on the oscilloscope are integrated with the HSS protocol decode to quickly isolate events of interest in a HSS data stream. DPO70000 Series feature user-selectable bandwidth limiting filters. DPO70000 Series oscilloscopes provide the ability to debug malfunctioning subsystems and isolate the cause. 300,000 waveforms per second on all four channels simultaneously, dramatically increasing the probability of discovering infrequent fault events.

A and B trigger events delivering the full suite of advanced trigger types for finding sequential trigger events. B Event Scan is an A to B trigger sequence that will trigger and capture burst event data of interest defined by the B Event setup menu. Captured bits can be scanned in a sequential or randomized fashion, alternatively the trigger can toggle between two successive B trigger events. B Event Scan identifies specific events to build an eye diagram. Use B Event Scan trigger on DDR DQS edges used to construct an eye diagram of all bits in a burst.

Advanced triggering capabilities include Digital A then Analog B to help you to identify a specific digital pattern or system state and then wait for an analog event such as a runt pulse to trigger the acquisition. The MSO70000 Series extends the debug capabilities of a 4-channel oscilloscope with an additional 16 logic channels that can be used to provide system level context when the fault occurs. Provide time-correlated analog and digital visibility for system debugging. DPO70000 Series enables you to capture the events of interest while conserving acquisition memory. 4 of the 16 logic channels to the MSO70000 Series’ analog acquisition system so that these signals can be viewed in finer detail. DPO70000 Series, examining data and highlighting important events, skipping the unimportant ones, and enhancing the comprehension of event relationships is made easy.

With ASM, you’ll be able to navigate through long record length acquisitions effortlessly and quickly locate the event you have been trying to find. Highlights important events and provides convenient previous and next buttons and mouse clicks to navigate between events of interest effortlessly. A converters, and Flash Memory that are controlled or monitored through serial control buses. Often the biggest challenge in debugging a system is getting access to the required signals. P6717A general-purpose logic probes provide connectivity to low-speed and high-speed digital signals with low loading, small size, and a range of accessories for soldering or browsing. Solder tip accessories designed for the P6780 differential logic probes provide access to signals on tightly spaced vias and fine-pitched components. E converter for general wide-bandwidth optical signal acquisition.

DPO70000 Series allow test engineers to test analog and digital signals with a wide range of clock speeds and data rates. 2 standard GPIB interface is standard on all models. The web interface enables viewing of instrument status and configuration, as well as status and modification of network settings. All web interaction conforms to the LXI Class C specification. Software allows you to customize your test and measurement system with familiar analysis tools.

IVI instrument drivers are included to enable easy communication with the oscilloscope using GPIB, RS-232, and LAN connections from programs running on the instrument or an external PC. ADK documentation describes how to implement the Data Store Public Interface to speed internal transfer of waveform data through user-created data processing algorithms and display the results in real time on the oscilloscope screen. 2X faster than traditional GPIB-based data transfer techniques. DPO70000 Series can provide researchers with tools that allow them to capture, display, and analyze high-speed and transient signals with unmatched precision. Choose the mode you need to do your job the fastest: Automatic, Constant Sample Rate, or Manual settings. When you are doing signal exploration and want a lively signal, the default Automatic mode provides you with the liveliest display update rate. DPO70000 Series instruments excel in usability with a suite of productivity features, such as a touch screen, flat menu structures, intuitive graphical icons, knob-per-channel vertical controls, right clicks, mouse wheel operation, and familiar Windows-based controls.

Remote Desktop utility to access your oscilloscope from across the lab or across the globe. The first option is a fixed license applied to a specific scope serial number and is permanently enabled. A fixed license cannot be moved from one oscilloscope to another. The second option is a floating license. Floating licenses provide the capability to move a license-key enabled option from one oscilloscope to another.

DPO5000 Series oscilloscopes to better manage their assets and deploy applications or other options such as extended memory to the oscilloscope where it is needed. This view in the floating license system identifies the license’s current user and location allowing you to easily manage your floating license inventory. Managing and deploying floating licenses uses an easy online licensing management system. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise. Depending on instrument model, hardware-only bandwidth settings at 33, 25, 23, 20, 16, 12.

250 mV from DC to 50 MHz, increasing to 350 mV at 1. Minimum signal amplitude needed for clock recovery 1 divp-pup to 1. Recovered clock and regenerated data available for use with a BERT. Trigger on NRZ-encoded data up to 1. 10b-encoded data at the following rates: 1. Communications-related triggers Support for AMI, HDB3, BnZS, CMI, MLT3, and NRZ encoded communications signals.

Select among isolated positive or negative one, zero pulse form, or eye patterns as applicable to the standard. Line trigger Trigger on power line signal. Support for AMI, HDB3, BnZS, CMI, MLT3, and NRZ encoded signals. Trigger on a parallel or serial bus when the specific bus value is found. Positive or negative slope on any channel or front-panel auxiliary input. Coupling includes DC, AC, noise reject, HF reject, and LF reject.