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3 converter – Lame for Audacity – FFMpeg for Audacity – Free and Safe downloads All you secunia Forum to create MP3, open mp4, convert music formats, and much, much more! BUT DO NOT SEND ME MORE EMAILS ABOUT SECUNIA PSI reporting its an older version, because the LAME provided here is specifically tested against Audacity.

Some reports claim it works OK, but until I have an OK from the Audacity Team, I will STILL provide the older, TESTED version. There is VERY important information on the PRIVACY section of this site, which I strongly suggest you read. The files hosted here have NO malware. Banners that look like BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD ARROWS are usually MALWARE. Audacity-compatible plug-ins and libraries such as those needed for MP3 Encoding, or the FFmpeg library for wider file format support.

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LAME is a library that allows some programs to encode MP3 files. LAME is free, but in some countries you may need to pay a license fee in order to legally encode MP3 files. Audacity is a free and open source Audio Editor which allows you to convert ogg to mp3, convert mp3 to ogg, convert vinyls to mp3 or ogg, do any kind of home recording, remove noise, etc. I have used it to record and mix some of my bands songs.

Feel free to check out this page to download some songs. Audacity, you can put it anywhere you want, but the first time you want to export an MP3 file, Audacity will ask you for the location of this file, so you will want to remember where you put it. QA Team suggests users download the ZIP version instead of the . If you use the installers, and Audacity does not detect LAME, download the ZIP option, extract the files inside to a well known folder, then open Audacity, go to Library Preferences and configure it to search on the well known folder you extracted the files to.

FILES I HOST ARE SAFE, but always check your downloaded files with www. RECOMMENDED Installer Package for Windows: Lame_v3. If you need or want a newer version of Lame, because of the performance improvements with newer AMD and Intel processors, here is v3. 100 in a ZIP file, known to work with Audacity 2. 2 that is known to work with 1. You can also download the standalone lame v3. 2 Binary for Windows, compatible with Audacity 2.

2 Binary compatible with Audacity 1. If Audacity does not detect FFmpeg, download the ZIP option, extract the files inside to a well known folder, then open Audacity, go to Library Preferences and configure it to search on the well known folder you extracted the files to. 3 or later on Mac OS X 10. 6 or later on OS X 10. Binary FFMPEG OSX Installer: DMG – ffmpeg-mac-2.

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I hope this site will give you a central place to find, request, and submit Configuration Manager 2007 tools. While Microsoft Updates may do a great job of keeping your Windows, Office and Microsoft products updated, wouldn’t you like to have a software which would scan your PC to see if any new versions of the installed software are available? Software Update Checkers It is important to not just have the latest operating system patches, but also to have the latest versions of software installed on your Windows computer. While many software do inform you when there are updates available, some do not.

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In such cases, it becomes difficult to check for updates for each and every program installed on your PC. This is where software update checker can help you. These software update checkers will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to the respective website, to see if there are any newer releases. All of them are FREE and only takes seconds to run! Some of these applications also have portable versions that do not require installation and may be run directly from the desktop or download folder.

It will be discontinued after 20th April 2018. It is always good to have the latest versions installed, as the later versions may come with security as well as performance fixes. If you know of any more software update checkers, please do share below, in the comments. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: Convert any video to over 1000 formats! Adobe’s got a new version of Flash Player available, and Microsoft released 14 updates covering more than 75 vulnerabilities, two of which were publicly disclosed prior to today’s patch release.

Jimmy Graham, director of product management at Qualys. But Goettl says public disclosure means enough information was released publicly for an attacker to get a jump start or potentially to have access to proof-of-concept code making an exploit more likely. Adobe’s Flash Player update fixes at least two critical bugs in the program. Adobe said it is not aware of any active exploits in the wild against either flaw, but if you’re not using Flash routinely for many sites, you probably want to disable or remove this awfully buggy program.

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Just last month Adobe issued a Flash update to fix two vulnerabilities that were being used in active attacks in which merely tricking a victim into viewing a booby-trapped Web site or file could give attackers complete control over the vulnerable machine. It would be one thing if these zero-day flaws in Flash were rare, but this is hardly an isolated occurrence. And with good reason: It’s a major security liability. Chrome also bundles Flash, but blocks it from running on all but a handful of popular sites, and then only after user approval.

