Q&A: Explaining bitcoin’s possible financial panic

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Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic

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Goldman Sachs Names David Solomon C. We would love to hear from you. BTC Global Team Ponzi collapses, admin in denial? BTC Global Team launched in late 2017 and quickly rose to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in South Africa.

Payments were made in bitcoin up until a few days ago, with it now appearing that BTC Global Team has collapsed. As tracked by the BTC Global Scam Facebook group and its readers, BTC Global withdrawals ceased last Monday. This has prompted demands for answers from BTC Global Team management, which have been less than forthcoming. BTC Global Team is purportedly run by Steven Twain.

Problem is, other than a very Instagrammy photo of some guy sipping on a milkshake, there’s no evidence of Twain actually existing. There are a few social media profiles bearing Twain’s name, to be sure, but nobody appears to have actually met or seen Twain in person. Regardless, some of the porky pies trotted out following last Monday’s non-payment are hilarious. Steven Twain’s wife had just given birth. Sorry guys, Steven Twain wife just gave birth to 2 bouncing baby boys, so Steven has been busy running some errands. You guys will be paid accordingly.

No one has had any contact with Steven Twain for over 24 hrs. The leaders continue to actively try and connect with but have had no luck. Speculations and accusations do not help anyone andrew own’t change the current situation. In light of this unexpected situation the leadership and admin remain cautiously hopefully that there is a perfectly normal explanation for this delay and we sincerely hope to have more answers tomorrow. Steven came online tonight at 23:25 RSA time.

He has not given much details yet but he was brutally attacked in his home in an attempt to steal his trading equipment. We’re giving Steven the respect of time and space and we’ll connect with him tommorow and inform everyone on the way forward re. We’re so glad you’re ok Steven. Today was utter hell for the leaders and we are beyond thrilled to know you’re ok. That’s quite a week for a guy who doesn’t exist beyond a milkshake snap! As is often the case when a Ponzi collapses, those who profited are quick to try and distance themselves from it.

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This caught the attention of Andrew Caw, who emailed me this morning. Please remove these comments from your site. BehindMLM readers, who both cite Andrew Caw as one of four creators of BTC Global Team. Personally I had no idea who Andrew Caw was, and so began to do a little digging. Let us know how the court case goes. For what should be obvious reasons, I’m not inclined to take anything people who promote Ponzi schemes state at face value.

I’m not involved in it at all. Can you remove these comments with the false accusations? I don’t promote ponzi’s, I help educate people on bitcoin. Indeed if you peruse Caw’s Facebook page and website, you won’t find any mention of BTC Global. If you’ve heard of Bitcoin but don’t know how to get started you’ve come to the right place.

Strangely enough while the content Caw authored on the BTC Global Team website is still available, his name has been removed as an author sometime in the last few weeks. If you view the source-code of any of the articles Caw has published, you’ll still find him low-key credited as an author. To remove the content author from showing up on each page, someone with admin access had to go in and change the BTC Global Team website theme template. As far as I can tell Andrew Caw is the sole credited author on the BTC Global Team website. Removing the author tag from showing up under articles serves no purpose other than to hide Andrew Caw’s involvement in BTC Global Team. Why would anyone who isn’t Andrew Caw be interested in dissociating Andrew Caw from BTC Global Team? Perhaps the most damning connection between Andrew Car and BTC Global Team however, is his inclusion in the official BTC Global Team presentation.

Lucky for us Google’s crawler archived a direct link to it. Unfortunately that means the previously linked to BTC Global presentation above no longer works. Our friend Andrew Caw was the last person to save the version that would eventually be uploaded to the BTC Global Team website on or around October 13th, 2017. Andrew Caw certainly pops up quite frequently in connection with the company. While none of this definitively proves Andrew Caw or Cheri Ward created Steven Twain to scam South Africans through, what it does is hopefully point their victims in the right direction. Once they stop paying out it’s over.

