Ripple In Te Water lyrics

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My lady love, she stands a-waitin’ far across the wide Missouri. On the banks I hear her callin’ to me. A-roll, a-roll a-ree, across the wide Missouri. For seven years I’ve been a-roamin’.

Seven years I left the valley. Now I live just for my true love to see. I’m pushing on when dawn’s a-breakin’, goin’ ‘cross the wide Missouri where my love, she stands a-waitin’ for me. I must bid adieu to my island. Leave the nights by the sea. My heart is heavy inside me.

Bow down just like a palm tree. But the steel bands are playing in Trinidad and my heart tells me that’s home. But the laughter in the market in Trinidad tells me that’s where I should stay. The sun’s comin’ out of the ocean now, and in an hour I’ll be gone. Watch from the mountain when the ships sail in for the one I’ll be on.

My love for you was never my crime. I’ll need the love of a man in his prime. I’ll leave the love of a man in his prime. I’m a rambler and a gambler, a get rich quick scrambler.

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I follow the laws that I make own my own. Had to run to, take my gun to South of the border but I’m not the kind who can live all alone. Just a ridin’ and a-hidin’, my time I was bidin’ till I met my love in a small village square. Took her off right beside me with nothing to guide me.

Nothin’ but stars shinin’ down in her hair. But the posse was a-waitin’ and the wild gun of Satan shattered the love in my poor darlin’s heart. In Trinidad there was a family with much confusion, as you will see. There was a mama and a papa and a son-of-a-gun who wanted to marry, have a wife of his own. That girl is your sister but your mama don’t know! Shame and scandal in the family. So he found a young girl who suited him nice.

He went to his papa to ask his advice. His papa said, “Son, I got to say ‘No. As the weeks went by, the boy looked around. Soon the best cook on the island he found. He went to his papa to name the day. That girl is your sister, but your mama don’t know!

So the years went by and he wished he was dead. He had seventeen girls and still wasn’t wed. When he’d ask his papa, papa would always say, “No! So he went to his mama and he bowed his head. Told his mama what his papa had said.

His mama said, “Son, go, man, go! Your papa ain’t your papa but your papa don’t know! In the quiet of the dawn a little soul is born. Put him in a blanket to see if he is warm. For he’ll never ever be that little soul again. Discovering the world, that will be his one day.

For he’ll never ever be that young boy again. How to build the bridges and makes the wheels to turn. For he’ll never ever be that young man again. Leaving everything he owned for other men to keep. For he’ll never ever be that old man again.

Gone a life of yearning, a heart that’s old and worn. And in the quite of the dawn a little soul is born. Only one thing that money can’t buy, true love that will never die. Carefree lovers down country lanes, don’t know my grief, can’t feel my pain.

But it’s too late, my love. Now there’s one more thing that troubles my mind. My love is gone, left me behind. All the good times have past and gone. All the good times are over. Little darlin’, don’t you weep no more.

I wish to the Lord I’d never been born the time when I was young. I never would’ve seen her smiling face or heard her lying tongue. Oh, don’t you see that lonesome dove that flies from pine to pine? He’s searchin’ for his own, his own true love just like I search for mine. Come back, come back, my own true love, and stay a while with me. If ever I’ve had a friend in this world, you’ve been a friend to me. Sleep, my Child, and peace attend Thee, all through the night.

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Guardian angels God will send Thee, all through the night. God, His loving vigil keeping, all through the night. While the moon her watch is keeping, all through the night. While the weary world is sleeping, all through the night.

Ripple In Te Water lyrics

Christmas time is so appealing, all through the night. You, my God, a Babe of wonder, all through the night. Dreams You dream can’t break from thunder, all through the night. Christmas should be softly spoken all through the night.

And no one has come to put up his bail, oh, oh, oh. Cause he stole a diamond, a beautiful diamond to give, to give to she. Somewhere in Allentown jail, her heart waits in Allentown jail. But more than that, mister, would surely be wrong, oh, oh, oh. But more than that, mister, would surely be wrong for can’t you see? Her love stole a diamond, a beautiful diamond to give, to give to she. And that’s why you’ll need the best lawyer in town, oh, oh, oh.

