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It was the only such mass event in recent time in which unidentified flying objects were sighted, not by media-precipitation, but through direct and continual experience. The townsfolk and farmland residents of the yet agrarian American Society were bewildered with the source of these sightings. The first aeroships were ghostlike in appearance. Though fixed in their outward cylindrical form, they often appeared semi-transparent and vague in detail.

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Their silence was another feature, which positively enthralled those who accidentally beheld their serene aerial passage. Gossamer fabrications, their solid geometric shapes gradually acquired other mystifying attributes. Like a vision, which forms from mist and slowly clarifies to sharpness with time, the aeroships “became” identifiable as some bizarre craft for transportation. Those who looked into the stars were the fortunate recipients of a new and fast coming dawn, where dream symbols were actively weaving the future.

A new revelation was suddenly permeating the American mind. Books and gazettes were flooded with tales of aerial abductions. Townspeople shared what aerial visions they nightly saw. Local newspapers were astir with the reports. All thoughts turned away from the earth and focused on the stars, looking for signs of the strange crafts and their whereabouts.

The “mysterious visitors” who made their nightly, silent aerial courses across Midwestern wheat fields seemed vaguely linked with a lost time and a forgotten world. There was something dreamlike in their nature. Were they the embodiments of some inventor’s mad schemes, or were they phantasms of the collective symbolic world? Sighted over California, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Omaha, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Delaware, New York, the early sightings of aeroships signaled a new movement in the sea of dreams. Soon, human art would join that movement, producing physical crafts, which mimicked the first “aerial ghost-ships”. Their movements seemingly had no boundaries or limits. German immigrants had seen these “demonic engines” in their homeland, from 1860 until the 1880’s.

Why had they seemingly pursued them across the Atlantic? Who were they and why were they demanding attention? Traveling over the houses of those who would see them, the ships could be described with greater accuracy. All of them were “cigar shaped” measuring some one hundred feet long or more. Better details were seen than those in which the aeroships “soared overhead at six hundred feet”. There were mystery ships, which came close to the ground, multiple witnesses of high credibility simultaneously seeing the ships land.

The strange designs somehow seemed “hostile”, though no hostile activities were ever associated with them. People were gradually sensing an insidious “invasion” of their world. Fearing that hordes of nameless, faceless armies would descend and do harm to thousands, ranchers took note and armed themselves. All too numerous first aeroship sightings remained in the files of the paranormal, involving mysterious personages of truly unknown origins, languages, and abilities.

Fears seemed confirmed when some aeroship shadowy “visitors” were seen during night flaps. Gradually clarifying from shadow to light, these mystery beings were observed by a great number of people. Standing amid intensely brilliant “search lights”, strange figures were seen examining their craft. Certain of these strange figures spoke bizarre languages, hybrids of familiar dialects. In one case, the design seemed “oriental” in design. The aerial visitors seemed human, but their clothing was totally otherworldly and, somehow, futuristic.

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Running toward the figures often resulted in their “immediate” withdrawal and ascent. They seemed able to de-materialize and appear overhead in seconds! Intent on remaining elusive, ordinary people were convinced that something supernatural was happening. The “mystery visitors” maintained a curious and dreamy separation from the humanity, which they were stimulating. They” seemed frightened of meeting and engaging people, as if power would be lost through the contact.

Some farmers and mechanics tried running near the ships, describing them as “canoe shaped crafts”. They were often flooded within with a “greenish or bluish” light. Under the large housing, there were multiple portholes from which downward looking faces peered excitedly. In several cases there were turbine-like wheels, whose slow turning effected rapidly ascending retreats. In one case, the mystery night visitors hoisted cattle away, strung by the neck with what appeared to be a wire rope. The red aeroship flew off toward the distant hills. Several of the “later mystery aeroships” were actually engaged in friendly conversation, dirigible hovering in plain sight.

Aeroships now became “aerialists”, the mystery seemingly solved. For most, it became obvious that “inventors” were behind the entire phenomenon from start to finish. The names Autzerlitz, Eddelman, Tillman, Dolbear, Nixon, and Schoetler seemed to answer the question, which frightened German Americans had asked. But these individuals had also seen the early ghostships, an anomaly which could not find a reasonable answer. Certainly a few of these last sightings were indeed the result of secret earthly aerial “clubs”. Designers and financiers together undertook the early construction of dirigibles. There were several reports of such an enterprise.

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Wilson by name, came out to meet with intrigued townspeople. Sharing with them in a friendly conversation the secrets of his developments, he explained that his point of origin was a “little peaceful town in Iowa”. Yes, he was an American, born in Goshen, New York. An electrical system employing “highly condensed” electricity provided propulsive force for the craft. Before leaving, he asked the sheriff, to give his regards to the local itinerant judge whom he knew by name.

Asking only buckets of water “for his engine”, he entered the craft. Lifting out of view to the many cheers of those who watched, he passed into history never again heard. Researchers who have investigated the all too numerous mystery airship sightings observe that modes of aerial travel very swiftly became an international obsession among all too numerous youthful engineers. Thereafter, the world beheld a new era of experimental daring, as aerialists played their soaring games before the skyward looking eyes of wonderstruck admirers. Lovely designs appeared, first on drawing boards, and then in the skies. Cylindrical balloons were wrapped in netting or canvas, and firmly fixed to a “well aerated” gondola, slung underneath. Some of these designs were truly compact and efficient.

