Pastry Face: 25 Stars Wearing Way Too Much Makeup

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Click to go to the reviews section. I just hope it holds up. I have bad day AND night vision that’s made worse by glare. Don’t even attempt to try to pull it down with one hand! I wanted these for all my children. I opened one to try it out.

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I love this HD Vision Visor. I bought this and returned it by the end of the day. It does not get rid of sun glare at all. Makes every thing clear and easy to see during the day. Have not used it at night. Would be very good if it hung down a few inches more. This product does actually work quite well for both night and day.

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Pastry Face: 25 Stars Wearing Way Too Much Makeup

This is one of those pages that suffers from the weekly format. Sydney’s eye will make it far more dramatic that was intended. In the meantime, marvel at Peggy’s incredibly spartan workbench which also happens to take a lot less time to draw than if she was a big slob. Don’t worry, this is just the tinker bench in her room, she has a proper one down in the armory. Whatever it’s called they can drop a design into a machine and it makes a sleeve they can slide over one of the choker blanks which is how they came up with Sydney’s so quickly. Stop by and read her comic and if you’re so inclined, throw her a vote.

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If I may put in my two Quatloos worth, there is another issue I would like to address in the meta-human population. Yeah I’d like to avoid that too, but of course, I do want scary looking villains. Of course, a lot of that has to do with presentation. A beautiful woman with a thousand yard stare holding a knife, standing over your bed can be pretty scary too. A man in a suit can be very scary looking to. This is the kind of discussion I would hear on Dr. He said much the same thing as written here on such anomalies.

They would have to be either a more complex random set of genes deeply recessive. Even so are they natural or artificial? Charles Xavier was explained that his parents worked on the atom bomb. 70’s they went the natural mutation route to better explain so many. Phoenix Force relates to mutants, and it divided up its own lifeforce over the Earth to revive the mutant race and create new mutants. From what I can tell, the Marvel universe is just extremely eclectic in the reasons for mutants. I think it’s likely that pretty much all of the reasons you listed are true for at least one mutant.

And now he does creepy endorsements. You know my last couple girlfriends? I kid, I kid, or do I? But really, that old cliche gets used because it works.

Though it’s still fun to play with. However, I would posit that whatever powers they have would be for nothing if they weren’t built like powerhouses. After all, you can shoot pew pew lasers out of your eyes all you want but it amounts to nothing if you’re so out of shape that people can get close enough to stab you. Those guys are actually incredibly healthy and in shape despite being fat as sin. Muscle fits on different people in different ways.

It’s the faces that would carry more variety, faces, scars, and tattoos. That’s what would carry the ugly or beautiful. Maybe an ugly hero that got scarred before gaining his powers? Or a woman who as a side effect of invulnerability has a face so eerily beautiful it looks like porcelain and be evil as can be? Of course beautiful evil people falls under the trope of Evil is Sexy, so you can’t win either way.

I saw that a bunch of times in high school. Most of them seem to grow out of it when they realize that employers are looking for a science degree or actual physical work if you want to get more than minimum wage. The geek shall inherit the stars. Not the original intent, but we can go with it. Sure,not all women or men considered beautiful are cruel or evil, but the trust we seem to give the beautiful can be abused. That’s why it’s such a provocative tool in writing.

The idea of an inhumanely beautiful woman or man being a monster is a very useful trait. I’m talking about someone who ranks a 50. Look at how Dabbler abused it for giggles. Now, imagine someone more malign using such intense beauty to overwhelm the mind. Intense beauty is a dangerous weapon for sure. Much like Galadrial if she had accepted the ring. People across the country wanted to know who this beautiful face belonged to.

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I don’t know about unhealthy habit, but a period of severe sickness can slow the growth of a child. He stayed in an hospital over half of that year, so sick they thought he would die many time. From what I could understand, his body diverted all its resources to fight what he had and recover after that. The major factors that seem to affect beauty are facial asymmetry and to a much less extent, unusual features. Having a bump on the side of your nose looks worse than having the same bump on both sides of the nose.

If a feature appears on both sides of the face, it seems like it is meant to be there, but if it is on only one side, then it is from disease, injury, mutation, etc. Say that to Marilyn Monrou and her fans. Her actual face was INCREDIBLY symmetrical, as were her luscious curves, so she’s not your exception. I don’t think it’s just me that has noticed that men can get a pass on their looks more often than women. And yes, the weight thing is real. I’m not mistaken, she was also bipolar, yes?

Specifically choosing tribes which were so isolated they would not have been contaminated by outside influence. All the tribes surveyed found modern super models to be unattractive. When asked why they did not like the thin models, the typical answer was that they looked like they had been suffering from some disease and would not live long. Scar and all that, but on the other hand they’re the studio that finally got Quasimodo laid. Not the gleefully, heartlessly murderous Joker, not the hallucination-inducing Scarecrow, but the man with the severe burns. And the worst part is she thought she was being sensitive. IMO, it’s the same mindset that says graphic violence and horrible death is acceptable, but totally freaks out at the possibility of seeing a nipple.

