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As we swap out old for new, pages will be in transition. Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has driven nearly 268,000 mobile Phone Mining: How to Earn Using Your Cell Phone? 716 into neighbouring countries, including Zambia. The Kenani Refugee Transit Centre on the Zambian border is currently hosting over 14,000 Congolese refugees, with an average of 100 new arrivals a day.

Sixty per cent of them are children. It’s a hot and sunny afternoon when Chief Kapoloma visits the home of teenage Fatima and her mother in Aisa village, Malawi. He strides across the baked earth of a dried-out river bed, wearing a traditional robe and circular hat over a shirt and trousers. The area is predominantly Muslim and there is a small brick mosque among the houses, adorned with a white star and crescent on the minaret. Despite laws against it, 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children. Seven-year-old Natividad Sánchez Ventura is the youngest of ten children, and their daily life is predictably chaotic.

A cloud of yellow dust blows into the group sitting on the ground at the village centre. Toddlers run, legs wobbly, to bury their faces in the open arms of their mothers, as the women pull down kerchiefs to protect their eyes. But community mobilizer Tlaleng Maimane keeps talking. As you watch 8-year-old Aya Rekani playing with her friends among the fallen leaves, it’s difficult to imagine how different her life was just a year ago.

Through the sobbing, she describes how her family has suffered at the hands of one of the world’s deadliest street gangs. She pauses for a minute, catches her breath and wipes her tears. Every morning, 14-year-old Karyna Shvets walks 2 km past piles of rubbish, abandoned buildings and unexploded landmines marked with bright orange ribbons. Disowned by her parents, she was quickly thrown into adulthood.

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Shortly after Lupita Corena was born 11 years ago, her parents separated. They decided Lupita would stay with her father, David. When 12-year-old Rahaf and her family fled from violence in their hometown of Raqqa, they got caught in the crossfire. You won’t find the small town of San José de los Llanos in tourist brochures about the Dominican Republic. Rain runs through the muddy gravel streets and the water has crept into the home of Isabel, Jorge Luis and their son Brandon. Fourteen-year-old Jonk Tonk Dack, and his brother Lowal, 9, are from Kair, Bahar Arab, South Sudan. The two boys recently fled their hometown alone, escaping both hunger and fighting.

They were headed for Kario camp in East Darfur. My dad was a police officer. He was working that day and returned to the city to pick up mom and me on a motorcycle. It was there that the militia arrived, and I do not know what kind of magic they did, but the motorcycle could no longer work and that’s where my parents were beheaded. KACHIN STATE, Myanmar, 22 May 2017 – Baum Myaw, 12, lives with her family at a camp for displaced people near Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, Myanmar.

KACHIN STATE, Myanmar, 22 May 2017 – Zwe Chit left school when he was in grade eight. He started hanging out with four older friends. They all wanted to join the army and pushed him to do the same. He was 16 years old when he was recruited. KACHIN STATE, Myanmar, 22 May 2017 – Zau Seng, 11, is a student at Nam Ya Middle School, in Moe Nyin District, Kachin State, Myanmar. He likes studying Myanmar and maths, and enjoys working in the school garden and playing catch with his friends. As a family therapist, Zeynep Kapisiz regularly deals with anger, depression, fear and many pleas for help.

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The problems she is trying to solve can seem intractable. Every word spoken by Patricia is preceded by the smile of a playful girl who is not old enough to take life seriously. But in three short months, she will assume the responsibilities of motherhood. DARA’A, Syrian Arab Republic, 28 April 2017 – Nada and her family fled their hometown of Al Shajarah after it was overtaken by warring parties more than three years ago. Now they have taken shelter, along with 40 other internally-displaced families, in a former school in the nearby city of Dara’a. It is the start of the rainy season on the shores of Lake Malawi, and the landscape is now a lush green. Streams and rivers flow where before there were dry, dusty river beds.

Fields of maize, as tall in places as the mud huts of farmers, tower over the children who run past them. The emotional wounds and trauma of living through more than three years of conflict are an everyday reality for hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers in eastern Ukraine. CARAPONGO, Peru, 25 March 2017 – Nine-year-old Aldony Cabrera proudly admits to being a Star Wars fan. Carrying his plastic light sabre, he walks through the devastation in Carapongo – a community near Lima, the capital of Peru – caused by some of the worst flooding in decades.

Mobile Phone Mining: How to Earn Using Your Cell Phone? 716

In Brazil, more than 84 per cent of the population lives in urban areas. In many of these areas, children and adolescents are yet to be guaranteed their rights to quality education, health and to a welcoming and protective environment. On a street in Aleppo lies a two-floor house with a bright green door. Surrounded by a tiny garden of jasmine flowers and olive trees, the pretty setting stands in contrast to what the children living there have been through.

