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We have found a new home! We’re sorry — the Sourceforge site is currently in Disaster Recovery mode. Global proliferation of cephalopods” Summary: Human activities have substantially changed the world’s oceans in recent decades, altering marine food mozilla Boot to Gecko Operating System Launched, Promises Cheaper Devices, habitats and biogeochemical processes.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered. Read my blog posting guidelines here. The project is expected to help deter online identity theft, as facial recognition technology is used to verify applicants before their virtual ID cards get authorised. No wonder Mr Zuckerburg’s 50 state swing as he positions Silicon Valley’s ruling elite for the 2020 elections.

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Creating an official USA government social media account must be a top priority. Little wonder republicans are furiously making up lost ground by ramrodding FCC data-mining rules and targeted tax increases. This huge internal conflict is actually a war between Republican Corporate vs Democrat Silicon Valley. The root cause of this immense nation-changing power struggle are the legions of programmable, preoccupied heads-down Americans. These citizens willingly give away privacy to be monetized, manipulated and controlled by ruling class Big-Data corporations.

Expect enactment of a Social Credit System as an important means to regulate the economy and as a tool of governance to steer the behavior of citizens. No more crypto security measures guys. Thanks to all of the usual suspects and others for the continued excellent discussion. The quantum article below didn’t do much for me. I commented before that the United States Constitution, purchased in the blood of our fore-bears, could be read as an operating system that seeks to divide power.

The last article linked below makes explicit a principle that the constitutional system of government should be robust against corruption. I’ve known several people, myself included, who found out that their military cook was selling the food out the back door and pocketing the cash. Harry Truman made his career on rooting out corruption in road-building, then in defense contracting. While political virtue is pursuing the public good in public life, political corruption is using public life for private gain.

Long, but a must-skim, at least. Sir, be careful what you wish for. Perhaps squid are on the cusp of evolving the best “psychic” collaboration ever known, and when there are enough of them to reach their critical mass, it will be Squid, not Humans nor our Computers, who become the Singularity. Then trillions of squid will all decide you aren’t eating any of them. More squid in the oceans means cheaper calamari” – Nope! Is this Le Chatelier’s principle in action? The more squid are removed from the ocean to the table, the more are produced in the ocean.

More cephalopod means fewer fish, crustaceans and other marine life these predators relish. The oceans are dying, continents of plastic trash. Ice shelves are just about to slough off entirely. So right now, they want to drill in the arctic preserve that even big oil says is just way too risky. They want to turn Alaskan rivers that all freshwater spawning salmon use into mining tails. They want to clear cut areas of national forest under the guise of otherwise needed fire prevention.

They want to strip-top the mountains and fill in the valleys. They want to lower drinking water standards and air quality standards, and have. They want to remove protections for critically endangered species going extinct as we speak. They want to gut public schools in favor of for-profit religious school voucher programs. They want the poorest to pay more for health care, financial services, legal help. They protect banks and major corporations from paying the rates of taxes you or I pay on income. 5 Trillion dollars of your sons and daughter’s money to the ultra rich 50.

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They’ve taken promises made to children born in America and stomped on them. They’ve taken promises made to poor desperate people around the world and stomped on them. No, I refuse to believe these people are not willfully evil, in the final analysis. I really don’t support Hillary, never did. By blocking payment apps from running on phones with operating systems that have less tracking,such as Copperhead and Replicant,subversive behavior is reduced. Watches are next, starting with the Apples Watch Series 3 with GPS and cellular, since people are far less likely to leave their watches behind their phones. But some radicals will, even once all watches are required to have this security feature, which brings us to.

For purposes of national security, everyone should be required to receive a free, safe, painless microchip with integrated payment chip, GPS and 3G mobile communications technology. This will also enable IC to responsible parents to ensure their children can’t simply give their smartwatches to their friends at school to trick their parents into thinking that they are safe at school when in reality they’re getting drugs and having sex while listening to rock ‘n roll. Since most people take better care of the right hand and forehead than the left hand, everyone should be required to get one in the right hand or forehead. Stickers, even gold ones, are no substitute for this. It’s not really about who you support, but about which program you vote for.

