MinGW gcc missing zlib1.dll

This library is licenced under the zlib License, see the file LICENSE for details. Note that SDL_gfx is minGW gcc missing zlib1.dll with SDL version 1. Note: All ___Color routines expect the color to be in the format 0xRRGGBBAA. Notes on Rotozoomer The rotozoom code is not ASM-speed quality, but it should be fast enough even for some realtime effects if the CPU is good or bitmaps small.

Note also that the smoothing toggle is dependent on the input surface bit depth. 8bit surfaces will never be smoothed – only 32bit surfaces will. Note that surfaces of other bit depth then 8 and 32 will be converted on the fly to a 32bit surface using a blit into a temporary surface. Notes on Framerate Manager The framerate functions are used to insert delays into the graphics loop to maintain a constant framerate. 100th frame of a game running at 50Hz will be accurately 2.

All functions use a pointer to a framerate-manager variable to operate. C implementation that is automatically used on systems without MMX capabilities. The compiler flag -DUSE_MMX toggles the conditional compile of MMX assembly. You can use the command line ‘LIB. EXE’ tool to generate VC6 compatible .

Mac OSX The usual autotools build chain should be used. Note that between rendering on the Zune’s ARM CPU and constantly uploading textures to the GPU, SDL_gfx is going to be slow. Also, the libc math functions all use software FP emulation even when VFP floating point support is turned on in the compiler, so there’s extra overhead due to that as well. Others Other platforms might work but have not been tested by the author. Please check the file “INSTALL” as well as the folder “Other Builds”. See also section “Installation” below for more build instructions. Linux To compile the library your need the SDL 1.

2 installed from source or installed with the ‘devel’ RPM package. Check the folder “Other Builds” for alternative makefiles. May need workaround for missing lrint. Cross-Compilation To build using mingw32 on Win32, check the makefile contained in mingw.

Specify the path to your cross-compiled ‘sdl-config’, and invoke ‘. For example, to cross-compile a . OSX Use standard unix build sequence. Update your developer tools to the lastest version. Install the SDL Developers framework for Mac OS X. Download the latest SDL_gfx source distribution and extract the archive in a convenient location. This will create a PB that contains the project files.

The project has targets for the SDL_gfx framework and the four test programs. All can be built using the ‘deployment’ or ‘development’ build styles. A newer version for MaxOS X is included in the OSX-PB-XCode. The updated version uses relative pathnames where appropriate, and pointers to the standard installation location of SDL. However, it may require XCode in order to be used. Test Programs Change to the . This requires the library to be previously compiled and installed.

Non-alpha line drawing code adapted from routine by Pete Shinners, pete at shinners. More fixes by Karl Bartel, karlb at gmx. Much testing and suggestions for fixes from Danny van Bruggen, danny at froukepc. Faster blending routines contributed by Anders Lindstroem, cal at swipnet. VisualC makefile contributed by Danny van Bruggen, danny at froukepc.

VisualC7 project file contributed by James Turk, jturk at conceptofzero. Project Builder package contributed by Thomas Tongue, TTongue at imagiware. QNX6 patch contributed by Mike Gorchak, mike at malva. Pie idea contributed by Eike Lange, eike. Dynamic font setup by Todor Prokopov, koprok at dir. OSX build fixes by Michael Wybrow, mjwybrow at cs. 4 build fixes by Dries Verachtert, dries at ulyssis.


Updated OSX build by Brian Rice, water451 at gmail. Polygon idea and code by Kees Jongenburger, kees. Several bugfixes contributed by Sigborn Skjaeret, cisc at broadpark. Cross-compilation notes contributed by Sylvain Beucler, beuc at beuc.

Multiple patches applied and repackaged version 2. 18 by Paul, sweetlilmre at gmail. Thanks Paul and other contributors of patches. Change to avoid gcc4 compiler warnings contributed by Thien-Thi nguyen, ttn at gnuvola.

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1bpp off-by-one patch contributed by Manuel Lausch mail at manuellausch. Updated mingw Makefile contributed by Jan Leike, jan dot leike at gmx dot net – thanks Jan. Rotozoom debugging help by Jeff Wilges, heff at ifup dot us – thanks Jeff. Fix for 1-pixel postponement with 8bit scaling by Sylvain Beucler, beuc at beuc dot net – thanks Sylvain. Windows using autotools by Sylvain Beucler, beuc at beuc dot net – thanks Sylvain. Added Visual CE Project to Builds.

Contributed by vrichomme at smartmobili dot com – thanks. Added Symbian and Windows 64bit fix with lrint function by Rene Dudfield, renesd at gmail dot com – thanks Rene. Fixes for Rotate90 0-degree case by Chris Allport, chris dot allport at gmail dot com – thanks Chris. ZIP contributed by marabus at meta dot ua – thanks Vasyl. Surface contributed by RodolfoRG – thanks Rodolfo.

