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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. A budget of this kind is not some sort of financial bait and switch but a realistic budget that many frugal people use on a daily basis. 46,000 a year, you can live anywhere in this country. While many working professionals in California struggle with the ability of buying a home, there is a large class of people who are simply dealing with the day to day items of life.

In fact, if we look at a county like Los Angeles, the most populous county in Southern California 52. This is significant given the population of this county is approximately 10,000,000 people. This is not as far fetched as you would suspect. 46,000 could apply to 5,000,000 people living in this highly populated area. This probably goes against the wide perception that most people in California are wealthy and live in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, or Laguna Beach but this is a very tiny part of the population. Many families live on this amount.

Now I know there have been many budgets put out on various finance and housing sites yet they really do not point you in the right direction as to where to find information. 400 a month to take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner? We will go into the details of the budget above. Make no mistake, this is a minimalist budget here.

The most expensive line item of any California resident is housing. 46,000 you shouldn’t even consider buying a home since it will sink you. In fact, many people did buy homes with this kind of budget and now find themselves part of the problems the state is facing. 1,250 a month allocation for rent. Believe it or not there are many nice 1 bedroom apartments for this price.

As, you can see there are plenty of places in safe neighborhoods for this price range. Now you have to manage your expectations. You won’t be renting a beach front home in Newport Coast but you also won’t be living in unsafe neighborhoods. Your quality of life will depend on whether you want a studio, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedrooms home. Also, how close to your work would you like to be? The next tool you’ll be using to find out whether you are paying too much or getting a good deal is Rent-o-meter.

With this tool, you simply put the address of the potential rental and it will use Goolge maps to give you a rough estimate of other rentals in the area. After running this quick query, we can determine the market price of homes in this immediate region. Since our budget is sensitive to housing prices, it is important we first manage our expectations in regards to price. But with 88 Cities in Los Angeles County we do have some room for flexibility.

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The next major line item we’ll look at is automobile costs. It is hard to get around California with no car. With the cost of fuel soaring, we won’t be purchasing a Hummer. 133 a month in fuel even with current gas prices. Where can you find such a deal?

First, you need to realistic about what you can buy. For our example, we are looking at purchasing a 1993 Toyota Corolla. These cars if you go with the manual version will get you 35 miles per gallon. You are almost getting the efficiency of a hybrid! Plus, if the car is well maintained these things will last you forever. Let us assume you drive to work 15 miles each way.

Our Final Say

23 bucks in your budget in case you took a longer trip or added a few additional miles. 11 a gallon which is still a distance away. So now we covered two big line items, your transportation and your housing. 400 you can feed yourself well for a month. Here in California we are fortunate enough to have regional markets that compete with your common supermarkets. Also, you will find better deals on meats.

So this is where you will do your shopping. For breakfast which you shouldn’t skip, you can have a nutritious cereal with fruit or buy some whole grain waffles for the go. You can make sandwiches for lunch with some chips and fruit and you’re good to go. For dinner, with the produce and meat you can make yourself a solid dinner. Listen, you aren’t going to eat Lobster each night but you aren’t eating Top Ramen either.

This is doable if you know how to manage your budget. Most phone companies are trying to sucker people in trying to have them keep their land lines. They’ll do package deals with DSL or cable which make no sense. 25 per month will keep you connected to the internet. Many apartments will pay for your trash and water service. Electric will be minimal in most cases since our weather in California is perfect nearly year round.