Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern

Have you heard about the Granny Square crochet sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern? It is a traditional pattern featured mostly in blankets and it first appeared in in the early 1800s. You can actually say that the Granny square pattern was actually the beginning of patch-working as people used to sew these small crochet squares together to make a blanket. I was wondering what size bed this is in the picture.

I’m just trying to estimate how many squares I will need to make. Sorry i am italian and my English is npt very good ! I would like have one single square the spiegazione . I have my squares done, can’t figure out how to put them together. Is there any other way that I may obtain the pattern?

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Visit Home Design’s profile on Pinterest. About us Goodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. Submit your work Want to publish your own work? We would love to check out the personal work created by any of our amazing fans. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Thanks for stopping by You Should Craft! My photo-tutorial will show you step-by-step how to crochet the bobble heart potholder.

And did I mention the crochet pattern and photo-tutorial are totally free? Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links contained in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links, you will pay the same prices as always, but You Should Craft will receive a small commission that helps to keep the site up and running. Aaaand this amazing pattern for the Bobble Heart Potholder is totally free! Once you follow my step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make the bobble heart potholder, make one for your mom, your bestie, your grandma, and goddammit, dogs need potholders too!

Want to skip right to the crochet pattern? Download a FREE printable PDF version of the Bobble Heart Potholder pattern, plus a BONUS printable of the Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy pattern! Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen the above picture before and know that I’ve been trying to work out the kinks in this bobble heart pattern for a while. It took a few tries and some unraveling to figure out how to use the pixel-bobble method described by Repeat Crafter Me. Once I had the heart down, I had to figure out what I wanted to make with it! Plus, my current potholder situation is drab A.

And honestly, it’s a little depressing. I love the end result and it really brightens up my kitchen! I bet you’re picturing your very own bobble heart potholder hanging from your oven handle, being all cute-like! This potholder is amaze-balls, but ladies, get ready to count your stitches and weave in some ends. A lot of the crochet patterns I work on allow me to just space out while binge-ing on Hart of Dixie, but not this potholder. Don’t worry though, the finished product is absolutely worth the semi-tedious counting, but I just want to be up-front about the type of project you’re about to get yourself into.

Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue! Now you’re ready to rock, right? Your photographs are so bright and clear, too! I love your color choices and this is seriously so CUTE! I’m afraid of acquiring one more hobby! I love crocheting, but I totally feel you on the too many hobbies front. My craft room is bursting as it is, I don’t know that I could take on anything else without buying a bigger house!

Thank you for persisting and then sharing the results. I can crochet in a straight line, but anything other than a simple blanket is tough. I’m still working on a scarf I started last year. I can figure it out this fall? I made a granny square blanket and it took me like three years to finally finish.

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I love making little stuff like towels and potholders though — quicker gratification! TV addiction, let’s move on to the reason for this post! I would be fabulous if you’d join my linky party, lots of crocheters and I present really nice features each week which you would certainly be a part of! I just checked out your party and linked up this post. Thanks for creating and taking time to share pattern, its perfect-exactly what I’ve been looking for to make! I’m so happy to hear that! When you make it, be sure to show me on Instagram or Ravelry!

Thank you for sharing it with me! Thanks for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party! If you can do the puff stitch, you’re good to go! I’m just learning the bobble stitch and am making a blanket with hearts.

So, if I understand your instructions you change colors on the sc row, correct? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m so sorry I missed your comment! But yes, you’ll change colors on both the sc rows and the bobble rows. While working the pattern I found that the color is not said to switch in the correct area, when it comes to the first pink bobble. I am terrible at reading patterns but after following your tutorial for the bobble stitch, I decided to give this one a try. Also: following your other tutorial was a success!

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern

But as a newbie, it would have been beneficial to know that you crochet into the same stitch. For this pattern, do you do the six half stitches for each of the bobbles? I’m about a quarter of the way through the second row and my bobbles look much larger than your cute little ones! Melanie, I’m so glad to hear that you like the bobble heart pattern and that my bobble stitch tutorial was helpful! I’m glad you figured it out, but I’ll try to edit the directions to make it more clear that each bobble is built on one stitch.

For this pattern you’ll do five half stitches per bobble, and there will be 6 total loops on your hook before you pull through to finish off the bobble stitch. I was curious: what size does this end up to be? My potholder ended up being about 8. 5 inches wide by 8 inches long. Yours might be a bit different based on your yarn, hook size, and how tightly you crochet. Thanks for the clear instructions and lots of images.

