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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Join Today for Our Best Offer From luxury locker rooms and premier classes to coaching, training and so much more, Life Time is here to support you in living the life you imagine. Step Inside From floor to rooftop, Life Time is built to be your home away from home. Work out and play in spaces designed to pilates Indy Inc. and inspire you.

Available To All They’re not just for members! Stop in and try a spa service or a delicious meal before you join our community. Clubs Nearby Explore other Life Time clubs in your area. Picture this: teaching a step class on the sundeck of an oceanfront pool in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica, or stretching into a yoga pose on the beach in Cancun, Mexico, with the warmth of a flaming orange sunset as your backdrop. Exotic five-star resorts are calling all fitness professionals to the playful side of paradise. 5,000 per week can be yours in exchange for your services as a fitness professional.


Packages include transportation to and from the hotel, room and board, resort activities, entertainment and, in some cases, spa services for you, a guest and even the kids. Suzelle Snowden, president of Fit Bodies Inc. Travel Incentives, describes the birth of her business as a coincidence that evolved from her passion for fitness. While vacationing in Jamaica, she taught a class for a staff instructor who called in sick. The response was so positive that she continued for the remainder of the week. The resort waived our room and board, and I couldn’t return soon enough.

Karen Sprung, corporate spa and fitness director for Sandals Resorts International. Visiting instructors get a free vacation, local instructors participate in master classes, and resort guests are treated to the talent of both. A simple idea merely blossomed into an institution. And according to Lisa Singer, president of Fitness Finders Inc. The idea for placing instructors began while I was skimming through the travel section of the New York Times. Most of the resorts I called were more than willing to receive professional instructors in exchange for an all-inclusive vacation. We’ve been in business for almost eight years now, placing group exercise, martial arts, yoga and aquatics instructors in Caribbean resorts and spas.

Most resorts require a minimum seven-day, maximum 14-day stay, with your first day a Sunday or Monday. Generally, you are not obligated to teach on arrival or departure days. As a personal trainer, you’ll guide guests through their workouts while monitoring the resort’s fitness facility. Guest athletes span the globe and range from the fitness virgin to the elite veteran. Often you’re the motivator encouraging the Minnesota poolside lounge lizards to join you for more than a 12-ounce curl. Terry Terrion, office administrator for NRG2GO, a Canadian-based fitness pro placement service.

It’s important that our instructors enjoy themselves as much as the resort guests. While we maintain high standards, we understand that life in Mexico and the Caribbean runs at a slower pace. You can’t sweat classes starting or ending late or people showing up sneakerless. As a result, classes tend to be low-key and can take place in the resort’s fitness facility, on the sundeck of an oceanfront pool or in any other area of the resort. Programs include the basics: step, high-low, sculpt, stretch, aqua, power walking, kickboxing, boot camp, Pilates and yoga. And as an instructor, you’ll lead one to four multilevel classes per day.

Each agency clearly defines its guidelines. Visiting fitness professionals sign binding contracts that state rules, regulations and expectations. The resort and visiting professional exchange a written guarantee. That is, the visiting instructor signs a contract committing, not only to teach, but also to participate in resort activities, such as volleyball and beach Olympics, as well as some of the staff entertainment shows.

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But yes, we’ve experienced the occasional nightmare. Showing up to teach class in stiletto heels post one too many pina coladas is a quick ticket home. Depending on the location, as a foreign visiting instructor, you may encounter cultural challenges and language barriers. Although most resort staffers speak English, guest languages are often a potpourri of German, Spanish, Italian and French. And on occasion, you may find yourself in a setting where English is not spoken at all.

For example, Fit Bodies will place fitness professionals in Brazil and Cuba—with not one English-speaking guest. But fitness is a universal language. As long as you’re able to cue with your hands and body, you can teach anyone. NRG2GO’s teaching tips suggest that instructors prepare Spanish phrases and cuing in advance.

Each placement service provides a comprehensive list of teaching and traveling dos and don’ts that include suggestions for remaining on property if the surounding area is dangerous or lacks tourist attractions. Each agency conducts advance research to assure both quality control and safety. I wouldn’t send a pro to a resort I’ve never visited or didn’t feel was up to par. Each placement service requires a current nationally recognized certification—for example, from the American Council on Exercise, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Institute of Fitness Educators or the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals—and CPR.

350, depending on the agency as well as the status and location of the resort. The nicer the hotel in high season, the bigger the fee. Not a bad bargain, is it? So why not take advantage of this win-win offer and take your skills as a fitness professional on a working vacation in paradise. And don’t forget: When you pack your bags, be sure to pack a lot of energy and enthusiasm! Caribbean, I chalk up yet another fabulous reason for dedicating my life to fitness. Oh, and the winner of the International Crab Crawling Indy 500 is the last crab to cross the line, not the first.

