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Download Mp4 Video, Music Video, Full Movie, Video Full Songs, Youtube To Mp3 Songs, Video Photos Gallery, Youtube To 3Gp Video, Video Voice Lesson, Video Dance Moves, Download Mp3 Songs, Video Guitar Tutorial, Youtube To Mp4 Video, Video Piano Lesson, Download 3Gp Video. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. What were the most accurate predictions of all time? We’re building a community of people who can predict the future. We are looking for people who can predict the future, possibly better than experts can.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. I’ve written, I’m writing, and I’ll write. The Simpsons has almost prophetic abilities. These are picture of Donald Trump as president. In the year 2000, they aired an episode where they said that Donald Trump would become president.

The episode below was aired in 2015, before Trump had been elected. They predicted a presidency 16 years before it happened. This is an image of a phone, with a camera that transmits in real time. Then in the 2012 elections, lots of people said the machines were changing their votes. In 1994, the Simpsons joked that hamburger meat was actually horse meat. In 2013, the Horsemeat scandal came to light.

Finally, the Simpsons correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner, 3 different years. Get my free professional trader cheat sheet. Trading isn’t about predicting what happens next. It’s about having a system with an edge. Who has made the most accurate predictions in history?

What were the most disturbing last words? What were the most chilling quotes ever said? What is the most accurate football predictions app for android? In 1999, Bill gates made not one, but 15 fricking predictions that have have turned into a reality! Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making it effortless to find the cheapest product for all industries.

People will carry around small devices that allow them to constantly stay in touch and do electronic business from wherever they are. They will be able to check the news, see flights they have booked, get information from financial markets, and do just about anything else on these devices. People will pay their bills, take care of their finances, and communicate with their doctors over the internet. Private websites for your friends and family will be common, allowing you to chat and plan for events. Facebook now has almost a third of the entire planet registered on it! Residents of cities and countries will be able to have internet-based discussions concerning issues that affect them, such as local politics, city planning, or safety. Well, I’m writing something on a website that facilitates this!

Barring that, we have Twitter and Facebook- sites that have made this possible on a very large scale basis. Similarly, people looking for work will be able to find employment opportunities online by declaring their interest, needs, and specialized skills. No wonder he’s one of the most influential people who have ever graced the planet! In the book, Gates makes 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous. Gates’ prediction: “Automated price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to see prices across multiple websites, making it effortless to find the cheapest product for all industries. What we see now: You can easily search for a product on Google or Amazon and get different prices of the same product.

Gates’ prediction: “People will carry around small devices that allow them to constantly stay in touch and do electronic business from wherever they are. What we see now: Smartphones, and now smartwatches, do this for most people. Gates’ prediction: “People will pay their bills, take care of their finances, and communicate with their doctors over the internet. Gates’ prediction: “‘Personal companions’ will be developed. They will connect and sync all your devices in a smart way, whether they are at home or in the office, and allow them to exchange data.

The device will check your email or notifications, and present the information that you need. When you go to the store, you can tell it what recipes you want to prepare, and it will generate a list of ingredients that you need to pick up. It will inform all the devices that you use of your purchases and schedule, allowing them to automatically adjust to what you’re doing. What we see now: Google Now, a smart assistant that runs on mobile devices, is starting to head in this direction. Meanwhile, smart devices like Nest collect data on your daily routines and automatically adjust the house temperature.

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Beacons will send you store coupons based on your past purchasing habits. Gates’ prediction: “Constant video feeds of your house will become common, which inform you when somebody visits while you are not home. What we see now: Dropcam sells home surveillance cameras that make home-monitoring easy. Gates’ prediction: “Private websites for your friends and family will be common, allowing you to chat and plan for events.

What we see now: Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram take care of this. Gates’ prediction: “Software that knows when you’ve booked a trip and uses that information to suggest activities at the local destination. It suggests activities, discounts, offers, and cheaper prices for all the things that you want to take part in. What we see now: Travel sites like Expedia and Kayak offer deals based on past purchase data. Google and Facebook ads can offer promotional ads based on the user’s location and interests. Gates’ prediction: “While watching a sports competition on television, services will allow you to discuss what is going on live, and enter contest where you vote on who you think will win. What we see now: A bunch of social media sites allow this, with Twitter being the clear leader.

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You can leave comments in real-time on sports sites like ESPN. Gates’ prediction: “Devices will have smart advertising. They will know your purchasing trends, and will display advertisements that are tailored toward your preferences. Gates’ prediction: “Television broadcast will include links to relevant websites and content that complement what you are watching. What we see now: Almost every live sports game have ads featuring links to a specific site. They also show the teams’ Twitter handles in some cases.

Gates’ prediction: “Residents of cities and countries will be able to have internet-based discussions concerning issues that affect them, such as local politics, city planning or safety. What we see now: Most news sites have comment sections where people can have live discussions, while many sites have forums where people can ask and respond to certain questions. Twitter and Facebook played roles in political revolutions in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. Gates’ prediction: “Online communities will not be influenced by your location, but rather, your interest. What we see now: There’s all kinds of news sites and online communities focused on single topics. Many news sites expand to separate verticals, offering more in-depth coverage on a given topic.

