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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. I was led down the alley by Debbie. We were holding hands as we walked to a door recessed into the wall on the left hand side. If Debbie had not retro Round Ripple Pillow me then I am sure that I would never have even noticed it.

There were no signs or notices outside advertising the presence of any sort of club. I was a student and Debbie was a cleaner at the halls where I was staying. She was the same age as me but was trying to earn money so she could go to college. She had been tidying my room when she had seen a story on my laptop about a girl and a dog. I had carelessly left it showing on the screen and was mortified to see Debbie reading it.

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But she was not shocked and it had soon become apparent that she was well ahead of me in this taboo subject. Debbie had already done all the things that I had been fantasising about. She had told me about a private club that she belonged to where my fantasies could become a reality. After much pleading she had finally agreed to bring me. But now as I faced the door my tummy was full of butterflies and my mind was full of doubts. She stopped me in front of the door.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

OK, this is the last chance to back out. I’m sponsoring you to join so I don’t want you to go through that door unless you are going to go through with it. I promise that I won’t let you down. I was trying to sound confident but my heart was pounding in my chest and I could hardly believe that I had got this far. You know what you will have to do for them to let you in. Debbie smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

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You are going to love this. I know that it’s what you have been fantasising about and after the test you can just watch if you want to. Debbie stepped forward and knocked on the door. After a few moments it opened and a handsome man in his thirties smiled at us and let us into the reception room. There was a desk with a computer on it and a series of screens including a view of the alley outside. A large German shepherd dog lay on a rug in front of a fire and thumped his tail on the floor in welcome. So this is going to be our latest member?

He smiled at me and I nervously smiled back. I’ve filled her in on everything and she knows the dos and don’ts. Well baby, what are we going to call you here? Debbie and I had discussed this and decided that I would do the same as Debbie and use my real first name with a second name of a flower. I said and the guy tapped that in on the computer. Then he picked up a digital camera and took a picture of my face.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

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Two more pictures that we need to take and then you are all set to go into the club. Barney here is a lovely dog, nice and friendly. He didn’t tell me what to do but I already knew. I looked at Debbie who smiled encouragingly.

I stepped across to the dog that rose to meet me. But I was trembling as I sat down on the rug next to him. I’d never had people watching me do it before or going to take a picture of it. I can do this, I can do this.

I made a big fuss of him, stroking his head and murmuring in his ears. He licked my face and I let him. His tongue lapped across my cheek and I opened my mouth to kiss him. His tongue slipped between my lips and we French kissed. I pushed out my own tongue into Barney’s mouth.

I had done this before and loved it. I had masturbated to thoughts of this and now I was doing it in front of others. There was a flash and I realised that Jack had taken the second picture that I needed for membership. I reluctantly broke off the kiss. This was as far as I had ever gone with a dog so far.

Now I had to go further and I wasn’t sure that I could do it. I reached underneath Barney and stroked his sheath tentatively. He was warm and he leaned into me. But I was so nervous I was shaking. I looked up at Debbie for help but she was pleading with her eyes for me to carry on. My fingers kept touching and then I felt his cock emerge. I was touching a dog’s cock, not in my imagination but in real life.

I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this, that it was taboo. Part of me wanted to run for the door and part of me wanted to keep touching. I bent my head slowly under Barney’s flank. I saw the pink tip of his cock extending slightly out of the sheath and remembered Debbie’s instructions that she had repeated so many times before we had come down here to the club. One of just you like on a passport photo, then one of you kissing the dog and finally one of you licking the dog’s cock. I had dreamt of doing this but now the time had come and I was scared.

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My head dipped a little lower. I glanced across to Debbie who was standing there with her hands on her face, afraid that I was going to fail. I opened my mouth, put out my tongue and licked the end of Barney’s cock. It throbbed and jerked a little.

I licked again and then moved my lips over the cock. The resulting photo shows my cheeks flushing bright red as I take a dog’s cock into my mouth but it cannot show the warmth that spread through my pussy at the time that I let down the barriers in my mind and licked and sucked that gorgeous dog’s cock. Debbie gave a huge whoop of joy. She flung herself down on the rug beside me and lifting my head from the dog’s cock kissed me full on the lips. Jack laughed and connected the camera to the computer, downloaded the pictures and finished off my membership form. The best that I have seen in a long time. Now go and enjoy yourselves inside.