Through the end of 2017 and into 2018, Microsoft Edge will continue to ask users for permission to run Flash on most sites the first time the site is visited, and will remember the user’s preference on subsequent visits. The latest standalone version of Flash that addresses these bugs is 29. 113  for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. But most users probably would be better off manually hobbling or removing Flash altogether, since so few sites actually require it still.

Disabling Flash in Chrome is simple enough. This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 3:36 pm and is filed under Time to Patch. You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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There’s also an update for Adobe AIR, bringing it to v29. 112 — slightly different than Flash at v29. My Family will continue to avoid rollup patch packages until we KNOW that this stuff is not hiding within. This question is off-topic, but I hope Brian will address it here or in a column. Any suggestions on a replacement Personal Software Inspector?

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Muffin, It’s a shame that Secunia PSI is disappearing. This is an article published by Bleeping Computer that suggests several software updaters to use. I use Patch My PC and am happy with it. Surely they cover all versions of Windows.

I have Windows 7 Home Basic and there are only 5 updates available. My add on for Firefox 59 has been checked for always activate for 2 consecutive days. What could possibly be the reason for this message then? I believe it’s a manual thing. Firefox doesn’t include Flash, and therefore it isn’t in a position to update it. Firefox and Opera versions, Adobe does make an update notification service available.

COMPUTERWORLD, Woody on Windows, Monday, 12 Mar. Woody on Windows is a joke: his advice is essentially never install updates. Kind of irresponsible, but I have made a good amount of money from customers who took his advice and then got hit by a zero day of one sort or another so I shouldn’t complain too much. Rebuilding those computers that is, not infecting them lest someone think I’m one of the bad actors out there.

Yes, but Woody’s article includes links to instructions on how to make Windows LET YOU CHOOSE when and if you do a Windows update. That’s important, especially these days with so many bad updates coming from Microsoft. With rare exception, I see no reason to install patches as soon as they’re rolled out the automatic update chute. And I see lots and lots of problems for those naive enough to install Microsoft’s patches as soon as they’re available. Folks need to install patches sooner or later, but it’s smart to give them a couple of weeks to age. Win7 Monthly Rollup and Word 2016 Security patches are dogs that break machines. Since I do help clients out of their PC woes, I usually go ahead and suffer the slings and arrows of their update problems by updating my lab machines, so I can figure out how to mitigate them or at least get them back to square one.

I tell you that this 1709 Windows 10 update is the worse one I’ve had to wrestle with in years! Just a heads up: in a VMware ESXi 6 environment, all of our 2008 R2 guests rebooted with a deleted or hidden VM NIC1, which contained the guests static IP, and an additional VM NIC2, which had a new, DHCP IP address. I restored 4 guests via Veeam as a result this morning. From what I have been able to gather and from communication with VMware, something in the update appears to bump the virtual PCI bus which causes the vmnet3 and paravirtualization controllers to be reset. Secondary volume on alternate drive interface number comes up as offline when the system reboots due to default policy in 2k8r2. Have to re-configure the network interfaces and then online the drive. 3 NIC, no changes to settings or IP address during the 201803 update.

Have a Dell laptop with Intel I5 processor running Windows 7. Update did its thing successfully and now the laptop won’t boot. Go to do a restore point and the only restore I have available is from the update yesterday. There weren’t any additional restore points. When checking that box nothing else appears. Just the one from the time I did the update.

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Luckily I finally got it booted up. Not very confident it won’t happen again though. Last update I did in January did the same thing but I had more restore points to go back to. It’s concerning that I am unable to do these critical updates. You might want to manually create a restore point prior to running Windows Update, which should give you a spare restore point to use in case this happens again. 10 fall creators expires in April with the arrived of windows 10 spring creator, which if you upgrade to this build, then the setup automatic install mandatory cortana and the latest windows store between more features.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath that the OEM can bring it forth either, unless you have a late generation i7 processor or AMD CPU. Even my clients with relatively new machines still have no update. This is a bit off topic, but has anyone looked at this website? Brian, can you look at this and see if any of it is true? AMD, we found peculiar financial connections that make us question the motive behind the reportage. Lots of info on that page. I’m sure we’ll learn more in the coming days.

Keep up the good work Brian ! Tuesday update down my throat last night . This was the first update in a long time that went smoothly. Let’s hope there’s more than just luck at work this time. I’ve used the auto-patching application for several years based on your recommendation. Would you please be able to recommend a suitable alternative?

