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We have over twenty-five years experience in the digital design, graphics and print sector, and have made a name for ourselves by producing only the highest quality work at very competitive prices. As both the design studio and the large format print production are based under one roof, we have the ability to forge solutions to design and graphics issues that many other companies can’t. We can have involvement right from the design stage to the end product, so we can take on even the most ambitious projects knowing exactly how they will be executed. This means our clients avoid the time-consuming and stressful back-and-forth between design studios, print companies and production houses and instead enjoy a straight-forward and prompt service.

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If you’re looking for a custom size we can print any size in-house up to 1525mm wide by 50 metres long, so just drop us an email or give us a call with your specifications. For longevity, we can apply a variety of seals and laminates to weather-proof or life-proof your graphics, and we can also source aluminium clip frames at regular or custom sizes. We can also supply fully branded free-standing signs like A-boards and swing signs. This means that, even without hemming, you won’t experience any fraying. We also print with environmentally friendly latex ink at 100dpi, giving you a full-colour, photographic quality image with up to 5 years fade-resistance. In-house we can print up to 1525mm, but if you’ve got a larger requirement then we’ll outsource it to one of our trusted trade suppliers. For all our available available graphics systems, please click on our catalogue button.

Rocket Coffee Table

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Rocket Media can make you a completely custom exhibition stand. Using our extensive knowledge, in-house design studio, print service and build partners, we will work with you to create an exhibition stand that no-one will forget. Rocket Media can produce it in huge quantities. Tell us where it needs to go and we’ll package it all individually and ship it to your stores both country-wide and internationally. Not quite sure whether your point of sale idea will do the business?

Afterwards, we can also store anything that is to be used again safely at our premises in Bristol. Ask us about logos, leaflets and fliers, business cards, company brochures, training manuals and newsletters. Whether you’re simply looking for a fresh take for your company literature, or you need a complete re-brand from logo up, we’ll be very happy to discuss your requirements. With dedicated web designer and video programmers we can undertake any manner of electronic design. And if you have anything more ambitious in mind, let us know. What out clients say about us This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript.

What superb service, thank you so much! 10 for service, you’re a close knit team who clearly cares about their customers. You keep in touch with customers and let them know what is happening every step of the way. 11 out of 10 for service! You always pay great attention to exactly what your clients are looking to achieve, and you’re always prepared to make innovative suggestions. Thanks for the quick turnaround, the quality is very good and the manager is very pleased. Having worked closely with many digital print providers over the years, I’d highly recommend Rocket Media.

There’s no-one friendlier, more happy to assist and advise, and no-one more able or willing to go the extra yard. Thank you for the wonderful banner which we now have. It certainly looks great with the darker logo. It is a first class advertisement for your daughter-in-law and son’s company. I Just wanted to thank you again for helping with the exhibition stand at CHASE last week. Once again I was highly delighted with how the stand looked.

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Well, all I can say is WOW! The colour has come out wonderfully and the wording is just right. Well done and thank you so much. I can’t wait to crack on with the next phase.

Rocket Coffee Table

I wanted to say thanks for the posters, they were excellent quality and the service was outstanding! Just wanted to say thank you for pulling it out of the bag and ensuring that we had everything we needed in preparation for our Employee Town Hall. The event went really well and I really appreciated your support. Thank you for your support in the achievement of the required date for these. The event was excellent yesterday and the room looked fantastic with all the material you supplied.

Also can I say once again that the stand looked amazing. Lots and lots of people complemented me on how it looked. This also included some of our competitors who were very jealous. Deliver what we ask for and accommodate any last minute changes. I use Rocket Media because they offer a good service, fast turnaround, and have never let me down. Rocket Media offer a quick response, quick turnaround, and never say no attitude.

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We know Rocket Media will do what we want, when we want it and at the quality that we want. They’re also good fun to do business with! Best for creativity, speed, and that never-say-no attitude! I used Rocket Media with a previous company and brought them across because they were so good.

Rocket Coffee Table

I can’t fault them – I’ve got a lot of time for Rocket. Rocket Media have always done what we needed and when we’ve needed it, even when it wasn’t the norm. 10 for service with a personal touch. You supply all the products we need – we have a great history with Rocket Media.

10 – a great local business. Always very helpful and offer a good, reliable service. They’ve always been able to do what we want and on those rare occasions when they don’t do it directly themselves they know someone who can! We use Rocket Media for their great variety, bespoke service and very quick turnaround. Very happy – the quality of print and the detail is excellent. I’m impressed with the process flow from start to finish.

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TEA Our coffee is sourced direct from Finca Buena Vista, El Salvador. Nothing compares to the right steamy cup of coffee serves on a rainy morning in your fresh vibrant balcony. This small daily guilty pleasure is an element that binds and describes a considerable number of people that find the ritual of the morning coffee a constant equilibrium in a daily busy stressful life. The earliest credible evidence of coffee-drinking appears in the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi shrines of Yemen. It was here in Arabia that coffee seeds were first roasted and brewed, in a similar way to how it is now prepared.

Coffee seeds were first exported from Eastern Africa to Yemen, as the coffee plant is thought to have been indigenous to the former. Yemeni traders took coffee back to their homeland and began to cultivate the seed. Coffee tables are from the wide variety of furniture pieces one requires to furnish his home the least taken into consideration from the beginning of the design process. They are often overlooked or taken for granted as pieces not really necessary for the comfort of the home. But despite this initial belief, the coffee table will later on turn out to be a vital element in the proper functionality of a living room as well as small balcony that is used as a coffee break time. The actual search of the right coffee table able to fit into an already conceived interior design can turn out to be a nightmare as most of you might know.