Their exact identities are somewhat unclear, but they’re the ones who own pretty much everything. The GOP has for decades now dealt in hate, lies and the disregard of any sort of fact, including those found in history and science. They openly call for assasination or violence, their preferred term is “second amendment solution. All of this was entirely predictable if any GOP candidate became President. Trump proposed because he promised violence against their political enemies.

They were bought cheaply, as was he. Massive corporate-criminal agendas do not sleep. They don’t care if southern white males get those coal jobs, or health care, water. Trump’s promises are as worthless as the university credentials that bore his name. Because Hillary Clinton is also corrupt. And we have only 2 parties to choose from.

What the hell are we doing about the 2 party system? Two unaccountables is not less evil! The UK government have released a number of previously classified docuents. This release is as interesting for what it hides as much as it reveals. The media ask questions often raised on this blog about the legitimacy of the classification system and the reasons. I am unsure about whether the rise in diabled people’s suicide is an appropriate topic for this blog. I note this statistical rise is similar to the levels among transgender people denied medically necessary healthcare.

The overall pattern of beaurocratic authoritarianism, contain and control, and cost cut into none existance is very similar. So documents about Thatcher have been declassified. It’s either depressing or cheering, depending on whether you’re a glass half empty or a glass half full person, to see how great the relevance of these 25-year-old documents is to our situation today. Iraq, dodgy international banking and most of all, Europe, remain painfully tied into daily lives. Google search headline to click through and read. Attempted suicides among out-of-work disability benefit claimants have more than doubled since the introduction of fit-to-work assessments in 2008, The Independent can reveal.

The MPM mode to put simply is the merchant prints out their permanent transaction account details in QR format as supplied to them by their payment service providers and they paste a sticker or image of their QR code and allow people to scan it with their mobile phones to make payments. The sad thing comes when one reads the standards. Security IS NEVER ENGINEERED INTO THE ENTIRE PROTOCOL. The message integrity checking mechanism is . No digital signatures, no MAC codes, no crypto .

There are numerous cases where falsification of identities can be by via using a Unicode character very close to the actual name character so that when it shows up on the consumer’s mobile phone screen, it looks almost legit and the consumer usually doesn’t check the Merchant IDs and all that and click the Pay button which can be routed to a false entity. So here’s my first stab at any QR code payment and my first theoretical attack on QR code payment in two steps. Find a way to swap out the QR code display and tamper with the CRC32 checksum. Also, note that there is also a rather loose format and there is possibility of adding URLs since there are no restriction and if it appears on the consumer’s mobile phone and the QR payment app does not filter it properly, it is going to be a possible way to gain access to the user’s device. 12 Dynamic Mode is also theoretically broken because the checksum it uses is CRC32 without any digital signatures or robust cryptographic attestation. Thanks for the great ideas and links. A new Wired article, describing the newfound sobriety in the self-driving car development community, confirms our long-standing views.

The big problem is that the people engineering these systems have yet to come close to mastering basic design requirements. They think they know how to get there, but that is sort of like being able to describe what it would take to sail across the Pacific solo and actually doing it. One set of problems is that the self driving car creators have apparently settled on using three different types of sensors and then integrating the inputs. The types of sensors individually don’t appear to be able to operate at the required performance levels. I address you as Fake News? Metals went bye-bye because they wear out pants pockets and are a bi bummer to otherwise transport.

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IC played no part in the transition from metals to currency, which got underway decades before IC as we know it. Oil companies were “pushing” credit cards to fresh h. 1960s, well before the internet, IT and debit cards were things. IT just slurps up data from their use and resells it.

And you should point at financial institutions for dreaming up and pushing debit cards. I don’t understand the rest of your post. 2 parties is so easy to manipulate it’s a human tradition since the dawn of civilization. It is the reason we have the sellout laws that allow special interests to buy their constituency.

If we had 4 or 5 independent and similarly funded parties, big money would find their job much less predictable. A diverse coalition of parties would be forced to do battle on the merits rather than just rely on the “us or them” dipole. I think the American people are starving for an unbought candidacy. The other parties got single-digit support, but don’t count that out either. They rejected the big 2 FOR A REASON.

