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Check Out This ‘Fortnite’ Laser Tag Experience In The U. The entertainment industry’s most trusted source. Copyright 2018 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Please fill out this field with valid email address. October’s hot new PC hardware is all about the holiday push. October heralded the beginning of some new eras for computing as well: Microsoft’s Surface line finally waded into proper laptop territory, and after a lengthy delay, Valve’s Steam Machines—gaming PCs built for the living—made their soft launch.

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A discrete Nvidia GPU in a thin, trim chassis? Surface Pro 4 Microsoft didn’t end there. So which Surface should you buy? Alienware Steam Machine A new challenger appears! Valve is hoping to wrestle away some of Windows’ PC dominance with Steam Machines: Teeny-tiny systems designed to bring PC gaming into your living room, powered by Valve’s own Linux-powered SteamOS.

Steam Controller, there wouldn’t even be Steam Machines. 50 Steam Controller to be flexible enough to control traditional PC games that don’t typically perform well on gamepads, like the Total War games or Civilization. The secret sauce lies in the dual haptic pads and the Steam Controller’s insanely customizable software, which lets you remap every part of the gamepad. Valve Steam Link But what if you already own a beefy gaming PC and don’t want to buy a whole new computer just for your living room? 50 Steam Link, a small, barely noticeable box that’s essentially a conduit for bringing Steam in-home streaming to your TV. While we ran into a few quirks—and you’ll definitely want to invest in a wired ethernet connection for it if possible—the Steam Link is the first dedicated PC game-streaming box we can wholeheartedly recommend if your network’s up to speed. HP hybrids Toshiba was far from the only PC maker peddling new wares in October.

The Spectre 13 x360 is basically a refresh of last year’s model, with Intel’s new Skylake processors—and that’s just fine, since this gorgeous laptop with a flip-back Yoga-style lid has a lot of stuff going for it, both aesthetically and under the hood. Surface clone that offers Surface Pro-level performance for a Surface non-Pro price. Dell XPS 12, 13, and 15 Dell’s refreshed XPS 12, on the other hand, isn’t a Surface clone. 2 SSDs up to 1TB in size.

HP Star Wars Special Edition Here’s a gimmick that actually works. Xbox One Elite Controller When it comes to gamepads, the decade-old Xbox 360 controller is a staple among PC gamers. This month, not one, but two different controllers aim to shake that up. I don’t think you should buy it, but I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Japan Display’s 8K laptop screen The HP Envy 34’s 3440-by-1440 screen may be drool-worthy, but what’s coming down the pipeline is even crazier.

Japan Display showed off a 17. The idea alone is enough to make grown gamers weep in joy, but don’t expect to see this screen in a laptop at Best Buy anytime soon. It’ll take some time in the oven before this becomes a truly delicious prospect for PC buyers, but it’s still damned impressive. Windows 10’s lightweight system requirements are creating all sorts of cool hardware experimentation—and the Kangaroo is a sterling example. Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL Wait, what are Microsoft’s new Windows 10 phones doing in a PC-centric roundup? There are a couple of answers.

If you don’t mind being limited to Windows Store apps, that is. No other game-streaming service has ever performed this well, full stop. Thank you Your message has been sent. PCWorld PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

Sign up to hear about the next Humble promotion! 00 Wallet credit to spend on your next store purchase! 130 million to charity since 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the world. Soapbox features enable our individual writers to voice their own opinions on hot topics, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. Once upon a time, Nintendo used to use one of those cutesy reward schemes that was as weird as it was inclusive. Club Nintendo was its name, and it was a setup mostly tied to physical purchases – with points earned through picking up a new system or retail game – but at least there were tangible, attainable rewards at the end of that Rainbow Road. Sure, I didn’t need to save for months on end to be able to afford some hanafuda cards, but they were the kind of item I couldn’t get anywhere else at the time, so it felt worth the effort.

In the Nintendo-themed world of today, the systems in place to reward and thank loyal customers such as myself are very, very different. Club Nintendo’s successor – My Nintendo – is two years into its tenure as of 2018 and shows no signs of improving. If anything it’s getting worse, and it’s an aspect of Nintendo’s infrastructure that’s actively working against the shift the firm is making towards a digital-focused future. When it launched in 2016, My Nintendo was self-hailed as a new evolution to suit a new and ever-changing age. Gone was the opportunity to spend your hard-earned gold points on The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Messenger Bag or a set of Nintendogs Greetings Cards. In its place was, well, not very much.

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With platinum coins far easier to earn through Nintendo’s mobile offerings – such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run – the new system felt more at home on your smartphone, but it’s never seeded properly on consoles. So Nintendo is trying something a little more practical. Look, I get that most reward schemes are weighted towards serious investment in exchange for a discount or reward, but Nintendo’s new offering is anything but rewarding, mainly due to how convoluted and messy it is to use and make the most of. However, this is part of a shift towards digital, so as annoying as that is, the favouring of digital over physical is a sacrifice that’s hardly shocking in 2018. But what is startling is just how long it takes for you to earn any sort of discount worth using. Even at 5 percent, you’d have to spend thousands of pounds, dollars or euros to afford a full-price game.

So you’d have to bank a lot of these and build them up over the long-term, right? And I’m not the only one that’s cottoned on to how unfair and imbalanced the new system is. From other media outlets to the dark depths of social media, the feeling towards this update isn’t looking great. 1200 on digital games in order to have enough gold points to redeem for one free full-price game. So that’s Dom’s take on the My Nintendo program. We know our article earlier today on My Nintendo saw some choice words directed at Nintendo, so let us know down below how you’d prefer the system to work.