Gates’ prediction: “Project managers looking to put a team together will be able to go online, describe the project, and receive recommendations for available people who would fit their requirements. What we see now: There’s tons of workflow software in the enterprise space that’s revolutionizing how you recruit, form teams, and assign work to others. Gates’ prediction: “Similarly, people looking for work will be able to find employment opportunities online by declaring their interest, needs, and specialized skills. Recruiters can search based on their specialized skills. Gates’ prediction: “Companies will be able to bid on jobs, whether they are looking for a construction project, a movie production, or an advertising campaign. This will be efficient for both big companies that want to outsource work that they don’t usually face, businesses looking for new clients, and corporations that don’t have a go-to provider for the said service.

What we see now: Many enterprise softwares are focused on the social aspect of it, so that users can reach out to other businesses and start a conversation that could lead to bigger projects directly within their apps. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Why did a man’s name become so widely used in aviation? What you have heard about the past isn’t always true but the truth is out there! Jules Verne was quoted in 1865 as saying, “In spite of the opinions of certain narrow-minded people who would shut up the human race upon this globe, we shall one day travel to the moon, the planets, and the stars with the same facility, rapidity and certainty as we now make the ocean voyage from Liverpool to New York.

Verne’s novel “From the Earth to the Moon” written in 1865 told the story of three men who launched a space capsule from Florida in order to visit the moon and return to earth. The space capsule splashdowned in the Pacific Ocean on the return trip. Jules Verne was not a scientist or an engineer, but a century ahead of the actual event, Verne’s novel contained many strikingly similar details to the 1969 NASA Apollo 11 mission. I am amused by some of the comments to this post that point to the things that Verne got wrong, rather than admire and appreciate his vision. The article mentions a few other rocket science pioneers who were inspired by Verne’s work. In 1865, Verne wrote ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ in which he predicted the details of the mission that sent our astronauts to the moon more than 100 years later in 1969. It’s surely gotta be those of Michel de Nostredame.

Legend has it that Nostredamus was capable of communicating with spirits. He would learn of events that were bound to occur in the future and soon went on to write them all down. He predicted the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, the rises of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, both world wars, and the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which are only a few in his list of predictions. During his final days, Nostradamus told his secretary, “You will not find me alive at sunrise. What’s even creepier is that, before he died Nostradamus made the townsfolk swear that his grave would never be disturbed, but 60 years later his body was exhumed, whereupon a brass plaque was found on his chest correctly stating the date and time when his grave would be opened and cursing those who had exhumed him. What were some of Karl Marx’s predictions? What were some 10 year predictions made in the year 2000 and how accurate were they?

What is the most accurate portrayal of Ancient Rome? What are the most accurate books on world history? What is he best time of day to get your most accurate body weight? Which can be the most accurate prediction of the year 20,000? How accurate is Intrade as a prediction market?

Who were the most tyrannical monarchs of all time? How am I so accurate in predicting people’s future life? Were people in medieval times happier? Who were the most famous vikings? In all of world history, who was the most powerful person for their time? What is the most accurate compact pistol?

Quelles étaient les prévisions les plus exactes de tous les temps ? Was waren die genauesten Vorhersagen aller Zeiten? Quali sono state le previsioni più azzeccate di tutti i tempi? Leaders in Motion Control Since 1966!

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The term “linear actuator” covers a broad range of products. It can also be used to apply a force. Types of motion include: blocking, clamping, ejecting, lifting, descending, pushing or pulling. In the majority of linear actuator designs, the basic principle of operation is that of an inclined plane.

Simply stated, the threads of a lead screw act as a continuous ramp that allows a small rotational force to be used over a long distance to accomplish movement of a large load over a short distance. Simply stated, all linear actuators depend on an external, non-linear force to drive some kind of a piston back and forth, yet, different types of linear actuator work in different ways. It usually consists of a short cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel along which it moves back and forth. Hydraulic pump actuators for example, depend on a hydraulic pump to compress and decompress the two sides of a piston in order to push it back and forth. The piston is attached to an external shaft, so the shaft moves with it.

On the other hand, a wax motor linear actuator uses an electric current to melt a block of wax, causing it to expand. As the wax expands and contracts with varying electrical currents, a plunger that is pressed against it moves back and forth in a linear motion. There are many options regarding the linear actuator driving force: Manual mechanical methods include the lead screw systems of vises and clamps, and levers found in manual juicers or can crushers. Cylinders with pistons powered by compressed air are used to move parts of machines. Hydraulic cylinders with pistons provide large forces and strokes for construction equipment such as shovels, lifts and jacks, and short throw cylinders for braking systems. Linear actuators are used in industrial automation and machinery, machine tools, computer peripherals such as disk drives and printers, home automation, packaging, assembly, electronic manufacturing, data storage, laser processing, and test and inspection.

