It’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming

The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on the maps do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the World Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. Dotted lines on maps represent approximate border lines for which there may not yet be full agreement. Foreword Long before the advent of modern medical care, industrialized countries decreased their levels of water-related disease through good water management. Yet, even in these countries, outbreaks of it’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming-borne disease continue to occur, sometimes with lethal consequences.

In developing countries, preventable water-related disease blights the lives of the poor. Diseases resulting from bad hygiene rank among the leading causes of ill-health. Saving Sight Trachoma can be prevented by improving sanitation, reducing the breeding sites of flies and teaching children to wash their faces with clean water. Trachoma caused by microscopic Chlamydia trachomatis remains the leading cause of preventable blindness – with an estimated 6 million people suffering loss of sight and 146 million acute cases worldwide. Poor communities are often forced to over exploit their natural resources in order to survive. In too many cases, they are abused to such an extent that they no longer can provide for a community’s basic needs and end up posing serious health risks. However, opportunities for reversing this situation exist.

Eliza Fenlas, a mother of three who lives in Inhambane, one of Mozambique’s driest provinces, spends five hours a day trekking 24 kilometres to fetch 20 litres of water. She looks forward with joy and anticipation to the day when her area will benefit from a safe water programme. She says a well nearby will make a big difference in her life. She will have more time for household chores and farming. She will have more water available for washing. Gross inequities in the reliability and quality of water supply services create a market for water-vendors and encourage use of unsafe local wells and springs in urban slums.

It’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming

Similar inequities in access to safe water, especially in rural areas, force women in developing countries to spend hours every day fetching water, causing an enormous drain on their energy, productive potential and health. Malnutrition plays a major role in their ill-health, making them particularly susceptible to infectious diseases carried by unsafe food and water, which results in further malnutrition. Great progress has been made in feeding the world. Why we need to act Pressures Are Getting Worse The treatment of wastewater often is a haphazard affair.

In developing regions of the world, treatment is applied in only a minority of systems. Even in the industrialized countries of North America and Europe, for example, sewage is not universally treated. Problems of unsafe water and inadequate sanitation systems are most acute in developing countries. Fresh water: The world’s supply of fresh water is limited.

It’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming

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Water sources are vulnerable, too often ill-managed and inequitably distributed between the rich and the poor. The poor are also disadvantaged in that too many of them live in water-deficient countries, mostly in Asia, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. The after-effects of a major flood usually linger on for many years. Flood-stricken communities have to come to terms with the drownings and injuries sustained by their loved-ones, with the loss of their homes and belongings. The breakdown of water and sanitation services increases vulnerability to waterborne diseases. Flood damage sustained by water supply, irrigation and other water infrastructure is a major setback to health and economic development.

Arsenic In Drinking-Water One of the worst examples of a do-good project gone wrong is occurring in Bangladesh. About two decades ago, millions of small wells began to be drilled in an effort to provide safe water to the population. At the time, all attention was focused on preventing diarrhoeal disease which ravaged the population. No one, until the 1980s, identified naturally-occurring arsenic as a health hazard. Fluoride Fluoride is present in all waters.

Low amounts of this element can be good for teeth. But, excessive amounts of fluoride in drinking-water can be toxic. People with teeth discolored by fluoride are found worldwide, and crippling skeletal effects are prominent in at least eight countries. Schistosomiasis Of all the water-associated tropical diseases, schistosomiasis, a water-based parasitic disease, best illustrates the complexities of the various water issues with which mostly the rural poor are faced. For part of their lifecycle, Schistosoma parasites depend on aquatic snails. Water, Health And The Urban Poor Competition for water in the world’s ever-growing cities is fierce.


Industry, urban agriculture and households all rely on and demand water to meet their needs. But water is becoming scarce, and this often results in the inequitable distribution of what is available. Urban habitats provide breeding grounds for diseases such as dengue fever and urban malaria. Control methods for reducing breeding-sites for the insect vector is a proven and effective means of cutting disease. Unfortunately, they are difficult to implement in densely-populated shanty towns with inadequate waste disposal. Indigenous People Contamination of traditional food sources is becoming an increasing issue of concern among indigenous populations, many of whom derive most of their drinking, irrigation and food from local lakes and rivers.