Engines, propellers, and rudders were all controlled by levers and wheels. The problems of aerial maneuverability were solved by a brilliant little man, a physio-type perfect for the aerial arena. Descending from the clouds with his butler-assistant, he brought champagne and succulent delicacies for an occasional “chance meeting”. Permission duly granted by governess attendants, butler was exchanged for belle, as the marvelous Monsieur Dumont flew away with his jewel. Never was the fairy tale more complete.

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The socially accepted aerialist was never refused. To refuse Santos-Dumont was to refuse an honor of the very “highest” sort. Wealthy, eligible, poised, and proper, the silk scarfed bandit of the Parisian skies made his daily appearance over and about the lovely Champs Elysees. Soaring aloft with his more adventuresome feminine admirers, he toured the Parisian skies. After a specified time, he easily settled his craft down again with the great skill and panache of an artistic lover.

The damsels safely returned to their enthralled and permissive governesses, belle was sadly exchanged for butler. Hands were lightly kissed, a flower exchanged perhaps. His timing was always impeccably precise. The “wrist-watch”, which his friend Cartier first designed for his exclusive aerial use, had already become the rage of Paris. Imbued with a sense of the visionary future, women flocked to him.

Alberto Santos-Dumont justifiably received the most public acclaim in the early days of aerial transportation, a master of the art. His performances greatly endeared aerial transportation to the public as a science, art, and sport. In one exhibition, he successfully maneuvered around and through the Eiffel Tower. Photographs of the event are startling. The art of dirigible flying was perfected in him, the strange little flying man for whom dreamers owe a strong gratitude.

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A never-ending armada of aerialists, hoping in part to mimic Dumont, covered the aeroship mystery for most bewildered people of the day with their grand public displays. Forgotten were the phantom-like apparitions of vague form, mysteriously floating like visions across the worldwide skies. Despite the historical closed chapter on aeroships, a single mysterious note of the most exquisitely haunting variety followed the development and deployment of dirigibles. The story focuses upon an elderly German gentleman, Dellschau by name. An early and forgotten researcher of aerial phenomena, he maintained records of all the aeroship sightings after 1850. The poor man clung to his precious notebooks until his passing at the remarkable age of 92.

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The books are covered with drawings of dirigibles and other clippings, all from the middle 1800’s. Dellschau was a member of a secret society, which, on further study of the arcane German dialect in which he wrote, had every aspect of a Jules Verne novel. According to the researcher who examined the notebooks, a group of sixty researchers and developers formed the core of this early Aero Club. The translation infers that aerial ships were tested and flown by the secret group in Germany during the 1850’s, and afterward in California. This anomalous report would explain all the previous sightings, both in Germany and in America, were it not for more important details. On close examination, there were significant inconsistencies with the claims and the designs themselves.

The designs each seemed more like rockets, their actual balloon sections being far too small to realistically lift the indicated weight. There are those who would believe Dellschau’s descriptions of “NB gas”, the “weight nullifying gas”, belong to a yet unknown lifting agent. Possibly obtained in the distillation of rare minerals, or in some electrical process, these bizarre explanations would be plausible for many who are aware of similar past discoveries. Nevertheless, there is another explanation, which, having a more macabre fascination seems to be closest to the reality of both aeroship sightings and Dellschau himself. A reclusive visionary, he wrote in the manner of a mystic possessed by a great and awesome secret. The more extraordinary explanation for both European and American sightings seems to be found in recognizing that the sightings “followed” Dellschau himself wherever he traveled. May it never be said that dreams and visions, suffusing sufficiently empowered human beings, cannot spatially materialize.

The “mystery aeroship” sightings yet remain as true materializations of dream and reality, myth and engineering, archetype and design. Space-projected dream fragments have a curious way of moving through the stimulating revolutions, which they materialize. With the expression of the aeroships now in material form, all thoughts of apparitional aeroships were dispatched to the world of dreams and dreamers. Designers and builders undertook mighty works toward these more material ends, fabricating the grandest, most elaborate renditions of dirigibles. They were one latest wonder in a Century, which produced so very many wonders.

But those who watched the skies for passing dirigibles made of wood, canvas, glass, tin, and gas were suddenly taken aback. For there, there above the clouds where dirigibles puttered along, new aerial manifestation began appearing. Dreamy in appearance when first sighted, earth-bound watchers were almost afraid to report them for fear of public ridicule. The apparitions which thousands began seeing and reporting were called “ghost rockets”. These cloudlike apparitions were cylindrical with tapered ends. They sprouted prodigious quantities of smoke, while traveling straight across the sky at velocities, which seemed fantastic. Like the first aeroship apparitions, these ghost-rockets were absolutely ill defined and silent.

These crafts, if dirigibles, seemed totally advanced to those who beheld them. The ghost-rockets were seen in every nation. Their gradual “acquisition of details” is now a matter of the indelible historic record. Portholes, fins, wings, humans, each appeared in graded successions.

In the same developmental manner as was experienced with mystery aeroships, human stimulations determined to build what they sensed. It was no wonder when the idea of space flight seized the imagination of all whose parents previously beheld the silent armadas of mystery aeroships. Edgar Rice Burroughs lived through the days when mystery aeroships were making their inexplicable journeys through both the night sky and the mind of society. A true visionary of his day, he thrilled readers with his Mars Adventure series. John Carter, his central theme hero, was the earthman that was mystically “translated” to Mars after accidentally walking through a certain “forgotten cavern” of the Arizona deserts.