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Communication, dialog, conversation on an online forum and internet chatting concept. Even though they posted this message at reddit No Longer Accepts Bitcoin end of the first week of May, it did not come into effect for another two weeks since the memo stated that as of May 20, no vendor would be allowed to sell the type of drug.

Gowron’s message is categorically clear that all vendors should remove all listings of the said drug and if any member of the site comes across any listing that sells the opioid, they should report it with immediate effect. Below is a screenshot of the message from Gowron on the Dream Market forum. Is the Ban of Fentanyl the Ultimate Solution? The matter can be looked at from a broader perspective, but the real question is whether it will reduce the menace brought about by the drug due to fatal overdoses. There are other marketplaces in existence which have not yet initiated the ban of the fentanyl and as such, Dream users are likely to migrate to other darknet markets.

So, therefore, people will still have other options, and from the writers’ perspective, this is not the ultimate solution because it has a very minimal effect. The other thing is that the market vendors and buyers still have the option of using anonymous messaging platforms which have gained significant popularity and preference over the years. For the case of Dream Market, it is not any different. A look at the marketplace reveals that several sellers have left their contact details on their vendor profiles, making it easy for buyers to contact them without necessarily logging in to their Dream Market account. Therefore, the drug vendors will remove the drug listings from their profile and further urge those who wish to purchase fentanyl to order it directly by use of messaging apps.

The end effect, though trivial, is that Dream Market will end up losing a certain proportion of the revenue they earn from commission generated after a sale. Given that drugs are among the most profitable businesses in the dark web, then it is evident that there will be an effect. Because of this reason, the authorities are at the moment trying as much as they can to bring down the site by whatever means possible. The operation that brought down the two mega-markets is regarded as the most successful in the history of darknet markets. But even after a major darknet crackdown, more people get involved in darknet markets by simply creating new ones. What makes it even worse is that the number of law enforcement personnel participating in curbing crime is not growing at a proportionate rate. And for this reason, the rate of crime-related activities keeps on growing as compared to the people who get arrested and prosecuted.

After months in and out of court, Vallerius pled guilty this month in a move that could see him spend up to 20 years in federal prison. However, he will not be the first major operator of a top market to end up behind bars. In yet another instance involving a Dream Market vendor, a former postal employee based in Maryland pleaded guilty to drug-related charges last month. Skinner dealt with heroin, cocaine and synthetic opioids including fentanyl.

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Then there’s also a San Diego man known as Sky Justin Gornik, who operated on several markets including Dream Market. It is ordinarily typical for vendors to set up multiple accounts on different markets in a bid to attract more clientele. In most cases, they use the same username and listings make it clear to all that visit their profile. For those who never had an account on Hansa and other darknet markets, they rushed to create new profiles in a deliberate bid to continue their business. Hansa to close registration for a period of one week. All this was a game plan by the security personnel involved in the operation.

It is just a matter of time until it will be known if Dream Market will sail through the wave riddled with hurdles of all sorts. Earlier this month, 20-year-old Duc Cao of Orange County, 21-year-old Wyatt Pasek of Santa Ana and 22-year-old Isaiah Suarez of New Port Beach were arrested under suspicion of operating a drug business on the very popular darknet market, Dream Market. Around the same time the Office of the U. Attorney for Central District Of California announced the arrest, a criminal complaint was launched against the three suspects, accusing them of selling drugs on Dream Market under the username Oxygod.

The resulting joint operation between the DEA and the Costa Mesa Police Department lasted six months during which they gathered enough evidence to make a strong case against the three. According to a criminal police affidavit, it was later as they tested for fentanyl that the police discovered that the pills contained cyclopropyl fentanyl. Costa Mesa police quickly narrowed their search for the source of the counterfeit pills to Pasek. Opioid overdoses have been on the rise and the majority of these drugs come from darknet markets where fentanyl in all forms, including nasal spray, is being peddled to everyone with access to the dark web. Similarly, the authorities kept a close watch on Cao and Suarez as soon as they confirmed that the three were working together.

