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Prior to European colonization, the area today known as Lynn was inhabited by the Naumkeag people. A noteworthy early Lynn colonist, Thomas Halsey, left Lynn to settle the East End of Long Island, where he and several others founded the Town of Southampton, New York. Colonial Lynn was an early center of tannery and shoe-making, which began in 1635. The boots worn by Continental Army soldiers during the Revolutionary War were made in Lynn, and the shoe-making industry drove the city’s growth into the early nineteenth century. In 1816, a mail stage coach was operating through Lynn.

By 1836, 23 stage coaches left the Lynn Hotel for Boston each day. The Eastern Railroad Line between Salem and East Boston opened on August 28, 1838. This was later merged with the Boston and Maine Railroad and called the Eastern Division. During the middle of the nineteenth century, estates and beach cottages were constructed along Lynn’s shoreline, and the city’s Atlantic coastline became a fashionable summer resort. Further inland, industrial activity contemporaneously expanded in Lynn.

Shoe manufacturers, led by Charles A. Coffin and Silas Abbott Barton, invested in the early electric industry, specifically in 1883 with Elihu Thomson and his Thomson-Houston Electric Company. Initially the General Electric plant specialized in arc lights, electric motors, and meters. Later it specialized in aircraft electrical systems and components, and aircraft engines were built in Lynn during WWII. That engine plant evolved into the current jet engine plant during WWII because of research contacts at MIT in Cambridge. One of the largest strikes of the early labor movement began in the shoe factories of Lynn on February 22, 1860, when Lynn shoemakers marched through the streets to their workplaces and handed in their tools, protesting reduced wages. In 1841, abolitionist Frederick Douglass, moved to Lynn as a fugitive slave.

Douglass wrote his first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, while living in Lynn. The publication would become Douglass’ best-known work. On February 1, 1866, Mary Baker Eddy experienced the “fall in Lynn”, often referred to by Christian Scientists as significant to the birth of their religion. Lynn experienced a wave of immigration during the late 1800s and early 1900s. During the 30 years between 1885 and 1915, Lynn’s immigrant population increased from 9,800 to 29,500, representing nearly one-third of the city’s total population. Polish and Russian Jews were the largest single group, numbering more than 6,000.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Lynn was the world-leader in the production of shoes. 234 factories produced more than a million pairs of shoes each day, thanks in part to mechanization of the process by an African-American immigrant named Jan Matzeliger. From 1924 until 1974, the Lynn Independent Industrial Shoemaking School operated in the city. In the early 1900s, the Metropolitan District Commission acquired several coastal properties in Lynn and Nahant, in order to create the adjoining Lynn Shore and Nahant Beach Reservations, and to construct Lynn Shore Drive. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Lynn suffered several large fires. On November 28, 1981, a devastating inferno engulfed several former shoe factories, located at Broad and Washington Streets.

Seventeen downtown buildings were destroyed, with property losses totaling in the tens of millions of dollars. A reputation for crime and vice gave rise to a taunting rhyme about Lynn which became popular throughout Eastern Massachusetts: “Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin, you’ll never come out the way you went in, what looks like gold is really tin, the girls say ‘no’ but they’ll give in, Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. First dance academy in the U. First air mail transport in New England, from Saugus, MA to Lynn, MA. Some of these claims were subsequently found to be inaccurate or unprovable.

In a further effort to rebrand the municipality, city solicitor Michael Barry proposed renaming the city Ocean Park in 1997, but the initiative was unsuccessful. In the early 2000s, the renovation and adaptive re-use of downtown historic structures, together with new construction, launched a revitalization of Lynn, which remains ongoing. In 2015, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker established a task force, composed of representatives of multiple state and municipal public agencies, to further Lynn’s revitalization. Formerly vacant industrial buildings continue to be converted into loft spaces, and historic homes, particularly Lynn’s Diamond Historic District, are being restored. Lynn’s revitalization has been bolstered by the city’s emergence as a center of creative placemaking activity. In 2017, swaths of the city’s downtown were transformed by a series of large-scale murals, which were painted on buildings by local, national, and international artists, as part of the city’s inaugural Beyond Walls festival.

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In recent years, Lynn has attracted a substantial and growing LGBT population. In April 2018, The Boston Globe named Lynn one of the “Top spots to live in Greater Boston in 2018. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 13. Lynn is located beside Massachusetts Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Lynn gets cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers. The other two seasons are mild, in general. Source: United States Census records and Population Estimates Program data.