We need to get serious about this before it’s literally tastes great vs. If passed, would require unmanned drones to scour the border 24 hours a day, five days a week. So, for the best experience, migrate during a weekend, Got it. I did respond to you squid post last week. The German Computer Chaos Club held its 34th annual congress from 27 to 30 December at a new venue in Leipzig.

According to my estimation, there are as of now 164 different presentations, with more than 100 hours of video. I don’t know whether all videos have been uploaded, but my count has remained stable for the last several hours. A few weeks ago there was a blog entry regarding the adoption of legislation allowing the implantation of spyware on computers. I expressed skepticism in my comments, as I couldn’t believe that it was possible to propose and implement this in an election year. I must stand corrected, it actually happened, and the media hardly spoke about it.

45 minutes there are about 10 minutes explaining how this was sneaked through parliament. As the text was pretty much cast and ready to vote on, cryptic low-key “linguistic” amendments were “suggested” by the ministry of justice last summer. Federal Commissioner for Data Protection even wrote to parliament to express his disagreement with the proposed changes, which he learned about in the press around 17 May. Since the government was ready to vote on the text, and the federal elections were quickly approaching, no one rocked the boat and the garbage went into the book like a charm. My contempt for politicks isn’t decreasing.

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Should also add that Phillip K. A Scanner Darkly is perhaps the best, though Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said is also very good. I know most of the visitors here run something like Ubuntu or Debian, but for those stuck with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise I stumbled on a good hack to cut down a tremendous amount of MS phoning home attempts. I was specifically looking for something that would address the daily thousands of attempts to contact “login.

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Choose “Run” from the Windows menuu. I assume this breaks windows store or something, but it can be easily reversed if necessary. Wes – Thanks for the link to your writing. Facebook Says it is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U. It’s a sign of the times when a national newspaper owned by a former KGB agent has to tell the UK government to pull its socks up. Many of the comments rightfully criticise the government on a number of financial and social issues too.

Was there any followup on the Supreme Court case about police use of cell phone data? Will the person doing this please use this blogs features correctly? Why don’t you just ask them to echo? Pick a less common-word name if you’re really concerned. I have a bigger beef with IBAN. DELIMITERS instead of a “fixed”-length system with an excessive number of padding zeros, that would have been already much simpler for people to remember. Then why did German banks insist for so long an additional SWIFT code even for national transfers, when other countries figured out how to derive that info from the IBAN?

And then, there are those merchants that insist in printing out their IBANs in one huge block without delimiters, making transcription difficult. And banks providing user interfaces splitting out the entry field in blocks of four or so, without any facility for accepting a longer string, making pasting a chore. I dont think IBAN would be use for Merchant ID. It might be altogether another format as the document left it open ended on Merchant Names and IDs.

Because the EMVCo QR code format is so new and was introduce in Mid 2017, they are all figuring out more details. Will find time to start picking away at the Consumer Presented Mode once I have time and not gonna be surprised there would be more problems. CPM mode is where your phone creates a QR and you let the cashier scans your QR for payment. A Russian national in jail for hacking the Democratic National Committee says a data signature proves he acted on the Kremlin’s orders. Konstantin Kozlovsky, a jailed Russian who claims he hacked the Democratic National Committee, now says he can prove Russian intelligence ordered him to steal emails released during the 2016 US presidential election. Earlier this year, Kozlovsky made headlines when his confession to hacking the DNC on Russia’s orders was made public.

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50 million from Russian bank accounts. In an interview with a Russian television station made public Dec. 27, Kozlovsky reported more details on what he said was an operation led by the Russian intelligence agency FSB to hack the DNC. He claims he planted a string of numbers — his Russian passport and visa number to visit the island of St. Martin — in a generic . The idea was to give himself a safety net in case those who directed the attack turned on him, he claims.

In other details released this week, Kozlovsky said he collaborated with the FSB to create computer viruses. One more way in which scripts enhance our web experience. I note from your other recent comment you are in New Zealand not Australia as I thought. Any aspects that may be progressive shoulders above the more likely contenders for progression?