In early March, a surveillance team picked up on Cao as he dropped off a number of packages at the post office. Police quickly obtained a warrant and managed to arrest several suspects in different states. A combined total of 1,400 counterfeit A 125 pills were recovered in operation. This was a momentous day for the investigators.

On the second day of April, Cao was spotted at Pasek’s house after which he traveled to the Newport Beach pill lab. After leaving the lab, he drove straight to a post office in Santa Ana and deposited 13 packages, similar to the first batch he was seen depositing in March. Police obtained a court order to open the 13 packages. All of them contained the counterfeit blue A 125 pills and tested positive for fentanyl, according to the affidavit. The following day, police made their move. They started by raiding Suarez’s apartment where they found not only fake oxycodone but also fake Xanax pills.

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It should be noted that Oxygod, a Dream Market vendor with a 4. 54 rating after over 200 reviews, only dealt in fake oxycodone pills. The raid unearthed pill binders, an unknown sum of cash and over 13,000 fake oxycodone pills. The last login date on Oxygod’s account was observed to be a day after the group was taken into custody. Furthermore, the issue of the fake Xanax pills remains unsolved, as does the mystery of the second research chemical used together with fentanyl to create the fake oxycodone pills.

It is believed that the trio sold an upwards of 100,000 fake oxycodone pills before the police caught up with them. So far, there are several popular forums used by darknet users for discussion. This is the function of Dread, a new dark web-based communication platform. The admins are clear that the site is not affiliated with the market itself. It was built because Dream Market is currently the top darknet market today, and it is essential for market users to be aware of the happenings in their community.

Dream Market forum cannot be accessed. Among them are announcements, general discussion, news and happenings, plus tutorials and guides. Depending on an individual’s interests, they can browse through the categories for useful discussions. It’s worth noting that users should take into consideration specific factors before opening an account and among them is the username.

When dealing with goods that can be illegal or legal on darknet sites, it is always advisable to use a pseudonym that does not resemble the user’s actual name. Among the most common rules for those seeking to use the forum is that they should avoid publicizing too much personal details, no seeking direct clients, they should do adequate research, no blackmailing and doxxing, and last but not least, no selling accounts. Now, the remaining platforms are in a race to make their existing systems even more robust to avoid a repeat scenario. Already, Dream Market users have begun receiving notifications asking them whether they would like to use the privacy-centric altcoin in their future transactions. It is quite the norm for dark web marketplaces to make these changes under wraps before attracting any publicity to it. Despite that, competitors step up rather quickly every time a market goes offline, showing that the cutthroat environment of this unmitigated part of the web still exists.

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Dream Market has found itself at the apex of the dark web. Although this means that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin will soon pass through the marketplace, it also means that Dream Market’s admins have a massive target on their backs. The addition of the privacy-focused Monero on Dream Market is therefore very timely because it gives them a much-needed layer of extra privacy and anonymity. On Dream Market, the Monero payment option is offered alongside two other options—Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Dream Market first added support for Bitcoin Cash late last year.

Thus far, it is the only altcoin that is truly untraceable. Several vendors approved of this change and encouraged other markets to follow suit if they truly valued the privacy of their users. For a period, Bitcoin Cash became a popular payment option on dark web markets with its only advantage over Bitcoin being lower transaction fees and quicker payment confirmations. However, on the score of privacy, it was just as ineffective as Bitcoin, making it the proverbial band-aid over a gunshot wound. High transaction fees and long payment confirmation periods put a lot of people off from using the digital currency, and although Bitcoin Cash addressed the problem of high costs and long waiting periods, it did nothing about the lack of privacy and anonymity. Currently, Monero is the only emerging altcoin that implements privacy and anonymity at the protocol level.

