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We only hire the best of the best—and the results are evident. On average, our officers have more than 25 years of experience in portfolio management, and we provide our staff with the invaluable guidance they need to successfully implement our management strategies. Regular monthly meetings and consistent daily interactions help us ensure we meet your management goals. The Chairman of Hearing impaired Club in Jeddah Mr. A sound industrial DNA The company has a strong experience in iron and steel making plants from feasibility studies, up to construction, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and plant management.

Green field cold rolling mill in Pesqueria, Mexico. C has built a significant experience in LNG regasification terminals, particularly in Europe and South America. C designs and builds power generation plants in the entire range of conventional and un-conventional technologies. Dedicated capabilities for offshore construction Techint owns an area for the construction and installation of platforms, rigs, module manufacturing and integration of FPSO’s. Promoting the welfare of our communities We make a continuous effort to improve our environmental performance and support the communities at our projects with social development programs. In the rural areas of Cusco, Peru, Techint’s community actions involved more than 7,000 needy children.

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We are ready to assist you in any home renovation project you may have. Create a space Uniquely Yours See the looks that are trending or explore our gallery for ideas on your next kitchen, bath, or outdoor project. Aerial View of AMARG, 16 May 1992. Welcome sign at AMARG before its 2007 name change. Boeing 707s being used for salvage parts for the C-135 airframe at AMARG. AMARG takes care of nearly 4,000 aircraft, which makes it the largest aircraft storage and preservation facility in the world.

La Maintenance Group

An Air Force Materiel Command unit, the group is under the command of the Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. AMARG was established in 1946 as the 4105th Army Air Force Base Unit to house Boeing B-29 Superfortress and Douglas C-47 Skytrain aircraft. In 1948, after the Air Force’s creation as a separate service, the unit was renamed the 3040th Aircraft Storage Depot. In the 1990s, in accordance with the START I treaty, the center was tasked with eliminating 365 B-52 bombers. The progress of this task was to be verified by Russia via satellite and first-person inspection at the facility. In May 2007, command of AMARG was transferred to the 309th Maintenance Wing, and the center was renamed the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group. 4453d Combat Crew Training Wing, 16 July 1970.

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Ogden Air Logistics Complex, 1 Oct 2012-. Ejection seat charges, and classified hardware are removed. All aircraft are carefully washed with fresh water, to remove environment residue, and then allowed to dry. The fuel system is protected by draining it, refilling it with lightweight oil, running engines to coat fuel system plumbing and engines, and then draining it again. This leaves a protective oil film.

The aircraft is sealed from dust, sunlight, and high temperatures. This is done using a variety of materials, including a high tech vinyl plastic compound that is sprayed on the aircraft. This compound is called spraylat after its producer the Spraylat Corporation, and is applied in two coats, a black coat that seals the aircraft and a white coat that reflects the sun and helps to keep internal temperatures low. Aircraft that fly again either return to the U. AMARG is a controlled-access site, and is off-limits to anyone not employed there without the proper clearance. Bus tours are on Monday to Friday. AMARG has been a site of filming for scenes in several films and television productions, despite the security of AMARG and the base in general.

The most recent and notable of these is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The exterior scenes of the Smithsonian set were actually filmed in the Boneyard. The 1986 film The Wraith starring Charlie Sheen had some scenes that were shot at the 309 AMARG. 309 AMARG was featured in an episode of TNT’s The Great Escape. Navy Naval Aviation News July 1966, pp. Washington, DC: Office of Air Force History. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center.

We were unable to find your address. Like all great businesses, Mears was built upon a simple idea: provide great customer service – all the time. He found inspiration from one of his favorite quotes from Socrates, “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. So, in 1939, he bought three taxicabs and began to run his business with this simple plan. Along the way he formalized our five core values: respect, integrity, safety, enthusiasm and efficiency. He attracted talented team members and gave them the freedom to do their jobs, and he always listened to our customers, tirelessly working to surpass their expectations.

Today, Mears owns three taxi service companies with over 600 taxicabs servicing the greater Orlando area. Mears was solely focused on the taxicab business until 1983, when Paul Mears, Jr. He purchased 19 shuttle vans and Mears Motor Shuttle has been the Orlando International Airport concessionaire ever since. Bringing the same formula for success his father had created decades earlier, Paul Jr. Just five short years later, Paul Jr. Mears into the Luxury Vehicle and Motor Coach business.

Mears became synonymous with outstanding service and a leader in the ground transportation industry. Today and Tomorrow With the third generation of Mears family members now in leadership roles, Paul Sr. We continue to expand our signature service into the global market and remain true to the very principles our founder promoted so many years ago. CSR Report is now available online and offline! Joining Fives, a multicultural group with an international dimension.

Qatar – Signature of the Provisional Acceptance Certificate by Q. Fives, an industrial engineering Group, designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups including the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace, logistics, cement and energy sectors. Development, Design, Sales, Project Management, On-site implementation, Maintenance, Service, and Support. 60 industrial plant facilities located in eight parishes around Baton Rouge. GBRIA has a long history of helping plants and contractors improve safety performance. Our goal is to achieve an injury and incident free workplace.