Linear actuators are typically used in applications along with motors, valves, pumps, switches, dampers, and in many other places where linear motion is required. Linear actuators are used in nearly every type of electrical device that requires linear motion. Power drills, pumps, and other industrial appliances often rely on linear actuators to move other objects. Linear actuators are also used in some types of motors, and are often used in the robotics industry to provide robots with motor skills. In fact, a simple piston inside of an electric motor or fuel-injection engine uses linear motion, and therefore acts as a linear actuator.

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Many variations on the basic linear actuator design have been created throughout time. Most focus on providing general improvements such as a higher mechanical efficiency, speed, or load capacity. There is also a large engineering movement towards linear actuator miniaturization. It is seen by some manufacturers that the smaller the linear actuator, the better. Rotary to Linear Motion – Some linear actuators use straight sections of a cogged belt or roller drive chain in a lengthwise circuit between two pulleys or sprockets.

This type of linear actuator system is widely used in garage door openers. Specialized Linear Actuators – Highly specialized linear actuators are used in critical applications, such as hydraulically actuated flight control surfaces on large aircraft, in ultra-fine machining equipment requiring precise positioning to tenths of thousandths, as well as tiny servo motors and cog belts, and for minute movements in medical procedures such as eye surgery. Motion, Position, Velocity, and Force Combinations – Designers integrating linear actuators into equipment must examine their application carefully to determine whether motion, force, position, or velocity is the primary operational requirement, or whether the application requires some combination of all of them. Electromechanical Linear Actuator Designs: Most electromechanical designs incorporate a lead screw and lead nut, while some use a ball screw and ball nut. In either case, the screw may be connected to a motor or manual control knob either directly or through a series of gears. The motor rotates the lead screw, and the lead nut is restrained from rotating, therefore the nut “travels” up and down the lead screw.

A traveling-screw linear actuator has a lead screw that passes entirely through the motor. In a traveling-screw linear actuator, the motor “crawls” up and down a lead screw that is restrained from rotating. The only rotating parts are inside the motor. In some designs, the rotating parts may not even be visible from the outside of the linear actuator.

Some lead screws have multiple “starts”. This means that they have multiple threads alternating on the same shaft. One simple way to visualize the multiple starts lead screw is the multiple color stripes on a candy cane. Screw-type linear actuators can have a static loading capacity, meaning that when the motor stops, the actuator is essentially locked in place and can support the load that is either pulling or pushing on the actuator. The braking force of the linear actuator varies with the angular pitch of the screw threads and the specific design of the threads.

Acme screws have a very high static load capacity, while ball screws have an extremely low load capacity and are nearly free-floating. Generally speaking, it is not possible to vary the static load capacity of screw-type linear actuators without additional technology. The screw thread pitch and drive nut design of the screw-type linear actuator defines the specific load capacity that cannot be dynamically adjusted. A dynamic load capacity is in some designs added to a screw-type linear actuator using an electromagnetic brake system, which applies friction to the rotating drive nut. For example: A spring may be used to apply brake pads to the drive nut, holding it in position when power is turned off.

When the actuator needs to be moved, an electromagnet counteracts the spring and releases the braking force on the drive nut. A jackscrew or car jack is a familiar mechanical linear actuator. Another type of linear actuator is based on the segmented spindle. Rotation of the jack handle is converted mechanically into the linear motion of the jack head. Mechanical linear actuators are also frequently used in the field of lasers and optics to manipulate the position of linear stages, rotary stages, mirror mounts, goniometers and other positioning instruments.

For accurate and repeatable positioning, index marks may be used on control knobs. Screws: lead screw, screw jack, ball screw and roller screw linear actuators all operate on the principles and functions of a simple screw. By rotating the actuator’s nut, the screw shaft moves in a straight line. Wheel and axle: Hoist, winch, rack and pinion, chain drive, belt drive, rigid chain and rigid belt linear actuators operate on the principles and functions of the wheel and axle, wherein a rotating wheel moves a cable, rack, chain or belt to produce linear motion. Cam: Cam linear actuators function on a principle similar to that of the wedge, but provide relatively limited travel. As a wheel-like cam rotates, its eccentric shape provides thrust at the base of a shaft.

Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, or lead screw linear actuators can be designed to provide force in both directions. The selection of the linear actuator is dependent upon the application and budget. Hydraulic linear actuators, sometimes referred to as or hydraulic cylinders, typically involve a hollow cylinder with a piston inserted into it. An unbalanced pressure applied to the piston provides the necessary force that moves an external object. Since liquids are nearly incompressible, a hydraulic cylinder can provide controlled precise linear displacement of the piston. The displacement is only along the axis of the piston. Pneumatic linear actuators, sometimes referred to as pneumatic cylinders, are similar to hydraulic linear actuators except they use compressed gas to provide pressure, rather than of a liquid force.

The piezoelectric effect is a property of certain materials in which the application of a voltage to the material causes it to expand. Very high voltages correspond to only tiny expansions. As a result, piezoelectric linear actuators can achieve extremely fine positioning resolution. The downside to the Piezoelectric linear actuator is that it has a very short range of motion. A miniature electromechanical linear actuator is a design wherein the lead nut is part of the motor. Electromechanical linear actuators are similar to mechanical actuators, the only difference being the control knob or handle is replaced with an electric motor.