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Ladies, don’t let a few wrinkles or crow’s feet get between you and the man in your dreams. When founded, the Medical Pavilion was the hub for medical business and inquiries in Rapture, and was responsible for treating various illnesses and health-related problems. As ADAM became widely available among the citizens of Rapture, its self-healing abilities changed the use of all of the Pavilion’s healing facilities. Later, due to the instability of ADAM and excessive use amongst many of Rapture’s citizens, unforeseen physical deformations began to occur.

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One of the highest ranking doctors was Dr. Steinman, a cosmetic surgeon who was known to be a perfectionist in his work. Steinman was the head surgeon in the department of Aesthetic Ideals, and believed strongly in the remarkable effects of ADAM. Steinman continued his personal use of ADAM, he began to suffer chronic brain and physical damage. The more obsessed and deranged he became, the more he strived for “perfecting” his skills by deforming his patients as well. This article, Medical Pavilion , or a section of this article may require overall cleanup.

The foyer was the entrance and reception for the Medical Pavilion where patients checked in and out. The access to the pavilion itself is controlled from a security booth on the other side of the upper level. The door to the Emergency Access is jammed by a Security Bot which can be dislodged by hacking it. The emergency access behind the foyer was used by the pavilion’s security detail. A Bot inventory is located right near the entrance, which one of the bots jammed after smashing through the display.

On the other side is the locked emergency Bathysphere docking station. As soon as Jack activates the control console upstairs, the access will go into lockdown, preventing him from leaving with the submersible. From the entrance, a corridor leads further into the pavilion, with many advertisements for Steinman’s surgery operations and other health services in Rapture. A ghostly vision appears to Jack as he reaches the other side, showing one of Steinman’s disfigured patients after the surgeon became obsessed with asymmetry.

The main area is a display of Steinman’s insanity, with messages painted in blood next to patient studies. At the entrance is a booth for the Enwell Life and Health Group insurances, guarded by a Gun Turret, and a small waiting lobby. The Eternal Flame crematorium is locked from the inside. A Nitro Splicer, who is fed up by a spliced woman banging on it to be let in, blasts the door open. Inside, a Security Camera overlooks a crematory oven which can be activated to retrieve a Gene Tonic. The door to Twilight Fields’ is blocked by ice from a busted pipe.

The office has a reception desk, supply closets and a morgue in the back. A few Splicers lie in ambush to surprise and strike at Jack in several rooms. The danger is worth it as the funeral home contains several valuable loots, including a Gene Tonic. The Dental Services area hosts the many dentist offices which once operated in the Medical Pavilion, and are now shelters for the Splicers. In the middle of the floor is a mutilated corpse next to a Shotgun and several 00 bucks, set as a trap by many Thuggish Splicers who will shut off the light and strike Jack from the darkness. The Surgery foyer is the fierce battleground of two Nitro Splicers throwing grenades at each other.

With the access to the offices blown up and blocked by Steinman, catching one of those grenades with Telekinesis is the only way to clear the debris. Once inside, Steinman sets a Gun Turret and a Bot at Jack to dissuade him from interrupting his work. Before any operation, patients and their associates could wait and relax in a Lounge containing various ADAM products. The tunnel to Surgery is damaged after Jack retrieved the Emergency Access key, which forces him to make a detour through that Lounge nearby.

IT Ops Mgt Community

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Click on an icon to find out more about it, or choose a tab to see a different map. For Radio Messages in Medical Pavilion, see Radio Messages: Welcome To Rapture – Medical Pavilion. Hack the Bot and go through the door. FAK, Auto Rounds, recording on desk.

Stay by desk and let Bot take out survivor. Splicer is through the door behind Jack, in the area to the left. Zap the Splicer, back away and let Bot finish her off. Pick up the Machine Gun and flip the switch. Run to other end of hall and shoot as Splicers enter doorway.

IT Ops Mgt Community

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Go back the way one came in. Two Splicers come around corner by desk that had a FAK. Conserve ammo and let Bot fight. Inside door is ammo and off to right there is a Pistol.

Corpse past the Pistol has cash, as does the corpse on the left of the hallway. Use door control to open door. Straight door through is a recorder. Approach it from the left and zap-hack it. After MGT kills Splicer, go around the right side to a hole in wall with another MGT. Zap-hack it through the hole in the wall, then loot the area. The trash can by the bar contains Auto Rounds.

IT Ops Mgt Community

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1 and loot the right side of the room. 2: Armor-piercing Pistol Rounds by the door. Flooded room on right: CoV and ammo machines, recording. Door blows open, killing a Splicer. Get Electric Buck from the plant.

Note: Save it for the Big Daddy at the end of the level. Go through the door which just blew open. Coffee on and in desk to boost EVE. There is a Security Camera at the back, visible by the red light it projects. When the light moves to the right, run back under the Camera. Use the Furnace Control button to cremate the corpse.

Get Hacker’s Delight from the ashes. Save Armor-Piercing ammo for the Big Daddy. Crawl through an opening on the floor. Auto Rounds in one of the refrigerator units.

FAK at the bottom of a faraway skylight. Splicer at the far end of the room. The reticule turns red when the player’s aiming at an enemy. Melt ice and switch back to the Wrench and Electro Bolt. Go in and enter door on left. Zap and whack a crying Splicer.

Loot her and the corpse in the casket. Go around counter and face the way one came in. Pick up cash and ammo and start running. Door opens with MGT behind it, but it’s rather easy to run away from it. Security Expert is all the way in the back, next to some ammo.