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I really had fun learning how to do bobbles and create the heart design. Thanks Kat, so glad to hear you liked it! I see you have a crochet site too, I’m headed there now! Row 18 doesn’t make sense to me it comes out to 20 stitches not 27 Am I counting wrong? Hello, can you please explain row 18 for me? I get 20 stitches not the 27!

I am trying to get this pattern. How do I go about getting it. It’s not giving me the email. I need it for a baby blanket. I checked and my email system seems to be working fine.

The pattern is in the post, but maybe the email with the pdf ended up in your spam folder? I worked it as follows: Ch 1, turn. 7 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc and change to color 1 and work 6 sc, bobble, sc. The following rows seemed to be correct. Oops, i’m so sorry i omitted something! Row 18: Ch1, turn, sc, bobble, 7 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc, change to color 1 and work 2 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc, change to color 1 and work 6 sc, bobble, sc.

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern

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I have signed up with 2 diff emails and still haven’t received the 2 free patterns. I was looking forward to making the potholder! Thanks for the freebies and adding me to your list. PS I did look in my spam and didn’t find it there either.

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Once upon a time I made a Sunburst Granny Square blanket for my niece, took some pictures and posted them on my old blog. And oh what a lot of question I got about it! How did you join the squares?

So I thought it was finally time to write a proper post about one my favourite crafty projects of all time: The Sunburst Granny Square blanket! Now, the first thing I have to mention is that I did not design this from scratch. It is based on a pattern by Priscilla Hewitt, and the original pattern contains more rounds. I’ve posted the link to this original pattern severel times but apparently it doesn’t work for a lot of you.

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern


I used four rounds to make the Sunburst Granny Squares for the blanket, and they are about 4 inches in size. I used a 4mm crochet hook and Schachenmayr SMC Bravo. Yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook. Yarn over and pull through two remaining loops on hook.

Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. Yarn over hook twice, insert hook into next stitch. Yarn over and draw through the last two loops on hook. I prefer to start with a magic circle, but if you’d rather start with a chain: chain 5 and join with a slip stitch. Next, chain 3 to count as the first double crochet and work 15 more double crochet stitches into the ring. Join with a slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 3.

Attach next color with a slip stitch to any dc, chain 1, puff stitch in the same stitch and in each dc around. Join with a slip stitch to the first puff stitch. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning cluster stitch. Moment of choice: crochet together or join as-you-go? Now you have a choice to make. If you plan to join the squares – to make a blanket for example – then you have to make a decision about how to join the squares before you start round 4.

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For a tutorial about crocheting squares together, click here. For a tutorial about joining squares as-you-go, click here. Both tutorials are from the wonderful Lucy of Attic24. Whatever you choose, you will need round 4 sooner or later. To start round 4 attach your next color with a slip stitch to any chain 2 space. Chain 4 to count as the first treble stitch and then crochet two treble stitches in the same space. Now, the next steps might sound a bit tricky, but it’s not as bad as it seems: you’re basically going to turn your Sunburst rounds into squares.

timcodester commented Nov 23, 2017

You now made one of the four straight lines of your square. Next, you’ll make your first corner: all in the next chain 2 space crochet 3 treble stitches, chain 3, and another 3 treble stitches. Fasten off and your Sunburst Granny Square is done! I would love to see it! Oh dear, ik brei gewoon een das.

Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I’ve started making those grannies a week ago using the link you shared before and i’m in love! Thank you and good luck with that fourth round – I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it with some practice! Thank you for the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Tutorial. I have run into a snag. I decided to join as I went. Where do you join the blocks on the straight sides?

I have looked for a tutorial, to no avail. For the straight sides this means: crochet 3 dc on square A, attach with slip stitch to square B, 3 hdc on square A, attach with slip stitch to square B, 3 dc on square A, and continue with a corner. This is so much more enjoyable than sewing them together at the end. The tutorial is awesome – thank you so much! I just linked it on my own blog.

Thank you – glad you liked it! THANK YOU for your detailed instructions. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on my bed! Ok are these English or American crochet terms?

Sunburst Granny Square Blanket Crochet Pattern

I’ve started this blanket as a gift for my friend who is going to be a mom soon. Thank you so much for such easy and correct instructions, it comes out so nice! Months and months went by but I did finish it! Many thanks again Jenny, the baby just loved it! I dont know how many times I’ve come to see this perfect blanket of yours.

I’ve decided to buy the same yarn as you but I’ll be ordering it online, 5 colors plus white for the borders. Do you have any idea how much yarn you used Total? Oh my I’m sorry to say that I have no idea how much yarn I used for this blanket! I always buy my yarn at a local store and make sure I have at least one of my favourite colors in stock.