I’m aware that Auckland and the rest of the country aren’t really comparable either. It’s not security related so much but do the locals care one way or the other about Kim Dot Com ? I can kind of imagine, actually. I note he recently received a multimillion dollar award for being ‘swatted’ . I feel cold wait, I’m completely naked and on camera the whole time? Ignorance was bliss and you’ve RUINED IT. I must admit I am curious about Kim Dotcom.

It’s very clear he is a “marked man” from not just the US Gov, but parts of the NZ Gov as well, seeing as how he has upset their political system. Further if what is reported is correct to carry on with the pretence that Kim commited a criminal act thus could be extradited is shody at best. Prof Lawrence Lessing showed it was not a criminal act even in the US, It would appear that the Hong Kong judiciary –where the alleged crimes were supposadly committed– agrees as well, and a NZ court has made it clear that he can not be extradited on that either kind of nails the lid on that asspect. The fact that from what has been reported all the other charges stem from the supposed copyright infringment being a criminal act you would have thought showing it was not a criminal act would make it all a moot point. I note he recently received a multimillion dollar award for being ‘swatted’. I was under the impression it was paid under a confidentiality agreement. From what I’ve read two other people at the birthday party have already received settlements above half a million dollars, and Kim Dotcom being the householder and most prominent would be expected to receive a commensurately higher award.

Of course it does not help the police case when they make statments about shotguns to make it sound like their behaviour was justified and that Kim Dotcom was a dangerous fugitive with a gun in easy reach. Oh and their appears to be a major discrepency over the FBI’s role in the entire event. If the NZ police are to be believed the FBI took no active part in the event However it appears from court documents they did take an active part and ended up illegaly stealing copies of hard drives etc. Apparently the warrant had been quite deliberatly made over inclusive to enable such activity and an NZ judge was most unhappy about it. DoJ stunt over Kim’s defence paying for “expert opinion” outside of NZ they made it clear that they would seize any payment which is a prima facie case of “striping of rights”.

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Which is why Prof Lessing did it pro bono. If the speculation is correct then President Obama not just pushed the case forwards but instigated it “for friends” in Hollywood and Silicon Valley which is actually not realy that unlikely, bassed on his other behaviours. Thus it can be seen that as Obama is no longer in office “the driver is absent from the throttle” and there is no “deadmans” to bring the runaway to a halt. Thus there are now careers on the line at both the FBI and DoJ which means common sense is not going to get a look in and more money and resources will be thrown wastefully into the case. Hence it’s become a war of atrition with the US trying to “starve him out” of NZ. But There is another issue, Kim Dotcom claims to have knowledge that the DNC hack was as many suspected an inside job.

They had him on copyright violation BS, that’s an easy warrant. Then they found out he had secret rooms. You know they love to bust people with secret rooms. And mostly with the German IT migrants, too. Most Kiwi IT people don’t seem to care.

But then they don’t seem to be aware of much else besides the ubiquitous Microsoft software. As far as Kim Dotcom goes, I’m delighted to see from your comment, Clive, that the case seems to have run into difficulties. I was less than impressed by the carte blanche “warrant” NZ police were given to raid his property – general warrants aren’t supposed to be legal in New Zealand any more than they’re supposed to be legal in the UK, France or anywhere else. As far as I can see, the case against Kim Dotcom falls over with that, that the US law enforcement asked the New Zealand courts for a general warrant, and the New Zealand courts gave a general warrant to the New Zealand police.

I think a case could well be made that the relevant US law enforcement authorities have thus put themselves outside the protection of the law in the United States and internationally. They should surrender ASAP for their own protection. FWIW, the RIAA head honcho had made statements well before Kim Dotcom got arrested, well before the general public in New Zealand knew anything about him, that made it obvious that his chances of getting a fair trial in the United States were practically non-existent. New Zealand is supposed to have a law that it is illegal to extradite someone to an unjust trial. Researchers Fooled a Google AI Into Thinking a Rifle Was a Helicopter It’s just learning.

