While people like to pretend we have four seasons the truth is we have two. I’ve learned that cold in the south is a beach day in the north. What’s the number one room newest Patterns VIEW ALL PATTERNS your home that gets the most wear and tear?

I feel like I’m ALWAYS in there. For the rest of us, it takes conscious thought and effort, not to mention time. What do you do for the holidays in your classes? How long have you been teaching?

About how often do you get new music? Do you get a free membership for teaching? How many places do you teach at? How fast do you teach step? How often do you change choreography? Please read the disclaimer and the privacy policy. Links to Thousands and Thousands of Free Quilting, Crafting, and Sewing Patterns: Alzheimer’s Fidget Quilts, Quilts for Babies, Children, Seasonal and Holiday, Contemporary, Modern, Liberated and Traditional!


Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, and Cross-stitching Blocks,Making Quilting and Quilted Sewing and Gift Accessories of All Kinds! The Hopscotch quilt is easy to make, and even beginning quilters will assemble it with easy. Use this easy quilt pattern the next time you need a small quilt. Use the Rail Fence baby quilt pattern to sew a patchwork quilt that’s filled with color. This easy baby quilt is suitable for beginning quilters. Use my free Broken Dishes Quilt pattern to make this popular and traditional patchwork quilt.

The quilt pattern also includes information to help you make multiple sizes of the Broken Dishes Quilt Block. Make a baby quilt version of my popular Cozy Chains quilt pattern. One of the hundreds of free quilt patterns you’ll find at About. The Baby Monkey Wrench baby quilt pattern is an easy project, even if it’s your first quilt. Complete instructions, accompanied by step-by-step illustrations. An easy baby quilt pattern with a vintage look. Make this easy baby quilt pattern.

Called Stars Through the Windows, it’s a quick patchwork quilt that beginning quilters can make with ease. Make the Baby Propellers quilt, just one of the many baby quilt patterns you’ll find on Quilting at About. Pretty in Pastels is a baby quilt pattern made from 6-inch Clay’s Choice quilt blocks. Make a Framed Nine Patch baby quilt with this free baby quilt pattern. This easy quilt pattern is beginner friendly — so it’s perfect for a first quilt. Baby quilt patterns are tops in popularity, so I’m creating more of them each week. All of my free baby quilt patterns include detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations, making them suitable for quilters of every skill level.

I hope you’ll find a baby quilt pattern you love in the archives. The Double Star quilt pattern is suitable for children or adults. Change the fabrics to alter the theme of the quilt. Here’s a baby quilt pattern with Darting Birds blocks placed on point. Got Blues is a monochromatic quilt that might be somewhat large for a baby quilt pattern, but it’s a good size for a child’s quilt. The Road Trip quilt is made from squares and rectangles, with color values arranged to give the quilt up and down motion. Its size makes it a good choice for a baby quilt pattern — just change the theme of your fabric to make it suit a child.

This pretty baby quilt pattern is assembled by combining Birds in the Air quilt blocks with four-patch connector blocks, all on point and surrounded by borders. In the Pinks is an easy baby quilt pattern with lots of visual texture. You can change the quilt dramatically by choosing different fabrics. Combine Single Irish Chain blocks with pre-printed panels to make a pretty baby quilt with lots of color flow. Try this easy framed Pinwheel Baby quilt pattern. These easy baby quilt patterns are perfect projects for anyone who’s making a first quilt. Go soft and frayed with rag quilt versions of both baby quilts described in the entry above.

Making comfort quilts is an important activity for thousands and thousands of quilters. A group of our forum members spent one evening at a quilting retreat making baby quilts for an international charity. It’s easy to start your own charity quilting group. Super simple and colorful, the Jigsaw Baby Quilt is a perfect stash buster. The Whirlpools baby quilt pattern is makes a wonderful scrap quilt. Downy Touch of Comfort Quilt .

And see all of their free patterns! PDF to print out the pattern. From squeaking to sliding, baby will be busy for hours with this fun activity quilt. This could be the new mom’s best friend!


What a wonderful way to commemorate the birth of a special baby! This heartwarming quilt is personalized with the baby’s name, birth date, and weight cross-stitched in the design. Bold western images of boots and cacti, lone stars, and ten-gallon hats give the Home on the Range Quilt Pattern its “mane” appeal. So saddle up and create this keepsake quilt today! The finished piece measures approximately 44 X 53 inches. The adorable ducks featured on the Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern wear their hearts on their sleeves! Each duck is framed in a log cabin border for added interest.

I’m on Craft Gossip several times. Shown above: my own simple 10″ to 15″ quilts with ribbons sewn on for ties. If you want the bottom to fold up as shown, make them a larger size or sew in another simple square section, folded into a triangle shape at one corner to make a little pocket-pouch. Many websites offer a variety of fetal demise pouches, wraps, blankets, or simple quilts or garment. Mothers are often offended by the medical term of “Fetal Demise. It is technically a miscarriage, or a still birth, of a non-viable fetus or baby.

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Sad and and often terrible words for the loss of a tiny little whether it is prior to 12 weeks or 16 weeks gestation of in the second or third trimesteror even for some. My apologies if I repeat the medical terms that often sound so callous to those who are grieving, but they are the words that many use as they search for these patterns. The baby animal hat patterns are here! You can download the pdfs for the owl, the fox or the raccoon.

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Click on the name to go to the site and get your free pattern. Project Linus was so nice about my lists! Yes, this is a blog site, but do not let that fool you! Shown abovemy little 3-D Pinwheels Baby Quilt 40″ X 40″ quiltone of my favorite ‘go to’ baby quilt patterns!

Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska and all of her AAQI Quilting. Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time! Free Quilt Patterns: Always Updated at My Primary Blog! Tutorials are always shown there first, with my own projects, and then links updated there first, as well. With 5 blogs and a website, this page is primarily used as a site for just links to patterns and not the stories I tell about my life and my projects.

Always Updated at My Primary Blog! What Type of Quilter Are You? Subscribe to our free newsletter to receive pattern updates, travel tips, and more! We will be out of town May 18-28, 2018.

Orders placed during this time will be filled upon our return on Tuesday, May 29. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Downloadable patterns are always available immediately upon payment! Find us on Facebook and Pinterest. No materials from this web site can be reproduced without written permission. The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule. They will be able to assist you with rectifying the problem and adjusting the security configuration if needed.

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At Fabric Godmother you can buy from an extensive range of indie dressmaking patterns. From exciting dress patterns to simple blouse patterns, our dress making and sewing patterns will suit all levels of sewing ability. We stock Collette, Tilly and the buttons, Sewaholic and By Hand London to name a few of the carefully selected Fabric Godmother sewing pattern collection. Vareity of sizes from 6″ x 6″, 10 x 10 , 10 x 14 , 12 x 18, 12 x 24 and more. All patterns include detailed punching instructions and a listing of all the recommended tools. These paper patterns are actual copies of our finished panels. They are designed to punch directly through onto the tin or other metal.

With care, each pattern can be re-used two or three times. If you have more panels to do, we recommend you order one pattern per two or three panels. Most patterns are printed on approx. 1979-2018 Pierced Tin Designs LLC by Country Accents. I’m a bit hungry right now, and I love Homespun Hearth goodies! What our Customers Say Thank you so much for the free patterns. The sign-up process was quick and easy.

Information in this document subject to change without notice. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarked or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. Type above to start your search. Free Applique Quilt Patterns Applique quilt patterns that are free to download in the format you want. Make your garden a zen place.

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Does the wolf call to your spirit? This pattern is free to download. Take a walk down a perfect fall path with this scenic quilt. The intense color, the fleeting moment in time that they are here. But the Easter bunny is coming. Make this fuchsia block for the flower fans in your life. She can tiptoe anywhere you want her.


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She’s a perfect block size for all kinds of places. Use this decorative corner to dress up any quilt. Our curated blocks picked just for you! Stories, interviews, blogs and news from across the quilting landscape.

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Our family of editors goes out of their way to design the very best in quilt patterns. From baby quilt patterns to queen size quilt patterns: we have a size and style for everyone. We have something for every skill level, from easy quilt patterns for beginners to those that will truly challenge you and help you develop your skills and expertise as a quilter. Our pattern designers are focused on helping you create your next masterpiece quilt with step by step instructions. Our friendly experts are available on Live Chat to talk you through any questions you have on your quilting pattern.

Sign up for our newsletter, and get updates on fabrics, patterns and more! Our curated blocks picked just for you! Stories, interviews, blogs and news from across the quilting landscape. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Sign up for our newsletter, and get updates on fabrics, patterns and more! You have nothing in your cart.

They are perfect for instant knitting gratification and most are very easy, relaxing knitting projects. You have no items in your shopping cart. You have no items in your shopping cart. PDF Downloadable patterns are an easy way to get the pattern you want quickly and easily. A link to your pattern will be included in your order confirmation email sent immediately at the completion of your order. Click the link in the email to download your pattern and you are off and sewing! I’m honored to share with you this interview with Mari from Seamster Patterns, the brains behind the entire Sew Indie Month!

Today we get into the nitty gritty and find out what makes Seamster Patterns tick. Sewing Indie Month is an amazing event for the online sewing world. What inspired you to create the event? The first Sewing Indie Month started around when my company turned 1yr old. I started it because I felt like such a tiny, unknown fish in a larger pond.

And I was bored with the traditional methods of marketing that were being used online. How do you balance your time between organizing SIM and creating new patterns? Top that finally came out with the 1st SIM Bundle that launched in August was meant to be launched before last year’s SIM. There is such a huge amount of work that goes into organizing SIM that I have to put all my own patterns on hold as the month gets closer. And with all the extra work that has gone into hosting the bundle sales while dealing with some family medical issues this year, I still haven’t gotten the Sorrel into the Seamster store!

I could finally hope to get the smallest of promotions. But if we’re talking about a single moment, it would have to be when I decided to not live as if I was horribly depressed. Three people I cared about died in less than a year. How has your company changed since it began? What have you learned that you can share with newer designers? I would say I’ve changed more than Seamster has. I’ve gotten better at using various software programs so that’s helped speed up certain parts of the pattern making process.

And I’ve become more committed to taking a bit of time out for myself, mainly with getting back to reading. Right now I’m on a 19th c. 19th c, which means a lot of Jane Austen. What types of designs are your primary focus? Are your designs influenced by your style and fashion sense? I focus on creating interesting basics for which you can’t already find a ton of, or hopefully any other, patterns.

For me a basic is a pattern with uncommon style lines or a pattern puzzle that I can wear in a number of ways. That’s because dressing in clothing with unique details makes me happier than wearing what are more traditionally thought of as plain basics. What are you finding is the hardest part of having your own business? Finding the time to get everything done and learning to not beat myself up when I don’t make my self-imposed deadlines. I recently had to take about a year off from Seamster to take care of and then mourn my grandma. Truthfully, it’s been very hard to see all the patterns I had planned for that year not get made or worse, to see other designers come out with similar ideas.

What is your favorite part of having your own business? If I have a deadline, then the day doesn’t really end until after midnight when I’m too tired to keep working effectively. If I don’t have a deadline then I’ll try to stop sometime in the evening, usually when my partner Quincy gets home from work. Do you still have time to sew patterns from other designers?