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Sandals Resorts International, 5 Kent Ave. Find the Perfect Job More jobs, more applicants and more visits than any other fitness industry job board. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. She currently teaches group fitness at several San Diego area clubs and has 22 years’ experience in journalism, specializing in health and fitness.

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I love Pilates reformer classes, but they are so expensive. This product costs less than 10 classes.

It comes with a video that helps beginners use the equipment and a workout video. It was easy to put together, very little that needed to be done. It folds up easily and fits under my bed, this is the reason that I purchased this model. This feature made my husband happy.

I just had the chance to open and assemble this item. It is great and exactly what I was expecting, except for a small flaw which can easily be corrected: I noticed one of the one of the hooks attached to the ropes came with a broken safety latch. This will make the whole item pretty dangerous to use. I need a replacement hook to avoid possible injury. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now. Compares well with more expensive models.

I bought this to use at my Mother-in-law,s house where I am staying for the summer. I just couldn’t be without Plates. I have a model 695 at home that I have used for several years. The main difference is that this only has three cord. I’ve never used more than three on the 695 so this is fine for me, but then I am a senior, not a power user. I have had this for 2 months now, and I think that this is a wonderful product. I have surprised myself by using it 3 times per week, religiously.

It is really easy to use. I purchased this back in March before I moved and just opened the box- only to find that some of the pieces were already broken! The top part of the hook that gauges the length of the reformer strap had snapped before I took it out of the bag. Other than that, the machine itself seems to perform adequately but it’s certainly not the best pilates reformer around.

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For the money, it’s not a bad machine. I like that you can switch out the tension coils easily, but I wish it came with interchangeable hand straps so you could use them more easily for your feet. Amazon, and sure enough it was there. There is another model of this performer which heightens the ropes so they don’t rash you on the skin while you’re exercising.

I thought the manufacturer at the least provided an adapter or not putting it in the market at all. This performer behaved as a knock off, its a poor design. Unit has a missing part-the cap for the neck support. For some exercises you have to hold this area and the metal is exposed. The mechinism is a little stiff-I will try using some WD40. I wish I had bought an upgraded system and one that has 4 ropes, not three.

I guess its adequate for beginners. It is kinda fun when you get the knack of it. This was easy to set up. Also ab work, stretching oh it is endless. This was a really good find.

I even went on line and looked at Mr. Pilates original videos for his machines, quite interesting! I hope it will be helpful for other buyers. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Prospective student opportunities include touring our technology-infused campus, connecting with your future faculty, participating in hands-on workshops, eating in the campus café, mixing with other students and experiencing campus life up close without all the hyperbole of recruitment. Special arrangements can be made for a sleepover in the dorms. Think of it as your one chance to get past all the cool marketing to see for yourself and feel your fit. Employers and industry partners also have the opportunity to meet the top innovators of tomorrow.

Frequently, industry leaders do not get a fair shot at the innovators, as many graduates are scooped up and offered Government positions as a result of UAT’s many government sector partnerships and the Department of Defense-funded Network Security lab on campus. July 28, 2018 Have an insatiable thirst for more tech? Career Fair brings the very best of industry to campus, proactively seeking out those students who have the skills needed to advance the technology sector. No Problem, we’ve got you covered. RSVP Join us for a weekend designed to experience all things UAT. 1,000 Discovery Scholarship is awarded to non-Arizona Residents only and applied one time, per person toward first-semester tuition.

Student must be present to receive. All participants in The UAT Experience event must complete the waiver with emergency contact and parent or guardian information. Registration is limited to prospective students only and the first 50 participants at each event. Bhasker Rao is CEO and founder of Fortech Energy headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. He has more than 30 years of experience in a broad range of technology arenas, including operations management and new product and technology development, and holds a total of five patents in his name.

He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering from State University of New York and his bachelor’s degree in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. Jeff Abbott is building the start-up ecosystem in Arizona and in leading second- and third-tier markets as Venture Partner for Wasabi Ventures. The esteemed business developer helps educate aspiring startup founders through the Wasabi Ventures Academy, and then works with them to help build successful startup companies through the Wasabi Ventures incubator program. Things are not safe outside Atu’s village and he must search for the ultimate healing herb to cure his ailing mother. The boy lacks physical strength and has no chance of taking on the hungry predators of the jungle if it weren’t for magic.

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With his knowledge of alchemy and magic, Atu can outwit those who wish to make him dinner. Hear from this UAT game team on their journey to creating their game, Alchemica. Listen to their pitch that won them a spot at GDC and ask questions to help you find your own way onto a successful gaming team. Erin Ali is a Senior Producer at Blizzard Entertainment.

Pilates Indy Inc.

She’s been with Blizzard for six years. Previous to Blizzard, Erin also worked on Stargate Worlds under Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. Most of Erin’s career has been working with support teams around shipping the game, which has inspired her topic for Tech Forum. When Erin was in college, her understanding of game development was narrow.

