Ripple (Remastered Album Version)

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Universal has put together some 64 classic Disco tracks from their rich vault of music to create this wonderful 4 CD collection. It’s an excursion into the music and songs that formed the Disco scene from 1970 to 1980. The first disc takes you way back to the very start of what would become DISCO Music from Motown and Philly by acts like O’Jays, the Temptations, Love Unlimited Orchestra, Isaac Hayes and Manu Dibango’s “Soul Makossa”, a track often credited as one of the fist Disco songs. The second CD focuses on the years of ’74-’76. In the third CD Chic wants us to continue to “Dance, Dance, Dance” and we get fabulous hits from acts like First Choice, Thelma Houston, Sylvester and Grace Jones. Last, but not least, we get ‘Ready for the 80s’ with late ’70s classics as Dan Hartman’s “Relight My Fire”, here in the 12″ version with its superb instrumental “Vertigo” intro, along with fantastic tracks by Shalamar, Diana Ross, Gino Soccio, Cher, Coffee, Tamiko Jones, Pattie Brooks and many others.

This is a MUST HAVE for any Disco lover, as it sure will make you “Rock Your Baby” and “Get Down Tonight”! FINALLY Remixer Guru Tom Moulton gets an “own” compilation. At least it’s named after him and of course it only include a very few of the more than 4000 songs that have got “A Tom Moulton Mix” attached to them. The reason was there are so many songs to choose from and I thought someone objective might be able to look at it differently than me. So in this CD you’ll find some of his best works and hard-to-find gems. Just look at the track list where you find all-time classics from acts like Andrea True Connection, Grace Jones and Patti Jo.

And check out the songs: “Love is the message”, “Free Man”, “I’ll Be Holding On” and “Dream World”. All tracks comes in their full-length “A Tom Moulton Mix” versions, many are promo only versions or even unreleased versions. You definitely need this CD ! What a surprise when I put this into the CD player A collection of great original Funky Disco Boogie tracks you never heard before. This is classic Disco but from outside the Urban ‘traditional’ Disco areas , instead these are some of the best tracks middle America had to offer during the era.

Jazzy “Get It” by The Morning After and the uptempo “Party” by Monofide. Other highlights include Right Direction’s “Midnight Rhythm” and “Get Up Get Down And Let Your Body Pop” by Greyship Daviz. A Collection of the UK’s Finest Underground Soul Jazz-Funk and Disco. This really is a melting pot of all of what Britain stands for, musically and culturally, from Chic-ish Disco via Jazzy vibes to Funky Steeldrum beats. Our cicerone on this excursion has even thrown in some own re-edits of a couple of the tracks. China Burton is another high-light which is one of the tracks that has got a Joey Negro re-edit. The classic “Trip To Your Mind” by Hudson People is also on there along with The Warriors’ “Destination”, which has become a personal favorite, along with the re-edited Nigel Martinez’ “Better Things To Come”.

The 2nd CD kick starts with the classic “Express” by 52nd Street, followed by cult band Incognito, Leiah Ikafa’s “Disco 2000” gets a Joey Negro re-edit treatment, “I Like It” shouts Intrigue while The Cool Notes claims “I Wanna Dance”. Enjoy the best Brit Funk around ! There have been Bee Gees compilations before, but this really is ‘the Ultimate’ one as it feature 40 Hit songs and 18 videos It’s all their wonderful music in one collection and one is constantly reminded of how many great songs they’ve released over their half century in the spotlight. The first song of the first CD sends out a clear message – “You Should Be Dancing”, and that CD give you ALL the more uptempo highlights of the Bee Gees long career, incl.

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Saturday Night Fever tracks and other hits. It also include their own version of “If I Can’t Have You”, which Yvonne Elliman scored a hit with from the SNF soundtrack. The second CD starts out with the lovely ballad – “How Deep Is You Love”, which brings out the lover in you and sets the mood of the second disc. It’s the perfect tete-a-tete or romantic candlelight dinner CD, it just breaths L-O-V-E from start to end. Bee Gees music is still “Stayin’ Alive” and this is ‘the Ultimate’ compilation for you! Producer Bob Blank owned the Blank Tape Studio and in this compilation we’ll find just a very few of the classic works that came out of Bob’s Manhattan studio. Bob tells in the notes about how it came about.

