Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin

Why do I have to complete a Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. What can I do to prevent this in the future? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. So at that time nobody much cared about copyright stuff so even some Soviet cars are replicas of some foreign Western cars. This car is German Opel Kadett, was in production 1936-1940.

And that’s Moskvich 400, probably the earliest Russian car replica. Also check the road on which it’s standing. Moskwitch was produced on a German equipment taken to Russia after the WWII as a part of retribution payment scheme. Why do the russians always say that American’s copy them when the truth is the Americans are the most copied culture on the planet then?


All of them were copies of western designs. AK and sell them in inner market about 5k per gun and nobody cry about copyrights. A lot had been done in past several years. About 3-4 years ago it was really easier to buy a pirate version of an audio or video production, because it was much cheaper and there were a lot of sales outlets selling this stuff.

But now i can say that situation had changed. I can’t say that we have not such problem now, but we are moving in the right direction. And also, strangely, all the new movies and albums are stoled IN America and BY the Americans themselves, who then sell them to the rest of the world. If one person steals smth and sells it, it’s one problem, but if everyone buy the stolen goods it’s another problem. ZAZ is only similar to Fiat 600.

ZAZ has aircooled boxer and Fiat has classic 4 inline water cooled engine. Beside cars Russians copied much complex stuff like Concord plane. Opel Kadett production lines were taken to Russia after WW2, along with other booty. GAZ 69 was constructed in Soviet Union, and was exported to Eastern Europe. For instance, there is a soviet stereo amplifier that is an exact copy of a japanese amp. Therefore it had very good sound quality and is still valued today. I am starting to think that LR dooesn’t know anyone except soljenicin and lermontov.

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It’s not true about Concord plane. Soviet constructor created TU-144 plane, which had fallen on the airshow in France, I suppose. It was shown at the same time when Concord was! Concorde first take off was after 2 month after Tu-144 first take off. The mark ARO 641 is bad, ARO 461 is right. Там среди прочего весьма понятно для далеких от авиации людей показаны различия Конкорда и Ту-144.

Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin

For those of you who wish to know more about Tu-144: visit aviasim. One is from soviet times, the other one is made more recently. You’ll find a differense between USR and Russian points of view, also, the second movie explains, in really simplified terms, the differense between those 2 aircraft. ARO got bought upon privatization by some shady american characters that practically dismantled the whole factory and transferred production to South America under the name Cross Lander. I’m not mistaken in the Paris Dakar race in the early 80s.

Yes, that first car is a GAZ replica, but I think it was built under license. Honda too, Mitsubishi etc, but, Zhiguli has the most important place in my parking zone. Others are for good roads, Zhiguli is for ever. Not one of you mentioned the Chaika. Perhaps our hunches were correct afterall!

I think you must mean a 1956 Packard. At 1920’s and 30’s GAZ was built under official Ford lisence. Gaz 69 and this ARO only looks similar. ARO was built under soviet lisence, but Romanian engineers built completly new undercarriage and engine and improved the body.


6 truck ZiS 151 and american Studebaker U. Even the first Opel Kadett was builded in russia,if you ignore that,and VAZ was building fiat 124 by liscence cause all the state italian car makers were importing steel from russia. Your statement is not very accurate actually: The Opel kadett was produced in Germany until 1940 but production ceased because of the war. Opel Kadett’s production facilities and rebuilt them back at home.

The first Moskvitch 400 prototype was in fact the Opel Kadett built in USSR. The car was from ARO factory, Campulung Muscel, Arges, Romania. 4 ton Dodge and yes, ARO copied GAZ. Latest news item I heard, re: one automaker owning another? So the next FIAT-licensed minivan made in Eastern Europe just might have some Plymouth parts. But, unlike most popular OHC engines, if your 2. 2-Chrysler has a timing-belt failure, you will only need a new timing belt.

That was not the same as Chrysler ditching the Plymouth name, when for every Dodge there was a Plymouth clone for decades. If I ever learn of a new Russian Oldsmobile or a new Russian Plymouth, I will applaud. I’m English, and I always find it funny when Americans get wound up! They think they know everything about everything.

Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin

Knowledge-acquisition scenario[edit]

How can they comment on Russia? Most Americans don’t even have a passport! Most people I know have been to at least three or four countries, but wouldn’t comment on the culture of somewhere they’ve never been! The connection between GAZ and Ford is fairly well known. The USSR was looking to start producing cars, and so they took competing bids for a factory, parts and cars from Chevrolet and Ford. Ford won the contract, and built the GAZ factory for them under contract. The actual construction firm who designed it was also American, but the name escapes me right now.