She felt like if she didn’t fit into core game development, she’d not make it in the industry. After taking a job with Blizzard to be a Producer with the Billing Development team on Battle. Erin began working in different facets of the industry and has since then shipped over six different major titles and multiple major features. Steven-Elliot Altman is a bestselling author, award-winning advertising executive, Hollywood writer-producer, and most recently a successful videogame developer, having served as The Game Director at Acclaim Games, and having won multiple awards for his massively multiplayer online role playing game 9Dragons. Steven joined Acclaim Games in 2005 during its inception by former Activision co-Founder and Chairman Howard Marks, initially as the writer for what would become their highest grossing title, 9Dragons. Director of Marketing and gave him full directorial control of Acclaim’s entire download division. He’s also the editor of the critically-acclaimed anthology The Touch and a contributor to Shadows Over Baker Street, a Hugo Award Winning anthology of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

Isac has over 20 years of experience in college instruction, adult learning, technology development, and business entrepreneurship within a wide range of industries, markets, and disciplines. Isac’s professional career spans military training and instruction, research, teaching, and educational software development. Patrick Bass is the Director of Security Solutions at Terra Verde Services where he leads the firm’s Managed Security and Professional Service groups. His forthright and direct approach resonates strongly with a tech savvy generation.

For over 16 years, he has led data and physical security organizations as a motivational and business-minded executive leader. Patrick knows how to address security risk from a technology and business perspective. He is the former chief security officer for a major credit card processor and has worked in leadership roles within IBM, Banner Health, and Element Payment Services to name a few. He creates enterprise security solutions for organizations with stringent security requirements and compliance mandates for regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. His educational accomplishments include an undergraduate degree in Information Technology Security, an MBA in management and strategy, and a Master’s degree in Information Assurance and Security. Currently, he is working on an applied research doctorate and preparing for a dissertation focused on mobile security. ISSMP, CISA, CEH, CHFI, G2700, CCENT, PCIP, and CGEIT.

Pilates Indy Inc.

Mike is a developer evangelist at Xamarin. Before transitioning to evangelism, he was the first technical writer for Xamarin and the documentation lead. He was also one of the first users of Xamarin. Chris Brewer is a security analyst for Bechtel Corporation. He has been in IT for more than 14 years and has spent the last four years specializing in information security. Chris is married to his wonderful wife Megan and has two children, Emma and a newborn, Caleb. In his free time he enjoys off-roading in the desert and exploring abandoned mines.

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He took second place as co-driver in the 2013 Dirt Riot National Rampage off-road race in Bridgeport, TX. Last year’s Lord of the Bing presentation stabbed Google Hacking in the heart with a syringe full of adrenaline and injected life back into a dying art form. New attack tools and modern defensive techniques redefined the way people thought about Google Hacking. Bing Hacking Alert RSS feeds, which have grown to become the world’s single largest repository of live vulnerabilities on the web. Bing Hacking is and the extent to which it can be exploited to target organizations and even governments. In our secret underground laboratory, we’ve been busy creating an entirely new arsenal of Diggity Hacking tools.

Liu, a security consulting firm providing IT security services to the Fortune 500 and global financial institutions as well as U. Glenn started his effects career by nearly blowing his face off with homemade fireworks at age 15 and has never looked back. Much of his misspent youth was dedicated to building models and blowing them up in front of a super 8 camera. In one life, he is a Senior Account Manager within Intel Corporation’s internal media agency, Blue Matter Creative. In another, he works as a freelance professional speaking coach and Sr.

Brian’s talk will be a mash-up of key learning from these two lives. He will lead an interactive session to share his insight into digital media, effective storytelling, and the TEDification of Corporate America. Brian is responsible for Blue Matter’s relationship with key business groups including PC, Tablet and Phone development. He has been with Intel for 17 years and worked in their Manufacturing, Information Technology and Sales and Marketing groups. Within Intel’s Corporate Marketing Group, Blue Matter Creative is the fuel for Intel’s global brand expression and marketing leadership. As a professional speaking coach, Brian works directly with individual clients, corporate groups, and some large conferences.

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Over the last year, he worked through TED Institute to coach over two dozen individuals to prepare for the TED stage. Over the last five years, Brian built the speaker development program within Ignite Phoenix, where his team coached over 200 ordinary people to tell extraordinary stories in just five minutes. Ryan Chapman has worked in the IT industry for more than years. He currently works as a Security Operations Center Lead for Bechtel. He functions as an incident handler on a daily basis, which includes forensic and malware analysis. Prior to this position, Ryan worked as an Application Developer during his transition from a full-time training career. In his training years, Ryan spent five years training networking, xDSL, satellite and VoIP technologies.