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Several of its altcoin competitors claim to have the better privacy or to be more anonymous, but in reality, only Monero can hide both the sender and recipient’s identities plus the amount transacted. So why has it been constantly overlooked and relegated to play second fiddle to the evidently insufficient Bitcoin? XMR hasn’t been made convenient to use for novices as of yet. Since it is quite possibly the most powerful altcoin, especially in terms of being the only altcoin with functional privacy and anonymity features, it remains rather unwieldly for most inexperienced cryptocurrency users. Bitcoin went down a similar path during its nascent years, so there is no doubt that Monero will eventually become as popular as Bitcoin.

Reddit No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

In fact, XMR is the only altcoin that offers transparency as an option, meaning that it is private and anonymous by default. This can surely propel it into even greater heights of popularity than Bitcoin has reached. Dream Market has officially completed integration, now offering its users three payment options. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will undoubtedly come second to the much more robust privacy coin, which will provide many Dream Market users with true anonymity.

In what has gradually become a popular trend, most prominent darknet markets that announce the decision to go into maintenance either disappear if not just shut down. For this instance, however, the downtime was scheduled. And as it appears, the operators of this platform seem to have made the best out of the period. To be precise, they incorporated an additional cryptocurrency into their system for both buyers and vendors to utilize, although this move will not come without its fair share of controversy.

While it is fair to state that Bitcoin Cash has witnessed substantial success so far, it is still not among the currencies that anyone would go for—especially to conduct transactions on the dark web. One would be inclined to assume that individuals who carry out their operations across the dark web would insist on privacy and anonymity as the fundamental conditions first. Even with the deficiency of darknet-oriented services and tools, the significance of the new addition of BCH as a payment option for Dream Market cannot be downplayed. This is reiterated by the fact that Dream Market is the first of its kind in the darknet market community to endorse the use of BCH officially. For any user who is willing and open to making use of this altcoin, the process is quite simple: go to your account settings and turn on BCH support.

Reddit No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

Its integration promises to be an exciting unfolding as we wait to see whether or not it will spark any interest among users nonetheless. Currently, there is an outright ongoing battle within the darknet marketplace world. Just after the foreclosure of many prominent and famous marketplaces courtesy of law enforcement takedowns, the demand for privacy-oriented options of payment has been on the rise. And while Monero seems to have cemented its reputation as the best option with this regard, the Dream Market operational team seems to have overlooked this factor and instead settled on Bitcoin Cash for reasons best known only to them. In recent times, we have witnessed various marketplaces eradicate the use of Bitcoin for its lack of privacy and anonymity, and instead go for the more reliable Monero. Up until now, it is still a mystery why dark web platforms would decide to incorporate the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Until just recently when Dream Market decided to do the unthinkable, it seemed unlikely that any dignified marketplace—especially because of the type of transactions and operations that happen within Dream Market—would decide to adopt cryptocurrency payment options such as BCH, mainly due to their transparency concerns. With this critical move, the community can only hope that this decision by the Dream Market team ultimately plays out in their favor. While adding Bitcoin Cash seems like a remarkable idea, it may also be one that comes to haunt them—especially since it is not without controversy. BCH could well prove a thorn in the foot for Dream Market in the coming days.

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Dream Market and the now-closed Hansa Market. In this instance, the authorities identified that mrdrogenkommandant, together with his accomplices, apparently sold quite a significant amount of drugs—one that merited daily trips to several parcel reception locations. With his unexpected disappearance, the vendor’s remarkable rating of 4. His Dream Market clients have started to issue complaints about the apparently delayed deliveries, with some stating that they haven’t received anything at all. Several days after the BKA made the arrest, they went out to announce the significant achievement.

On November 9, mrdrogenkommandant reportedly arrived with a total of 34 packages in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, before he could mail all the items to his customers, BKA officials apprehended him. Following this, the office of the Coburg Public Prosecutor linked this heist with numerous other similar arrests in Germany—all related to the dark web. It was also not a good day for some of the vendor’s clients on Dream Market, including a buyer who had just collected his package from the vendor on the day before his arrest. 12 clients and made two more arrests.