Yes as are nearly all countries that inherited the English legal system. However in England and Wales some idiot called Tony Blair along with his old living partner Lord Falconer blew a thousand years of jurisprudence out the window and along with that he signed a very unequal extradition treaty with the US. Which basically boils down to “They demand we hand over, we ask and we get the bird”. The thing is most other Western Governments know it won’t be long before the US decides throwing second world countries under the bus, to make a power statment will soon not be enough. History shows that individual mutual defense pacts did not realy work in Europe hence the problems that led up to the two world wars. What people are hoping is that one “common voice” mutual pact will give the US and Russia pause for thought. However times have changed in that many in Europe now see the US not Russia as the aggressor thus primary danger, hence the regression back to “Reds Under the Bed” propaganda etc.

But speaking of scanning things I think it was the third episode of Futurama “A Fish full of Dollars” where Fry goes into the Big Apple Bank and the cashier says “We don’t have your retinal or rectal scans on file Do you remember your PIN? There was an opening “advert” in a later episode by a drain cleaning robot, with fast rotating hands, where his chirpy drain message ended with a “barbershop” sing of “we can also help with an impacted bowel” If memory serves it was the episode with the “aqua-exercise pool” with a mothers to be session that Dr Zoidberg interupted in full mating mode and causes a panic which as he leaves is accompanied by a sound track of ploping noises and baby first cries as it becomes a mass birthing pool. An as yet undisclosed problem is apparently the source of such a significant security bug, at least one Linux kernel and the latest updates to the NT kernel are already implementing patches, with more on the way. I can’t see how the performance problem can be solved, as all mechanisms for performance are deliberately being trashed as part of the fix. This is territory few ever venture into these days and your chance of meeting someone below fourty who has worked down there during their working career is slim.

Without going into all the details, what the programer or user actually sees is the ISA which is a long way above the registers and ALU you might get taught at school. At the register level of the stack it uses a Register Transfer Language or RTL CPU hardware specific programing language. In between is the Instruction Decode and pipeline control where the the ASM to RTL microcode exists and things like instruction look ahead, and some cache control are also found. One of the things that sits below most of it is memory, which is mostly Dynamic RAM of some form these days. Simplistically DRAM memory bits are a FET used as a switch to multiplex a large capacitence that stores the individual bit information as a charge onto an internal data line.

By large capacitence I mean with respect to the normal gate capacitence of a similar sized FET. In practice the capacitance is directly related to the area it takes up on the chip and is thus made as small as is possible to get as many memory cells on a chip as possible. The problem with DRAM is that capacitors discharge over a period of time based on the effective resistance across them. 3rds of what it is and be virtually gone by 5CR. Thus the refresh trick is required to correct this.

There are two basic ways you can do this, “slow and accurate” by measuring the voltage then pulling the capacitor up or down as appropriate, or the “fast and dirty” way. In practice it’s a bit of both which makes ubderstanding it harder than it should be. It’s inherent in the design of DRAM which makes it a problem untill such time it is ever fixed. It’s an issue the much faster but larger and more current hungry Statiic RAM does not have.

M PCBs were as small as a couple of playing cards. Simplistically what you do is put the equivalant of a second very fast stripped down CPU between the main CPU and the physical or “core” memory. It’s job is to hide the real physical memory address from the CPU so at it’s simplest you could make software physical memory address independent. It does this by “address translation” by simplistically mapping a main CPU virtual address to a real physical memory address. In Intel IAx86 chips because they originally put segmentation in the CPU then much later added an MMU things are way way over complicated and it’s been shown how you can turn the mess into a “virtual CPU” that runs below the CPU ring protection methods thus “owns the kingdom” To make it worse it probably also alows the SGX security mechanism to be breached as well which is what I’ve been thinking about off and on since first reading the paper.

The only real question is “How do you get at physical memory from the ISA? Well in theory you can not because there was no designed method to “reach down” around the protection the security the MMU effectively provides. However theory and practice do not always align and you have to start thinking about what is there by consequence not just design. In essence you overload a defect in the refresh logic for the capacitor in a memory cell and thus change it’s state. As long as the DRAM issue exists and it’s fairly fundemental to it’s design the side channel will exist and thus “reach down” attacks from the ISA around the MMU will be possible as long as the attacker can “flip the bits” in the desired place to go further with the attack. From what is written it appears that the “location” part of the –as yet not publically divulged–attack works by a “Cache Timing Attack”.