This compilation contains everything from Jazzy grooves to Latin vibes, Funky beats with orchestral New Wave and pure DISCO It could easily had been called the Blank Spectrum! It’s sure “A Better Than Good Time” – Get it NOW ! Another fantastic Boogie compilation from UK’s BBE Records, a label that keeps providing us with exciting releases for all tastes. The first CD is a seamless DJ mix of some of DJ Spinna’s favorite Boogie tracks. A list of hard-to-find and expensive classics that will turn any gathering into a party. Huey Harris’ “Super Duper Lovin'”, Jan Leslie Holmes’ “I’m Your Superman” and “Bad Times” by Captain Rapp. For those of you who want to mix the tracks yourself, you’ll find most of them in their full-length versions on the unmixed CD.

This CD include various tracks from the Capitol archives as selected by Bill Brewster. Personally I’m not sure it the CD should be called Capitol Disco, as I think it spans from Disco and Funk, to mostly Soul. But again, the term “Disco” is quite wide and can easily include several of these early 70’s tunes as well. Simpson and Diana Ross, along with A Taste Of Honey, T-Connection, Mystic Merlin and others. Simpson among others, but I’m sure you’ll find your own favorites among the tracks. It will make you “Work That Body” !

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What can I say The “complete” Casablanca Records story – both in music and in the 48 pages book. Maybe the only thing missing in this compilation is “I was made for lovin’ you” by rock group KISS, who were also signed to the Casablanca label. Most of the tracks come in their full-length 12″ Disco versions. This is a MUST HAVE ! Check also out the book And Party Every Day – the Inside Story of Casablanca, which is written by Larry Harris, who is the late Neil Bogart’s cousin and who also worked for Casablanca. Romeo And Juliet – Alec R.

Ripple (Remastered Album Version)

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Walk The Night – Skatt Bros. Yes, I’m Ready – Teri Desario with K. Change was a group created by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi and they released one album a year between 1980 and 1985, all with stylish and tight arrangement besides the awesome vocals from some of the top artists of the era, including Jocelyn Brown, Luther Vandross, Diva Gray, Deborah Cooper and others. All songs carefully remastered and comes in their original 12 inch or album versions, all for your listening pleasure. Change is really one of my own personal all-time favorite groups and this double CD just delivers all the highlights from their musical treasure chest. Just as it opens up with “A Lover’s Holiday” with Jocelyn on vocals and in the Jim Burgess 12″ version, followed by “the Glow Of Love” with Luther on vocals Can it get any better? Then things just move on from there.

This is really “Heaven Of My Life” as they sing. It’s A Girls Affair” in a exclusive remix by Disco remixer supremo Mike Maurro, who lifts it to new heights. It is really a “Magical Night” for me to listen to this CD and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. This Is Your Time” to discover Change if you haven’t already, if you already know them – then just “Keep On It” and rediscover the greatness of this band which sadly never got all the recognition they really deserved. It will be a “Mutual Attraction”, so ‘Reach for the sky’ and BUY THIS NOW!

Nile Rodgers presents The Chic Organization: Boxset Vol. All the great hits they wrote for their own band along with high-lights from Norma Jean, Sister Sledge, Sheila B. Devotion, Diana Ross and Carly Simon. As a bonus there are lots of previously unreleased tracks along with brand new Dimitri from Paris remixes.

This is an exceptional release and definitely a MUST HAVE for any Chic lover. Put this on and you will just “Dance, Dance, Dance” ! Hip-Hop and you’ve got this compilation. It’s kind of an absurd compilation, but in a good way. Marina Records put together music from 3 decades, from 1972 to 2002 and it’s lots of great stuff we non-germans ever heard before. There’s also the hit “14 Tage”, a track that “Pinky” Velazquez of Vanguard Records licenced to do a english version of.