We have several committees and programs that support improving safety performance. GBRIA is dedicated to ensuring access to a competitive and skilled company and contractor workforce. GBRIA acts as a liaison in steering numerous education partners in the region from pk-12 and skilled career training through the university level. View a machine-translated version of the French article.

Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. French industrial group specialised in naval defence and marine renewable energy. The group employs next to 13,000 people in 18 countries.

Naval Group, a private law company in which the French state holds a 62. Naval Group has a heritage almost 400 years. As early as 1926, what we know as Naval Group today already had all the facilities now owned by the group in mainland France. In 1624, Cardinal Richelieu, who was Louis XIII of France’s Prime Minister at the time, devised a naval policy that provided for the development of the dockyards in order to give France sufficient maritime power to rival that of England. The policy was continued by Colbert, Louis XIV’s Navy Minister, who developed several major dockyards. He extended the dockyards in Toulon, ordered the excavation of the docks in Brest and founded the Rochefort dockyards.

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His son, Seignelay, who succeeded him in 1683, followed in his footsteps. The French Royal Navy’s network of dockyards was further strengthened in the 18th century. In 1750, the Marquis de Montalembert converted a former paper mill into a forge producing cannons at Ruelle-sur-Touvre. The naval dockyards in Rochefort were closed in 1926.

In 1937, the establishment in Saint-Tropez was opened on the former site of the company Schneider, which specialised in torpedoes. By this time, most of the Naval Group’s French sites already existed, and they have not changed since then. During the 19th century, the naval dockyards underwent a transformation as the fleet of sailing ships was replaced by motorised vessels. The sites were industrialised and gradually specialised. In 1865, the naval dockyards in Brest became exclusively military, with the closure of the Penfeld port to commercial vessels. This rationalisation of the roles of the naval dockyards was accompanied by technical and military innovations and the production of vessels at a higher pace, against the backdrop of an arms race and colonisation. In 1858, Gloire, the first ocean-going battleship in the world sailed out of the dockyards in Toulon.

The production of heavy surface vessels was also stepped up in the 1910s. Several battleships were built before the start of the First World War, and the fleet was strengthened by the 35,000-ton Richelieu in 1939. In 1946, a review of the French naval dockyards completed the attributions of the various sites announced in the 1927 decree. Brest was tasked with the production and repair of large vessels, Lorient with the construction of medium-sized vessels, Cherbourg with submarines and Toulon with repairing and maintaining the fleet. The engineers working in the DCANs were officers in the French navy’s engineering division.

At this time, the dockyards broke away from the Navy, creating the opportunity for the diversification of their activities in the 1970s. In 1958, the official launch by General de Gaulle of the French military nuclear programme and deterrent policy prompted the restructuring of the defence industry and defence technology. The Cœlacanthe project brought together the DTCN and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, and in 1971, Redoutable, the first French missile-launching nuclear submarine, came into service. The international economic climate and decolonisation in the 1970s lead the DCAN to venture into new markets. The loss of the overseas naval dockyards was compounded by the French Navy’s reduced needs for vessels and the increased difficulty in obtaining funding. But, looking beyond the order books, it was the public status of the DCAN that was gradually called into question, and it came to be considered as an administrative obstacle to the development of the potential of France’s naval dockyards.

This transformation occurred in several stages. In the same year, DCN International was created. The mission of this PLC was to promote the activities of the DCN on an international scale and to facilitate the export of its products. Since then, the DCN has only been responsible for industrial activities, while remaining part of the DGA. This change of status has allowed DCN International to provide the DCN with commercial and legal support in the development of its international trade since the end of the 1990s.

The development strategy pursued by DCN International resulted in the signing of several major contracts. In 1994, three Agosta-class submarines were delivered to Pakistan, and, in 1997, two Scorpène-class submarines were built for Chile. The DCN has also won contracts in the field of off-shore drilling for oil. In 1997, the Brest site modernised the Sedco 707 platform and now builds SFX type oil rigs.

La Maintenance Group

Finally, in 2001, the French government decided to transform the DCN into a fully state-owned private limited company. The change of status came into effect in 2003. The DCN became just DCN, which no longer stood for Direction des Constructions Navales. In 2007, DCN acquired the French naval activities branch of Thales, Armaris, a former subsidiary that was equally shared between DCN and Thales, and MOPA2, the company in charge of the project to build a second aircraft carrier. To stress its new identity, the resulting group was named DCNS. In 2008, an aerial drone landed on the deck of a frigate at sea for the first time in history.

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In 2013, the group set up DCNS Research to promote its research activities. On 28 June 2017, DCNS changes its name to Naval Group. This new identity is a natural step in the group’s history, aimed at supporting group’s ambitions to guarantee own exposure and credibility in international markets. The new name also pays homage to group heritage: 400 years of naval innovation. Naval Group designs, develops and manages the operational readiness of surface and underwater naval systems, and of their associated systems and infrastructures. As a project manager and integrator of armed vessels, Naval Group intervenes all along the value chain, from strategic programme planning, to design, construction and the management of operational readiness.