I asked, feeling slightly guilty about getting the dog turned on and then leaving. Maybe you can finish off what you started with him then! Jack winked lasciviously at me and I blushed again as Debbie excitedly pulled me by the hand into the bar. The door led us through into a bar area. There were some sofas arranged for conversation at one end of the room, benches arranged around an open space in the middle and a bar at the other end. There were a few people scattered around talking to each other. Some of them gave us a smile and a wave but my attention was caught immediately by the dogs.

Half a dozen or so were simply wandering around. They all belong to Sharon, the bar owner. People often bring their own dogs too but then they go in one of the other rooms so that we don’t get any dog fights. The dogs approached the people and were petted but nothing more so far. We walked to the bar and Debbie introduced me to Sharon. Sharon was a lovely blonde woman of about forty.

She was friendly without being pushy. Sit and watch if you like, no-one will mind. If you need any help just call but I’m sure Debbie will look after you. You haven’t gone all the way with a dog so far, is that right? Well I would love to watch you losing your doggy cherry out in the middle of the room but don’t worry. If you want some privacy we have lots of rooms for you to go and use.

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The thought of being taken out in the middle of the floor made my pussy go moist at the same time as my legs shook. I got us a couple of beers and we sat at a bench. I was surprised at how nice it all was. The decorations were tasteful and didn’t look cheap.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

I mentioned this to Debbie who nodded. Membership is free for us but the guys have to pay and it’s very expensive. At that moment a woman stood up from her bench and slid down her jeans. The man who had been chatting to her took off her panties and I gasped as she shamelessly exposed her shaven pussy.

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I guessed that she was in her late twenties and had lovely long legs and shoulder length blonde hair. She sat back on the bench and spread her legs as wide as she could. He took a sniff of the woman’s spread pussy and then gave it a long lick with its purple tongue. The woman gasped but stayed just where she was and the dog began to eagerly lap at her with his tail wagging happily. We were sat close by and I could see everything. My pussy was moistening and my tummy was flipping at the same time.

It was so dirty, so wrong, so depraved and yet so wonderful. She inched forward a little and exposed her ass to the excited dog. Would you like a closer look? Debbie with a big grin across her face. I nodded, blushing at the very thought. But instead of moving towards the couple, Debbie simply stood up and took off her jeans. I took the black lacy panties by the waist and tugged them down.

She gave a sexy shimmy to bring them down to her ankles and then sat back down like the woman had done, with her legs spread wide. I had seen her pussy before of course. I had licked her out many times as she told me about the things that she had done with dogs. Labrador padded across and immediately licked up her pussy from the bottom to her clit with one long swipe. She squeezed it tight as the dog gave her pussy a thorough licking. I knew that I should leave, run out of the bar, go home and hide in my bed. But Debbie was clearly in ecstasy and my pussy wasn’t just moist any more, it was soaked.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

The guy was looking from Debbie to the blonde woman, enjoying the show as they moaned and gasped with the pleasure from the doggy tongues. Well honey, why don’t you have some fun too? The man was looking at me with a wide smile on his face. I stammered and turned to Debbie for support. She was panting now with the effect of the labrador licking her pussy. From the noises it must have been very wet down there.

You know that you want it, why not just admit it and join us. She was supposed to be looking after me! But isn’t that what she is doing? She is guiding you and she is right, this is what you want. I stood up as if I was in a dream and unbuttoned my jeans.

Like nothing you ever felt before. Then she moaned and tipped her head back as pleasure flowed through her from the dog tongue working it’s way into her pussy. The jeans slid down my legs. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. I wasn’t myself and yet I was, this was what I wanted, what I had dreamed of.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

The guy came over and helped me take down my panties. I didn’t understand for a moment and then it sank in. I had to open my legs and display myself. Debbie squeezed my hand and I looked at her face, full of pleasure and lust.

I sat back, opened my thighs and revealed my shaved pussy with just a patch of fuzz above the clitoris. OK let’s try you with Harry. He called and another mongrel trotted over to us. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. The amazing sensations of the big tongue on my wet pussy combined with my feelings of shame and guilt about committing such a perverted act were a heady cocktail.