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This Easter treat yourself and your family and friends to these fun, Spring bank holiday bakes and get creative in the kitchen. Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes These adorable animal cupcakes will have everyone flocking to you this Easter. Indulge your sweet tooth with these cute cakes that are super easy to bake and fun to decorate. This insanely tasty slow cooker recipe is well worth a try this bank holiday and requires minimal effort but looks seriously impressive. Mini Egg Cheesecake Give this classic dessert an Easter twist and get cracking results with a no bake mini egg cheesecake.

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Not only does it look spectacular, the taste will be sure to impress your guests this bank holiday weekend. Easter Egg Bourbon Biscuits If cakes aren’t your thing, try out these simply sweet Easter egg bourbon biscuits. Once you’ve baked your biscuits, have fun hand-decorating with coloured icing and fun, Easter cake decorations, then pop the kettle on, sit back and enjoy dunking in a hot cuppa! Make sure you have all the tools for the job and shop bakeware here. Would love to try clarins sample! But, puas I cari tapi tak jumpa jugak! So, dengan berat hati and a lot of sadness, I am going to blog for the last time tonight.

It’s been a wonderful 6 years of blogging. I found so many cyber friends and even met a lot of them in real life. But all good things must come to an end one way or another. The Other Half said that I should end it when I still have some feelings for the blog so I can end it nicely . But, dont worry, I won’t make this blog private so you can still search for any recipes you like. Walaupun I will be stopping blogging, you guys can still follow me on instagram. I have made a special instagram account as a continuation of this blog.

And I have made that account public so sape2 boleh nak sekodeng or nak follow . But I’ve just made it today, so there’s only 2 photos on it so far. Since it’s a public account, I wont be putting up gambar gedik2 selfie, we-fie, silly and stupid photos so sape2 yang ada severe allergy to selfies and we-fies, boleh lah follow the salam2benua insta account tu. And I will keep it clean as well .

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I sincerely apologize for everything that I had said, written and posted in this blog that had in one way or another offended anyone. I am truly honoured to have a blog that is liked and read by many. I am glad that I managed to make some of you smiled, giggled, ketawa terbahak2 and ROTFL with some of my postings. And I am happy that some of you and your families have enjoyed trying the recipes I put up here. If any of you ever terserempak with any one of us anywhere in the world anytime in the future, do say hi.

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We might look unfriendly and aloof, but we are not that bad actually, we dont bite . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my blog so lively for the past 6 years. 2 weeks ago when I last updated the blog, she was still 14. She had her birthday yesterday, a very quiet celebration, just the four of us. In a way, kesian jugak kat the girls because their birthdays both will always fall during the April and October school holidays so a bit susah jugak nak organise a birthday party cos ramai kawan2 yang pergi jalan2 during the 2 weeks holidays.

Kalau hantar invite, mesti ramai yang tak dapat datang. But bagus jugak for me sebab tak payah organise macam2, hahahaha. And the girls dont really mind having a quiet birthday celebration at home. They still get presents albeit a bit less than kalau ada party with friends, and they still get to eat their favourite food for dinner and get their requested birthday cake. Cuma agak pengsan lah jugak we all berempat nak menghabiskan the whole birthday cake!

Speaking of birthday cakes, nasib anak I dua aje so tak lah pening nak fikir nak buat birthday cakes apa each year kan since I’m the baker and the sangat2 amateur cake decorator in this house. And it’s easy when they know what cakes they want for their birthdays. And I’m lucky that the girls know that I can only make and decorate simple cakes so they are happy to ask for simple cakes everytime, hehehe. But she was so happy with the cake judging from the big smile on her face .

Obviously, my decorating skills havent improved over the year! But she was still happy with it . And on her 8th birthday, it was a hedgehog cake. I know I know, still no improvement!

Then on her 9th birthday, she’s still keeping the animal theme. This time it was a snake cake! And she was still very happy with her Mum’s lack of decorating skills! On her 10th birthday, I made a few cakes. Because we weren’t doing a birthday party for her so we decided to just bake a few cakes. This was when her love of pavlova started. On her 11th birthday, she had a few birthday cakes as well.

On the day itself, I made cupcakes birthday cake in the number 11. On her 12th birthday, she asked for a pavlova again. But with her, she just wants whipped cream on her pav which will look so plain. On her 13th birthday, we celebrated it at a friend’s house who also was generous enough to sponsor the birthday cake. And again, no decoration on it! Last year, on her 14th birthday, we were in Malaysia, holidaying. So, no pavlova for her on the day but my SIL made a really nice choc orange cake with macarons for her.

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And finally, for this year, instead of pavlova, she asked for something else! She wanted an Oreo cheesecake for her birthday cake. Tak puas agaknya dia makan yang mini ones hari tu so tu yang dia mintak a big one for her birthday! 4 cake left in the fridge. Memang akan giler kenyang makan cheesecake lah by the end of the week kan! I guess when your kids are all grown up and their lives during school terms mostly revolve around school stuff, it’s not that interesting to blog about, hehehe. And when they are grown up, they stopped saying and doing all those cute things that kids normally say and do that I can put up on the blog.

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Nak cerita pasal we all berdua, tak kuasa I nak cerita pasal oldies! Nak tunjuk gambar our food, it’s basically the same kind of food I have been cooking for the past 6 years since I started this blog so I pun dah naik jemu tayang the same thing hari2, hehehehe. While wife dia pulak kejap naik kejap turun tapi tak dapat2 capai target nak turun 2 kg! And the girls both dah nak habis first term of school. This week will be their last week of term, then a 2 week break before another 10 weeks of term. Miss 10 during her school assembly where her class was presenting a show.

And during her school fete last Saturday. And Miss 14 pulak will turn 15 in 13 days time. Mee hailam for the girls and I when The Other Half wasn’t home for dinner. Jadi lah jugak walaupun cuma yang thick version thosai tu aje. And for the past few Sundays, I have been making doughnuts to take to Sunday school. Poberet anak2selalu request nasi goreng camgini. So far this works for me.

Dah try few nasi dagang noxxa recipe tapi tak menjadi sangat. Hotel sekarang ni banyak yang mahal bila kita walk in without checking, so tu la pasal kadang-kadang tu kita rasa macam cekik darah je hotel ni. 82 days in service dan kasut hitam. 2 menu boleh disediakan cumanya rajin atau tidak jer kan.

Eid Family Pictures 2018 n dinner at Cibiuk, Vista Alam. Bila kenang2 kan balik pasal gambar raya ni memang lawak lah. We all memang tak ada gambar raya yang proper since long back. Sekarang ni kan musim durian, sana sinun dari utara hingga ke selatan buah durian mula gugur.

Sometimes I wish I can say what I want to say out loud. Sometimes I can yell at someone face. Sometimes I just need time to breathe. Most conversations about shrubs go like this.

Wait, like the green bushy things that grow in the ground? Nak upload foto susah sikit la guna apps Blogger ni. Buat kali pertama mencuba buat menu ni. Tak pernah nak rasa or nak buat. Tahun lepas note rm1 kurang laku, bawa ke tahun ni. Bukan angpaw sangat pun, sekadar ceriakan hati budak-budak.