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And you get to hear a very different version of “Low Rider”. Dispo Funk” by Zatopek is like a combination of Bad Manners and Madness mixed with a touch of Gypsy music – but on speed Wicked and enjoyable! A doze of Cosmic ‘Cerrone Disco’ is brought to us by Ganymed in “Future World”, James Last gives us “Bolero’75” which is as far from Ravel’s original as anyone can be, but it’s great and uplifting. Disco lovers should also check out “Intercontinental Meetings”. Else you’ll find some heavy slap-bass Funk beats along with Funky-House and organ driven tunes! Check it out to form your own opinion! Dancing In The Streets – Boney M.

Ripple (Remastered Album Version)

Danny Krivit – Edits By Mr. New York DJ and Remixer Danny Krivit is back with a second release of his edits of classic Disco tunes. His first re-edits CD was released way back in 2003, so finally we get this new release. K has re-worked some of his favorite tunes, this time he cuts up songs by Rare Pleasure, Fatback Band, Philadelphia All Stars, Patrice Rushen and others, along with the mid 80’s classic “Through The Night” by Blue Moderne.

Ripple (Remastered Album Version)

Great piece of work that will for sure take you “Through The Night”. Another Joey Negro and Sean P collection, by the friends who have worked together for compilations since the Disco Spectrum series. This time they explore and give us some of the greatest classic Boogie tunes. Lots of great tracks and all released on Joey’s own Z Records. As always, make sure to read Joey’s comments, remarks and memories in the inlay. Put on your Roller Skates and BOOGIE! The 360-page deluxe 12″ x 12″ book includes close to 3000 Disco covers, sadly the CD can’t cover it all, but Disco Patrick has selected a wonderful set of classic Disco tunes which are not found on your average Disco collection CD’s.

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First out is the Fantastic Aleems feat. Calebur’s track “Hooked On Your Love”, here in a John Morales remix. Calebur is actually an alias for singer supreme Leroy Burgess, and even Luther Vandross is to be heard on background vocals. From that start the great music just keeps coming From the Miami Disco classic “Superfunk” with it’s latin influences, over to “That’s Hot”, which is exactly just what it called! Then it’s time to get on the “Skateboard” and swirl around to the beats of Chemistry.

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Disco: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records. Buy them BOTH The Book and the CD! The 360-page deluxe 12″ x 12″ book includes close to 3000 Disco covers, sadly the CD’s can’t cover it all, but Disco Patrick has once again selected a wonderful set of classic Disco tunes which are not found on your average Disco collection CD’s. 19 “new” great tracks taking you on a musical excursion through pure Disco, Funky beats and Intergalactic Cosmic trips. Why not “Rock-A-Freak” before taking it down a bit in a “Disco Strut”. By the time you put on CD 2 Jahneen has already understand that “Everybody’s Dancin’. Get Down Boy” shouts Paper Doll.

I Feel Like Love” when hearing tracks from Ripple and Panache, feels like going on a “Moon Ride” and just “Strut On”. Buy both CD’s and the Book! Another wonderful compilation by Al Kent and BBE. Al have released several of these rare Disco tunes previously under his Million Dollar Disco trademark, but now BBE releases all the best tracks in a 5 CD box. Almost every track has been re-edited by Mr. Kent who has managed to bring out the absolutely best of every song in oder to create a complete Disco orgy.

This is probably as far from chart hits as you ever can get, but it’s obscure, wonderful, dancable and DISCO at its best! Gold, Livin’ Proof, Jimmy Sabater, Allan Harris, Gordon’s War and Brooklyn Express. So invest your money in this collection – it’s worth every penny! One just have to LOVE these Disco Discharge CD’s as they’re packed with remastered Disco classics of the kind you’ll never find in your average Disco collection. Personal favorites are for example Sylvester feat.

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Luther Vandross, Tony Orlando, Herbie Mann and Donaly Byrd. This is not your avarage Disco compilation – far from You won’t find the same tracks as you do in most other compilations, but still Harmless have been able to create a perfect mix of both hit tracks and great Disco afficionado gems. These are tracks that everyone will enjoy, no matter if you’re a hardcore “Discoholic” or just enjoy great Disco music. Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco. You just need to take a quick look at the track list to see names like Cheryl Lynn, Cerrone, Gary’s Gang, Bombers, Players Association and Change, names that grants for excellent Disco pleasure.

Ripple (Remastered Album Version)