You must find a lawyer, the best one in town for can’t you see? Her love stole a diamond, a beautiful diamond to prove his love to she. Time to let the rain fall without the help of man. Time to let the trees grow tall. Time to let our children live in a land that’s free. Ally, ally, ally, ally, oxen free. Time to blow the smoke away and look at the sky again.

Time to let our friends know we’d like to begin again. Time to send a message across the land and sea. Strong and weak, mild and meek, no more hide and seek. Time to see the fairness of a children’s game. Time for men to stop and learn to do the same. Time to make our minds up if the world at last will be.

I know I’ll never meet another hunk o’ woman like my Ann. She makes me feel like a great big man. I’m gonna go tell her mama what I think about her, say, “Thank you, ma’am, for giving me your daughter Ann. She sure is stacked from her toes to the nape of her neck, she’s packed like a seed in a grape, she’s smooth as marble skin. When I see her I believe I’m a real young guy and ev’ry time I go to work I think I might die if I can’t hurry home again. If the good Lord worked all night a-makin’ me a female plan, I’d say, “No, thanks, Lord. How could I ever look at any other woman when I’ve got Ann?

Ripple In Te Water lyrics

I feel so good when she takes my hand. I’m gonna go tell her daddy what I think about her, say, “Thank you, man, for giving me your daughter Ann. When I come home and I feel like I’ve been run over by a ten-ton truck she can rub my shoulder and ease my aches and pains. If I lose my job and I’m down to a silver dollar and I feel like a dried up gourd in a holler, she soothes my brow like summer rain.

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I’d say, “No thanks, Lord, I’ll just keep Ann. Prettiest sight my eyes have ever seen. Prettiest sight this city boy’s ole smoggy eyes have seen. Well, if they had looked up into the trees, they would have found. The anchor is weighed and sails they are set.

The girls back home we’ll never forget for we’re bound for the Rio Grande. Two more days, Johnny, two more days. Only two more days, Johnny, two more days. The mainsail is up and the spinnaker’s out.

We’ll head for Cape Horn and then pull her about for we’re bound for the Rio Grande. One more day, Johnny, one more day. Only one more day, Johnny, one more day. When we get to Rio we’ll drop all our pay.

And young Michael Christian is countin’ the days for we’re bound for the Rio Grande. And young Michael Christian is countin’ the days for we’re found for the Rio Grande. There she lies, Johnny, there she lies. Or maybe it’s the weather or something like that but babe, you’ve been on my mind. I am not asking you to say words like “yes” and “no”, please understand me.

I’ve got no place for you to go. I’m just breathing to myself, pretending not that I don’t know. Babe, you’ve been on my mind. It don’t even matter to me where you’re waking up tomorrow.

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When you wake up in the morning, baby, look inside your mirror, you know I won’t be next to you. You know I won’t be near. I’ll just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear as someone who has had you on his mind. Well, early one evening I was rollin’ around. I was feelin’ kind of mean. Strollin’ on home and I went to bed.

Well, I laid me pistol up under my head. Well, early in the morning ’bout the break of day, I figured it was time to make a getaway. Steppin’ right along but I was steppin’ too slow. Got surrounded by a sheriff down in Mexico.

I didn’t even have a chance to see the country. When I was arrested, I didn’t have a dime. The sheriff says, “Son, you’re ridin’ free this time. Where you’re goin’ you won’t need a cent ’cause the great state of Texas gonna pay your rent. Well, I didn’t have a key and I didn’t have a file. Natur’lly I stayed around until my trial. I didn’t like the way the jury looked at me.

Ripple In Te Water lyrics

The judge and the jury, they did agree. They all said murder in the first degree. I don’t know whether to hang you or not, but this killing of deputy sheriffs has just got to naturally got to stop! You’ve got a point there, judge!

