SABRE: Weird skinny little bridges…

You don’t have to sABRE: Weird skinny little bridges… and ride a Vincent twin to be a Vincent man. When is a Hurricane not a Hurricane?

Can anyone add info on this rider? Semi naked girl straddles an Indian! Want to post a comment on Sump? RE travel book: Hit the Road, Jac! Brother can you spare an anecdote?

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Selling a Panther or a pre-war BSA? Is Sump Magazine going into print? All over for Skully crash helmets? Did your favourite website go offline? Can you help identify this Norvin? RE profits jump by a massive 74. Padgetts bike burglary: can you help?

SABRE: Weird skinny little bridges...

Have you seen this Ford Mustang? So who’s answering the Sump phone? Still awaiting your Skully AR-1 lid? Who the hell can you trust anymore? We’ve got plenty more classic bike news for you to enjoy. But better late than never, huh? We don’t know what the hell went wrong.

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We received the email about three weeks ago, and it looked interesting and worthy of a mention on this page. So we told ourselves that we’d sort it out. The email slid silently down the screen until it was no longer immediately in view, and July 14th and 15th came and went, so we didn’t give you a heads-up on the event. Founded by Dean Micetich and Matt Davis, the magazine chills us satisfyingly with custom bikes, hot rods and funky bicycles and stuff. It’s thin on detail, heavy on style, and the founders know how to party. Except that Matt Davis is no longer around.

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He died in early 2017 in Los Angeles after a long battle with his failing health. But DiCE is still where it’s at for plenty of folk. The Great Frog, meanwhile, is one of those firms that’s evidently been around for a long time, but we’ve never heard of it. Besides, we haven’t got any use for jewellery, and that’s what The Great Frog is all about. The two images immediately above are from last year’s show. If you attended, you would have been faced with 50 of the “highest quality custom built choppers from around the world showcased for one weekend only.

You would also have seen and probably enjoyed a chopper photography exhibition, visited a chopper retailer market, eyeballed a few curated cinema screenings, and spent some dosh at a motorcycle swap meet. But like we said, we forgot to mention all that before the event happened and now it’s too late. However, we’re mentioning it now, and we’ll try and do better next year. And we did mention last year’s show before it happened.

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Want to comment on this story? Hit the icon on the left and email us. Note that we moderate this field to weed out the more obvious cranks. Saturday 28th July 2018 and inviting all you old Nortonians to come along and eat and talk and show what ya got.

SABRE: Weird skinny little bridges...

This vehicle probably has some greater significance in the annals of Norton motorcycle history, but it means nothing to us . So don’t expect staff to run around the aisles filling your parts needs. It’s a purely social occasion, so attend on that basis, or not at all. And you’d better order double quick.

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You can find Andover Norton at Unit 4, Brunel Gate, Portway West Business Park, Andover, Hants SP10 3SL. The opening hours are 10am to 4. So if the weather holds, we recommend that you get out and play. Finally, the press release doesn’t specify that only Norton riders should attend.

500 or so Triumph turned up for a burger and chin wag? Might happen, if we make it happen. Instead, it was a Model A built at Ford’s Mack Avenue Plant in Detroit, and it was bought by a Chicago dentist. Fiat-powered Model A was manufactured only in red.

1929: The Italian fascist government banned the use of foreign words and the teaching of foreign languages thereby establishing a policy of “Italianisation”. Italy had become a unified country, or nation state, in 1861. That was just 68 years earlier. 1942: Treblinka Extermination Camp was formally opened by another bunch of fascists, notably the Nazis, and specifically the SS. Glenn Ford, you’ll perhaps remember Morrow as one of the juvenile delinquent pupils.

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Want to comment on these stories? That’s Julie Diplock on the left. She runs Elk Promotions which organises biking shows and autojumbles across Kent and Sussex. She’s interested in motorcycles old and new, but has a particular interest in Velocettes generally, and her 92 year old Triumph Model P, specifically. She’s the managing director of MYA Consulting based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The business specialises in giving advice to the hotel and catering industry.

SABRE: Weird skinny little bridges...


She’s also the owner of a Zero electric motorcycle. These two women have recently hitched upon the idea of riding from Westminster, London to Paris, France. More specifically, the dynamic duo are planning to ride the trails as much as possible and leave the tarmac well alone. The limiting factor, distance wise, is the range of the Zero. Fully charged, it’s good for around 70 miles or so depending on how it’s ridden. So the 286-odd mile journey is likely to take around four days.

The Joan Seeley Memorial Trust which provides pain relief and medical equipment for hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. As such, we recommend that the girls either carry a tow rope, or stick a spare battery pack on the Model P. Yes, the girls have swapped bikes for a change. The press release, we note, didn’t actually explain that there will be four other riders in this group. That’s mentioned only on the “giving” page. But two girls on the move arguably gets a bigger headline, wouldn’t you say? The start date is 18th September 2018.

The finish date is expected to be on 21st September 2018. And if all that sounds worthy, we ought to mention that there’s another angle here that bears deeper exploration. Specifically, some more cynical folk might say that doing something that you like to do, and then hanging a charitable hat on it hugely diminishes the philanthropic credibility. It’s the difference between, say, being sponsored to clear a filthy canal for the RSPCA, Red Cross or the local hospice, and sitting on your sofa all summer drinking beer and watching movies for Mencap, Oxfam and Barnados.

We’re not doubting that there are genuinely good intentions at the heart of this, but hardcore charitable work has more lasting benefits than a backwoods biking jolly from Blighty to France. Nevertheless, the biking world is full of charitable rides, runs and suchlike. And as we’ve said, the flip side of such benefaction deserves a closer look, if only to ensure that we get the balance right between serving the needs of others, and serving our private and personal needs. Isn’t it reasonable to get a little something for ourselves too when expending time, energy and enthusiasm for the needy and less fortunate? But real charity is its own reward, and when we put ourselves at the centre, the subject of our good intentions has to shift to the margins. And for many, that has a very sour taste. Finally, we note that there were two web links on the press release that we received.

One was a link to donate money. Let’s leave it there, shall we? It will happen in February 2019, it will last 4 weeks, it’s open to any rider on any bike, and you need to book a place sooner rather than later. One such event is the Burt Munroe Challenge in Invercargill.

Another is the TOMCC National Rally in Hamner Springs. If you sign up, you’ll be travelling on both the north and south islands. Remember that February is roughly the equivalent of August in the UK, so leave your snow shoes at home. And note that they also drive on the left side of the road in NZ, British style. Insurance is “optional”, but we think it’s essential.

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