Size, shape, texture, style, color, all of these characteristics merge and contribute to the right coffee table that can be conceived to suit your every need is designed thoroughly. Coffee tables made from old doors30. In the end, do not forget the decorating aspect. As any table in your home, your perfect coffee table deserves the right centerpiece that will embellish and accentuate its beauty. Choose from a wide variety of designs. We also recommend you to try a diy centerpiece project to complete the design such a beautiful DIY wine bottle centerpiece. Solid wood will always remain a top choice where furniture is concerned.

Its unique texture, sturdiness and resilience in time improves and add warmth and coziness to any home. Even though it might be considered rustic and rudimental, in some cases the bold contrast between a modern interior design scheme and a solid piece of wood is to be desired. Try this beautiful sturdy solid wood coffee table by following 10 simple steps. Choose a darker hued tone for an elegant touch. Another beuatiful example of rustic furniture achievable in 5 simple steps. Build a rustic wooden coffee table by designing a set of three drawers at the lower end for additional storage. Choose a darker varnish and search for copper handles for the drawers to complete the vintage appeal.

This rustic coffee table example features two narrow drawers set in the upper part of the table adorned with beautiful antiqued handles. The elongated shape has received and additional set of legs in the middle for stability. Birch adds such a cozy warm feeling and appeal to the entire home. Learn how to put its raw texture to value into a beautiful rustic coffee table. Recycling and up-cycling wooden pallets has become a common knowledge we all encourage and admire. Versatile and cheap, they provide the excellent working material for any furniture piece or craft whatsoever, easy to manipulate and transform in a fast rate in unique useful pieces. Make your own coffee table out of wooden pallets by fallowing a few simple steps.

Create this practical coffee table by simply adding two wooden pallets on top of each other. Use the space created between the two for magazine or book storage. If you love to entertain, this beverage pallet coffee table is the best choice for your living room. It contains a built in space for an ice storage bucket that will keep your drinks cold and fresh, space which can be covered up and tucked away when necessary. Paint it a bright pop color to contrast with a monotone interior design scheme. Create a revolving coffee table out of old wooden pallets suitable for your backyard entertaining nights. Add a set of drawers for those party essentials.

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You can learn how to incorporate a wooden coffee table into a modern interior design without creating the illusion of bold contrast. Simply finish the raw pallet perfectly, add a coat of fresh white glossy paint, a glass top and a set of wheels and your furniture piece will fit in perfectly. This dark furniture piece is another great example of how useful wooden pallets turn out to be. Transform a basic simple raw pallet into a coffee table by adding a set of w legs on each side of the pallet. We recommend you to add a glass top for increased utility of the table’s surface. You can leave behind the dark hues and treat the double stacked pallet coffee table with a bold colorful tone that cna set the mood for the entire interior design of your home. Adding a glass or acrylic top to a coffee table can turn even the most worn out table into a chic piece.

Transform an old door into a coffee table by cleaning its surface and adding a tailored glass top or use the transparency to create a display table perfect for your jewelry or car model collection. A dark toned coffee table deserved a glass top to light up its bulky appeal and reflect light beautifully. Build the perfect display cube in a pure white tone with a transparent glass top for a minimalist interior design look. Acrylic can replace glass as a top finish material for your display coffee table, being much cheaper and less breakable. The industrial style has been in for some while now and it seems this trend will continue to linger in modern interior designs. Recycle old wooden bits and pieces and take advantage of the worn out appeal they exude by adding a set of old industrial looking wheels to your coffee table creation. Recycle old wooden boards or disassemble a pallet and recompose it into an industrial styled coffee table adorned with a set of big rusty wheels that will enchant and add glamour to your design.

You can even add a set of rope handles on each side of the coffee table for easier maneuvering. Storage space has always been a requirement in any home but maximizing your space can turn out to be quite an issue. Store and hide all those unpleasant items lying around the house in a useful coffee table with built in storage space. Inspire yourself from old apothecary tables and create one for your own from scratch by following a simple step by step tutorial. Paint the furniture’s body a washed out white and let the wooden top untreated for a beuatiful delicate contrast.

Multipurpose is the key to success in small homes so create a coffee table storage bench duo perfectly comfortable and elegant at the same time. This multi-functional creation can serve as a storage unit, coffee table, picnic ensemble all in one. Diversify your creations and recycle wooden pallets into useful pieces you will use for a long time. Like wooden pallets, wine crates are a wonderful resource for creating a coffee table from scratch.

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All that is required is 4 crates and a set of wheels if desired. Use the central space resulted from the merging of the rates to display your candle holder or your beuatiful flower vase. Whereas the below example is more solid, this furniture piece adds texture and detail to any interior design you might think of. Use the available storage space to display your book collection or to illuminate the atmosphere.

Rocket Coffee Table

A very useful coffee table design is the one created out of old wine crates. It is quite cheap to make and provides useful storage space, serving as a display unit at the same time. For a very long time concrete has been considered a building material and not a finishing choice, but with the industrial style taking form and gaining territory concrete coffee tables are very in and chic right now. The best aspect of a concrete coffee table is the ability to create one yourself with ease by following a few simple steps. Merge wood with a concrete top to sweeten the bold contrast.

Opt for a three legged round side coffee table. Transform an old coffee table and turn it into a modern concrete addition to your living room. Enrich your interior decor with a golden concrete table stool that will not go over budget. You can change a coffee table top anytime with a new concrete one. Recycling and up-cycling are our motto so it is only natural for old door coffee tables transformations to be a part of our free plan collection, especially when this type of projects and crafts have a sustainable side and reuse materials enriched by the passage of time.

You could actually take a simple wooden door and add it some legs for a fast door to coffee table transformation. Add a second layer to your project and use metal and a second wooden board for storage. Cut and reshape a wooden door into a storage space coffee table ensemble. The same idea as above minus the actual storage space.

Rocket Coffee Table