Raffi – Ripple of Love Lyrics

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Download Mp4 Video, Music Video, Full Movie, Video Full Songs, Youtube To Mp3 Songs, Video Photos Gallery, Youtube To 3Gp Video, Video Voice Lesson, Video Dance Moves, Download Mp3 Songs, Video Guitar Tutorial, Youtube To Mp4 Video, Video Piano Lesson, Download 3Gp Video. You need to login to do this. Could I go to a club and just start randomly typing in midair? Enter focuses more on critique than comedy, there’s still a fair amount of humour to be had here. Enter: In Rarity’s backstory, she’s making costumes for the school play when her horn somehow gets a mind of its own and starts dragging her to hell and back. I like where this is going. Actually, it eventually leads her to a boulder.

Enter: And Rainbow Dash shows up, of course she does. NO WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. No, it’s actually the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. Enter calls the titular deivce “Steve. His own snark is also top-notch:Sweetie Belle: How could somepony as amazing as you not have a very special somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day? Enter: Because the staff doesn’t want to piss off the shippers. Enter: The CMC set up a picnic and try to get Cheerilee and Big Mac together.

Since they’re not idiots, and this isn’t a terrible Ship Fic, they don’t get together. Enter asks if Fluttershy is flipping the bird in one scene. When Pinkie Pie describes the MMMM, Enter laments that he’s hungry. All of his guesses as to what “it” means. His reaction to the infamous G3 reference in “Too Many Pinkie Pies”. Enter: Rainbow Dash is about to tell another one of her ghost stories, but Scootaloo decides that she’s got a better one.

In fact, she probably tells the scariest story imaginable. Rainbow tells her not to tell that story because it might scar Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom for life. Enter: Wait, did she say dick-cord? Enter’s response to “the episode” referencing other episodes he doesn’t like.

Enter: Ed Valentine, STOP MOCKING ME! While discussing the formulaic nature of this episode, we cut to a book, “Writing 101: Peggy Hill Approved”. Enter narrates to the point when Fluttershy accidentally knocks down the curtain and is exposed as the real singer. Enter: Then the Pony Tones become the subject of many gossip columns and the target of over two dozen lawsuits—oh, we’re not going that far with the reference, okay.

The stinger at the end of his review says “Moldorm has become a cheeseburger. Stop trying to make it funny. Enter references Joshscorcher in the same review. Josh: And as we all know, everything lime green is evil.

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No seriously, everything lime green is evil. And later, when Spike eats the book Enter: Huh, I wonder what evil magic tastes like? Hilarious Caption: It tastes like Mountain Dew. Harshwhinny: Next thing you know, you’ll be asking to put on a rock concert.

Enter: You gave Hasbro that idea DIDN’T YOU? Enter: Oh Rafiki never did that. Enter: And then Tirek throws the Princesses into tartar sauce shit. Twilight Sparkle: As the Princess of Friendship, I will not fail my duty! His review of My Little Pony Micro Series has him criticizing every Incredibly Lame Pun. Enter: There’s a monster replacing all of the apples with squash! There’s also one point where he says that it’s best to watch in full screen, provided Google didn’t decide to ax that feature.

His lampshading in the captions of some videos when he mispronounces Twilight’s name to sound like “Toilet” or “Toy”. Thomasmemorycentral: I think these story-boarders and scriptwriters want us to break our TVs. Enter: Y-yeah, I’m sure they do. But we’d never give them the satisfaction of actually having it happen. Enter: Jeez, I wonder what they’re going to do in a real crisis. H-hey guys, that house is still on fire! Enter: No, seriously, it’s catching the entire neighborhood on fire, and th-the extinguisher is missing!

How do I put it out? Later in the episode, he only has this to say after a display of utter ditziness from the main character: “How do you breathe? The thumbnail for the Johnny’s Royal Flush review depicts Mr. Enter happily ready to chow down on Fish Johnny. His evil grin is what sells it. During his review of “Stuck In The Wringer”:Spongebob: What’s that, Patrick?

I couldn’t hear you with all the lonely voices in my head. Enter mentions that Jet falls onto his “Lego lawn”, before adding “Ouch! His friendship letter in his review of “It’s a Wishful Life”. Today I learned that if I don’t appreciate someone’s hard work done for me out of charity, I shouldn’t worry about it. Heck, I can even yell at them for it. And if that leads them to feel unappreciated to the point where they’re questioning their own existence, it’s their problem and not mine. They should keep doing these deeds for me no matter how much apathy I give.

Enter: Look, if my warning wasn’t good enough for you, they give you one! Enter: By some viewers they mean anyone with a brain. Announcer: others may experience mild discomfort, nagging backache, post-nasal drip, and deliriumfollowed by rapid heartbeat, swelling of the nose, throat and abdomen and loss of facial hair. Announcer: Repeated viewing of this tape may result in the loss of one’s bodily functions, re-distribution of facial features, premature baldness, and a difficulty in forming simple sentenc-c-ces. Enter: It’s funny because everything I review I need to watch at least twice. And that’s not counting how much I see the clips during editing. Announcer: So, if you’re seriously considering a rewarding, challenging career as a lawn ornament this is the show for YOU!

The 30 Worst Cars of the Last 30 Years—Ranked

By the way, that’s the highlight of the comedy in this thing. And we haven’t even started yet! Announcer: Grosser than a mouthful of brussels sprouts! Enter: Excuse me, was that some kind of half-assed attempt at a joke? Announcer: More tasteless than a cube of tofu! Enter: Wow, they’re actually calling their own jokes tasteless.