Go back to the far exit from the water. Splicer jumps out and may get in water. Enter area on right of main room. Whack or shoot the Splicer whose back is turned. Cash on her, 00 Buck to the left, loot in coffin, EVE to the right. Note number on paper before EVE. Note lock on door at far end.

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Room has EVE, ammo, Automatic Hack Tool. Save and exit Twilight Fields—prepare to be attacked. Pistol Rounds in planter to right of CoV. Zap door control to storage room to right of the plant.

Automatic Hack Tool is on the desk. This is 2 out of the 5 the player can carry. Machine Gun rounds are in the bin on the desk and by crate on floor. Health if Hacker’s Delight is equipped. Use bandages to max out one’s Health, if needed.

Approach from the left with the Machine Gun ready. Splicer may appear when door opens. RPG Turret is at the far right. Area by RPGT: cash register, bandages, small cabinet with ammo. Lobby: Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds under the sofa and on the corpse behind the counter. Camera contains ammo for all available weapons. May want to use a Hack Tool.

Recording in back corner by ammo. Crawl space near the door contains ammo and Wrench Jockey. Splicer awaits Jack’s exit from the crawl space. If the player is in need of FAKs, loot two from the corpse.

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What looks like a Turret is friendly. Plasmid and recording through the door. One will have to replace a Plasmid with TK to use it. Use the makeshift ball turret to practice Telekinesis.

IT Ops Mgt Community

Firing by releasing trigger uses a small amount of EVE. It is possible to drop the object to no cost in EVE. It is possible to take or loot objects one is holding with Telekinesis without having to drop them. EVE is by the trophies on the right. A Splicer enters the far door. Use TK to fetch a trophy, propane tank, or any other moderately sized object and hold it.

Aim at the Splicer and release the object. If one was maxed out on EVE when one found the last hypo, pick it up with TK. Carry it out the front door to drop it for easy retrieval later. Crouch and go around the corner to the far wall. Jump up on some crates and go through an open window. MG Turret is on counter on other side of post. Behind counter there is some Electric Buck and a cash register.

You can unlock the door leading to this room by pressing the button to the right of the locked door. A trail of bandages leads to the next room. Speedy Hacker is on a desk to the right. Warning: As soon as the player approaches the desk and the smoke triggers and fills the room, a Thuggish Splicer will spawn directly behind the player. The Splicer seems to wait until the player turns around to attack, so the items on the desk can be picked at leisure, but be prepared to shoot the moment one turns around. Crawlspace: Fire the Machine Gun at a Splicer through the exit grate. Loot: Automatic Hack Tool, Electric Buck, armor rounds, corpse cash.

You can also unlock the door here too to exit back to the main area. Look through the window with a corpse on it and use TK to fetch the key. Watch for Splicers inside and zap the water on the floor. A Security Camera is to the far left of the door. Probably have to zap it to reach it. When the player picks up the Shotgun, the lights will dim and a wave of Splicers will attack. Save before picking up the Shotgun if one wants to experiment.

Here is a simple strategy: Face Painless Dental, pick up the gun, and run to the previously locked door of Painless Dental. You should have unlocked it already by pressing the button next to the door from the inside. The Machine Gun Turret is near the counter and should be hacked and friendly. Crouch behind the counter with Shotgun ready and wait for the Splicers to pour in through the unlocked door. The Turret will soften up the Splicers and you can finish them off with the Shotgun when they get close, or one can help mark enemies for the Turret by standing up behind the counter and sprinkling the Splicers with Machine Gun fire.

IT Ops Mgt Community

This method is conservative of ammo, EVE, and FAK even on Hard and Survivor difficulties. Another effective method is to go around the corner of Painless Dental to the crates previously used to climb. Jump on the first one to get out of the water. Each time more Splicers show up, zap the water. Go back in Painless Dental to loot more bodies.

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Use the many bandages on the floor if needed. Go back to the stairs and under them to the left. In a moment, a Nitro Splicer should appear and throw grenades. Use TK to catch the projectiles and immediately fire back at him. Go through a glass walkway and a big door. Steinman goes through a doorway and blocks it. A Nitro Splicer appears on a balcony.

Cross to wall opposite to search body. Use TK to fetch another body and a Pistol from the exposed hallway. Step into that hallway, then back up quickly. Steinman calls in a Bot, so be ready to zap-hack the Bot. Having a friendly bot will greatly help in the upcoming boss fight with Steinman as he will be completely distracted by the device and his Machine Gun fire is very ineffective against it. Next Hallway A MG Turret is at the far end of the next hall: zap, run and hack. A hole in the wall halfway back holds EVE, a FAK and Buck.

If maxed out on EVE or FAKs, fetch with TK and drop in the hall. Static Discharge is on the floor outside the hole. Room to Turret’s Right A Security Camera in on the wall in the back. Watch for the red light to start right and run back. Audio Diary with Auto Rounds next to it. Make sure to hack the Health Station out here, because Steinman may come out to heal, and hacking it will automatically poison him to death when he uses it.

Steinman’s Lab Buck opposite viewing window, FAK in crate. Watch and wait for Steinman to fire at Jack. Again, many strategies are possible, so save first. Run through door on right, around corner right, across flooded area. Jump up on desk in corner and wait.

If S comes after the player, zap water 4 times. If S does not follow, go fire some rounds at him and run back. Another strategy is to lure or drive Steinman out to the hallway with the hacked MG Turret and to the side room that has the hacked Security Camera. If Steinman manages to set off both the Turret and the Security Camera, you can simply go back to his lab and collect supplies at your leisure while he is killed for you. Having hacked the bot that Steinman sent for you earlier makes this much easier, as Steinman will try to run away from your bot, and likely head into the hallway with the Turret all by himself.