Rainbow Ripple Stitch Crochet Scarf

Free knit and crochet patterns for children’s clothes, dolls, bears and more! Teddy Bears, dolls, balls, puppets and more! Many children will be cold or have other needs this coming winter,. Please consider knitting and crocheting some of these items to help your local elementary schools, pediatric wards rainbow Ripple Stitch Crochet Scarf your hospitals, and shelters.

Be sure to check with each place before making and donating to see what they need the most. Bev’s Marvelous Mitts with Matching scarf and hat   for preschoolers! Aunt Maggie made many pairs of these great slippers. BLANKETS and afghans for kids and find more HERE! Made from granny squares in the shape of a teddy bear! Kay’s 12-yr old mittens – at knitting-crochet.

Kids Warmers hats, earwarmers, slippers, knit mittens, scarf, all on one page. Make one today for that special little girl. DON’T forget to look on Bev’s  Christmas at the Cottage pages for more toys and other gifts ideas to make! All content is copyrighted to original creators. You may direct LINK to pages, but you may not post patterns anywhere in any media form. Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too. And each person has a different set of them.

Rainbow Ripple Stitch Crochet Scarf

Mine happen to be in the area of needlework. God gave to me that I am blessed to be able to share with you! Last month I received a private message from a fellow stitcher named Doug Speeckaert. He had been inspired by my Meandering Paw Prints scarf pattern after his cat Snoopy had passed. He wanted to crochet a memory tribute and so he set to work expanding on my scarf pattern.

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When he sent the picture I asked if he would share his calculations. I KNEW others would be asking for this. He graciously handed over all of his notes inserted into my pattern! SIZE: can be made any size you wish! 7 oz of each color and used a size H hook. It fits a full size bed with drape on each side.

Pic shown above Afghan was worked over 120 stitches and makes a nice sized lap afghan. Here is Meandering Paw Prints over the Rainbow Bridge with a tiny white scalloped edging. It sort of reminds me of clouds! These instructions are at the end of the pattern.

Ch 2 at beginning of row does NOT count as a stitch. Dc in last sk st: Insert the hook into the skipped stitch indicated and continue with your dc in the same manner as the other dc. This binds the two sts together into a cross stitch. Foundation Double Crochet then simply work a multiple of 20. Row 1: Working in the back ridge of the starting ch, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. Finish off when desired length is reached.

Join edging yarn to first stitch of last row. Work 3 sc in this stitch. Sk next st, 5 dc in next st, sk next st, sc next st. Work 3 sc in the top of ch 2 at end of row. Working evenly down the side of the afghan repeat the stitches the same as you worked across the top of the afghan, only now you will be going into the ends of the rows instead of the tops of the stitches. Sandi made this one using less than 3 Caron Cakes!

Michelle used Miragood Basics for this afghan. I am a human and sometimes make mistakes! This is an Original Design by Amy B Stitched. A lot of hard work goes into writing patterns. Please feel free to share the link, but do not copy and distribute this pattern by any other means.

If you like getting my FREE patterns and don’t want to miss out on any future ones, you can subscribe to my blog and have all of my new entries delivered straight to your email inbox! Just type your email address into the field on the right hand column under the heading “follow by email” and click submit. All patterns published on this blog are the property of Amy Brewer. Making this realistic looking crochet daisy flower applique is a lot simpler than it first appears.

Each flower consists of a yellow centre with white chain petals and is worked in just two rounds. Summer ripple cushion with daisy flower applique – tutorial at crafternoontreats. You will need Yarn: Deramores Studio Chunky DK yarn in citrine and frost left over from making the summer ripple cushion cover. About the daisy flower applique tutorial This tutorial is written in UK terms.

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You can also download a printable version of the UK version of the pattern. Check out the printable US version of the pattern if you want US terms. Making the daisy flower I made a centre and daisy petals consisting of 14 chains for my smaller daisy appliques and 18 chains for my large one. Using the citrine yellow yarn make a slip knot and four chains. Join these with a slip stitch into the first chain to form a circle.

Rainbow Ripple Stitch Crochet Scarf

Daisy flower applique step 1 tutorial from crafternoontreats. Work treble stitches into the ring until you have made 12 trebles in total. Cut your working yarn and thread onto the darning needle. You will now close the circle using the neat joining method. Daisy flower applique step 2 tutorial from crafternoontreats.

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Sew the tail end through the first treble in the ring, putting the needle through both the front and back loops, and sewing from front to back. Pull through the thread but do not tighten completely. Leave a gap of about 1cm. Daisy flower applique step 3 tutorial from crafternoontreats. Bring the needle and yarn back to the front of your work.

Then sew through between the front and back loops of the last treble stitch of the ring, again working from front to back. Pull through, tighten and adjust the tension so that the join is as neat as possible. Daisy flower applique step 4 tutorial from crafternoontreats. Daisy flower applique step 5 tutorial from crafternoontreats.

Join the white yarn by pulling a loop through one of the stitches of round 1. Make one chain to secure then start making the other 13 chains for your first daisy petal. Daisy flower applique step 6 tutorial from crafternoontreats. When you have 14 chains, insert your hook back into the same stitch and pull the yarn through to create a slip stitch. Then you are ready to make 14 chains for the next daisy petal.

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Daisy flower applique step 7 tutorial from crafternoontreats. When the second petal is complete, make a slip stitch into the next stitch of round one. Make another 14 chains and join back into the same stitch with a slip stitch. Make the next 14 chains and join into the next stitch of round 1 with a sl-st. Continue all round, making 14 chains and joining into the same stitch and then the next stitch as you make every pair of petals. Daisy flower applique step 8 tutorial from crafternoontreats. When you have made the 14 chains for the last petal, join with a sl-st into the stitch that already holds the first petal.

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Daisy flower applique step 9 tutorial from crafternoontreats. Your finished daisy will look like this. It is normal for it to look ruffled and rather less than daisy-like. But don’t worry, a bit of steam blocking will sort it out. Daisy flower applique step final tutorial from crafternoontreats. I use a folded pillowcase on my ironing board, which also works well.

Starting at 12 o’clock, pin the first petal down gently, pulling it slightly taut as you do so. Then do the same thing with the 13th petal around the circle, but pin into the 6 o-clock position. Then do the 7th and 19th petals into the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Then pin out the petals in between, spacing them fairly evenly and pulling them to approximately the same length.

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You can see how the flower starts to look much more like a daisy. Daisy flower applique step blocking tutorial from crafternoontreats. Then, with a hot steam iron on full steam,  hover the iron over the daisy so that the flower gets plenty of steam for a few seconds. Move the iron around, hovering about 3cm above the daisy for up to 30 seconds.

Make sure the daisy feels warm to the touch. This is acrylic and it will MELT. It will ruin the flower and won’t do the iron much good either. I use cheap pins and if the iron does get too low, it touches them first, so I get an early warning.

I use to do the ironing. Daisy flower applique before and after blocking tutorial from crafternoontreats. Thank you so much for this tutorial I love this daisy and know many projects I will be adding it to! Nice clear explanation of blocking the daisy! Thanks for this fresh easy pattern.

Perfect for me a real beginner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And each person has a different set of them. Mine happen to be in the area of needlework.

Rainbow Ripple Stitch Crochet Scarf