The group works with the French navy and other navies, for conventional products, and with the authorisation of the French government. It also offers its military expertise to the French Air Force to design automated navigation and combat systems, and to renovate aircraft. One in the series—the SMX-25—was designed to arrive in theatre rapidly through high surface speed and then operate as normal underwater. Naval Group operates several programmes to promote training and professional integration. The group has signed the Pacte PME, which fosters relations between large companies and smaller enterprises and sets up partnerships with leading universities and academic institutions. Between 2006 and 2013, DCNS organised the Trophée Poséidon for students in engineering schools, which rewarded student projects in the fields of innovation and the maritime environment. Between 2008 and 2014, Naval Group also ran a professional integration programme for both persons with a technical qualification and persons without any qualifications, called the Filières du Talent.

In 2010, this programme was rewarded by the Trophée national 2010 de l’entreprise citoyenne. DCNS has also been involved in the world of yachting for many years by sharing its technologies and through its sponsoring and mentoring activities. The group is a partner of the Grand-Prix de l’École Navale, a regatta that has been held near the Crozon peninsula since 2001. Naval Group is a private limited company in which the French state holds a 62. Naval Group operates 10 sites in France. Each site is specialised in a particular activity. Brest: services, operational readiness of vessels and submarines, maintenance of the Navy’s industrial port infrastructures, renewable marine energies.

The site is located in the Brest dockyards, on the Froutven zone and on the Île Longue. Nantes-Indret and Technocampus Ocean: submarines, research and development, nuclear propulsion. Naval Group has branch offices in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway and Pakistan. The group is also represented all over the world by its subsidiaries and joint ventures, which are wholly owned or operated in association with other companies. SEA1000 contract in 2016 as DCNS Australia by the Australian Government. Responsible for the design of twelve Future submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. DCNS plays a major role in “one of France’s biggest political and financial scandals of the last generation a trail of eight unexplained deaths, nearly half a billion dollars in missing cash and troubling allegations of government complicity” connected to a sale of warships to Taiwan in the 1990s.

Apart from the issues surrounding the sale of ships to Taiwan mentioned above, French prosecutors started investigating a wide range of corruption charges in 2010 involving different submarine sales, with possible bribery and kickbacks to top officials in France. In particular interest by the prosecutors are sales of Scorpène-class submarines to countries like India and Malaysia. On 15 December 2015, French courts indicted Bernard Baiocco, former president of Thales International Asia for paying kickbacks to Abdul Razak Baginda. At the same time director of shipbuilder DCN International was indicted for misuse of corporate assets.

On 24 August 2016, it was reported by Australian Media that a 22,000 page report leak has taken place regarding the unrelated Scorpene class submarine currently being built by India as a part of a 3. The suspected leak of sensitive information for the Scorpene was claimed to contain information regarding stealth, sensors, the noise level of the submarine at different sea depths, acoustic information, etc. The Indian Navy passed the blame for the data leak onto unnamed overseas sources, possibly from the hacking of sensitive data. ASNOM – Association Amicale Santé Navale et d’Outre Mer”. France Submarine Import and Export Behavior – NTI”. Developments in French Naval Industry”, in Verma, Bharat, Indian Defense Review, Lancer, p.

DCNS reçoit le Trophée National de l’Entreprise Citoyenne”. Archived from the original on 24 September 2014. French legal team in Malaysia to probe sub deal”. France probes corruption in arms to Malaysia”. France opens probe into ‘bribery’ of Malaysia’s Najib Razak”.

Contract-winning French sub builder DCNS tied up in deadly Malaysian bribery saga”. Over 20,000 pages of top-secret data about India’s mega submarine project leaked, says The Australian”. A Case of Hacking’: Parrikar on Indian Navy’s Submarine Data Leak”. LA Construction Group LLC has a highly skilled labor force whose trades include piping, structural, mechanical, concrete and millwright work. We have worked for such companies as General Electric, Georgia Pacific, Entergy, Weyerhaeuser Company and Graphic Packaging International to name a few. LA Construction Group, LLC is a company that prides itself on being able to handle all projects from shutdowns to general maintenance to grass root projects. Customer satisfaction and meeting your needs is our number one priority.

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Your preferred dealer has been successfully updated. This is now your preferred dealer! Our Target Zero safety program is a main underpinning of our culture, a strong component of our reputation and brand among our stakeholders, an iconic program for the industry, and a brand promise that continues to evolve with our business. HELICOPTER SALESBristow is reducing its inventory of older aircraft while updating to newer technology helicopter models. CAREERS AT BRISTOW Bristow employs some of the most highly regarded experts in industrial aviation. Bristow needs qualified personnel with a global outlook and the skills and technical abilities that are critical to the company’s growth. Bristow will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, sex, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic.

PURCHASING TERMS AND CONDITIONSBristow’s purchasing Terms and Conditions apply to all Bristow purchases and contracts, unless superseded by other terms and conditions in writing by Bristow. CEO Jonathan Baliff discusses steps the company took to lower costs, enable faster decision making and become more regional to increase competitiveness in today’s market. Watch the video to learn more about how Bristow Group is creating the New Bristow of tomorrow, today. The extension covers seven-day-a-week coverage in the UK Southern North Sea through December 2021.

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