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In South America for example, indigenous peoples in the Andes and Amazon regions are exposed to high levels of arsenic and mercury in local water systems and fish. Indigenous Atacamena people in Chile who live on the banks of pre-Andes river are exposed to very high concentrations of arsenic – over 50 times the national standard. This has a large impact on the Atacamena, who derive most of their drinking and irrigation water source from the water. SODIS is a nearly cost-free system because sunlight is free of charge. Nobody has to pay for it. Sodis was pioneered in Lebanon in the 1980s. It is a simple water-treatment method which uses the sun, throw-away plastic soft-drink bottles and a black surface.

Further research was carried out and promoted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology on Sodis. Transparent bottles are filled with water and placed horizontally on a flat surface in sunlight for about five hours. In the middle of the 20th century, about 50 million people in Africa and Asia were infected with guinea-worm disease. By 1999, that number had been reduced to an estimated 96 000.

Guinea-worm disease has been eliminated in Asia and is now prevalent in only 13 African countries. Through measures including the provision of safe drinking-water in rural and isolated areas in these countries, the campaign to eradicate this terrible disease is moving ever closer to its goal. It can be done Getting Health Back Into The Water Agenda – Better Planning For Water And Health – The Role Of Research – Living In One World People who are in good health are better able to take advantage of economic opportunities. It is also true that an improvement in standards of living contributes to better health. While the internet is still mainly the purview of the rich, access is rapidly accelerating worldwide.

The digital divide between the haves and have-nots is enormous and will not be easily bridged. But, slowly, more opportunities for development through the global information network are becoming available. International NGOs are well-positioned to support their local counterparts and to engage in international advocacy. Basic Development Needs Community and intersectoral participation are recognized as important for socioeconomic development. The Research Community Priority research areas depend greatly on specific circumstances. Private-sector initiatives of smallholder farmers can potentially decrease water use for crop production and improve irrigation techniques for better health and economy. Decentralization creates new opportunities for productive alliances among diverse groups involved in local water projects for health.

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Health must be included in environment impact assessment studies. Support to interventions for short-term health gains for destitute people. Increasing momentum for universal access to safe water and sanitation. Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council and WHO Regional Offices. Water, Sanitation and Health at WHO The Water, Sanitation and Health activities at the World Health Organization aim to reduce water-related disease and optimize the health benefits of sustainable water and waste management.

Our objectives are to support the health sector in effectively addressing water and waste-related disease burden and in engaging others in its reduction. Draft guidelines for safe recreational-water environment: swimming pools, spas and similar recreational-water environments. Global water supply and sanitation assessment, 2000 report. Operation and maintenance of rural water supply and sanitation systems: a training package for managers and planners. Voices of the poor: can anyone hear us? Washington DC, Oxford University Press for the World Bank, 2000. Voices of the poor: crying out for change.

Water the ultimate dilemma for environment and development. With more than 2000 stores in 33 countries, Sephora has arguably become the ultimate destination for all things beauty-related. Founded in France in 1970, the cosmetics giant sells a variety of makeup, nail polish, perfume, and skincare products, but it’s not your average beauty store. Sephora employees use a variety of terms to refer to themselves, their wardrobe, and where they work. Continuing the theatrical theme, Sephora employees refer to their uniforms as costumes and call the back area of the store the backstage.

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WEARING MAKEUP IS A JOB REQUIREMENT. Sephora employees sometimes jokingly refer to their costumes’ futuristic style—black dresses with red stripes or black separates with red accents—as Star Trek attire. But besides donning Trek-y garb, Sephora employees must also wear fragrance and a full face of makeup. While most employees must wear eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush, and lipstick, some of them can get away with wearing less makeup, depending on their area of specialty and the location of the store. Reps from various beauty brands regularly visit Sephora stores to educate employees about their new products and how to use them. That can add up quickly, with some employees estimating that they’ve accumulated thousands of dollars worth of products. BUT IF THEY DO, THEY GET HEFTY DISCOUNTS.