Hey, they said it, not me. Announcer: More revolting than Mom’s latest casserole! Enter breaking windows off-screen during Meg’s conversation with Brian on his review of “Seahorse Seashell Party”. Enter’s wish on what he wants to do to Peter. Enter: Peter, I wanna shove a shotgun up your ass so badly!

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I’m just afraid that I’ll get covered in your shit if I do! From his review of Hunchback 2 where an old man complains that during the circus his life savings were stolen:Mr. Enter: Who the fuck brings their life savings to a circus? Another good one is the use of “Jeopardy!

Thinking Music to illustrate how long it takes Phoebus to come to an obvious conclusion. Enter: Please get into my van, Squidward! Enter sums up “Arthur’s Big Hit” perfectly: Mr. Read: Well, maybe that’s how DW felt when you punched her. Enter: Ha ha, you’re getting physically bullied at school!

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Also, in his “Lupe’s Revenge” review. One moment that stands out, similar to the above MLP example, is when Mr. The first fault of “Ball of Revenge” is a Ben 10 screen bug. Enter: He sees Elizabeth and recognizes her for some reason, and tries to pull the bathysphere off the ground. Enter: No, this isn’t jumping the shark. They did that LOOOOOONG before this movie even started.

Right now, I don’t even know what to call this. We are on a crazy train going off the rails. During his review of Atlantis Squarepantis, he notes that Lord Royal Highness is voiced by David Bowie. I only use my own jokes, thank you. Caption: Celebrities in need of a paycheck: Fuck you then. His reaction when Patrick punches his talking forehead in Spongebob You’re Fired review.

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His Chicken Little review is hilarious just because of how above and beyond he expresses his utter hate for Buck, which he does constantly, in this, one of his longer reviews. The best occasion has to be after Buck’s incredibly hypocritical “You have to be willing to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say” line. How about when he flips out near the end? Second of all, that’s too little, too late.

What does the “block number” in the iota wallet represent?

Fourth, that clearly wasn’t love earlier, that was neglect. At times, where he says “Pointing out your problems does not make them go away. Gorf, he points out all the differences between the episode and the books. And when he gets to a point in the episode where Mrs. Enter: And then she turns Myron into a potato because potatoes. In his “Top 10 Worst Squidward Torture Porns” list, he gets stressed when the writers make the implications that Patrick was able to get into the concert by either vomiting or shitting out his tickets.

In Princess Promenade, there is a scene involving a weed G3 Pinkie Pie: It kinda looks like a weed. I don’t want to hear it! Enter: They come across a flower and a mound of purple shit I’m not trying to be creative or vulgar with my language, that REALLY looks like a pile of purple shit. Also, anytime he calls characters out of their stupidity. Getting Sanjay and Craig’s names mixed up in his “Fart Baby” review. The ending of the “Cold War” review. Chum Chum: Wanna go play out in the rain?

Fanboy: YA READ MY MIND, BEST FRIEND! Enter: Oh GOOD, a Book End! I hear they make GREAT bludgeoning weapons, I hear! I’ll see you guys next time! Also, at the end of his reviews he typically lists who wrote the episode in question. Ending Text: Fanboy and Chum Chum is owned by Nickelodeon. Enter: Oh, replacing words and syllables with your animal species’ name.

I haven’t heard THAT one before. Buhdeuce: I wanna drive the rocket van! Enter: Oh hey, he said yes. Buhdeuce: Do a Barrel Roll, man!

Enter: Oh-kay, I think we’re done here, let’s take a look at the actual episode. Mr Enter: OH MY GOD TRANSFORMERS. Hey there’s the pony we’re supposed to be keeping things a surprise from. His reaction to the ending of “Yours, Mine and Mine”. Enter: Well, I know I have! Hey, Patrick, this is my very special grenade and I wanna share it with you!

I’ll keep this little shiny pull thing and you can keep the rest of it for as long as you want! We hear the grenade actually explode during the transition. When Patrick says he is an interesting guy, Mr. Enter quips “I’m sure Vlad the Impaler was an interesting guy, too. During his review of “I’m With Stupid”Patrick: Spongebob, my parents think I’m dumber than a sack of diapers.

Hunky-O: “We’re gonna give him the full on fabulous flip flop and fly. We have a Johnny Bravo wannabe, a Total Drama wannabe, a Dude What Would Happen? Okey-Dokee: You have what none of them have, a song in your heart. After said song ends up being Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: “What the fuck? From “The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare”, after Dodger more or less kills the cool clone: “Let’s ignore the ethical morality of this stuff because I’m getting tired.

Parry Gripp: Do you like waffles? In is review of the bathroom episode, Starfire says “The whole room is on the fire! The fire is on the room. It’s February, the month of love. Then again, people tend to get pissed at me no matter what I do, so I guess YOLO. It’s his delivery of “YOLO” that truly makes it side-splitting.

His reaction to Cyborg declaring girls to be better than boys. Enter: Okay, time to ask a very serious question: HOW. These two phrases do not go together! They should not be said back-to-back by the same character, they should not be said by the same character PERIOD!

Cyborg: “Yeah, so call the police. Wow, you guys are so fucking high! Enter: “Okay, so what’s the real plot that you LIED to people about? Oh, boy, that’s the fun part! It wasn’t just the fight that was amazing, in the end, so many compelling storylines came together, and resolved in such a satisfying way!