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A proper overhaul or some slight tweaks here and there? Bearded malcontent Dom has been writing about games for so long he’s practically forgotten what reality looks like. Over his career he’s written for just about every site and mag out there. You’ll almost always find him catching Pokémon or yelling at dragons in Skyrim. It’s useless and I will still buy all AAA releases physical with the Amazon Prime discount. I was already buying with no reward.

I just regard it as kind of there. The physical stuff isn’t coming back and this shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement or anything, just an incidental little thing. The savings are like the Steam trading cards in terms of returns, only a dollar or so back on regular activity but a dollar is a dollar. I can honestly say I’d rather have nothing than “My Nintendo” in its current incarnation. This must cost Nintendo money to keep running.

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I’d rather they spent it elsewhere. I mean this change is a small step in the right direction. We’re taking baby steps but its still progress for Nintendo. I got so many awesome things with that service: Super Mario Bros statue, playing cards, a Gold Nunchuck, free games, etc.

Problem mainly for me is that one whole dollar is expiring this month, I don’t have time to accumulate much more and don’t know if I can even get anything I want ever. Man, y’all are a spoiled lot. I see this as Nintendo just giving us something to spend our “useless” gold points on. This new system just rewards you for not letting the points expire. 20 – get 1 free – sounds pretty good to me. Kirby, which is better than the complete nothing you get from, say, Sony and Microsoft.

Was the Club Nintendo better than this program? I think it’s nice to get actual store credit instead of discounts for games I don’t care about. If we can use the points to pay for the online service I’ll be content. Really don’t see the complaints here. Sony in particular have far more sales – but that’s a different issue!

What was so wrong with Club Nintendo? At least you could get a game cheaper than this new system. And you could get accessories and posters! Man, I miss it so much. Free insert any dinomination here is always better than nothing. With that said, I think more than anything it’s the way this reward system penalizes the loyalty of early adopters that’s got people feeling slighted. This is very disappointing in light of all the other reward programs that just continuously heap free game after free game on to their customers.

Grawlog This is a great point. You’re paying for the game right? Any extra money you gain is a bonus. For someone who never got the privilege to be part of Club Nintendo, which was only available in 8 countries in Europe at the time, I’m very happy they have created a more inclusive system that gives all users the same experience. After some reflection, I think this is actually an okay way for Nintendo to handle this. It’s not a particularly exciting system, but as far as these rewards things go, it strikes me as a relatively straight forward deal, that takes little to no effort, and offers a decent discount on one’s purchase without having to jump through any significant hoopes.

At it’s best certainly, but we all know that neither Club Nintendo, nor this new system will be forever anyways, and there were plenty of times, where I felt CN had nothing to offer to me either. I think the real crux is what the subscription service will look like. That’s a far more pressing concern, as far as this goes. Wow, this is really worse than I imagined. Really miss the old Club Nintendo days now, I got tons of discounts for Wii U games back then.

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I had 3 pound in my account, add on my gold coins and I got resident evil revelations, I am happy with that, the way o see it i got the game for 3 quid, if only it would finish downloading. This is such a let down as a longtime fan. Wii U games you can purchase with gold points. Now, the current model makes those 3DS games look like a trip to Hawaii in comparison. Nintendo, but they give me no choice. Thought Id be able to download half the store with the number of coins I had.

Its nothing compared to the amount I ve spent on games. They could have brought back DDP and I would’ve been fine with the program. But they managed to make it bad. As someone with an MBA in Marketing, this program irks me. This whole reward system just gets worse and worse. I honestly rather have nothing than to have something so paltry that it actually hurts. It would actually be an improvement to have nothing.

Makes you wonder how many full-time employees manage this rewards program. 25 in gold coins, and that’s from the OLD system. 3DS VC that everyone on the planet already owns. Percentage back is sure as heck ok by me. This is the most I’ve gotten from ANY rewards program since 2014? Yeah, I’m not feeling this new program either. So, I hope Nintendo will make changes along the way.

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This feels pretty beta and could change with the introduction of the Switch Online Service. Normally i agree but i really dont feel that way here. It feels more like a middle finger to loyal fans. I don’t get all the moaning. Buy the games you want, get a little something to maybe redeem against a future purchase. We’re not entitled to anything, we buy these games because we want to, they appeal to us, we enjoy them.

The expiry date is ridiculous I’ll give you that. I had high hopes for this. I waited a whole year to find out my Switch rewards go to this. Then my coins expired because I could use them on purchases I already had or did not want. I bought digital 3DS games and SWitch games. Did they change the expiration date or something? I spend digitally to get discounts on other games is pretty fair, and works for me.

Even if I don’t end up using it a lot for retail purchases, it’ll still save me a few bucks every year on download-only titles. Way better than the previous system, where my Gold coins were just going to waste. Now if they could just find something interesting to do with all of those platinum coins I have nothing to do with. It’d be great if we could turn every 10 platinum coins into a gold coin, or something to that effect. It doesn’t add up and I’m not counting the physicals.

Can I vomit now or later? I will just throw up in my mouth and swallow it. I buy the cart from shopto. I can put towards another game. In general, the idea is great if executed well. If the coins were worth more and had no expiry or limitation on purchases that would be ok. But to have them expire at 12 months, only work on certain content and be such a low value is just plain nuts.