It was a most unsatisfactory trial. They gave me ninety-nine years on the hard rock pile. Ninety and nine on the hard rock ground. All I ever did was shoot a deputy down. This whole thing has sure been a lesson to me. I’ll be there for to lend you my hand. Well, I listened to the shouting of those with their lies who tore at the heart of this country of mine.

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But here’s where a quiet man with truth in his hand can make a stand and be heard in this land. The time I can see when we’ll win with the truth that has made us free. Completely round is the perfect pearl the oyster manufactures. Completely round is the steering wheel that leads to compound fractures. Completely round is the golden fruit that hangs on the orange tree. Yes, the circle shape is quite reknowned.

Ripple In Te Water lyrics

My true love gave to me. Yes, my true love gave to me. Completely square was the velvet box he said my ring would be in. Completely square was the envelope he said farewell to me in. Completely square was the handkerchief I burnish constantly. And blows my nose ’til it turns bright red for a perfect square is my true love’s head. Rectangular was the hotel door, my true love to sneak through.

Rectangular was the transom over which I had to peek through. Rectangular was the hotel room I entered angrily. Where lies my love ‘neath the golden flox. They say he died of the chicken pox. One chick too many had he. Triangular is the piece of pie I eat to ease my sorrow. Triangular is the hatchet blade I plan to hide tomorrow.

To a prize I had no wish to win. It’s a lasting memory that my true love gave to me. Oh, the Thresher, the finest atomic ship that ever dived for the sea. Each man on board was a volunteer. Was there ’cause he chose there to be. Ev’ry man jack on board was a hero.

Ev’ry man jack on board there was brave. Each man risked a watery grave. Oh, their wives and their sweethearts came down to port their last fond good-byes there to say. Each tried her best to be tearless and brave.

They promised to meet there some day. Then “Dive,” said the Captain and we held our breath. A sound like she’d broken in two. That was the last we ever heard of her.

Last word we had of her crew. Oh, the Thresher, yes, now her reactor is still but very good company she keeps. Men from the Lexington, Hornet, and the Wasp are down there with her in the deep. Banua, Banua, baby, I don’t know. Won’t you come to me, baby?


Won’t you bring me my bail? For a drink and a fight on a Saturday night, they put down in the Banua jail. But the tongue of Jonathan Brighton was scandalizin’ your name. This Banua jail is cold and damp. The rats, they cover the floor.

Just ten and three will set me free and I’ll be yours forever more. Oo – ’round the bay of Mexico. Mexico is the place I belong in. Wind from the East and it’s blowin’ strong.

Looks like a hurricane comin’ along, well, ’round the bay of Mexico. Wind will blow and that rain will pour. Better get the sugar boats up on the shore, now, ’round the bay of Mexico. Why those young gals love me so? Cause I don’t tell ev’rything that I know. When I was a young man and in my prime.

Court those young girls ten at a time, boys. Nassau girls ain’t got no comb. Comb their hair with a whipper back bone. When I leave the sea, I’ll settle down. With a big, fat mama from Bimini town. Well, there’s a big ball in Boston, big ball in town. Big ball in Boston, I’m gonna get on down.

The birthplace of our nation is Boston so they say. They try to keep it as it was but it’s changing ev’ry day. The Red Coats, they were comin’, their cloth was made of tweed. We met a chap from Harvard, very slim and pale.

The last time that we saw him he was dancing with a cat from Yale. And just a mile from Harvard’s a campus you should see. The folks who come from Boston are said to be quite dated. So whadda ya have to say, my friend?

Ripple In Te Water lyrics

Well, uh, Bobby and Teddy and I made it. I been to the South land. I’ve been down the river of no return many times before. Now, won’t you carry me home, big ship, Glory, carry me home? Carry me home, big ship, Glory, carry me home. I’ve been through a hurricane bound for trouble in a Florida storm.

Well, I don’t remember when it started. Singing every song I ever knew since I was ten. Yes, I rode a main sail for your honor. If I had to live my life all over, I’d do it all again. Cause I’ve been through some good times. I’ve been through some hard times that had me wishin’ I had never been born.