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Suggestions for speed improvements contributed by inkyankes – thanks. Pixel blend routine patches contributed by mitja at lxnav dot com – thanks Mitja. What follows below are instructions for a very “manual” download, typically only attempted by more experienced users. Determine which files below you need and download them. You will need a program that can extract . 7-Zip or one that provides command-line tar and lzma tools.

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A basic standalone tar program that includes lzma support is available from the MinGW project and is called bsdtar. PATH by following the instructions in the “Environment Settings” section on the MinGW Getting Started page. MinGW subtree is fully relocatable which means that you can have multiple installations or versions of the MinGW suite. The above are the minimum requirements for a working C Language compiler using the MinGW GCC toolchain.

You do need the “dev” package for pthreads, since link commands that use -pthread need to link against this library. Likewise, the binutils package provides a “dev” package that includes libraries, such as libiberty. You can also add one or more of the following optional compilers or tools. Note that the GCC versions of these files must match the GCC version of the gcc-core installed. MSYS for Unix-style commands and shell. See the MSYS page for installation instructions. MinGW to overwrite the older version.

Code dependencies[edit]

This manual update also works with an initial automated install. I installed using the process BUT this release is quite old. 4 while the MinGW installer installs 3. Also this installer has g77 which is no longer a part of GNU compiler suite, its replaced by fortran95. Use the MinGW installer to get everything set up in the proper directories. Then if you want version 4.

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You can decompress and unarchive using 7za from the 7zip web site. This should update your MinGW compiler suite. If you’re using msys, there may be some other files you’ll want to update as well. 4 and i run the MinGW-5.

77 compiler and MinGW Make only. This is correct way to install MinGW. Please help me how to install MinGW in the windows. Run it and choose options as per needed.

More detail is available on this web site if you care to search. Is there a way to install MinGW with objC garbage collector enabled ? MinGW automated installer does not let me select the mirror for downloading files. This cause very slow in downloading and installing MinGW.

The installer uses whatever you have set there, with SF’s automatic mirror selection as fallback. MS is becoming more hard line about installs that reside outside of their standard locations. So, Microsoft own your computer, do they? It isn’t their right to tell you how you must deploy your hardware. MinGW, but you may move it anywhere else that you prefer, subject to the caveat that you must avoid path names with embedded spaces. If Microsoft tell you they can’t allow you to accommodate that, tell them where to get off! The MinGW installer is great, both for initial installs and for updates.

Surely a debugger is a pretty essential component? I am not able to get these ir entries ,w hat are they supposed to do? If you opened your eyes, and read the comment immediately below, you would have had no need to ask again! Indeed, it’s already elaborated, in the notes following the relevant instruction, within the article itself! Is that file supposed to always be produced by ? What is that file used for?

For completeness here: this is correct behaviour — default executable name is a. If you want something else, you must say so explicitly, by using the -o exename option, e. For some reason it didn’t update my env. But this is workaround looks too stupid for obvious reasons. Please review the updated version of the instructions. Not sure if this is the right place for this. PS 32-bit Windows Vista Home Plus with the latest service packs, Firefox 3.

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No fix has yet been forthcoming. So consider this a heads-up that it’s still broken. Must put lots of new people off. Actually its missing in the automated installer as well.

While the gzip and tar commands are useful, it would be useful to state the directory name explicitly for those like me that choose to manually create the info-dir directories another way. It was not clear whether the directory needed to be named ‘dir’ or ‘info-dir’ or ‘dir. Please see the comment below, which I added in August 2008, concerning the proper way to manage info’s `dir’ files. I propose merging these instructions into the existing instructions on the Getting Started page. I don’t see the sense in having automated installation described on the Getting Started page and manual installation described in a HOWTO. I can see a practical reason for keeping them segregated. The `Getting Started’ really should be just a `Quick Start’ guide, for new users.


Such users really don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much detail — they just want to get up and running with a minimum of fuss. OTOH, more experienced users may appreciate more detailed information. Such users may wish to maintain multiple installations, at different version levels for example, or to incrementally upgrade an existing installation, as newer components are released. Include a link to here, on the `Getting Started’ page, for users wanting more detail, and if necessary merge any content removed from `Getting Started’ in here. More recent versions of the distributed packages should not even provide the precompiled dir files. These are only useful for users who have an info viewer installed, which basically means those who use MSYS.

I looked, their viewer didn’t work. Cygwin also has it, and that works, but uses the dir files installed in the Cygwin tree. This wiki is not a forum for discussion of usage issues. We do not allow creation of comments by anonymous or untrusted users, on any page. Site Status Site maintenance performed successfully, site online Dec 13th 12:00 AM Eastern.