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Similarly, the Rottenburg Police Headquarters and the Tubingen Public Prosecutor’s Office also made it public that they had another known drug peddler in custody. And to further cap it off, the release outlined the capturing of even more Dream Market customers. The BKA has confirmed that they would actively collaborate with both national and global law enforcement agencies to arrest more suspects sourced from darknet markets. While this cannot necessarily be considered a dangerous drug, authorities were quick to arrest and prosecute the young 24-year old in an attempt to deal with the gradually growing menace of drug trafficking through the dark web. The authorities declined to offer much information citing that the investigation is still ongoing. The suspect conducted his distributing activities on various marketplaces in the dark web, although his primary base was Dream Market.

The Slovakian authorities admitted that it was quite challenging to track down Juraj mainly because of his utilization of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, along with anonymity services to access the dark web. The authorities posted their successful crackdown in a Facebook post. In the post, they explained that between September 2016 and the time of arrest, the suspect grew marijuana from his home in Trenčín. Juraj was apparently operating a large-scale operation on Dream Market that involved shipping his products to various countries, among them Germany, France, the U. Hungary and Turkey, just to mention but a few. What’s more, the authorities in their report identified that he used special envelopes to disguise the drugs he was sending to his various Dream Market customers using the postal service. Immediately, the Slovakian law enforcement team narrowed down his location and the courts issued a residential search—this was how the authorities managed to gather enough evidence to not only arrest the suspect but also to charge him.

Dream Market to conduct his sales. Dream Market vendor who was involved in the sale of several premium cannabis strains. In line with the Dream Market profile the police were using, the said vendor shipped the products from the same location, as per his additional vendor profile on Valhalla Market. Nonetheless, in a research report conducted by the Slovakian government between the years 2013 and 2016, authorities have established a theory on the distribution of narcotics across the dark web. This study reveals that it is challenging for authorities to keep track of illegal activity in the dark web. And this is because of the anonymity capabilities of the exclusive Tor network, as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

The report also suggests that the main reason for the gradual shift of paradigms with drugs moving from the streets to the dark web is because the latter offers clients a diverse assortment of drug options from which to choose from. An Italian security firm called We Are Segment first spotted the flaw. Aside from publishing a short press release, We Are Segment CEO Filippo Cavallarin did not reveal any significant details about this vulnerability to the public. We Are Segment provided a record of this advisory on its website.

However, the flaw does not affect Windows users. Upon receiving a notification about this vulnerability, The Tor Project’s developer team worked up a temporary fix—Tor version 7. 9 for Linux and Mac users. In this process, this can ultimately end up exposing users’ real-time IP address. That’s why Tor rolled out a partial emergency fix for this particular security vulnerability. The exact bug details will only be revealed when a permanent fix has been released to effectively stop the potential leak of IP addresses.

However, Tor advises users to assume that their real IP addresses may have been exposed or might leak in the future, and they should upgrade to the latest versions as soon as possible. 9, Mac and Linux users on the alpha channels should upgrade to Tor version 7. In a bid to keep users’ anonymity and privacy protected, Tor Project announced their plans to release a series of new security features including new cutting-edge encryption system, advanced client authorization, offline service keys and a control port interface. Other features include secure naming systems, improved guard algorithms, statistics, blockchain support, mixed-latency routing, virtual reality interface and artificial intelligence logic. These features are set to build on the Tor 0. 1-alpha version release that was rolled out in September. This version supports next-generation onion services, following four years of development.

The new releases are all part of the larger 0. The series will, by default, replace the legacy onion system that has been in existence for over ten years. Still, users should know that Tor vulnerabilities are continuing to arise over time. This provides double protection and keeps you safe from any privacy and security-related threats that may find your device.