Invested in, lost money in BTC Global Team’s collapse and now wondering where your bitcoin is? Bitcaw Trading threatens to sue Hawks over BTC Global Team assoc. BTC global team to help them make a profit? They at BTC Global seem to have been the only ones profiting from the scheme they ran. They will never get away with what they did.

Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic

What about Alan Solarsh the so call passive income Guru that convinced people to invest with them, he did very persuasive presentations that led to people into investing, why is there no mention of him, because he is probably the so called Steven Twain. Wow amazing work in digging this all up, now just need to find their addresses lol. Is there any way to determine how much money these knob jockeys made with this ponzi scheme? Also good to note that in the actual presentation screen shots there are references to the MMM ponzi scheme which was one of the biggest Ponzi scheme recorder in History. I wonder how many people will enter heaven if there’s any?

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How do one sleep, eat, enjoy life to the fullest clearly knowing that he took from so many innocent people s pockets, hard earned or borrowed monies, hw do one enjoy life so heslaughing travelling with people s monies! Brilliant work, his address can be found on his facebook profile. His house is on show and the link to the property website gives you the address. They belong behind bars for life! I heard that they took almost 100 million in usd thats about 1. 2 billion rand from over 24000 people. These guys have done a deal on everyone, they are the entire brains behind this scam and they tried to resign themselves as the admin team today.

I asked for his assistance as a respected member if the Bitcoin community in South Africa to help end this ponzi and was greeted with silence. Didnt take much investigation after that to see that he was linked to Cheri and co. Only positive in this whole ponzi is the admins have been careless and as such may try to weasel their way out and actually pay out what is remaining to those that have lost. I also came up with the same conclusion. Let them threat you with legal BS as they will never follow through with it, it will cost them too much to institute and in SA even if you wrong they still have to provide enough evidence before thee can proceed. This is a bunch of scammers who are ALL in denial.

I seriously doubt they will do that, they will remain in denial till the very end that it’s not their fault at all and they were just doing the admin for Steven. They need to fry all four of them, not only the two mentioned here. Cannot pay out more than what was deposited. That would spare everyone the stress and who knows BTC Global may even gain some respect and prove that they actually Legit. Money can be made in this business if everyone plays fair, and don’t get greedy.

Money is made by Ponzi admins and those who invest early. Math is math and Ponzi schemes are a zero sum game, even in South Africa. Look at this video where she actually disguises her voice and looks but posts it on her You Tube Channel. According to Jessie Holmes review the other 2 creators are Madelyn Roose and Clynton Marks. A friend convinced me to sign up and I did, just on the 2nd February. I was awaiting a payment when all this started. I don’t know what to think.

Reactions to XRP[edit]

I’ve never been conned like this. Here’s a very interesting person that is completely behind BTC Global and has been a true, heavily involved recruiter in South Africa for BTC Global. This guy has numerous videos on investing with him and his bogus scams to join and make daily returns on your money or bitcoins, he prefers bitcoins, which I feel is a way to divert the authorities! He has direct involvement with the four individuals that were mentioned here and especially ANDREW CAW!

He has been noted as the main man who made the BTC Global videos and the mastermind in MMM in South Africa! There will be more to come and I will expose this scammer and his true identity in the coming days! Why is clynton marks that gave updates on btc global telegram app connected to andrew caw and cheri ward. ALAN SOLARSH YOU CAN NOT HIDE! HE IS CURRENTLY PROMOTING VORTEX PROFITS! People need to contact SARS and the Authorities in South Africa regarding ALAN SOLARSH and hopefully they will investigate him thoroughly and eventually arrest him and him ring of criminals! Hopefully and God willing his assets will be frozen and restitution will occur!

DON’T LET HIM WIN, LET’S DESTROY HIM AND HIS EMPIRE! BTC Global Team website is refusing connections. Cheri seems amazingly in control for someone who claims she isn’t in control of BTC Global. Don’t bother deleting the vid Cheri, I probably wasn’t the first to download a copy but I certainly wont be the last. The BTC Global website is GONE! It’s getting worse and worse, let’s bury these bastards!