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As of the census of 2010, there were 90,329 people, 33,310 households, and 20,988 families residing in the city. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 32. Cambodians form the largest Asian origin group in Lynn, with 3. Lynn’s total population of Cambodian ancestry.

In the city, the population was spread out with 24. In 1990 Lynn had 2,993 persons of Asian origin. Massachusetts cities with the largest Asian populations. In 2000 the city had 3,050 persons of Cambodian origin, making them the largest Asian subgroup in Lynn. By 2004 the Cambodian community in Lynn was establishing the Khmer Association of the North Shore.

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2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. Fraser Field, municipal baseball stadium constructed in the 1940s under the Works Progress Administration. It has housed many minor league baseball teams and a few major league exhibition games for the Boston Red Sox. Manning Field, the municipal football stadium. The North Shore Adult Day Health Center in Lynn, which opened in January 2009, caters to persons of Hispanic and Latino origin in Lynn and surrounding cities. Lynn has 49 parks encompassing 1,540 aggregate acres, representing a significant percentage of the city’s total 6,874-acre land area. Lynn residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park or open space.

The bulk of the Reservation’s land area is situated in the City of Lynn, but portions fall within the boundaries of adjoining municipalities. Lynn Commons, an area between North and South Common Streets. High Rock Tower, a stone observation tower with a view of Nahant, Boston, Downtown Lynn, Egg Rock, and the ocean. The top of the structure houses a telescope, which is open for the public to use. Pine Grove Cemetery, an intact rural cemetery, and one of the largest cemeteries in the country. Spring Pond, historic retreat of wild woodlands.

There is also an independent Catholic high school located in the city, St. 8 charter middle school, in Lynn and has also opened KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate to serve high school students in the city. Lynn has no Interstate or controlled-access highways, the nearest being U. In 2014, seasonal commuter ferry service between Lynn and Boston’s Financial District was established.

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A wharf adjacent to the public boat launch ramp located on Blossom Street Extension was rehabilitated, and a 150-space parking lot constructed. In May 2018, Governor Charlie Baker announced that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation would again suspend funding for the Lynn-Boston ferry. Ralph Merry, founder of Magog, Quebec, was born in Lynn in 1753. Mike Ness, musician, founder of the rock band, Social Distortion.

Many versions of the Mother Goose nursery rhyme “Trot, trot to Boston” include Lynn as the second destination. Episodes of the TV reality series Cops focused on Boston, including one episode in Lynn. Scenes from the movie Surrogates, especially the chase scene, were filmed in downtown Lynn. Lynn native Jack Noseworthy starred in the film, and has said he pushes Lynn as a location whenever involved in a project.

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The high school scene in Central Intelligence was filmed at Lynn Classical and Lynn English high schools. The movie Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence shot many scenes in Lynn, including the Kmart scene on Boston Street at the old Star Market Location. A scene for the movie The Departed was filmed on the Marsh Road in Lynn. The Rolling Stones kicked off their 1966 North American Tour at the stadium on June 24, 1966. The event was cut short due to rain and police had to use tear gas bombs to quell the angry crowd. On June 11, 1976, Ray Charles held a charity concert to raise money for the Life Institute for Blind. The Four Tops and Dorothy Moore also performed.

It was known as Summer Jam 85. Aerosmith performed at the stadium during their Done with Mirrors Tour on September 14, 1985. The Beach Boys performed at the Stadium September 23, 1984. The Kinks performed at the Stadium September 8, 1985.

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Section 6, Pages 21-10 and 21-11, Massachusetts Table 6. Population of Counties by Minor Civil Divisions: 1930 to 1950. Number of Inhabitants, by Counties and Minor Civil Divisions. Population of Counties by Minor Civil Divisions: 1920, 1910, and 1920. Department of the Interior, Census Office. Population of States and Territories by Minor Civil Divisions: 1880 and 1890. 7 through 21-09, Massachusetts Table 4.

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Learn about the Community Path of Lynn – The Boston Globe”. Archived from the original on August 11, 2007. Baker says no to ferry – Itemlive”. Trot, trot, to Boston: play rhymes for baby. The movie Black Mass is recreating the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Lynn, MA on Monday, June 23″.

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