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It is a hot December morning in Punta Gorda, Belize. The sky is cloudless and the sun is dazzling. As a line forms outside, Ms. Tricia Collins, the court’s Intake and Welfare Officer, waits patiently to greet each new person. Mary Oloiparuni’s childhood came to an abrupt end when she was 13 years old.

Mobile Phone Mining: How to Earn Using Your Cell Phone? 716

Now, at 30, she recalls that painful day as she sits in her homestead in Leboo Village, Kajiado County, surrounded by her five children. Naheel, 40, has four girls and one boy. She and her husband Jameel, who installs aluminium for a living, used to live in Bir Nabala, a small town northwest of the city of Jerusalem. Each year, 6 February marks the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. Toretsk secondary school is located in the village of Druzhba less than 10 km away from the military positions in eastern Ukraine.

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Around three years ago that number was more than 200, but many families fled due to the armed conflict. Jorge had to move house four years ago. At the passing of his mother and without any other family member who could take care of him, he fell into the care of Cuba’s child protective services. Kenema, eastern Sierra Leone, living with their mother and going to school.

But within the space of just a few months, both shared a similar traumatic story of abuse by men in their town. Around three months ago hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, disrupting the lives of over two million people. In addition to the personal losses of homes and crops, more than 716 schools, numerous health facilities, and the existing sanitation infrastructure all suffered damage. 4 million people in Haiti, including 600,000 children, require humanitarian assistance.

The little girl is seven years old and has a smile that radiates from ear to ear. Nothing in her sparkling demeanour hints at the shadows of her past. Six-year-old Gabriel smiles broadly as he sips on his fruit juice, with his mother Tamuna watching as she relates his story. So sick, in fact, that Femi wanted to go and look after him.

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The 17-year-old left his school in the south of the country to travel to the north-east, to Borno state, where his father lived in a small village. Femi didn’t anticipate being gone too long. My life has been so hard. I have been living in fear all the time. Since the beginning of the previous war in 1993, me and my family had to move from one house to another. 15 years old when he got into a serious fight with one of his peers. The conflict had started as a verbal disagreement, but in the heat of the moment, G.

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This type of physical altercation is considered a criminal offence by the Kosovo Juvenile Justice Code. Growing up in the Gaza Strip, he has witnessed three major rounds of armed conflict since 2009, and nearly ten years of blockade. When Saw Myat Thu was 20 years old, she discovered a new passion. To her surprise, she loved it. The backyard in Christer and Juma Mabuza’s home in Muvwa village, Mbeya District Council, is the place where their family gathers to prepare dinner. 18-month-old child the Mabuzas are fostering. Maria, a mother of three boys, fled her home a week ago to escape violence that had erupted in her once safe community.

Along with thousands of others, the family made their way to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in Juba. Now, one week on, she still has no plans to return to her home and waits in worried anticipation of what will happen next. After locals helped establish a refuge for newly arrived children at the Zamzam camp for the internally displaced, a steady stream of traumatized boys and girls began turning up at the front gates. Gani Berisha wakes up at the crack of dawn and quietly puts on some clothes so as not to wake his family. The hands of the clock show it’s barely 6 a. He works at the same intersection almost every day.

On some days he cleans the windows of cars passing by, hoping that he’ll get a few pennies in exchange. And on others he simply begs for money. Aimable was sleeping on the side of the road one evening. A car stopped near him and the driver asked why he was there. He explained that he is homeless and spends his days in that area asking for money. The driver drove off, but a few minutes later, returned with milk and bread. This was one of Aimable’s happiest memories from sleeping on the street for nearly seven years.

He doesn’t have many nice memories from this time. Famous for its iconic Petronas Twin Towers, her city is the high-rise metropolitan capital of Malaysia. Nicole’s dream is to become an architect and help design the next generation of KL’s buildings. One evening in 2014, Philippines police raided an ordinary looking home in the slums of Manila. It was just before midnight, and darkness permeated the surrounding narrow alleys as the officers entered with a search warrant. Inside the small single room house, they found an unusual amount of computer equipment: laptops, webcams and a Wi-Fi router.

As Joana, 14, and her team prepare for the final round of Cuba’s first inclusive football tournament, it is hard to believe that just one year ago she had never played the sport before. A few minutes later, one of them starts screaming. The others rise to their feet and begin to calm her down. What surprised me most about the little boys was that they refused to eat. Although they were obviously hungry and tired, all three of them turned away the bowls of rice that were offered to them. His days were once spent on exhausting treks through the bush, armed and poised for danger, never straying far from the commander whose life he was charged with protecting. He had risen through the ranks of Cobra Faction, an armed group caught up in fighting that predates South Sudan’s current conflict, a cook and dishwasher become bodyguard.