Sounds like a Daft Punk track. About 2wks ago I received a friend request on Facebook from Steven Vance. He claimed to be starting this amazing crypto currency that was gonna make us so much money but only those that he had invited to join his group on Facebook. Coincidently Steven Vance was a Facebook contact of Steven Twain. He had everyone hyped up with his daily post saying wait for it it’s coming in a few days. Those that are interested must type I want in in the comments section.

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Something didn’t gel right for me. So it was no surprise when I received a message on messenger stating that Steven Vance was a fraud and he is using pics from Irek Piekarskie’s Facebook profile. I was urged to pass the message on in order to save innocent unsuspecting people. I did pass the message on to quite a few people. Some were thankful, others were rude! In light of all that’s gone down I’m now of the opinion that Steven Vance was actually Steven Twain trying to start up a new scheme to either fund BTC Global or to just carry on fleecing a fresh bunch of people. Sadly someone told him that they received the messages from me and I was duly deleted so I no longer have access to his Facebook page.

Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic

Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic

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The more I read the previous comments the more I believe that it’s all very true because it all makes sense. May the guilty parties souls rot in hell! They have stolen from the rich nd the poor. People were taking loans to fund an investment in the hope of changing their lives. You get served what you deserve. The wheel is round so let’s see what happens when it comes around to their side.

Cheri either misspoke or let the cat out of the bag. 570 BTC in a wallet he controls, she had screen shotted it previously. She also states that the total amount of payments due last Monday was 6. Earlier and later in the video she had been denominating financial numbers in USD but she isn’t clear on this at this point in the video. 8 million USD we can see why they didn’t make payouts. You can view all transactions going through 1 of the bitcoin wallets associated with BTC Global, see link: blockchain.

As you can see payments are still being made, this account was on 127 BTC yesterday. Nobody has ever spoken to Steven Twain. Nobody has ever seen Steven Twain other than on a FB Profile pic. Nobody could possibly know if Steven Twain is Steven Twain. The only contact with Steven Twain has been through FB Messenger. Whoever started the promotion of this system is the person who deserves to be held accountable.

Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic

The fact that this system was promoted to others is nothing short of a disgrace and everybody who recruited another person is nothing short of a disgrace. The main perpetrator is Madelyn Roose because her decision back in February last year started this whole thing. The rest of the Admin team climbed on through pure greed and saw an opportunity just like they all did through numerous schemes before. Team on Fire should all go to jail in my opinion. The way they have flaunted their lifestyles all over FB is nothing short of sick. They have flaunted their lifestyles on the receiving of new fund. How do people decide to administer and help promote, set up a website, etc for a trader they have never met, never spoken to orally or in this day of simple communication had a Skype video with?

Surely before you decide on getting thousands of people to invest millions of dollars you do a proper due diligence on the trader. Steven Twain does not exist, that we all know cos if he did he would have done the Google Hangout last night. This was a well concocted plan by Team on Fire and then they used every means possible to deflect the blame onto this fictitious character. The market correction in Bitcoin is what killed it in the end and they must be very cross with the Bitcoin Guru, Andrew Caw because Andrew obviously did not do his analysis very well.


The simple thing is unless this great trader comes up with a solution the only belief is that Steven Twain is actually TEAM ON FIRE. My coleague invested his hard earned R40 000 two weeks ago! Btc global, went in for loans which the loan company is yet to even make their first deductions, mean while they have not even gotten their first payment from BTC global. God will punish them, if only they rethink to refund their monies back to them. Even if you want to run away with their money, kindly consider those that are yet to receive payment from you. You have the payment history, take out the amount you have paid to the people, out of their initial investments,then pay what is left to the respective investors, those that have started early and have benefitted to the amount they invested, can go without anything.

Q&A: Explaining bitcoin's possible financial panic