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I’ve not used it in years, but it seemed to perform much the same service. File Hippo is good, Belarc is great to save passwords and perform a kind of audit of your hardware and software. Just thought I’d put that in here in case some one gets confused with the older name they gave it before. I just didn’t have time to check for it immediately after KOS let us know. Microsoft says it has no evidence that attackers have yet to exploit either flaw in active attacks online. FYI, there’s also an update of Shockwave to v12. I’m getting a pop up for update but when I click on it, it comes on in Spanish.

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Firefox won’t play HTML5 Video Everywhere . Was the Ashley Madison Database Leaked? I’m new to App-V, how do I get started? Introduction: If you are reading this, then you have taken the first correct step already. My name is Tim Mangan and the TMurgent Technologies website offers a lot of resources to help you. I give away a lot of information and tools for free on my site.

My hope is that you’ll succeed with App-V enough that you want to dig deeper. Which could mean wanting to attend one of our training classes or bring us on-site for a quick-start program. But you can think about that later. I’m new to App-V so how do I get started? What is App-V and how does it work? Resources: Websites: The following websites are of tremendous value when working with App-V.

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The order of the listing is not indicative of the value. This is probably the best known site for App-V. White Papers sections provide access to research and white papers. Videos section has a number of videos helpful for App-V. Tools houses the famous App-V tools.

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Most of those tools are free. The tools area also contains lists of App-V versions, and VC-Runtime versions. There is a forum on the site, but it is intended only for supporting the TMurgent tools and not for App-V related problems. This is the official location of administrator guide documentation, and release notes. 826068 This is the official location for other forms of documentation for App-V. This is the official App-V Team blog. The content is infrequent and supplied by Microsoft support personnel.

Sebastian Gernert is in escalation support and typically posts about upcoming hotfixes before they are released. Often, this is the first we hear about issues. It is written in German, so google translate is your friend here. This is an independent support forum for many types of App Virtualization products. Microsoft Technet Forums for MDOP is Microsoft’s official forum site for App-V.

Technically it covers all of MDOP but nearly all of the content is about App-V. The App-V community heavily uses twitter to communicate and keep up-to-date. AppV, so setting up searches on these is helpful. Summary So how do you get started? Start by reading the entire series here! Links to additional articles in the series are at the top of this post. NOTE: Logins to main site are not applicable to the Blog.

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Is MSIX the future for App-V? With so many Web-based integrated grants management systems now on the market, how do you make a well informed decision about which one is best for your grantmaking organization? The development, selection, configuration, and implementation of cloud-based integrated foundation information systems are key trends for grantmakers, philanthropic leaders, and their IT support staff. This is sure to continue and expand in the future. Many grantmakers are now planning to migrate to externally hosted integrated foundation information systems.

While this has many advantages there are significant differences between these types of systems that grantmakers need to understand, carefully consider and plan for. Nowadays the development and implementation of digital dashboards of current and historical grant information is a high priority for grantmakers. The best of these graphical systems: are personalized for different types of system users, are easy use, present data clearly, and enable drill down capability. See a variety of the major digital dashboards showing best practices in how each can be used for different targeted audiences.

The Matrix, San Francisco, Calif.

What works, what doesn’t work and why? What are the key trends in integrated online information systems for grantmakers? Find out about the different types of systems, key product and service directions, and how to successfully evaluate, select and integrate grants management with other foundation information systems and external services. There are now many experienced and new vendors developing online applications and Web-based grants management systems. They enable grantmakers to take advantage of new features and functions to save time, reduce costs, and to streamline operations.

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This presentation provides an overview of major trends plus new features and integration with external systems. Learn about this sector-wide service that now streamlines the equivalency determination process and has established a sharable repository of information on non-U. A high level of support for this collaborative project has been provided by U. NGO leaders and international giving service providers. See the FAQs for more information.

An overview of online information resources and analytical tools for grantmakers and grantseekers. Multiple searchable databases with charting, graphing and mapping capabilities are presented showing detailed information about grantmakers, U. Use these tools to identify funding partners and make better informed decisions. How does a foundation select and implement their next generation integrated foundation information system? What are the significant trends and key questions you should ask to make an informed decision?