If Sephora employees want a specific product that’s missing from their gratis goodies, they can always purchase it from their employer—at a steep discount. Store policies vary, but most employees enjoy a 20 percent discount for in-store and online products. During the winter holidays, this discount increases to 30 percent, and products from Sephora’s own collection are always available for a 40 percent discount. Additionally, Sephora employees who work at stores inside J. THEY CAN WORK THEIR WAY UP FROM CASHIER TO SKINCARE PHD. At Sephora, most new hires—who don’t need to have any makeup application experience—start at the bottom, working as cashiers or stocking the shelves overnight. Kim Carpluk, a Senior Artist and Class Facilitator at one of the company’s New York City locations.

Skincare PhD, a senior title bestowed upon employees who have comprehensive knowledge and serve as personal beauty advisors to customers. Additionally, a select few become part of the Sephora Pro team, traveling the country to demonstrate makeup application techniques and represent the company on the brand’s social media channels. THEY WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE. The various testers around the store let customers dab on concealer, experiment with a new shade of gloss, or test a bold eye shadow. Although Sephora employees work hard to monitor and sanitize the testing stations, they can’t completely control what customers do. THEY AREN’T PRESSURED TO MAKE COMMISSIONS.

It’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming

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Unlike salespeople at other beauty retailers, Sephora employees don’t work off commission—so they feel free to give customers their unbiased opinions about products. We’re there to support each other and make our clients feel beautiful and happy, and suggest what’s right for them based on their particular concerns. Sephora offers customers online surveys that allow them to rate their experience at a store. I have three beautiful amazing super talented drag queens on my artistry team,” Kaitierehh says. At one of my previous stores, I even had two straight boys on my cast. We even have a lot of male clients come in.

Sephora is generous when it comes to free samples, and employees fully embrace the store’s bighearted policy. We’re there to help and to give out as many as possible. If you’re having trouble choosing between two foundations, we want you to take them home and try it out. Typically, employees stick to giving three samples to each customer, but some are happy to give even more.

BUT THE STORE’S GENEROUS RETURN POLICY CAN IRRITATE THEM. 60 days after buying it for a full refund, and customers who return items without a receipt get full store credit. While customers love the flexibility of trying products and returning them, some Sephora employees get frustrated when customers abuse the return policy. THEY MIGHT NOT WEAR MAKEUP WHEN THEY’RE OFF THE CLOCK. Sephora employees are passionate about makeup, but many of them choose to go barefaced on their days off.

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Not all employees forego makeup on their days off, though. THEY LOVE MAKING PEOPLE FEEL CONFIDENT. Besides scoring free products and getting paid to work with makeup, Sephora employees love making people feel confident and beautiful. Whether they help a customer with acne find a good concealer or boost the self-confidence of someone with the right mascara, Sephora employees know the importance of self-image and the power of makeup to transform. Imagine some of the most physically demanding jobs available—supply line installation, construction, welding—and then imagine doing them underwater.

It’s called cryptosporidium, and it can make you very sick after swimming

That’s the life of a commercial diver, a rigorously trained professional who undertakes everything from bridge repairs to oil line maintenance. Commercial divers receive specialized training—either in the military or at diving instructional schools—to learn how to function hundreds of feet below the surface. The lower a diver goes, the more water pressure increases, and the greater the challenges. Plunging to a depth in excess of 100 feet can also result in nitrogen narcosis, which some refer to as “raptures of the deep” or the “Martini effect. It’s caused when divers receive a higher concentration of nitrogen from their air supply due to the effects of the water pressure on the gas. The solution is to switch from a nitrogen-oxygen supply to helium and oxygen. That cures the over-inhalation of nitrogen, but when a diver comes back to the surface or to a decompression chamber, their voice will be altered.