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Hello! My name is Ramon L. Roberson. I thought for a long time what to write here and honestly 🙂 – finally came up with it!

I, Webmaster Ramon L. Roberson. Well, I think it is clear, judging from the domain of my blog. My main work is indicated in the title of the blog itself.

In this blog I write not so much about the work itself, but about some of its nuances. Of course, I could write here a lot more about what, for example, about how is the weather in Harhompson Drive
Concord but who could be interested? Or is it worth writing about it too?

If you think so, or have suggestions regarding what I write on the blog – write in the comments on this page. I will be happy to hear all the suggestions and try to accommodate your wishes.

What am I doing at my job?

Right! I create websites and try to promote them at least a little in order to be able to monetize in one of the possible affiliate programs on the Internet. I make sites under the context, banners, teasers, links, etc. In general, for many things that can be profitable. True, I try to work with white methods, i.e. create useful content.

Well, in general, something like that. I wrote briefly about myself and my work. I’ll go write something else ..