Initially, the built the Model A, the AA truck, and later the newer Model B. Aro was the source for russian gaz. The Romanian ARO was Produced from 1957 in Campulung Muscel under GAZ license. M473 were produced after the Russian GAZ design. When traffic to an online Ponzi scheme stalls, so too do newly invested funds. Both Ponzi schemes are run by the same group of scammers, predominantly based out of Russia but aided and abetted by puppet management in Spain.

In the wake of regulatory warnings against Questra World from Austria, Poland, Italy and Slovakia, continuing to the run the scam has likely proven problematic. In an attempt to address this, last month Five Winds Asset Management was announced. Five Winds provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business. As revealed in BehindMLM’s Questra World review, the company is run by Russian scammers. As a separate stand-alone MLM opportunity the launch of Five Winds makes no sense. The business model is no different to Questra World or AGAM, in that affiliates invest and are paid a ROI with subsequently invested funds. I don’t know about you, but Russian Ponzi scammers are probably the last people I’d turn to for advice on how to save my business.

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Questra World ceased paying affiliates last month, with the launch of Five Winds clearly an attempt to reopen banking channels and keep the money flowing. As of yet specific details of Five Winds compensation plan have yet to be released. The company is currently positioning its top investors into the compensation plan, behind which will be placed victims of the last two scams and finally new victims to fund their losses. Pending any significant differences between Five Winds and Questra World, BehindMLM will publish a review of Five Winds compensation plan when its made available. AGAM and the founding of five winds and other shell companies to skirt the regulatory problems questra was having in several countries. IPO investment expertise as their ruse. AGAM will continue to play in the rest of the world with a focus on cryptocurrencies and ICO’s.

Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin

People just don’t learn, do they? He is definitely native in Russian, but interesting is that he also speaks fluently Spannish. My assumption is he is a Russian expat to Spain. You are wrong, Questra World is paying properly, I’ve received a payment last week. They only stoped paying for 2 weeks because of bitcoin softfork, but now they are working fine.

Why are there people on Questra World’s Facebook complaining about non-payment then? There was when I wrote this article. They stopped in july 2 nd. I have not been for 2 months 10 days. They keep giving us the loop around. First it was opening an office thrn it was we are filing for a license then after a month they said sorry we couldnt get the license but are setting up another site called 5 wings and transfer you there so that you may withdraw your funds.

5 we will get our funds. Everyone in the Europe region has been movee to this so called company Five Winds. All other regions are still under AGAM. AGAM members get paid so they think everything is fine but I think it wont be long before they stop paying them too.

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In Europe region we do not get paid since July 2. Despite all the negative comments in the internet the company do not make any explanation which makes me think that whoever these scammers are already sipping their cocktails at a tropical beach with our money. Since 2nd of july we cant get our money. And almost we all lost hope.

Now people saying will be launch of five winds on 27 sept. Hi again, yes yesterday we heard something like that. One of the directors here told that he has spoken with another director from Vienna and he said that he knew that Five Winds and Lianora Swiss will launch of 26 September. I dont know if that’s true or if that will mean that we will be able to get paid. The director’s personal opinion is that payments will be inactive until the end of October.

That all makes no sense to me. Why cant we get an official information? He also told that Questra Head Office will be moved to Dubai and Lianora Swiss had office will launch in Switzerland. Lots of information and we dont know what is wrong or what is right. Cuz they’re making it up as they go along. And it is true it was 3 weeks were it was closed due the transfer to the new companies where made. Now we are paid as usually every friday.

Please let me now if you have any question. And when the money they saved up during those three weeks runs out? What you get paid in your backoffice is Monopoly money. Once affiliate withdrawals collapse the system again it’s good-bye. What do you now about it Oz.

What else do you now about it. And do you now why it was closed 3 weeks? Hey guys you might be getting paid but listen in Europe WE ARE NOT. And this is going on for 3 months.

This can happen to you any time so be aware. I seriously do not think we will be able to get our money. Please explain, I am asking you? What do you want to now. And my bonus from this week.

I think it is one way if you dont tell me what you now. If it was working alright, it wouldn’t need to change names. Five Winds is a third generation Ponzi scheme run by Russian scammers. The business model sees newly invested funds used to pay off existing investors. All you seem to know is you’re currently getting paid and whatever BS the scammers running the show have fed you to explain Questra World’s collapse.