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It is however a note worthy truth, Handicapped people, and those with less than flattering looks are either overlooked or punished in one way or another while their more attractive coworkers get passed up the ladder at an exorbitant rate and often without the use of the merits which should belong to the harder worker. I’ve experienced this in my own life especially after I became handicapped. Some thing just came to mind. There getting Sydney all ready for the press conference introducing her to the world, and well she still has her eye patch. Now this is only a temporary thing, but if that tests positively will she have to were it all the time?

There’s plenty of materials that looks opaque but is easily seen through at less than an inch away. So it is fairly safe to assume that any pertinent tests have already given the all-clear. That and DaveB having confirmed that the eye-patch will be coming off soon. Presumably only keeping it on during the press conference and its immediate aftermath, if any. I am technically blind in my right eye but I can still see after a fashion so i still have some stereoscopic vision that I would lose if I wore one and my eye looks normal so. Funny I wanted to have one for awhile after watching the Dr.

Doctor goes to a mirror universe. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is clean shaven with a scar and eye patch. Oh man I just thought of a joke but it’s almost too late to put it in the comic now. I will quietly slope off now. It Will be good disguise material as all she’ll have to do is wear contacts and lose the eye patch and coat. Came up with a name for Sydney’s orb clone: Halo 2.

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Maxima , short of full body painting i don’t think she can disguise herself at all. ARC is already monitoring sydneys friends and family for any trouble. Superman also slouches, which explains the inches. He stutters and at least in my mind thanks to Christopher Reeves, has a note of constant insecurity in his voice. Superman’s disguise is actually quite good. You don’t need to hide your face, just make it so people would never believe you could possibly be super. Maxima doesn’t have this option however.

A comedian once said Clark Kent is how Superman see’s humans. Lex Luthor believes the same thing. I always thought Clark represented how Kal-El felt about his place among humans. He’s an outsider looking in and even with all his powers, he’s unsure of his place. He may look human, but he is about as close to human as one of H. Giger’s creations and that creates feelings of alienation and nervousness even with a close base like his parents. For all we know all these supers are demigods like Hercules and Ajax.

Ichor, a poison that killed mortals on contact. Olympus and reach the ground with their arms. Ooh, one of my ancestral ships. You can check out a modern day replica here. It’s a bit more complicated than that. And OF COURSE it turned it into a link automatically, making me feel like an idiot. The site blocks viewing images without the correct referrer so that it can’t be displayed from other sites.

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Superman has different postures which affect his appearance, primarily his height and apparent attitude. It makes it even better that even they don’t know what’s going on as for the basis of their powers. BIG is noticed it would either be done artificially or happen so gradually that a good chunk of people would have them. I think Beast or Wolverine are the ones that are the most plausible.


Contact energy manipulators, like Gambit, Boom-Boom and Dazzler are the next most plausible. For every applied force, there is an equal but opposite reactionary force. If he hits someone hard enough to knock them across the room, he will end up throwing himself across the room too, just in the other direction. Psionic abilities seem to count as really creepy action at a distance, so telepathy, possession, and psychokinesis are just psycho. Even Magneto’s electromagnetic manipulations fall in this category.

Rogue’s power stealing is also a transformation that requires her to alter herself at a cellular level to use the abilities of another within seconds of contact. After that, things just get really weird. Superpowers probably just allow the individuals to selectively tweak the underlying code. Weather systems take time to build up to really nasty levels. Storm gets it to happen in seconds. Given that I was using computer terminology, the inference would be local re-writing of universal laws, rather than divine laws.

But, any one of the three takes work, so I am fine with that. Time only exists as one of the elements manipulated by the code. Be the source nature, our robot overlords or divine. If you can manipulate the code, then neither energy nor time are problematic.

Everything that is required for changing the local area from the previous state to the new desired state would be altered accordingly. With some avatars that get popular being later programmed with their own AI and reinserted, and why death is meaningless as bringing them back to life is as simple as reactivating them. Possibly the most logical explanation of the Marvel Universe that I’ve ever heard. Voice from the Sky: Incoming Game!

We have to get in there! Theoretical dimensional physics adds this possibility based on the idea that different items give off a different imprint signature at different individual intensities. Marvel copped out with the whole extra dimensional mass thing, which is WAY more complicated than dimensional presence translating as raw energy upon exposure to our dimension. You know this makes her the strangest one out of the group. I mean she looks normal and she doesn’t have a long or complicated origin story in getting her power. Now there is talk about possible guided actions and her not fitting the typical trend. Good chance they could have gone to anyone under the right circumstances.

And who knows, maybe over time their influence will make her figure get a kick re-start. But the things we have seen them do so far are just as explainable by built in safety features for powerful devices. There are plenty of contemporary attempts to do the same thing. Be it finger or palm print recognition or some other means.

Albeit that compromises can impair operation. Requiring a pin number to be entered before the safety can be set to allow firing is a sensible precaution. But looses what might be critical seconds. DNA recognition would be a superb option. But the objectives are the same. Recognise that powerful items should be limited to appropriate personnel.